Wednesday, March 12 of 2014

Monthly messages

My children,

I come to bless with the Spirit of God those of My children who open the heart and the soul to Me.  I come for those who do not know Me, but that still clamor inside for My presence.  I come to the world for those who are lost, because in the search to quench the thirst of the spirit they confused themselves and drank from the water of the world, instead of the Water of Life.

Today the Messengers of God return to Earth so that Their voices may echo in all the corners of the world and even the smallest and most lost of the beings may find themselves with the Divine.  At the request of the Lord this Greater Light is expanded and seeks tirelessly for all the beings.

It is time to awaken from the sleep in which you live.  It is time to open your eyes, because even the blind will be able to see, the deaf will be able to hear, even the hard of heart will be able to feel, when the Redeemer of the world approaches Himself.

Those who were not able to recognize Him in the beginning return to recognize Him in the end and those who committed themselves to Him in the beginning also return to prepare the path with flowers and fruits, with prayers and love, so that His feet may come to the world and His steps may definitively remove from the Earth the impurities and imperfections that prevent the beings from growing and evolving, as the Divine Will impels them to do.

My beloveds, permit yourselves to listen to My voice that resonates in your interior and open the hearts so that My love may enter and transform all of that which prevents you from walking to My Son.

I want to see in each being a temple of eternal prayer, sacrifice, surrender and love, because these are the keys that will bring you to overcome the limits imposed by matter and to reach the profound Peace of My Kingdom.

I see in the world crystalline essences born from the Heart of God, with the purpose of manifesting, not only for themselves, but for all of the Universe, a perfect and pure love, a unific love.  I find in each one of your beings the possibility of a superior life.  Will you be willing to see the world through My eyes?  Will you be willing to find in each brother and sister the Living Christ and to see Him return in the essence of all the beings?

My beloveds, the Christic Spirit has already come to the world and has left in each essence the seed of the awakening of the spirit.  Those who know how to cultivate Peace in their hearts will make to blossom and grow this Christ in their interior and will merge with the King of kings, because they will recognize Him when they are before His eyes.

On this day, I want that you rejoice your little hearts and prepare yourselves with love to receive Me, because the intensity of My presence in your lives depends only on the openness of your hearts.

Your beloved Mother, Mary, Queen of Peace