Monday, April 24 of 2017

Vigil of Prayer

Today I place My hands upon your heads to plead to the Divine Son.

I come on this night and to this Marian Center to give you a small message, since you have opened your hearts to me, and thus, I could enter to strengthen your lives and consciousnesses.

I come from Heaven to tell you that I will not be with you here for a time, but My Heart will be your fortitude, because I will go to meet My children of the world, in Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

My Word will also reach Medjugorje and I will unite races and cultures in My Heart.

So important will be what My Son will do together with Me in Italy that in a short time you will understand what the real need is for your Heavenly Mother and Her Beloved Son to go on pilgrimage for such a long time in the world.

This is only a preparation, dear children, for what will happen in Asia the next year.

I would like you, dear children, to accompany your Heavenly Mother on the pathway of pilgrimage that we will be treading.

From Our Hearts, We would like to see in your hearts the same fruits that flourished in the pilgrimage through Central America, Mexico, and the United States.

Now your Heavenly Mother goes to meet those who suffer most in the wars. And in Her silence and prayer, and in adoration of the Most Holy Son, She will go to dissolve the evils that generate suffering, pain, and desperation; and this will be possible because of your contribution and trust in the step by step of this pilgrimage for peace.

Now more than ever, I want your hearts to also cause to blossom this Marian Center, which has become a spiritual base for the planet; in which many sources of instruction and of inspiration descend, from where souls of the world are inwardly acquiring them.

In this way, My dear children, I leave you the task of always igniting your inner fire, so that many more souls may be touched by the Light that your Celestial Mother brings you in this time.

In this way, I will feel more tranquil, because I will see the apostles of My Beloved Son take care of and protect this Marian Center and its liturgies, as it has been from the beginning.

Remember that your prayers and liturgies in this Marian Center, during the pilgrimage of the Divine Messengers in Europe, will be generating the necessary spiritual conditions for what will take place in Asia in the coming time.

Everything is united in a great network of Love and of Light.

Your participation in this next pilgrimage from this Marian Center must be unconditional, as you fulfilled it, My children, in the pilgrimage of Central America, Mexico, and the United States.

Europe, in this next pilgrimage, will be a bridge to reach Asia; thus, all the Europeans will also have to generate the foundations for this pilgrimage in Asia to take place.

Now I ask you, My beloved children, as your Mother, the Queen of Peace, that you concentrate your consciousnesses and hearts in all that the Messengers of God will carry out in this next stage in Europe.

You know that this will always be My home, the same as the home I once had in Nazareth.

Now My spiritual home is the planet and you are within My spiritual home to work together with your Heavenly Mother, until the end of days, for Redemption and Compassion in humanity.

Today, in a special way and through this little message of love, I am uniting Medjugorje with this Marian Center. Because in Medjugorje there are very valuable souls like you are; there are workers of the Plan working in silence for your Celestial Mother, so that more each day, Medjugorje may be the principal source of conversion and of confession for all the nations of the world.

Do not forget that the next thirteenth of May I will be in Fatima, for the great moment of the expansion of your Universal Mother in all of this Universe, and beyond it, by means of the sacred purity of Lys.

It is in this way, dear children, that I show you the true task of your Celestial Mother for the world.

My gaze is also on Asia, because there, many of My children proclaim, in their tiny faith, for the descent of Divine Mercy.

Remember that after this Sacred Week, after all that My Son gifted you with, this task has become planetary and goes beyond this Marian Center of Love.

With My hand on My Heart, I invite you, dear children, that in love, in collaboration and in faith, you help your Celestial Mother, just as you have helped Her in the recent times, to concretize and manifest each one of Her requests; because behind each request there occultly exists a greater benefit for all of humanity.

I would like that, as from this new cycle that you are experiencing, dear children, you may share the Love that you have received from the Divine Messengers.

The lack of love in the world is very great. This is also the main cause for your Divine Messengers to be in a pilgrimage throughout the world, so that the essence of Love and of Truth may not be lost in humanity; for My wish as Co-redeeming Mother is also that our beloved Pope Francis gets to know this Work more deeply than he already knows.

If this comes to be in love, I will not only unite the creeds, but also the hearts that hear the voice of your Celestial Mother.

And this will be a part, after the next thirteenth of May in Fatima, of the triumph of My Immaculate Heart in Europe and Russia.

So be it.

I thank you for responding to My call.

I ardently desire that the words of your Celestial Mother resound in your hearts so that they may be fruits of Light and of Love in the world.

Again I thank you for concretizing My call and I bless you under the intercession of My beloved Son, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

May Europe wait for Me with great gladness, rejoicing, and jubilation. Your Celestial Mother is again on the way to the great meeting with all the consequent hearts of the beloved servants of the Plan.

I thank you.