Friday, March 13 of 2015

Daily messages

Now I come every day from the Supreme Heaven to concelebrate together with My Son, the communion of reparation of the first five Saturdays, a spiritual exercise which must be taken up by all of My children.

Whoever realizes this communion of reparation, will be able to help Me so that the promises that I have made to humanity may be able to be fulfilled.  In the next five months, on the first Saturday of each month, all of you are invited to remember and meditate on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary.  For this, children, those ones that at least meditate on each passage of the Holy Rosary shall have as Grace, My maternal and divine help.

Today I come from the Universe to remind all to not forget to carry forward this act of reparation in a serious and conscious way, because humanity continues walking towards self-destruction and this could have major repercussions.

For this, children of Mine, and in order to comply with My requests, I invite you to read the promises and the effects that this communion of reparation with My Beloved Son Jesus has, promises that were transmitted to Lúcia dos Santos, after My presence in Fatima.

God wishes that the good hearts, the ones that until now are not imprisoned by the martyrdoms of the others, may be able to offer to the universe, the sincere and repairing act of this communion, mainly for Peace, the end of the annihilations, to be reached today, and thus the Mercy of My Son may descend upon sinners.

In this way, offering the communion of reparation for humanity and in union with the Eternal Father, you, My little ones, will universally create a more favorable environment for the law to change and for the world to reach Peace.

Today I ignite the flame of the original purity in all, so that you may unite with it and recognize that only through the purity of heart the whole humanity will recover innocence.

Open your eyes and see in the Sky the sign of the Woman Dressed of the Sun, the one who comes to your encounter to pour Her last Graces upon humanity.

Dear children, today I also wish to dedicate My gratitude to all My beloved children, the ones that are making the Mission of Peace in Africa possible.  I tell you that the spiritual need will be able to be met and the souls of those who suffer will have a better destiny.  For this important purpose, My Heart will accompany you in this new mission, that which will have as an exercise, taking the Divine Mercy to those who suffer the most.

Dear ones, today I receive upon this Sacred Center, the visit of the pilgrims that, filled with faith, have acquired the necessary strength to climb to the top of My Hill of Light.  To all of them, I give My Love and My blessings, and I remind them that here they will find a Source of inner relief and profound healing.

I thank you all for answering to My important call!

Who reunites you in the Holy Cenacle of the Heart of Christ,

You Mother Mary, Rose of Peace