Friday, November 22 of 2013

Daily messages

While the world changes quickly and very few want to separate themselves from the seduction and the temptation of sin, My Rays of Mercy come straight from Heaven to permeate and radiate all the orbit of Earth.

In this way those hearts that open themselves will always receive the greatest help from My Divine Mercy.

All humanity is in an era of a profound transition.  My Redeeming and Shepherd Consciousness intends each day to bring you back to the truth that today you are living.

For this I need My New Apostles, those who are willing, out of love, to transmute and to offer to Your God little sacrifices, those which in the universe will relieve the weight of the law that will fall down upon the current humanity.

But before this can happen the threshold of My Mercy is opened so that in the Paradise of My Heart you may find the Source of Light and of Peace, the Source that will allow you to overcome the changes and the purification that will come to all.

Whenever in the whole world I find souls at My eternal service of prayer My eternal tears, those that I have cried after My Resurrection, are dried by the warm prayers of My servers.  They act like sun rays that radiate a supreme strength to My Heart.

Under the Mercy that comes from God, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My Words in the heart!

Your Master of Love,

Christ Jesus