Dear children,

The path of total consecration to God is what your Heavenly Mother aspires for you all.

According to this aspiration and in these times, many souls will go through the test that will confirm the chosen path, and I will be there to help you to make the right internal decision without feeling guilty, but only the love of God.

Children, the saint of the last days will be present to help you on the culminating time of the transition of the Earth when the red moon defines the awakening of a new cycle, liberating from the sin and from the errors.

For this reason the challenges and the tests will be the tone that will mark the beginning of this new cycle, free from sorrow and from human suffering.  That is why on this day I bring you the divine consciousness of the universal consecration, a mission that will be for many of My children, the ones that will push the heavy boat of this world so that you may definitely navigate in the sea of Grace and Mercy.

Your structures will move and all the dark control will stop governing so that once and for all everyone may be in Jesus, and Jesus may be forever in you.

Children, grant permission so that My Son governs your lives; in that way no other governor or aspect of your own non-purified lives will be able have determination in the spiritual lives of your souls.

For this, be meek and let My Son conquer you little by little so that He, in His Infinite Glory, may have the instruments to developed the last part of the Plan of God.

Look at your sins as instruction and opportunity for transformation and interior change; in that way when My Son has taken over the kingdom of your lives all the receptive souls will be sanctified.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who leads you to love the consecration,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Novena to the Sacred Thorned Heart of Jesus

First Day


During these coming nine days, I will sincerely reveal to you the nine principal thorns that hurt the Sacred Heart of your Master and Lord, the ones that I will ask you to remove, one by one, in order to relieve the pain that many souls cause to your Redeemer, and so that your Master may have the spiritual authority to assist and rescue the souls that have perverted and deviated from the path of true Love.

For this reason I come to ask you, in these times and in all the times you may feel to do it, to pray this powerful novena to the Sacred Thorned Heart of Jesus so that your souls, through the power of My Glory, may also be free and safe from any current perversion and so that, in this way, the Heavenly Father may be able to fix His Eyes of Compassion, Pity and Mercy upon those who pray this novena with devotion.

The means by which you will be able to remove the painful thorns from the Heart of your Redeemer, each day of the novena, will be the Rosary of the Divine Mercy.

If you pray fifty beads, this will have an intercession effect.

If you pray seventy-two beads, this will have another intercession effect.

But if you pray one hundred and fifty beads, your Master will have more amplitude at the time of interceding for humanity.

Today I will reveal the first thorn to you, which through your prayers, you will have to remove from the Thorned Heart of Jesus: the thorn of lie and deception that hundreds of souls live, as if it were normal for the life of humankind.

The thorn of lie and deception, which was placed in My Heart by those who are not transparent and true of spirit, soul, mind and heart, is one of the thorns that hurt My Soul the most; because souls that live in lie and deception pervert themselves through habits that poison the spirit of each person.

For this reason, today I come to ask you to remove this painful thorn from My Heart so that these souls that are blind and far from love may be worthy of My Mercy.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Even if you are not able to, walk barefoot towards Me so that I may receive you and mold your consciousness just as I had thought, even before you awakened to Me.

Therefore, in the effort of relinquishing all, you will have the impetus to renew your life, time and again, to make it more sacred and blessed each day that goes by.

Coming barefoot to Me is a great challenge, but not unattainable, it is the inner permission that you give Me so that I may turn your life into the model I once had thought.

Even if you have imperfections and still have defects, these are not impediments for Me to transform your life. The only thing I need is your most sincere love so that the Laws which come from My Consciousness may act freely in you.

Thus, cheer up, and release your being from everything, even if you sometimes cannot manage to do it.

It is worth the attempt and the effort of being able to live it and do it.

Let Me have you in My Hands as new clay, so that this Potter and Craftsman of Love may be able to make of you something unknown and never seen before.

Believe that I can do all, because the time will come for you to witness My Presence before the cruel world and thus, My Word will be fulfilled.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Jesus Christ


The heart that opens to Me the door of its house and of its heart will always be blessed by My Merciful Presence, principally in the moments of challenge. The heart that deeply unites itself to Me in prayer will harvest the fruits of gold, those that I will give to you as a treasure from the Heavens.

For this, in this time of changes and of tests My Return, is prepared first in the interior of the consciousnesses, and in this way My Spirit is congregating as many as those who in other times have distanced themselves from My Path of Redemption. As a Good Shepherd I unite again the flocks and I silently lead them to new pastures, clean and fresh, with renovating airs and rich fruits for the heart and for life.

But to get to this Sacred Promised Earth My Heart must first lead you through the path of sacrifice and of prayer so that, in the name of humanity, you may be able to redeem the evil that the world generates before the most scourged Heart of God.

For this His Beloved Son, that One who will be seen and will come through the clouds is pulsating as a radiant sun inside of the lonely and empty spirits in life, in those who have committed themselves with Me.

Today I come to your encounter to close a cycle and begin a new one, a cycle guided by the light of My Sacerdotal Love, a cycle that will try to place your beings on the correct and safe path. Nourish your spirits with My New Parables and Instructions that I pour to you day by day from Heaven.

I am united to you to walk in love by your side. For this I need souls that are willing to live in My Great Miracle of Love, a love that trusts that it will not fail you, not even a single time, a love that is powerful and similar to the action of your love.

I want to be your Love when you simply permit Me to, in this way you will live the great miracle of love. May the apostles, as it was in the origin, walk together two by two to carry out My Mercy and this will not be a promise, it will be a reality that you will fulfill with Me.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, Your Only King. 


Dear brothers and sisters in God:

May My Light today be able be abundant within the deepest spaces of your hearts so that in this way may be established the Kingdom of My Peace in all of humanity.

Pray for those who sleep and who, without realizing rest in the normal life of this current world. Offer to God your fasting, prayers, sacrifices for humanity and your sufferings because if all this were donated with faith many spiritual situations would be able to be reverted before the time.

Now I only ask you to seek to be for longer in My Merciful Heart because your souls still have not swum in My Ocean of Graces but your temperaments have led you to practice other things.

May your true exercise be the merciful prayer of the heart. Each time that you call for My Presence in silence I will be amongst you accompanying the great movements in your inner beings.

My Merciful and Liberating Fire wants to approach a little more to your beings. But it still lacks the total permission so that some veils may fall from your faces. If it were like this you would see the light of truth that draws nearer from Heaven with the hope of converting you into good disciples of My Prayer.

I construct in you My Temple of repose whenever you are truly encouraged to empty yourselves of your own selves to discover the wonders of the new being. Be simple in everything up to the point of loving with reverence each detail that is presented in your lives. I am here to listen to you always.

Under the Grace and the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


I am present in your lives to teach you to forgive and to love.

If you were truly able to trust in My Mercy all the days a little more the past that disturbs you and makes you restless would be dissolved by the light that would enter inside of you from My Sacred Heart.

But you still have the opportunity of living by means of My Merciful Rays because in this way My Plan will be able to be fulfilled in those who I always call, the most imperfect ones and the most forgotten ones. My Graces of redemption and light are poured in the simplest ones. For this try to always have a heart as pure and as crystalline, as loving and as compassionate as My Unfathomable Heart.

I want that there exist new Christ’s who may be true apostles, who may demonstrate to the world that it is possible to live in God and for God as something beautiful and wonderful for the life of each soul. For this I need that you leave the garments from the past so that your heart and spirit may see itself free from every stain. The path to achieve this is the merciful prayer and the purification for these new times.

Each one, as a child of God, will receive the part that he or she must purify either in temperament or in consciousness. I only need your loving permission so that My Mercy may be able to be poured in all that your little beings may need.

The time has come in which the Master of the Light of the Father may gather again His friends for the Supper with the aim of renovating you in spirit and of baptizing you again with the Water of Life of Christ Jesus.

Know that the burning times have come for all and your perseverance and love for seeking Me all the time in My Mercy will be what will unite you to My Heart, and in this way you will be relived from all evil. Do not complain, do not punish your being anymore because in you is God and in God is His Beloved Son who comes to announce to you the Good News of Mercy and of Redemption.

I need you firm in spite of the falls, radiating love and peacefulness in spite of the great tribulations of life because then I will truly confirm with who I will be until the end of times.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!


As part of the school of spiritual lessons and of consciousness, I allow the soul to say all that it thinks and feels with the aim that it may quickly purify the inner issues that afflict it. After this My Heart of Light emerges as a unique voice from Heaven to be able to correct the paths that the soul may incorrectly take through self-will.

Liberating the burdens of the consciousness, My Rays intercept levels and states of the personality so that through My Love and Redemption it may be transformed.

But for all of this to happen permission is necessary. The permission of the consciousness allows you to discover the degree of love in which you are found and which you have constructed.

For this I ask you to merge yourselves in the foundations of the school of basic instruction that My Heart has universally imparted through the parables.

Be joyful until the moment in which your consciousness may become exposed before the false reality that you have constructed with ideas and feelings. The Kingdom of the Love of God and your search is powerful because the soul does not know the greatness of the Love of God and His Celestial Work, a non-transferable love that heals you and liberates you, that will never abandon you.

As the quicksand causes the steps slow towards Me, even though the structures of your personas may be moved,  I will sustain you and I will guide you because it is already time to elect, from love, the Plan of God.

Under the One Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding and valuing My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, who eternally loves you. 


I Am with you when you are only in Me.

I Am with you when you only say yes to Me.

I Am with you when you open the door to Me so that My Sacred Heart may be able to enter.

I Am with you when you allow Me to be in your hearts.

You will be My good companions when you only follow Me in spite of the tiredness, of the pain or of the loneliness that you may feel in your lives.

Dears, do not forget that I Am the inexhaustible Source for your lives. I Am the path that guides you, I Am the light that illuminates you, I Am the truth that is revealed when you only let Me reveal it before your eyes.

Dear companions, the last boat of salvation is passing through the life of all of the souls and My Mercy is the bridge that unites your hearts with the path of the definite salvation. My Eyes are already separating the straw from the wheat, the ripe fruit from the unripe fruit, because as your Shepherd I need instruments that may be able to be conducted by the wisdom of My Hands.

I Am returning, not to be your judge in face of the judgment. I will come because I want to be the mediator between you and God, I want to be the presence of Piety and of Mercy that may indicate to you a renovated and new path towards Paradise.

If you knew My Kingdom of Love you would never descend from it because in My Kingdom there are many dwellings and dwellers who, in eternity and good, serve the God of Love.

Dear friends, may your hope not disappear. May the sincere and humble love reign among you, love that will be radiated by the power and the strength of My Redeeming Love. Prepare yourselves to recognize Me in those where My Glorified Heart will land to radiate peace to the world and good to the souls. Only open the door of the heart so that I may enter.

Under the good and the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus


My dears.

There is in you the unique and sublime opportunity to open the door to Me so that My Love may irradiate in your hearts. My redeeming power in your consciousness may be bigger or smaller, depending on how much you become conscious of the permission that you give Me for My Glorified Heart to act in your little lives.

Despite the great risk that many souls live which denies the presence and the return of My Redeeming Spirit, My Consciousness of Sacerdotal Love accompanies the steps of millions of souls in this world. Remember My friends, that I Am a part of God that has offered itself in life for all of you, so that every consciousness of this world could find, in the darkness, the power and the presence of the Christic light of the Firstborn Son.

Today I come to this world, as you allow it, because the degrees that My Love reaches for you are infinite, for this I invite you to remember that My Saving and Redeeming Love is returning to give support and help to those who only say yes to Me.

My dears, you must pray so the divine plans may accomplish themselves in every circumstance. For this to happen My Glorified Heart comes to your encounter for one more time, preparing the germinating seeds so that they may be planted in a fertile and greater earth in the Great Kingdom of My Celestial Love.

The souls are defining themselves as it was written in the sacred books. For this the Consciousness of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ is coming to be able to reorder the uncertain paths that many live. For this, first My Spirit removes impure feelings in the hearts of all My servers so that they, empty of all and surrendering themselves entirely to My Heart, may be prepared in consciousness to receive me.

Who is willing to discard their life for My return?

Who is willing to trust in the unpredictable?

Who will want to land in My Spirit, in My Heart despite of everything?

I am coming back as many perhaps did not expect. I knew before My Ascension that humanity should learn much, even having entrusted you with the presence of the Immaculate and Sublime Heart of the Queen of Universes.

Now I prepare you, removing with My Light all that must be purified but, for this, do not fear, count on Me always.

Under the Grace of God Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My announcements in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Let your soul be enraptured by the Love of Christ. Do not fear, do not resist. Give Him your shame, your fears, your deepest aspirations, your goals and everything you are, including miseries, skills and virtues.

The time is coming to be washed by the Blood of Christ, permeated by His Love and renewed by His surrender and, more than remembering His Passion, to be with His surrender, His Love and His Cross.

Thus, child, the time has come for a definition of maturity in Christ, to deepen your consecration and to not be afraid of growing in Him and for Him.

Let yourself be new clay in the Hands of the Potter, because He knows the Purpose of God for your life and can shape your consciousness according to Divine Will.

Pray and speak the Poems* with love that the Lord gave you, because through them, He teaches you the spiritual meaning of surrender and of humility; in this way, a surrendered soul communicates with Christ.

Do not fear to live the experience of surrender. In what is left for you of this Lent and this deep desert, begin to walk, in your heart, with decided steps to Jerusalem, confirming and re-confirming your surrender to Christ each day.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



*Saint Joseph is referring to the Poems of a soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus, transmitted by Christ Jesus in the months of July and August of 2018.


When God allows humanity to suffer in the face of the plans of His enemy so that the foundations of sand may break, child, you must let the fragile and false dwellings fall down and surrender your heart to God so that He may build your fortress upon rock.

When God allows weak souls to succumb to their more human temptations and weaknesses, letting themselves be defeated by the enemy, child, you must repair in your life everything that distances you from God and close the doors to the darkness that exists in the depths of your human consciousness.

When you see that the world is fragile and the inner world of humankind does not find support in what once kept them on their feet, look within where your fortitude lies, upon that which your poor soul is supported by, and place your heart in the correct place of union with Christ.

Do not let the weaknesses of souls or the world make you feel better than others so that you may point your finger to the errors of others and place yourself somewhere that you have not yet reached of holiness, surrender and inner maturity.

Let human frailties always be a mirror for you, in which you must look every day to transform that which you see, to heal that which is sick, to throw out that which has rotted and to strengthen that which is truly pure.

Enter the Heart of Christ more and more. Seek the sure path to be in God.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Silence your heart and consciousness a little more so that you may become a self-observer and in this way you are able to deepen into your evolution.

Superficialities will have no place in this new cycle. You will no longer be able to give certain permissions to your inner world, sometimes being spiritual and sometimes earthly.

Become silent, not to observe and correct others; let each one respond for themselves. You will help your neighbor in a much more true way if you were an example for them, rather than a judge.

Be what you must be only to fulfill your part, and not to demonstrate anything to anyone, because intentions are imprinted on the works and dictate the degree of radiation that they will hold. You will not cause the world to evolve with works full of vanity. Be, because you have to be, and nothing else.

This planetary cycle will bring you clear, precise and orderly impulses, so that your response may be like this.

Be precise and objective in what you do. Be true and simple within yourself. Be meek, loving and peaceful, but also be righteous and dedicated in your actions.

Allow that which you hold within yourself emerge, because the time has come for the correlation between the inner and the outer world.

The codes received over the years have already inwardly made you a spiritual being. You have clear goals and true purposes; now, experience them as the most important thing to be done.

Outside of yourself, all around you, the new vibrations will build the path. Place both feet on this path and walk without looking back.

You have the blessing of the Heavens.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In order that you can be the ones who open the doors of the world to the existence of a new humanity, by means of the dissemination of the Divine Principles, expressed in the Words of the Messengers of God, you must be, first, disseminators of the transformation, by means of the conversion of the old human customs into universal and celestial principles.

How to do it?

By being what you aspire to find in your neighbor, because the true aspiration of the manifestation of a new humanity already exists in the hearts of all of those who are awake in this time, awake to fulfill the Will of God.

It is in this way that you can seek in your interior those purest aspirations about how the world must be and how the beings must be and to transform this aspiration into life, by means of your own experience of all this.

Do not be attached to what you were or what you are. Let yourselves be unknown and, even if sometimes you feel that you are not the ones who act, think and feel, that what you are is not something true, it does not matter.  It will seem difficult in the beginning. You will find many personas and lose others, but, in the permanent quest of transformation, the soul will be in charge to lead you to what you are in truth and which, sometimes, is so distant from what your mind can imagine.

My Heart comes here to help you, to guide you in this path which is long but simple and it may be more or less long, depending on the courage and on the determination of each one.

I want that you know that everything that you do, no matter what it is, must be done on behalf of humanity. Not even the personal transformations must be sought only for yourselves, because you will run the risk of thinking that you are being lost from yourselves, but you will be losing yourselves from God, in the illusion that you are attentive to your own evolutionary process.

Know, companions, that the essence of humanity is that you can be fraternal and simple in all and, thus, find the true love. For this, never walk for yourselves, never have your own projects, never have a personal aspiration other than not to aspire to anything, so that it may be done as God has aspired for His creatures.

I love you and I bless you in the mission that the Lord has entrusted to you.

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more