These are times of spiritual needs, but also of material ones.

These are times when only the opening of the heart and willingness will allow for bringing healing and redemption for souls.

Therefore, this is the time for embracing the needs of those who suffer, as well as welcoming those who have never been loved.

This is the time to express what each heart holds, to awaken good, peace and solidarity.

In this sense, I wish to tell you that just as the seasons change, the needs of the souls also change.

For this reason, through the pilgrimages, I take you and place you before meeting all needs, mainly those that require greater love and forgiveness.

This is why the experience with the Sacraments during these last years have represented the possibility that all could learn to avail themselves of the Christic Love, in order to know how to share it and give it, in the same way that I give you My Heart as a safe refuge.

Thus, I wish to tell you that only during the pilgrimages, beginning with the next meeting of prayer for the Amazon, pilgrims shall be welcomed and, according to their needs, they may approach one of the Sacraments in order to receive it.

For this, as from the next month, the 4th shall be eliminated and on the 5th and 6th, during the process of the Marathon during the morning, Sacraments shall be offered to those who need them.

In this way, two or three confessionals, two spaces for the Sacrament of Baptism as well as for Foot-Washing, and one space for the Sacrament of Anointing and the Anointing of the sick shall be placed.

Thus, while the exercise of the Marathon is taking place, the spiritual needs of souls will be served, and at the same time souls will receive the Graces they need.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


There is still inner pain that I feel, even having experienced the Passion. That inner pain comes from the visions that My Father revealed to Me in the Garden of Gethsemane, and which nobody has yet managed to alleviate.

That pain is a consequence of the actions that many of My Own commit and, without realizing it, absolutely believe that everything is alright.

I speak directly about those who have a deeper commitment of consecration than the rest. These souls are the ones that sometimes put My Projects at risk.

However, as I know the human condition, I know what the impossibility of experiencing transformation may mean in certain moments.

Nobody can be transformed or redeemed if they want to remain under the same conditions and situation in which humanity is to be found.

The transformation of the aspects of the being must be clear, and those aspects must not rule over the soul, and even less over the spirit of the disciple.

Therefore, the openness of heart is a shorter path, for avoiding suffering and great resistance.

This is the time to give all for Me, so that humanity and everything that lives on the surface of the Earth, even if they do not deserve it, may receive an opportunity, just as you were called by Me.

With a more peaceful and humble attitude, you will manage to transform your lives and will be a perfect example of My Presence.

You will erect My spiritual Church from the ruins it was turned into by those who have dirtied their hands in sin, and you will be able to embrace My Cross, sharing in My joys and My sufferings as if they were a part of you.

What else do you expect? Am I not the Way, the Truth and the Life?

I thank you for your inner solidarity!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Dear children,

While the doors of transmutation remain open throughout many parts of the world, on a planetary level, relief is generated by the voices that give themselves to the path of prayer, both in their families and in the nations of the world.

Thus, the doors of transmutation liberate, by themselves, the weight of the facts generated and the faults committed by humanity on a spiritual and material level.

In this way, whenever groups of souls gather to pray, new possibilities to liberate the planet are presented, and this is a service that hearts can only give when there is true openness within.

It is not an easy or a pleasant task to enter through the doors of transmutation, to offer a service of love and surrender for humanity, but the Heavenly Father considers this work of transmutation as one of the most important in order to carry forward the redemption and conversion of humanity.

For the majority, this service will be new, but it is one of the deepest services of love that the servants are invited to live in this time.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

These times will demand a sufficiently large openness from souls and all surface beings in order to be able to follow the changes that are necessary.

These changes will take place with a true receptivity that will build the bases to be able to experience that which is new and yet still very unknown.

In this sense, dear children, these times, which are part of a transition, must be experienced with a lot of courage, neutrality and peace. This will at all times allow the building of a positive consciousness within yourselves that is alert to living necessary changes, without the need of going through suffering.

Therefore, it is important for this humanity of the surface to maintain a constant gesture of gratitude and love in order to understand and accept changes and situations in life that would seem impossible.

It is time to open your inner worlds much more than they are usually open in order to be able to see, feel and understand that any change or new cycle is an opportunity for getting out of that which is static in this world, to be able to move beyond your own obstacles that hinder humanity from expressing itself spiritually as consciousness within this school planet.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Pray so that the Plan of God is fulfilled; contemplating, in the universe, the perfect purpose that the Creator has for each one of His Creatures.

Reuniting with the Divine Messengers and being in the presence of the Eternal Father, through the Door of Light and  Peace that we open to the world, means recovering the purity and the potential of love that was given to the creatures in the beginning of all and that, one day, in the hearts of many, was lost.

The task of the Divine Messengers in this time is more profound and, sometimes, incomprehensible and invisible to the human mind, because the definitive moment for the planet has come when the evolution of all will be defined according to the answers you give to the opportunities you receive.

Many open themselves from the heart, even if only for a tiny moment, and this is enough so that the seed of a new being can be sowed within them. There lies the eternal hope of God and of His Messengers: knowing that, despite such numbness in humanity, there is also the possibility of awakening and this awakening happens in a simpler way than what you imagine.

The Divine Messengers are heading towards Central America so that those who have lost their bond with God can recover it. May those who have committed themselves with the manifestation of His Plan in the beginning be able to fulfill it. May those who must become new Christs and who walk behind the Lord, in this and in all times, be able to remember their mission.

There are missionaries spread around the whole world and the time has come to call them by their names, one by one, so that they may fulfill their mission.

New potential Christs will awaken in this time: consciousnesses that will live love and unity with God beyond themselves; that will love their neighbor and that will give their lives, sincerely, for their friends; consciousnesses that will share the bread with Christ and that will join you at this table to share the Chalice of sacrifice and surrender to God and thus make the plan of the enemy disintegrate and the souls no longer lose themselves from God.

I warn you of these events and I thank you for praying so that this Plan is fulfilled.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The Communication Network of the Heavenly Mirrors, continuation

Open your heart and empty your mind in order to understand and live the mysteries of Creation.

In that opening you will be able to penetrate the essence of knowledge, and everything that is sacred in the Universe will reach you not only as information, but as codes of Light that awaken in your being to transfigure you.

This is the power of the Mirrors, heavenly generators of universal harmony that concentrate within themselves all the attributes of Creation.

We state and understand as attributes all the rays and celestial currents that the Creator Fathers used for the manifestation of the planes and of life.

It is thus that the Heavenly Mirrors hold within themselves the remembrance of our spiritual, mental, and material origin. It is these attributes that, from time to time, allow the renewal of universal life and all the cycles, bringing positive impulses that impregnate all of Creation.

In the beginning of the origin, what we would understand as the essence of the Divine Thought of God, the Source created the Archangels so that they could create the Hosts of Light in the Mental Universe; in this way, at the beginning of everything, the Mental Universe was gradually gestated by the existence of the first armies of the Elohim.

These resplendent Consciousnesses were given impulse to collaborate in the creation of the Material Universe, because in the Thought and in the Heart of the Eternal Father there existed the Will for great experiences of love to occur that would go beyond all previous ones.

In the beginning, at the request of God, the Creator Fathers created the Heavenly Mirrors, because in the Material and Mental Universe these would help in the spiritual evolution of all universal life.

The Heavenly Mirrors were also formed by twelve attributes, twelve Rays, or twelve currents of spiritual and divine energy that would allow the history of the origin of the Creation to be well-guarded and available as light-based information for all the consciousnesses that would be created in the image and likeness of God.

The twelve attributes that were expressed during the gestation of the Mental and Material Universes emanated directly from what we know as the Source of Creation, which is the pure, immaculate, and divine essence of the Eternal Father.

From that point, during twelve cycles or twelve time spans, the Mental and Material Universes that were in formation received these spiritual impulses in order that the building of evolutionary life on the different planes be completed.

The first attribute emanated from the Source was that of LIFE; in that moment, God decreed: "On all the planes may Life exist, which will be visible and invisible, but in essence full of Love."

The second attribute emanated from the Source was that of UNITY; in that moment, God decreed: "May all the Life that will manifest in My likeness know and live Unity in order to reach the Source through Love."

The third attribute that emanated from the Source was that of LOVE; in that moment, God decreed: "May Divine Love be known by all Life, and may Life express all the degrees of love so that evolution may progress."

The fourth attribute that emanated from the Source was that of KNOWLEDGE; in that moment, God decreed: "May Knowledge make all Life sacred, may spirits ennoble their consciousnesses through having knowledge of love and unity."

The fifth attribute that emanated from the Source was that of HUMILITY; in that moment, God decreed: "May all Creation be humble in spirit and constitution; may the true government and evolution be reached by the humble, and may all life imitate this sacred path."

The sixth attribute that emanated from the Source was that of COMPASSION; in that moment, God decreed: “May absolute Compassion arise in universal life so that consciousnesses remember that everything is based on Love and on Mercy”.

In this way, the seventh attribute that emanated from the Source was that of MERCY; in that moment, God decreed: “May all Creation live Mercy in essence, and may this Law vivify whomever contemplates it in devotion”.

The eighth attribute that emanated from the Source was that of POVERTY OF SPIRIT; in that moment, God decreed: “May true evolution take place in all the poor in spirit, so that nothing nor anybody will deviate them from the sacred path by means of any temptation”.

The ninth attribute that emanated from the Source was that of SERVICE; and in that moment, God decreed: “May cooperation and mutual help establish the spirit of service in the Universes; may love and service interpenetrate all life so that fraternity may arise and be the basis of universal evolution”.

The tenth attribute that emanated from the Source was that of PIETY; and in that moment, God decreed: “Happy are all consciousnesses that supplicate in My Holy Name, because I will have absolute Pity on each one of them and in this way they will know the power of the Mercy of My Heart”.

The eleventh attribute that emanated from the Source was that of ETERNITY; and in that moment, God decreed: “May all that was created, after its experience, know Eternity; may all the planes that hold universal life elevate spirits so that they may merge into infinity and thus attain immortality”.

The twelfth attribute that emanated from the Source was that of SCIENCE; and in that moment, God decreed: “May all Creation and life become aware of the Laws and may the Laws guide, lead, and realign all universal life under the spirit of harmony”.

These twelve attributes were essentially kept inside the Heavenly Mirrors, which also radiate these creative principles to the whole Material Universe.

The Heavenly Mirrors are great states of divine consciousness present on three planes: the material, the mental, and the spiritual; in this way, a powerful equilibrium is established in the whole Universe, which is underpinned by angelic consciousnesses.

Thus, the communication network of the Mirrors helps in the redemption and the rehabilitation of all life in different cycles and times. It is in this way that the Heavenly Mirrors, counting on these divine impulses, become sources of the emanation of love and unity for all life.

The existence of the Heavenly Mirrors reminds planetary life that souls must always aspire to someday become similar to a Mirror, not because of its potency, but to be able to mirror what the Father expects of each creature, just as He thought it in the beginning.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who is united to the Mirror of Light of each heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

On this day, I invite you to contemplate the Plan of God and its Purpose in every action of life, in every service, in the fulfillment of His Divine Will.

Today I invite you to love this Plan unconditionally and not to reject it, as does the majority of Humanity.

Dear children, in this way, by loving the Purpose above all, you will always be on the correct path and in the right direction, and you will never stop attending to the needs that present themselves in your life.

To love the Plan of God unconditionally so that it is fulfilled means to renounce, without understanding, and accepting with all the inner openness of your hearts.

Millions of souls seek, through different paths, to know their purpose in this life, and this leads them to get lost on paths foreign to their capabilities.

I would like you, My children, to understand that there are still consciousnesses that, having received the call in their lives, decided on their own to separate from the Divine Purpose of the Father.

I ask all of you, aware of the path of prayer that you are following in these times, to only seek to lovingly fulfill what is being asked of you, without any criticism or judgement.

The Higher Good is very great and you still do not know it because humanity is always submerged in the laws of matter.

So that your hearts may be consistent with the Plan of God, I invite you to adopt it and live it so that this experience may multiply in you the absolute confidence that everything that you are living is part of a wise and infinite Higher Will.

Today I leave you this instruction, dear children, because there is no more time to lose, only faith will suffice and by faith walk forward.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who makes you aware of the Superior Life,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May the doors of your heart open themselves today so that you may recognize the most valuable thing that God has kept inside of your being.

May your only principle be to find peace, so that in the culminating hour of the purification of the Earth, all of My children be the simple reflection of a life transformed by the sublime fire of prayer.

May repentance be the mission of each soul and each life, because that will be the path that will be opened for the salvation and rescue of other lost beings.

May the goal be to seek the fidelity to God, so that this deep feeling of union with the Father permits to open the last doors of Mercy for the world.

May the purpose of your prayers be to help to convert the conciseness of the world, so that in this way your Heavenly Mother may continue working through humility and the service of all of Her children.  Thus, Her Immaculate and Pure Spirit will fill even the last particle of live in your beings, and then you will feel the joy of living in the name of the Holy Spirit.

Work without delay for your conversion in order to reach the infinite path of redemption and healing.

I leave for My children the holy light of My Heart, so that encouraged by My Grace, you may be immediate collaborators of the Plan of Rescue for these times.  My Love is poured over the hearts that are receptive to prayer. 

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who loves you and cares for you,

Your Mother May, Rose of Peace


My children,

I come to bless with the Spirit of God those of My children who open the heart and the soul to Me.  I come for those who do not know Me, but that still clamor inside for My presence.  I come to the world for those who are lost, because in the search to quench the thirst of the spirit they confused themselves and drank from the water of the world, instead of the Water of Life.

Today the Messengers of God return to Earth so that Their voices may echo in all the corners of the world and even the smallest and most lost of the beings may find themselves with the Divine.  At the request of the Lord this Greater Light is expanded and seeks tirelessly for all the beings.

It is time to awaken from the sleep in which you live.  It is time to open your eyes because even the blind will be able to see, the deaf will be able to hear, even the hard of heart will be able to feel when the Redeemer of the world comes near. 

Those who were not able to recognize Him in the beginning return to recognize Him in the end and those who committed themselves to Him in the beginning also return to prepare the path with flowers and fruits, with prayers and love, so that His feet may come to the world and His steps may definitively remove from the Earth the impurities and imperfections that prevent the beings from growing and evolving, as the Divine Will impels them to do.

My beloveds, permit yourselves to listen to My voice that resonates in your interior and open the hearts so that My love may enter and transform all of that which prevents you from walking to My Son.

I want to see in each being a temple of eternal prayer, sacrifice, surrender and love, because these are the keys that will bring you to overcome the limits imposed by matter and to reach the profound Peace of My Kingdom.

I see in the world crystalline essences born from the Heart of God, with the purpose of manifesting, not only for themselves, but for all of the Universe, a perfect and pure love, a unific love.  I find in each one of your beings the possibility of a superior life.  Will you be willing to see the world through My eyes?  Will you be willing to find in each brother and sister the Living Christ and to see Him return in the essence of all the beings?

My beloveds, the Christic Spirit has already come to the world and has left in each essence the seed of the awakening of the spirit.  Those who know how to cultivate Peace in their hearts will allow this Christ to blossom and grow within and they will merge with the King of kings, because they will recognize Him when they are before His eyes.

On this day, I want that you rejoice your little hearts and prepare yourselves with love to receive Me, because the intensity of My presence in your lives depends only on the openness of your hearts.

Your beloved Mother, Mary, Queen of Peace


I Am the Source of Light for the world after My Blessed Son.

I Am the incandescent Star of Bethlehem that lights with peace the heart and with light and love each soul.

I Am the Celestial Shield that protects the blessed children of God from all ambush.

I Am the Sun of the Universe that pours rays of conversion and redemption.

I Am the Spirit of Peace that traverses the continents in order to rekindle in the hearts the Love of God.

I Am the Sacred Mother of Trust because in My Immaculate Heart your life may rest and in My most holy fullness you will find the comfort that you seek so much; you will find in My silence the healing for your heart and the light that you need to dissolve your problems in peace.

Today I approach your heart and your life, so that you may open to Me the door of your interior and once again, before the Celestial Father, trust your life and your existence to the Sacred Universe.

I come lovingly to encounter you for this special Monthly Apparition, because twice My Maternal Consciousness will descend from the Portals of Heaven in order to solve worldly difficulties, to lift to the Kingdom of Christ many souls that are imprisoned and, primarily, I will descend in order to transmit My Maternal Love to all of those who have said yes to Me.

For this, I Am the Lady of Light, I Am the Woman covered by the Light of the Universal Sun, I Am the one who announces, through Her sweet stars of gold, a coming time of peace and of conversion.

But before, as I have promised before My Savior, the Almighty God, the Mother and Queen of Peace will traverse the greatest number of nations, to awaken in time those who sleep in the illusion and those who have become blind of spirit because of the modernities.

The Light of My Sacred Sword of Love will cut the roots of evil and impunity, the divine power of My Faith will illuminate in Supreme Light the path of all of those that call Me.

I Am the Lady of Eternal Light, I Am the Mother of Jesus Christ, the Savior and Redeemer.  I Am the Star that vigils day and night the steps of the self-convened.  My Powerful Heart will always be the relief for the sinners.  The Grace of My Spirit will be the water from the Source that will wash your stains.

I ask you, My dears and beloved ones: Surrender! Surrender! Surrender to the Love of My Heart! I do not want to harm you, I only hope that you accept Me as Your Mother; now and always I accomplish the eternal commitment of bringing you to Heaven.

And even though confusion and chaos are embracing the life of many, affirm your faith and do not believe what you live; you must believe in the life of the Great Spirit that accompanies you and protects you.

My feet will stomp on the head of the cunning serpent and My celestial glance will guide the steps of the servers.  A new time will shine in the interior of My children and the Supreme Forgiveness will be the cure for all evils.

When the time of Peace has come, the soldiers will lift the flags of Mercy and in love the Almighty will listen to your call and surrender.

I am among the most simple and meek, My Holy Universal Light comes to help all.

Trust what I say to you, I love you and I contemplate you in sacred devotion.

Thank you Venezuela for opening to Me the door to liberation!

Peace and Mercy for all!

Mary, Lady of Light


Children of Mine,

I come to the world in this time so that those who clamor for Mercy may receive from the Divine Source this fountain of Life.

Today I say to you that there will always be, in the darkness, a possibility of finding Light, because your little hearts contain in themselves a precious treasure – Love – that brings to you the possibility of opening the doors of Heaven and to arrive at the feet of the Creator.

My little ones, today I am the mediator between your hearts and God, but the moment will come in which all of you will be mediators between the universes and Him.  I come today to teach you step by step to open your hearts and to show you the path to awakening; but the moment must come in which your beings will have matured and will no longer need mediators in order to find God, but you will be the mediators and the intercessors that, before Him, will beg for all of those who did not know how to find Him.

This mission goes beyond this life.  I prepare you for something greater than the life in this world.  I prepare you to be mediators and intercessors in the universe, and to find all of those who have been lost from the path of the Father and that suffer in the darkness.

My children, I come at the request of the Lord to prepare the path for My Son, who will teach you definitively how to follow His steps; which will open to you for eternity the eyes and the heart; and which will make similar to Him the one who says yes to Him, without fear nor conditions.

Today I say to you that for this reason, you are living such hard trials at this end of the times, so that before such great difficulties you may surrender yourself to God and clamor so strongly for His presence, awakening in this way the potential of Love asleep in your hearts.

Do not fear the times that have already come, only be open to live them and fully feel the clamor that is born from your hearts and that opens one by one the doors of Heaven.

Feel! Clamor! Ask! Beg for Divine Mercy!  Surrender yourself to God that knows everything and knows you as none of you know yourselves, and that even still loves you in each detail of your beings.

My beloved ones, trust the Plans of God and permit that He may awaken in this race, that is perfect, the hidden potential in the interior of each being.  Say yes to God each day through the example of donation and surrender.  Give to the world witness of Faith and show to those who are lost the path that they must follow.

I accompany you and I will always accompany you and even if My lips one day may be in silence, My Heart will never stop uttering fervent prayers to God, so that even the last of My children may reach Redemption and may accomplish the perfect Purpose of the Creator.

I love you and I will always love you.

The beloved Mother and your companion,

Mary, Queen of Peace and of your lives


Those who with joy pray to Me a mystery of the Holy Rosary by the Sacred Manger on the 24th of December and, in addition to that, ignite a candle of light, will be giving the universal permission of removing from eternal earthly suffering the souls that are the most desperate and that have condemned themselves to worldwide purgatory. 

For this the 24th of December will be something more than a simple manger.  If your hearts keep themselves united to My Precious Heart during this day, the Christic codes that are engraved in the Sacred Blood of Christ will also be deposited upon those hearts that may open to Me the inner door.

I wish during this day to reign among people and God because to the hearts that may receive Me humbly through the message of the manger, I will let them know My Sacred Gifts of Unity and of Redemption.

I invite you that, in truth, you prepare yourselves for this day.  God has given Me the permission to consecrate again the hearts that are most separated from Me for some reason.  On the 24th of December I will come to the world as a new star of the night, that which will shine in the inner firmament of each being.

Opening the doors of your inner dwellings, celebrate in God the Divine Mysteries of the birth of Christ.  I will be thankful to the devoted souls for uniting themselves for an instant to My Greater Task, in this way the world will again be relieved by the action of My Divine Mercy.

Guard your lives in the Sacred Manger of the Lord Jesus.

Under the Greater Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for celebrating with Me the birth of the Inner Christ!

Christ Jesus of Mercy


Prayer to be recited especially during the Christmas Eve of the Lord and at the end of the Holy Rosary of the 24th of December.

    Act of Consecration of the Sacred Family of Nazareth

Divine Rays descend from Heaven
       over the dear city of Bethlehem.

The Angels announce to the shepherds
       the Birth of the King of Humility.

Jesus is known by His Sacred Name,
       He is the Prince that was born from the family of King David
       but His identity does not belong to this world,
       His Wise Spirit comes from the Holy Spirit of God.

The Jesus Child has arrived to the world
       to liberate it from error.

He is the Savior of all the races,
       He is the Messiah of the Celestial Annunciation.

The Angel Gabriel has dictated His Sacred Name.

The Most Holy Virgin has sheltered in Her bosom the Creator Power
       from Her most pure womb has been born the Savior,
       from the Most Holy Mary has awakened the Redeemer Christ.

Before this great universal mystery
       our hearts consecrate themselves
       because the prophecies of the Patriarchs have been fulfilled
       and the Son of God has defeated death with His Divine Passion.

Every race has been renewed
       by the victorious coming of the Son of God.

From Bethlehem has emerged the Eternal Light for the dark world.

The Orient has been united to the Occident
       and nothing will ever more  be separated
       because we have received the Mercy of God.

We are sheep of the Great Shepherd Child.

We are redeemed stars upon the Earth.

May this Holy Birth of Christ impel us to continue walking.

Nothing shall detain us.

Nothing shall torment us.

Nothing shall separate us from God.

We are members of the Sacred Family.

We are children of the Most Hoy Virgin.

We are faithful companions of Saint Joseph.

In Christ we shall fulfill the Will of God
       as it was in the beginning,
       now and forever.



When you surrender your life to Me I can fully transmute all of your being, but when you hold suspicion of some things, My Redeeming Light stays outside your dwelling place.

How will I be able to know that which you need, if you keep the door closed to your deep fears?

The one who fully trusts in Me will lose nothing, I will always give them the key so that they may open the right door.  When you make repetitive mistakes, you must have the consciousness that you are human, frail, feeble, and exposed too many influences; when in truth you appeal to My Presence every day, I will be able to act through your little heart.

In this time My disciples will be in the face of their own spiritual and moral fears.  I ask you that, despite your doubts and constant faults, do not stop appealing to My Heart; know that since the beginning of My Birth in the world, the Father has given Me the authority to liberate you and to redeem you.

The path that I offer you is divine, but will always be full of tests and renunciation, and even if your souls are not ready to face them, I will present to you unusual challenges that will cause you to mature and to grow.

I only ask you to not lose the sincerity that you have constructed with My Heart; today I want that your esteem be raised from below, and that you may smile to life, to the coming of My Divine Mercy.  I will always listen to you, do not be afraid of showing yourselves before Me as you are, I need transparent sinners and wandering souls, the ones who want to live with Me a new life full of redemption and peace.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

I give absolution to you always, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for redeeming yourself before My Humble Heart!

Christ Jesus


My Universal Consciousness rejoices itself when the souls open in trust the doors of their houses to Me so that My Mercy may be able to reign.

For this today I invite you to answer to My call for the universal liberation and redemption of all of the races through the Trustworthy Source of My Divine Mercy.

I want you to know that My Presence is in all of the paths of the souls.  As I have been once in Middle East I have also been in Orient to remind you of the commitments and the Graces that the Universe had once deposited in My Heart.

With this revelation I ask you to remember the loving commitment that each soul has made with Me since always, thus you will allow Me to realize the works that I have planned in the hearts.

I need the wide openness of your heart in order to open again the doors for those who have them closed.  I only ask you to live Me as Your Inseparable Companion of the Path.  In this way you will help, from the consciousness, to rebuild what has been destroyed in the consciousness of humanity.

I come today to let you know My true Love for you, that love that the Father gestated within My Heart from the first Moment.  Today I Am with you but tomorrow I wish to be with the world to tell it:  “Come and follow Me, it is time to find the true Peace.”

Under the Infinite Love that comes from God, be blessed.

Thank you for living within My Heart!

Christ Jesus


While the world changes quickly and very few want to separate themselves from the seduction and the temptation of sin, My Rays of Mercy come straight from Heaven to permeate and radiate all the orbit of Earth.

In this way those hearts that open themselves will always receive the greatest help from My Divine Mercy.

All of humanity is in an era of profound transition. My Redeeming and Shepherd Consciousness intends to bring you back each day to the truth that you are today living.

This is why I need My New Apostles, those who, out of love, are willing to transmute and to offer to their God small sacrifices that will alleviate, throughout the Universe, the weight of the Law that will fall upon the current humanity.

But before this can happen the threshold of My Mercy is opened so that in the Paradise of My Heart you may find the Source of Light and of Peace, the Source that will allow you to overcome the changes and the purification that will come to all.

Whenever in the whole world I find souls at My eternal service of prayer My eternal tears, those that I have cried after My Resurrection, are dried by the warm prayers of My servers.  They act like sun rays that radiate a supreme strength to My Heart.

Under the Mercy that comes from God, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My Words in the heart!

Your Master of Love,

Christ Jesus


May your heart remain silent so that you may hear, now and always, the truth of My Words.

May your peacemaking be more profound than the great oceans so that in the right hour you may be able to perceive the truth and the wisdom about things.

Enter now into the Universe of My Heart so that I, from this day on, may take absolute control of your life.  For this you must open space and place for Me so that My Merciful Rays may be able to act and transform.

Walk by My Side without observing what exists around you, concentrate your being in the divine power of My Love and wait for the coming of My Supreme Grace.

Trust what I ask you because it is time to awaken to the Supreme Consciousness.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for remaining in My Heart!

Christ Jesus


Open your eyes to see the Sun that now is born in your little lives, for the one who is able to see and feel that Sun of the new time will be healed by the Divine Light that comes and redeems through its rays of profound Mercy.

My dear children, these are no longer times of suffering for those who have found the Divine Mercy of My Son Jesus. These are no longer times of lamentation for those who in their spirits celebrate so many years of Graces received.

On this day, I come to deepen in your hearts, souls and essences, the contact with Me, so that you may feel this union within your consciousnesses, as you did not feel before. In this way, I will dispel all doubts and all the pain of those who were unable to draw  closer  to My Heart. The only thing I need is for you to truly open up.

At this moment, in which My Presence once again withdraws from the world, I want to leave engraved in your hearts that the Light of My Sun is eternal and will never go out. Thus, do not rest and do not give up if for some reason you should experience times of tribulation.

In the face of difficulties in your life, seek that healing Sun that I allowed to be born in your essences, so that it may light up your paths and, further, light up the paths of those who are lost in the darkness of their own ignorance.

With profound joy in My Divine Heart, I approach My beloved children, and within your essences, I find the divine codes that so long ago I placed there, so that in current times and in the future, you could accomplish the Mission of Love that God entrusted to you.

My beloveds, when My Presence is no longer in your hearts in such a resounding way as it is today and in the end times, know that it is because you will already be prepared to experience the trials of life on your own  and, before God, bring to light all the teachings you received.

As a good Mother, I have been shaping My little children, externally and internally, and even though you may not  perceive it today, when the moment comes to act, you will see the necessary tools emerge from within and what I say today will come to your memory. 

Through daily and merciful prayer you will mature, in your consciousness, the luminous results of My Presence in your lives. If you are persistent, besides the external impulses you receive, and making use of every inner impulse you received, you will be able to see built in the spirit the strength you need to cross the threshold of life between the old and the new human.

Always count on the presence of the Holy Spirit, which will always invisibly aid you. In the Universe, the Holy Spirit represents the permanent Mercy of God and His eternal Grace for all His creatures. It is through the Holy Spirit that the Lord acts permanently in His children, and irrespective of all actions taken, one who repents in their heart and opens in spirit, will receive the Grace of the awakening and the redeemed return to their Celestial Origin.

Today I tell you, My beloveds, that these are times to lift up the eyes to the Sun that is being born and rises over the horizon, and hold this divine lighthouse as the only goal in your lives. Walk steadfastly toward that Sun of Eternal Grace, and do not look to the sides nor behind, nor to yourself. With your gauze firmly fixed on the Living Christ, contemplate His Return, His new birth in life on Earth.

I eternally thank you for being united at this time to My Heart and aiding in My Plan of Salvation for souls.

I love you.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


When you surrender all to Me I will give you the goods that are guarded in Heaven.

Now that you find yourself before the doors of donation and surrender, walk without delay for that which your heart must realize.  But you know that I Am there to help you to cross the bridges that are broken and to help you to climb the lofty mountains towards your spirit.

This time is the time of all for the whole.  Nothing compared with your possibility of serving Me will overcome your expectations because now the Lord is building in your dwelling the path of ascension.  

That nothing more important than your life may afflict your thought or feeling because in all this journey God will accompany you in the inner silence.  I want to be in your life the one that no one has been able to be because I will never disappoint you.  My Inner Love does not belong to this world, My Christic Love, that which comes from the universe, is like a resplendent star that sends you its rays of salvation in every hour of the day so that you may perceive that My Presence is in all places.

To the extent that the disciple takes steps towards the Plan of God, greater will be the efforts to live the inner transformation, but your indestructible fortress is found in My Heart.  My Heart is the great wall that sustains the battles of all of the fires.

May you now be able to look at Me in the eyes and tell Me: “Yes Lord, here I am in spite of my falls and doubts”.

My Heart rejoices in the souls that only confess to Me the truth because My Love is infinite and It heals any inner wound.

Stay in Me and you will recognize in truth who you are for God.

Under the Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for remaining in My Heart!

Christ Jesus


My Heart of Light visits every home on the Earth and It remains alive with love and with peace when the dwellers open to Me the door of their lives so that I may be able to enter.

For this time I come in the search for those who have once said yes to Me. Now has come the time to unite yourself perpetually with My Heart and to surrender yourself  to My Invincible Love.

Today My Spirit of Truth and of Love descends to heal the wounds that are still open in many of My ones. For this I call all to live the great opportunity of life. I Am pouring My Grace upon those who must take the steps towards My Heart and that now will recognize Me as a One and Only King of the Heights.

I ask you that you give the permission to trust absolutely in My Consciousness. In this way I will show you the path of your redemption and the questions in your lives will be dissolved. You only must trust that all that you life has a reason for God and whoever unites themselves to Me in prayer will elevate their consciousness and the divine laws will heal them entirely.

Under the Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My Words in the heart!

Christ Jesus


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Today, before His Apparition, the Master surprised us with a gesture of Love.

We asked Him, “Master, where are You now?”.

In a matter of seconds, He showed us a scene. He was among all of us, levitating in the air with His angels, while He indicated to them what they should do: some relieved the heart, others calmed the spirit and others also healed parts of the physical body.

Then, the Master presented Himself today, positioning Himself upon the stage and directing a broad smile to us.

Then, He transmitted the following Message:


Know as from now that My Universal and Christic Consciousness prays perpetually for you so that the new flocks may truly awaken to My planetary call.

As in the Garden of Gethsemane, in vigil, fasting and prayer, now from Heaven I share My primordial graces for the hearts that open themselves to listen to My loving voice.


Today you have already passed fervently through the phase of the first stage of the merciful prayer; this in Brazil and in the East has already generated infinite fruits for the hearts that most need it.

But the soul that trusts in Me enters into the Infinite and unknown Heaven to receive the baptism of My Light and the sacrament of My Reconciliation. For this day of special spiritual Grace for all, today I invite you to consider Me present in your lives, because you must know that My Eternal Heart is there when only you call for It in love and in devotion.

To all of those who encouraged themselves to answer to My request of prayer, I thank you because a new sun in the universe is being gestated, so that the souls may mercifully receive its rays of radiation of peace and of redemption. This sun of which I speak to you today is the essence of My Heart, that is being found by all of those who call Me in prayer day by day.

In this way My Spirit imparts repairing Graces in the essences that simply say to Me: “Come Master of Love”.

On this day My light impregnates the forms and the created spaces and this is possible as a loving consequence of the offering of all the participants in the Marathon of My Divine Mercy. And in this way time will pass and, through Me, you will see faith grow in your lives, and nothing will ever be able to separate you from the path of consecration and of holiness that I propose for some of My own.

But everyone will always have a great place in My Consciousness, a place of renovation, of healing and of faith to be comforted in the tests that the Lord sends you to mature your beings.

My friends, that tomorrow your fire may be extended, and that it may embrace greater celestial spheres. Remember that I only want souls in profound contemplation and adoration to My Mercy.

I come to demystify the fanatics, because My flocks of peace and light are formed by work and sacrifice; in them I will institute My New Dwelling Place upon the Earth, seeking the essence of the pure souls.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My call from the heart!

Christ Jesus, You Inner Shepherd


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