Tuesday, September 29 of 2015

Daily messages

In order that you can be the ones who open the doors of the world to the existence of a new humanity, by means of the dissemination of the Divine Principles, expressed in the Words of the Messengers of God, you must be, first, disseminators of the transformation, by means of the conversion of the old human customs into universal and celestial principles.

How to do it?

By being what you aspire to find in your neighbor, because the true aspiration of the manifestation of a new humanity already exists in the hearts of all of those who are awake in this time, awake to fulfill the Will of God.

It is in this way that you can seek in your interior those purest aspirations about how the world must be and how the beings must be and to transform this aspiration into life, by means of your own experience of all this.

Do not be attached to what you were or what you are. Let yourselves be unknown and, even if sometimes you feel that you are not the ones who act, think and feel, that what you are is not something true, it does not matter.  It will seem difficult in the beginning. You will find many personas and lose others, but, in the permanent quest of transformation, the soul will be in charge to lead you to what you are in truth and which, sometimes, is so distant from what your mind can imagine.

My Heart comes here to help you, to guide you in this path which is long but simple and it may be more or less long, depending on the courage and on the determination of each one.

I want that you know that everything that you do, no matter what it is, must be done on behalf of humanity. Not even the personal transformations must be sought only for yourselves, because you will run the risk of thinking that you are being lost from yourselves, but you will be losing yourselves from God, in the illusion that you are attentive to your own evolutionary process.

Know, companions, that the essence of humanity is that you can be fraternal and simple in all and, thus, find the true love. For this, never walk for yourselves, never have your own projects, never have a personal aspiration other than not to aspire to anything, so that it may be done as God has aspired for His creatures.

I love you and I bless you in the mission that the Lord has entrusted to you.

Trust in the Power of God in your lives, because He will triumph before all of the impossibilities of the human beings, always and when you allow yourselves to love and to be transformed by Him.

Peace and compassion for all that aspire to reach the goal.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph