Sunday, July 21 of 2013

Daily messages

The heart that opens to Me the door of its house and of its heart will always be blessed by My Merciful Presence, principally in the moments of challenge. The heart that deeply unites itself to Me in prayer will harvest the fruits of gold, those that I will give to you as a treasure from the Heavens.

For this, in this time of changes and of tests My Return, is prepared first in the interior of the consciousnesses, and in this way My Spirit is congregating as many as those who in other times have distanced themselves from My Path of Redemption. As a Good Shepherd I unite again the flocks and I silently lead them to new pastures, clean and fresh, with renovating airs and rich fruits for the heart and for life.

But to get to this Sacred Promised Earth My Heart must first lead you through the path of sacrifice and of prayer so that, in the name of humanity, you may be able to redeem the evil that the world generates before the most scourged Heart of God.

For this His Beloved Son, that One who will be seen and will come through the clouds is pulsating as a radiant sun inside of the lonely and empty spirits in life, in those who have committed themselves with Me.

Today I come to your encounter to close a cycle and begin a new one, a cycle guided by the light of My Sacerdotal Love, a cycle that will try to place your beings on the correct and safe path. Nourish your spirits with My New Parables and Instructions that I pour to you day by day from Heaven.

I am united to you to walk in love by your side. For this I need souls that are willing to live in My Great Miracle of Love, a love that trusts that it will not fail you, not even a single time, a love that is powerful and similar to the action of your love.

I want to be your Love when you simply permit Me to, in this way you will live the great miracle of love. May the apostles, as it was in the origin, walk together two by two to carry out My Mercy and this will not be a promise, it will be a reality that you will fulfill with Me.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, Your Only King.