Friday, April 6 of 2012

Daily messages

Dear children,

Today, holy Friday, is the day when at once My Son retreated from the world to be restored in the Lord. Today I invite you to the tranquility of your hearts so that together with me we may accompany the Redeemer during His Holy Hour.

My children, My Son needs you during the passing of His Cross.  You must be at the side of His Heart as good sheep that accompany His priestly ministry of the Passion. Come to Him, dear children, and hold Him strong like I did, walking at His side in silence, in an attitude of great surrender to the world.

Dear children, I am reminding you of the Passion of Jesus because your hearts must love the Will of God above all things. If you are in My Son, He will take you by the hand to the Celestial Father. That is why, My dear ones, in this holiest day, meditate on the Mysteries of the Passion. Each one of your hearts must today retreat in My Son, so that you may meditate about how important was the surrender that Jesus carried out for all of you.

In the vigil of the heart and of prayer you will be cooperating with the world that still does not live the Passion of My Son, but which lives in its own pain, the pain of an injured world that through Christ must be forgiven and reconciled.

For this My children, since each of you belongs to this humanity, it is your place to help so that a greater number of souls may be permeated by the merciful light of My Son. And this will happen through the act of the merciful prayer of a part of humanity.

Humanity must pray a lot to be able to receive the Graces of conversion and forgiveness, this is why, in this school of prayer, My Immaculate Heart guides you.

Thank you for answering My call.

In the Holy Hour of the Passion,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.