Monday, May 25 of 2015

Daily messages

Before Mary appeared, Father Pio manifested himself before us.  He brought in his hands a crown of flowers and some other loose flowers.  He was praying the Rosary as he waited for Our Lady and when the portals started to open, he placed the flowers that he had in his hands on the path of Mary, and the crown of flowers, on the place where She would put Her Feet.  When Mary appeared, Father Pio stood on his knees and touched with his head the feet of the Mother, remaining like that during all the time She was present.  In the end of the Apparition, he took leave and left with Mary.

       I Am the Mother of the lost and of the unsheltered.

I Am the Mother of the repentant, of the redeemed, of the rescued.

Come to Me the sinners, and I will sanctify you.

Come to the Me the incredulous, and I will give you absolute faith.

Come to Me the fearless, because I will build over them a fortress, and I will congregate them in My army of peace, which will overcome evil through prayer and through the love of the Creator of all things.

Come to Me the imperfect though brave ones, for you will let yourselves be molded in My Holy Hands, and you will permit that I may conduct you in My arms to the Heart of the universe, to the King of kings, to Christ the Redeemer.

Dear children, I do not call to My presence the perfect ones, because This One is already found in the Kingdom of the Heavens, at the right hand of God.  I call to My side those that will allow themselves to be transformed and purified by the fire of prayer and by My most sacred presence in this world.

Today I bring before you Saint Father Pio of Pietrelcina, so that your hearts may find in him an example to be followed.  This beloved saint of Mine, My children, was capable of trusting Christ, Saint Joseph, and My Immaculate Heart, above all things.  He was willing to understand the mysteries of Heaven and to live in himself the sorrows of the Passion of My Son, notwithstanding all the evil that there was in the world was against the mission that he was receiving.

As I did to Father Pio, I invite each one of you to surrender to the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God, to not remain in the illusion of the days of this world, solely enclosed in the common living.

I invite you to transcend the human understanding and to comprehend the celestial miracles because you will experience them in yourselves.

But know, My dears, that those who are willing to follow Me must be also willing to face the world and themselves.  They will have to overcome the fear that dwells in their cells: the fear of not being accepted by others; the fear of not being loved by the beings of this world; the fear of not being understood; the fear of being persecuted.

Today I tell you that the Grace that I offer you is purely interior.  However, the one who may live it fully will not hesitate in denying the glory of the world and embracing sacrifice and renounce for all of the Glory that they will live in the Heavens.

My beloveds, Christ is the Path, the Truth and the Life, and He has set an example to all of how to reach the Kingdom of the Heavens: by loving without being loved; by giving without receiving anything in return; by suffering for those who persecute them; by pouring over the unjust and sinners the Mercy that was imprinted in His own blood.

And those who followed His example demonstrated again to the world that it is possible to live the transformation in Christ and to merge with Him, and even to live within themselves the mysteries of His Passion.

Come to Me the sinners and I will sanctify you.

Come to Me those who with courage will abandon the world and above all, themselves, because I will show you the Kingdom of God.

Come to Me those who do not fear renouncing and that will learn to love sacrifice, because I will show you the face of God.

This, My beloveds, is My only promise: sacrifice, surrender and prayer in order to learn to love and to forgive, in order to live redemption.

Who will extend the hands to accept what I am giving to you?  Who will come to Me everyday?

Who will let themselves be guided to the Heart of Christ, beyond the purification of this world?

I wait for you, love you and guide you always

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace