As the Lady of the Divine Defense, today I call you to pray for the protection of the Marian Centers, especially, for My National Marian Center of Luján, that in these days that has lived defining situations.

For this, My children, with the Banner of Peace in between My hands, I invite you to pilgrim for love to the places of most need in this region, through service and donation to that which My children of the region of Luján need.

Dear children, My Marian Centers are in your hands and God contemplates the honorable grace that all My children can offer and do through service to those who mostly need help and prayer. Today I not only invite you to prayer, but also to serve in the end of these times.

My Son calls you all to be merciful and the hour has already come to surrender everything to the Lord for the salvation of souls.

Children of My Son Jesus, sheep of His loving herd:

As Universal Mother and as Mother of Perpetual Help, I am calling you all to pray for the Centers of Peace, but also to serve in abnegated and truthful form to My children, that throughout these days, have suffered the consequences of the flood in their familiar homes, but above all in the interior of the heart. In reverence, I call you all to be conscious and collaborate in My universal task of salvation.

Dear children, My Protective Mantle of Mercy and Love is above you all. I pray for you all perpetually. I pray for you all asking God for your salvation and His Mercy. The time runs fast and humanity should pray more to impede irreparable happenings.

For this, My children, I am with you all walking as Mother step by step beside you and as Guardian of the Faith for your hearts.

Dear children, we are in time for the purification of the mind and of heart, for this I invite you to pray sincerely because this way you will be protected beneath My Maternal Light.

Dear children, opening My arms to save all the souls, but especially, of the Sanctuary of Luján, I ask you in this day, to pilgrim serving God and donate your love to your brothers and sisters, faithful devotees in My Immaculate Heart.

For this I ask you to go in these days to Luján, to bring the love of My Resurrected Son and also so that your hands donate charity and humility for the ones that have been affected by the storm that happened in the whole region of Luján.

Dear children, two tasks have to be accomplished before God:

When you feel alone, I will be with you.

When you see you that life is a shipwreck, I will be with you.

When you doubt your faith, I will strengthen you.

When you feel that you are carrying such a heavy load, I will alleviate it.

When you will search for My Son, I will show Him to you and I will help you to drink from the Fountain of Mercy and of Redemption.

When you see that everything is empty, I will you with the Spirit of My Love.

When no one can help you, I will place you under My mantle and, so that with the Angels of the Heaven, you will praise God, the Fountain of Love and of Forgiveness.

When you feel happiness, My Heart will be with you.

When you feel sadness or desperation, call me because there I will be and I will place you in My arms as Jesus, to irradiate the Light of God and thus you will no longer feel alone, you will feel the maternal comfort of My Heart.

When you cultivate prayer in your heart, there will be God because the souls still are in need of Forgiveness.

When you do not find the path, clamor for My Heart and I will irradiate the Light of My eyes, so that you will walk to My Son, the Redeemer. Then you will be as the new sheep, who aspire for the guidance of the Great Shepherd and together with the hearts of all of the world, you will supplicate for redemption.

This will be the moment in which your heart will be guarded inside of the Sacred Heart because in this way you will be protected from all pain.

Now, on this day aspire to be in God and in vigil, in eternal prayer for the souls.

Believe in the power of Mercy and elevate your supplications as flowers to the Heavens, because in this way I will collect them to give with love to the Creator as an offer of a soul in redemption. And when you see again the dawn remember that is born the Light of God for each being.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children:

If you search to live in the essence of My Peace you will find the Kingdom of God and upon the Earth and among the hearts will dissolve the conflicts, the wars that are born from the consciousnesses.

Above all in this time is to be united as brothers and sisters through prayer and to let yourselves be conducted by the power that it has in the moment that you pronounce it with love.

Dear children, recollect in this day within My Heart, search for the presence of My son, practice the teachings of Jesus through daily prayer and service and fraternity.

It is no longer the moment for any heart, for any child of the Father, to loose their daily task of prayer because without perceiving it you will be away from the purpose and you will begin to live under the human principles, even those souls that have consecrated themselves.

Prayer is the salt of your lives, it is the seasoning that provides humility and wisdom for these times. My children, walking upon this world through prayer you will open day by day a little door to Heaven to find peace and peacefulness.

Be in every moment merciful, even when your thoughts and feelings will say something different.

Unite yourself to the Heart of My Son so that all the sheep that have separated themselves from Him will encounter again the path. You are part of the Plan of God. A Plan that is being accomplished with efforts in this part of America though the announcement of My Immaculate Face.

As the Mother who Alleviates, I give to you My blessing and I invite you to remember the path of humility for your hearts, so that in this way upon this world will be more peace and harmony.

I thank you!

Thank you for praying the rosary every day!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity 

Today I come to erase from your hearts all pain that could be there from the past, because the Eternal Grace of God allows me to do this, as Mediator between all souls.

Dear children, open today your hearts with joy, praise and chant to the Highest, receive in your hearts Jesus the Redeemer. Keep in your souls His merciful rays so that as little sheep, walk in trust to Eternity.

Dear children, today My Heart is joyful for the happiness and the purity that It sees in each one of my children from the New Earth. For this dear children, we will praise the Redeemer and show gratitude for Him because he has sent me to you to give you the peace and love of My Immaculate Heart. To all these children that represent millions of little souls in the world, today I give to you My special maternal blessing, as a luminious sign of the Holy Cross in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Dear children for this reason, that of the special meeting in the Community of the New Earth, I want to ask you again for much more prayer born from your hearts, as has yet been born so many times, and that each new prayer of the heart be directed especially for all the children in the world, for those that are lacking paternity and maternity.

My Spirit of the Immaculate Mother wants to embrace each one of them to alleviate their pain and their abandonment. For this dear children, it is important to consider to have in your life the prayer that repairs all the causes that are in need of peace and light.

With your eyes elevated to Heaven, My dear children, in this day I am thankful to you for the simple responses from your hearts to My Immaculate Heart.

That praised be Jesus, in all the children of the world!

Thank you for answering to My call for Rio de Janeiro.

In the Eternal Light of My Son.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity 

Dear children,

A soul dedicated to the life of prayer, is a heart with arms open for the new cycle. For this today I ask you to be an instrument of living prayer so that My Son manifests in the essence of your hearts.

Remember dear children that your lives should be the fountain of prayer, of a prayer that should emerge from the heart.

For this My children, live inside the Great Fountain of prayer that is My Son, so that your lives can recognize the love of the Redeemer. As sheep of the Shepherd unite your hearts to each brother and sister’s heart and maintain your hands united with each heart, because if so it was, you will be renovating the existence of love in all the world, a mercy love that is irradiated by Jesus for each heart in this Earth.

Dear children be as a fountain and that your lives do not tired of donating love, unity and hope for the times that will come.

My children turning your lives into endless fountains of prayer, you will allow that the Holy Spirit approaches to the reality of each life, lives that need the light and the love of God.

For this my Immaculate Heart tells you again, pray!, pray!, and pray! My little children!, so that all humanity receives the essence of Good and Peace.

As Queen of Peace I call you to prayer together with Me, so that your hearts may turn through prayer into roses of light for the Creator.

Today may you reflect about the importance of donating yourselves for the love of others.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering to My call.

Maria, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

My Maternal Heart nourishes all the hearts with light. My Mantle of Peace extends over the world. My Presence among you is possible because of the words of your prayers.

I love all My children, especially those who need the absolute forgiveness of God. I pray for all those who separate themselves from God. I pray for all those who deny God and for those who do not believe in the Mercy of My Son.

As Guardian of all hearts, My children, do not fear anything, see the presence of the Kingdom of God in the sparkle of your hearts. I place you inside My Heart to elevate you close to the Heart of My Son because your prayers repair all the events that happen in the world.

Dear children, may your hearts be instruments for the good and the pure, may they be the expression of the life of My Glorified Son here on Earth. In this way, with the daily prayer in your hands, you will become obedient sheep who learn to love and forgive day by day.

Turn your heart into a confident heart and do not fear losing anything or being judged. Remember, My little ones, that the true flocks are the ones that are tried the most.

Because of this, to you who trust the coming of My Son I ask that you embrace His Sacred Heart so that under this spirit you collaborate in the redemption and conversion of those who have not been converted before the Creator.

Dear children, I pray for those who, still distracted by the life in the world, do not find God. I pray for those who, distant from Mercy, are placed under the fire of temptation and damnation.

As Mother of Mercy I pray to My Son so that in this last time everyone finds salvation and peace in the heart.

I tell you My little ones: pray with Me, pray for the presence of Peace!

I thank you!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

In My Spiritual and Immaculate Heart you will find the protection and the help that My Maternal Love wants to pour on each of the sheep of Christ.

Dear children, with your hearts Above I invite you to be in peace and to search for this eternal peace deep in your souls. It is time to prepare the heart for the coming of the Good News that My Son will announce for each one of your lives.

My children, looking at this world with compassion I ask you: pray with the heart! Because if you do not pray with the heart, the precious instrument that God has given you will lose the spiritual strength that it has. The world lacks a deep and loving life of prayer; through this prayer all My children can be guided, as the Holy Spirit has guided My Immaculate Heart.

My Maternal Heart counts on all the open hearts to answer My call, a call that My Voice announces from Heaven to this entire humanity that is deaf to the divine call of the conversion of the heart.

For this dear children, I invite you to convert all that still needs to be converted by the merciful fire of My Son. I talk to you with love so that your consciences awaken and do not fall asleep when My Voice is lovingly manifested to you.

I ask that you follow the path of consecration to My Heart because in this way you will give Me permission to guide you to the state of peace that you must live now as a premise for your lives.

Dear children, never stop praying. Constantly elevate the prayer to Heaven; God, always mindful of the supplications of My children, will answer you. Trust Him so that in this way you love the Celestial Will.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children,

Today, holy Friday, is the day when at once My Son retreated from the world to be restored in the Lord. Today I invite you to the tranquility of your hearts so that together with me we may accompany the Redeemer during His Holy Hour.

My children, My Son needs you during the passing of His Cross.  You must be at the side of His Heart as good sheep that accompany His priestly ministry of the Passion. Come to Him, dear children, and hold Him strong like I did, walking at His side in silence, in an attitude of great surrender to the world.

Dear children, I am reminding you of the Passion of Jesus because your hearts must love the Will of God above all things. If you are in My Son, He will take you by the hand to the Celestial Father. That is why, My dear ones, in this holiest day, meditate on the Mysteries of the Passion. Each one of your hearts must today retreat in My Son, so that you may meditate about how important was the surrender that Jesus carried out for all of you.

In the vigil of the heart and of prayer you will be cooperating with the world that still does not live the Passion of My Son, but which lives in its own pain, the pain of an injured world that through Christ must be forgiven and reconciled.

For this My children, since each of you belongs to this humanity, it is your place to help so that a greater number of souls may be permeated by the merciful light of My Son. And this will happen through the act of the merciful prayer of a part of humanity.

Humanity must pray a lot to be able to receive the Graces of conversion and forgiveness, this is why, in this school of prayer, My Immaculate Heart guides you.

Thank you for answering My call.

In the Holy Hour of the Passion,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

My children:

Today I invite you again to the adoration of My Son, in each one of your prayers as well as in the exercise of contemplation of the Merciful Christ. Raise your eyes towards the Heart of My Son so that your hearts may live the announcement of the new redemption.  In this way, My dear children, through this exercise you will be preparing your hearts for when He returns in silence.  Your souls as lambs in the flock of the Shepherd should walk in confidence, through the state of prayer as well as in the state of adoration.

Dear children: you will not only be raising your hearts a little more through adoration, but you will also be raising the feeling and the thought of humanity that lives without My Son.

For this Easter that is approaching, I invite you to embrace My Son and just as at the doors of Jerusalem, I invite you to receive the Redeemer Messiah.  With this Easter mystery in your lives, you will be able to live the sublime presence of His Most Blessed Heart, because without My Son you will not be able to truly see what God has for each one of you.

Beloved children: it is only through My Son that you will be able to direct your feet towards the Heavens, so that the soul may find a safe place to go back to.

Dear children: in this preparation for the adoration your hearts will be free from the burden of life that they carry and thus, My children, will shine from the presence of the Redeemer.  For this, dear children, it is important to open yourselves up in order to live the true mysteries of contemplation that Christ left as a learning.

Now the time has come for all hearts to be prepared and so that they do not waste time without being in My Son.  Keep in your lives the mystery of the Love that Christ now brings you, through His Mercy, for the whole world.  Live in Him and live for Him, because soon you will understand everything.

Thank you for answering My call.

Love and Light for the hearts.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Between you and I, a thread of Love. In your prayer together with Me is established the call for Peace. In your heart, My beloved Kingdom. Between the Earth and Heaven, My Immaculate Heart. A sublime Voice that calls for all its children. A hope of being able to rekindle the Light in the hearts.

I call your heart so that your soul may respond. I call your life for prayer. Consecrate your interior to My Heart; I wait for you always in prayer. I want to have with all My children an inner communion that will transcend barriers and may dissolve loneliness. I love all My children that day after day are consecrated, because from them will emerge the bridge of salvation to other children who are distant from Me.

For this, My little ones, courage for life and prayer for the soul; in this way you will form a heart dedicated to the Divine call.

Gathering the flocks by means of the Light of My Heart, all are lead to the feet of Christ. He waits for you for surrender. He waits for you so that you may love your neighbors. He waits for you during the night in prayer and in vigil. Each soul must extend its arms to receive the Divine Mercy. Each trusting heart will be able to see the light of Christ in the path when the pure soul surrenders to His presence of Love. Each heart shall imitate Him so that in this way the light in the heart may grow. He loves you deeply. He counts on the donation of your hearts. It is has asked of all of hearts one more step in life.

Dear children, this is a lesson of surrender before the ministry of our Lord. For this My little ones, we are at the time of living prayer as a nourishing food for life. It shall be the daily strength for your hearts.

Little sheep, the Lord calls His children to a prayer that will restore the world.

Who loves you and adores you,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.  


Twelfth poem of a soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus

In the most difficult times
is when I most need You, Lord,
so that you may free me from falling into temptation
and into the perverse sea of desires.
In the most difficult times, Beloved Lord,
is when I most need You,
so that You teach me to emerge,
in victory and humility,
from the inner storm.
In the most difficult times, Lord,
is when I most search for You,
so that you may stretch out 
Your Holy Hand to me
and guide me onto the path
upon which You are journeying.
In the most difficult times, Lord,
is when I most call on You,
so that Your Heart may be the beacon
that illumines my paths,
and thus, I avoid tripping
on my own defects.
In the most difficult times, Lord,
is when I most plead to You,
because, in spite of all the tests,
I know You will never abandon me
and that You will be by my side
to help me and to comfort me.
In the most difficult times, Lord,
I only seek for the way and the means
of remaining in Your Sacred Heart,
because thus all adversity
or doubt will dissolve
and Your Great Sovereignty
and Your majestic Consoling Love will reign.


I thank you for keeping the words of this soul in your hearts!

Who blesses you,
Your Master, Christ Jesus


Among the simple and true sheep My Sacerdotal Consciousness helps the great planetary consciousness.

Among those who pray and those who adore My Most Holy Glorified Body I construct the path for the New Humanity.

Among the silent ones, the reverent ones and the devotees, I construct the Source that will give to drink to all those who have thirst.

Among My ones I accomplish all of the works and to all of them I give of My Sacrifice so that they may be formed as new Christs.

Because with the humble and the peace makers I manage to get deeply into the abysses of this world and I collect essences that have fallen into mortal sin. For this each new day My Heart will ask for a little more from My servers because it will be necessary to reverse the planetary situation and as I have always said: amongst My ones I will make My Great Works.

For this say yes to Me because I will always accompany you.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thanks for being in My Sacred Heart of Peace!

Christ Jesus


Blessed be those who pacify the souls in My Name by means of the Divine Mercy because at this time occurs the great miracle of love.

For this go with Me to the encounter of the pilgrim and of the solitary because at this moment My Light will come to the aid of those most in need of My Spirit of Light. I ask you that in this journey My Apostles be the living testimonial of conversion and of redemption because, if it were like this, the path to be travelled would be open and those who that need Me would listen to the love from your words.

In this time the flocks will be regrouped so that they may be conducted towards the stable of the single and true Shepherd. But now it is necessary to go and seek the sheep that are forgotten or that are hurt by the old incomprehensions of life. It is time to unite and not to separate.

It is time, for those who claim to be with Me, to recuperate the most injured sheep or those that are most separated from My Path, because, in the end My Divine Mercy is for all without preferences and without partiality.

My Pure Love defeats error. My Pure Love opens new doors and new opportunities for those who in trust are surrendered to Me every day. It has come the time to reunite those who are lost as souls and those who must, before the new cycle, be in My Sacred Redeeming Heart.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for being in My Eternal Heart!

Christ Jesus


The one who donates to Me and surrenders to Me all their strength to serve My Lord, this one will be called disciple and blessed because in him or her I will be able to build a firm inner dwelling that is willing to give itself more each day.

Afterwards I will teach you little by little to love surrender and whenever this surrender matures in your consciousness I will give to you to drink from sacrifice, I will give to you to drink from My Chalice, the same that I drank from in honor to God and to all of My Companions in the past.

Thus I will be able to form the new apostles of the new time, those who will provide the example of My Word of Life by means of love and charity, because they will not be false nor liars; they will imitate My Christian Path through the devotion to My Sacred Heart.

In them I will deposit the power of My Glory so that they may prepare My silent Path of return to the world.

Now I need for all of those who profess My Name to forgive themselves for the mistakes of yesterday and that they no longer judge themselves. The New Kingdom of My Father will descend through Me as an only one, a unique unity between the souls and God.

For this beware of the wolves that will try to remove the wool from My Sheep, beware of all of those who will use My Precious name in vain. May no one confront another, but emanate the spirit of pacification because I will truly confirm if the talents that I have left to My Disciples have blossomed in the heart of those who work with Me.

The New Celestial Church is descending to renovate those who have ceased to believe in My Presence due to the petty actions of humans. The church that I founded is the Church of the Heart, of the Inner Temple, of the Absolute and Divine Truth that God radiates through His Firstborn Son.

Many have lost the reconnection with Me, for this I make use in this time of simple servers, not of those who received false praise, but of those who were redeemed by My Love.

May each one accomplish their part and be permitted to see how My Consciousness is present in all of the children of My Father because I Am Brother of all.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus. 


My Sacred Heart rejoices when the sheep return to My flock.

My Heart expands with peace and joy when, among brothers and sisters from the same path, they recognize themselves for love to God.

My Sacred Heart rejoices to see returning to Me those to whom I have belonged.

Each soul has its path drawn through the Will of God. My feet mark the new path for those who will return in time. For this, with courage we must sustain the torch of the transmuting fire that My Heart is giving to you.

Before any test do not allow yourselves to fall down into the abysm and, by means of prayer, illuminate your steps towards the Good and the Light.

I Am amongst you to leave you My legacy, the one which must be considered by all of the groups that pray together with Me. This legacy speaks of the sublime journey that My christified Heart lived on Earth. Follow the signs and the signals that I am revealing to you.

How will you be able to live the Eternal Life if it is not through the faith of My Heart? I wait in silence for those souls that will walk, in less than six months, towards My flock. The sign that has given by My Mother shows you the time of the great purification, of the changes in the consciousness and in this movement there is time to change the everyday life.

Carry in your hearts the visible sign of My Redeeming Cross. I Am with you in the inner of the heart.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


I will come from Heavens to finally    rts and to remove from your essences any small particle of evil.

Because the place where I come from is Bethlehem and Bethlehem was and will be the shining star that will dazzle your lives, as also My birth in the manger ignited with much love My little heart.

Dears, come to Me and lay your hands on My shoulders, lie down your heads on My chest because My Redeeming Love will free you and will take you to meet the Father in all the things of life. I want that you to talk to me, that you tell me and say to me what you need because if you trust in Me you will know soon how to act in life, in all the days.

Children, I want that you wait for My arrival because first I prepare the hearts to receive Me and My Light removes deep consequences, takes them out and purifies them. Know that I Am who sustains your lives above all things because I know you very well since before you knew Me.

I wait for you every day.  The Shepherd loves his sheep and the sheep must love the Great Shepherd of Love. I know that many are tired from what they live internally but remember that I Am the Victorious Light that comes from the Celestial Father to enlighten your paths, your essences and your hearts. I just want that, in each moment of your day, you have me present, that you call for me, that you clamor for Me, that you want to have Me as closes as possible so that My Love may repair and forgive you.

I do not know worse evil than the lack of love of one toward the other. This is the first lesson of My Return, My First Commandment, the one which today I renovate for you as a premise for life. If you still do not know how to love, I will teach you but you must abandon yourselves to Me entirely so that I may separate from your hearts every inner situation.

My dears, believe in the next coming of My Kingdom. Those who will be partakers of the encounter with Me must have the heart clean and purified so that My Eternity may enter into your dwelling places.  I am illuminating with My Light your paths; in each test see the transformation of your little heart.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for living My commandments!

Christ Jesus.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.