Friday, August 12 of 2016

Daily messages

Children, the cycle of daily messages that one year ago I promised you to deliver is already ending. During that period, I taught you many things and opened your eyes to others that, in truth, you already knew, but that you did not manage to live.

Because I was a man once, with a heart similar to yours, I could reach the depth of your consciousnesses and remind you about your commitment to God.

From now on, in the cycle that will come after the 20th of August –when the daily messages will end– it will be up to each one to study My Words again and reignite each code and each impulse that I left for you there, impulses that will be eternal and that will be alive for all those who open themselves from the heart and in consciousness.

I hope, in Christ, that you will be able to live each impulse that I delivered to you or, at least, that you try to do it every day.

You know that the clock time is no longer running as it used to run before. Little by little, you are entering a new time and each second is precious to you, because it brings in itself an opportunity that will never be repeated.

Depending on the inner answer of each one, I will be able to achieve the grace from the Creator to continue talking to humanity and, along with Mary and Christ, continue supporting the human heart, while it is possible, so that you may count on Our support until the last hour. For that to be possible, the effort of each one of you is indispensable.

In this new cycle, the aspiration of being different must be alive inside of you, impelling you to make different things for the materialization of the Plan of God and showing to the Creator that you truly want to respond to His Call, to His Designs.

The Love of the Divine Messengers for humanity is infinite and each second of instruction that we deliver to all is precious to Us. But not only We must long for this meeting: each one of you must feel within yourselves this need of deepening yourselves into your own transformation and receive, from the Heavens, the new impulses that will lead you to a higher evolutionary degree.

Beloved children, meditate on the essence of this new planetary cycle and receive all the graces that are being delivered to you. The time of transforming yourselves is now, not later. Everything is possible with the persistence and perseverance of all.

It is time for the trust in the Will of God to be greater than your self-love, for the love to the Plan of the Creator to win over any aspiration of fulfilling a personal plan or living your own will.

Children, there is no more time to lose with yourselves, because are descending from the Heavens the currents that you need to transform yourselves and take concrete steps, finally consolidating the principles of a new life in the consciousness. Do not lose these impulses by being distracted. Open your arms and your hearts and, by gratitude, let yourselves be permeated.

Your Father and Friend of all eras, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph