Saturday, May 12 of 2012

Daily messages

Dear children of the Father.  Being close to the anniversary of the apparitions of Fatima, today I invite you to open your hearts through My universal and celestial call for the world.

As Queen of Peace, as a Universal Mother, today I address myself especially to all My children who have left the path of Christ, who have abandoned the aspirations and the promises of My Son.  I place them all within My loving and merciful Heart of Peace and I tell you to take back the path to Christ because for this time He will serve as a bright star during the night.

For all this, I want to especially address My Immaculate Heart to all My children that deny My existence; I tell you that I love you, I will love you and help you even more after this world.

For this moment, allow your hearts to reconcile and unite with the One Father of the Universe, who has been awaiting you for a long time.

Dear children, I am only a Messenger from Heaven who wants to make you see and make you find the path that many have lost because of ignorance or because of distancing from the Father’s Will.

Know My children that My Heart will not harm you, It only wants to make you discover how it is to love God in life, from the heart.

For this dear children, My Guardian Heart has persisted in this world for a long time because It must see the new and redeemed humanity appear.  But for this to happen, beloved children, you must take a leap towards Divinity which is the same and the only one to which your lives must be addressed.

For this all My children must return back to the path of love that they have lost and to the encounter with forgiveness that many of My children lack because they do not remain in God.

For this, dear children you must aspire to humility because in it you may understand the great divine mysteries of God, mysteries that many try to mentally understand.
The true path for this cycle will be to heal the sick and aching heart of humanity. Humanity must know the eternal peace and the true love that spring from My Fountain of Graces, which we name God the Father.

I accompany your spirits through the infinite pleasure of the Holy Spirit and of the prayers that I constantly pronounce to God the Father for all of you.

May My little Servant Heart of the Mother of Nazarene help you reveal the true steps that your lives that are so much looking for.  Live in God without restrictions so that wisdom guides you to the path of My absolute peace.

I trust that you may know me without fear because many of My children still fear the power of My Love.  My Immaculate Heart gathers you in this life and in the name of My blissful Son, Christ Jesus.  Remember that He is the TRUTH that unites you, He is the PATH that congregates you and He is the new LIFE that will have you awaken by the presence of His Merciful Love.

Under the Spirit of Peace, My Heart invites you to enter the Kingdom that you have always searched for.  You will come to peace through Christ, who for a long time has opened a new door for you.

Know My children, that I love you.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.