Dear children,

From the highest point of the Universe, on the plane of the spirit, today your Heavenly Mother is holding Her hands toward the planet so that the Light of Grace may completely fill it, and all that was created upon it may receive this extraordinary Grace of God, so that consciousnesses may participate in the spiritual redemption of these times.

In the same way, the nations of South America are today filled by the Light of the Love that emerges like a flame from the Heart of the Divine Mother, so that those who govern the nations not only be deserving of Divine Mercy, but that they may also be illuminated by wisdom and discernment so that they can make coherent and beneficial decisions for the peoples, and that a healthy justice may harmonize and pacify the hearts that experience conflicts.

It is thus that the planet is today filled, from the plane of the spirit, by a special Light that comes from the most pure Fount of God, so that all may have the Grace of being redeemed and rescued; and the expansion of this special Light will occur through the prayers of all the children that unite their word, mind and heart with the Divine Consciousness of the Heavenly Mother, for in this way, the armies of Peace will bring to Earth all the help that, in this cycle, is urgent and necessary.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


A pilgrim is one who, knowing their miseries and imperfections, and above all, conscious of the needs of the world, knows that only in God will they find the cure for their ills and relief for this world.

A pilgrim is one who, even without knowing it, hears the voice of their soul and goes to meet the Father in the sacred places that He has blessed and consecrated as Sources of Life for all beings.

A pilgrim is one who, being simple of heart, knows that their dwelling place is not in this world, but is in the Heart of God, in their celestial origin, from where all life emerged.

A pilgrim is one who arrives surrendered to the House of the Father and allows their heart to not only drink of the Sources of Peace that the Creator opened for the world, but they also are willing to be a bearer of peace for those who need it.

A pilgrim is one who walks towards God, and at each step, empties their heart a little more so that, when facing God, they find a space within where the Father may deposit the talents and gifts that the pilgrim must take to the world.

Be pilgrims in this time, bearers and sowers of the new life. Within the Sources of the Marian Centers, seek the graces that the world needs and distribute these graces as you walk.

Today I bless the House of the Pilgrim and I consecrate it so that here you may learn to be pilgrims.

May those who arrive to this place receive from God His Mercy, His Peace, and His Graces, and that, leaving here, they feel in their hearts the aspiration and the need that many other souls receive what you received.

Be pilgrims, sowers, and multipliers of the Graces of God. Let the Graces of the Father transform you, and through you, transform the world.

By the Will of the Creator Father, Here I open an inexhaustible Fount, of His Peace and of His Grace, which will flows through this alter to all the hearts that, with faith, come here to drink from this Fount.

Always remember that the pilgrim is one who arrives at the sacred places not only to seek something for himself, but to take to the world what it truly needs.

Souls are dying in life, perishing for thirst  of God, because they do not know Him and do not search for Him; they do not perceive His presence. Therefore, children, be pilgrims of My Most Chaste Heart, and bring awakening, the Graces of God, His Mercy, and His presence to the world. That will happen through the examples of your hearts.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


As a Bird of Light, I penetrate the deepest spaces of the human consciousness in order to transform it. In that place, I pour out Grace that emanates from the Rays of My Wings so that My children can re-encounter the Celestial Father.

There, everything is removed so that souls may be free from captivity and from the prisons of life.

The Bird of Light enters into the depths of consciousness to show the human being the time and the moment of their purification. Throughout this path, the Bird of Light dissipates and dissolves the abysses of the consciousness so that the beings from the surface can again find the spiritual path that leads them into peace.

It could be painful to banish and break old structures; that is why the Bird of Light enters into the spaces of the deep consciousness so as to not leave any hidden corner inside of the being, but rather that everything be revealed so it may go through the transformation.

While you pray, the Bird of Light can reach the greatest and most unknown depths; while you pray and have faith, the task of your Heavenly Mother can be expanded.

In that way, the day will arrive in which there will no longer exist all the atavisms in My children and the sacred divine energy of Love will reign, which will nourish the spirit with an eternal gladness, in a splendid life united with the Creator.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My children,

While wars spread throughout the world and in the minds of many, the desire for a great global conflict reigns, My Immaculate Heart calls you to disseminate a spirit of peace, to make the great chaos, expanding each day, the reason for your immediate maturity and promptly taking your rightful place in the Army of Peace  and  of Love, guided by My Heart.

I call you to make the blood shed of the Christians in the world to be the  reason  for strengthening your own faith and proclaiming even more loudly that  Christ  reigns within you.

The battle is already occurring: there are no rules, there are no limits.

Just as there are no limits for the evil that occurs in  the  world, you should also not place limits on your capacity to love. Love without limits, without conditions. Bring hope to the hearts that have lost faith.

It is not that you will be naive about what is happening in the world or indifferent to the wars and the suffering of others, but rather, you will be aware of the battle and will participate in it, proclaiming peace, defeating the cunning of the enemy with acts of love.

Faced with religious wars, live in peace among the different religions. Disseminate respect for the path chosen by each one for reaching the One God.

When the  enemy  overthrows you and leads you to perdition, do not be discouraged: trust in the Mercy that assembled you in this world and persevere, again and again, in the living of perfection, until your consciousnesses understand that it is time to grow up and set aside childish things, so that you may be true apostles of Christ in this world of darkness.

My children, so that humanity may recognize the times it is living, you must disseminate Mercy and peace. Open the eyes of  those who are asleep, make known the times of tribulation, the spiritual and physical Armageddon that has already begun in the world, and that little by little, purifies the Earth, so that you may learn to seek God.

So that humanity may wake up, you need to act and no longer be silent, but rather, announce to the world the possibility of taking acting through prayer and through acts of forgiveness and reconciliation requested by Saint Joseph, as well as through acts of service .

The world is in need of balance and peace, but this will be granted to it through the personal merits achieved by the human heart.

Today I will ask you to make your hearts one with the hearts of the missionaries, both in the Middle East and in Argentina. I wish to establish peace, but for this, it is necessary that you generate merits through prayer and through conscious actions in your lives.

If you knew, My beloveds, of the evil that is precipitating on the planet, you would not waste time on yourselves and with your personal aspirations, but rather you would move toward accomplishing the Higher Plan, to meet the greater needs of this world.

What God needs most from everyone at this time is your maturity, your true awareness of the times in which you live, that you are consistent with all you know and that you do not just be at My Apparitions, believing it is enough to listen to My Words.

While you say you are apostles of peace and say you want to establish peace in the world, yet you are not able to understand a neighbor and defeat your own pride to dissolve the conflicts with those that you have at your side, your Awakening will never be true, and you will not be able to call yourselves soldiers of My Army of Peace, for one who is a soldier in this army lives their peace in the smallest things in life, loves a neighbor in the small details, begins their service with those they have at their side, and thus, little by little, radiates peace to the world.

May My Peace be a reality in the lives of those who say they proclaim it.

Be true with yourselves and to God, for the enemy will use your masks to defeat your hearts with the pride and the vanity that you still experience.

Seek to have humble hearts, children, only as to defeat pride, which causes the wars in the whole world.

I love you and bless you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May you today awake to the essence of My Plan of Love.  May you today comprehend the greatness of the path on which I placed your feet, so that your souls would not get lost from God.

My mantle of light is woven in the invisible of this world and My Heart unites the different expressions of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Dear children, even if your eyes cannot see, open yourselves to comprehend with the heart that I Am the same in all of My manifestations in the world and, although for each of My armies I have a perfect plan, on these times, I come to unite in essence and in the heart all of those who answer to My Call, no matter where they may be.

Because it will come the time in which the circumstances of this life will need to find hearts strengthened by the spirit of Unity; otherwise, My children, My plans will not be able to be fulfilled.

I gather you in this time, as in all the others, for a greater purpose, for a universal purpose, but very few could comprehend what I have brought to you as a Message of Salvation and of awakening.

To Medjugorje, I have come to install the spirit of Peace and of conversion in the whole world.  Here, to the Americas, I have come to awaken humanity to the true Conception of God and so that all the Wisdom that comes from My Most Sacred Spirit could be given to human heart.  As Rose of Peace, I come to give to the world what of most pure exists in My interior, as the last table of salvation for the souls.

I tell you all of this, My dear children, because today, on this day of commemoration, both in Heaven and on Earth, I will not only ask that your hearts rejoice and pray with gratitude and joy.  Today I will ask you to deeply reflect about My presence in the world, above all, about everything that I have transformed in your lives and in the lives of so many souls.

I want you to discover in the depth of your hearts the true reason of My presence among you.  I want you to open yourselves to unite to My different children of the whole world, not only to Medjugorje, but you must be united, in fraternity and love, to all of the praying hearts, wherever they may be.

Because is through those who can be the most conscious of My Plan that I will build the Kingdom of God and that I will prepare for His Son the perfect path, with the precious prayers of the beings of this world.

Children, if you live in the spirit of Unity, you will be able to give and receive the codes of Light that I placed in My different soldiers.  You will be able to gather this puzzle that I have built in the world, with scattered pieces to the four corners of the Earth and that, only through the spirit of Absolute Unity, you will be able to gather and form the perfect draw of God to human race.

My beloveds, celebrate this day with prayers and praises, with grace and joy.  Unite to My Kingdom that ignites in light in Medjugorje, in order to redeem and save many souls, but also awake a little more to the essence of My words and do not let another year pass without being able to live them fully.

I love you, bless you and gather you in this cenacle of universal redemption.

Your Mother Mary, Queen of Peace, Rose of Peace, Mother of the World, Universal Mother


Before Mary appeared, Father Pio manifested himself before us.  He brought in his hands a crown of flowers and some other loose flowers.  He was praying the Rosary as he waited for Our Lady and when the portals started to open, he placed the flowers that he had in his hands on the path of Mary, and the crown of flowers, on the place where She would put Her Feet.  When Mary appeared, Father Pio stood on his knees and touched with his head the feet of the Mother, remaining like that during all the time She was present.  In the end of the Apparition, he took leave and left with Mary.

       I Am the Mother of the lost and of the unsheltered.

I Am the Mother of the repentant, of the redeemed, of the rescued.

Come to Me the sinners, and I will sanctify you.

Come to the Me the incredulous, and I will give you absolute faith.

Come to Me the fearless, because I will build over them a fortress, and I will congregate them in My army of peace, which will overcome evil through prayer and through the love of the Creator of all things.

Come to Me the imperfect though brave ones, for you will let yourselves be molded in My Holy Hands, and you will permit that I may conduct you in My arms to the Heart of the universe, to the King of kings, to Christ the Redeemer.

Dear children, I do not call to My presence the perfect ones, because This One is already found in the Kingdom of the Heavens, at the right hand of God.  I call to My side those that will allow themselves to be transformed and purified by the fire of prayer and by My most sacred presence in this world.

Today I bring before you Saint Father Pio of Pietrelcina, so that your hearts may find in him an example to be followed.  This beloved saint of Mine, My children, was capable of trusting Christ, Saint Joseph, and My Immaculate Heart, above all things.  He was willing to understand the mysteries of Heaven and to live in himself the sorrows of the Passion of My Son, notwithstanding all the evil that there was in the world was against the mission that he was receiving.

As I did to Father Pio, I invite each one of you to surrender to the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God, to not remain in the illusion of the days of this world, solely enclosed in the common living.

I invite you to transcend the human understanding and to comprehend the celestial miracles because you will experience them in yourselves.

But know, My dears, that those who are willing to follow Me must be also willing to face the world and themselves.  They will have to overcome the fear that dwells in their cells: the fear of not being accepted by others; the fear of not being loved by the beings of this world; the fear of not being understood; the fear of being persecuted.

Today I tell you that the Grace that I offer you is purely interior.  However, the one who may live it fully will not hesitate in denying the glory of the world and embracing sacrifice and renounce for all of the Glory that they will live in the Heavens.

My beloveds, Christ is the Path, the Truth and the Life, and He has set an example to all of how to reach the Kingdom of the Heavens: by loving without being loved; by giving without receiving anything in return; by suffering for those who persecute them; by pouring over the unjust and sinners the Mercy that was imprinted in His own blood.

And those who followed His example demonstrated again to the world that it is possible to live the transformation in Christ and to merge with Him, and even to live within themselves the mysteries of His Passion.

Come to Me the sinners and I will sanctify you.

Come to Me those who with courage will abandon the world and above all, themselves, because I will show you the Kingdom of God.

Come to Me those who do not fear renouncing and that will learn to love sacrifice, because I will show you the face of God.

This, My beloveds, is My only promise: sacrifice, surrender and prayer in order to learn to love and to forgive, in order to live redemption.

Who will extend the hands to accept what I am giving to you?  Who will come to Me everyday?

Who will let themselves be guided to the Heart of Christ, beyond the purification of this world?

I wait for you, love you and guide you always

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


May My Peace be established in the world, and may this Peace reign in the hearts of all humankind and in the essences of all Kingdoms of Nature.

My children, I invite you to a deep process of inner peace to thus defeat all adversities of these times.  Only Peace held within creatures will allow them to live the times of great tribulation in the world. 

Know, My beloveds, that you must learn to overcome your own inner conflicts through peace; to learn to let the reign of My Peace be greater than any tribulation that the purifications and assaults of these times may cause you.

I want you to know that the plans contrary to the Plans of God will always seek to destabilize My soldiers and defeat them through tension, conflict and the weariness of their hearts.

This is a time in which learning stages will still take place, in which you may fall and stand back up again and again.  Therefore, do not tire of overcoming your own tribulations to establish peace within yourselves, thus allowing it to reach the hearts of other beings of this world; because in the time that is to come, this peace must already be established within each one of you so that in this way you may experience a greater trial, which is to establish My Peace in the moments of planetary chaos.

My beloveds, do not allow confrontations to draw you out of My refuge of Peace, because the absolute power of My Love and the compelling force of My Holy Peace are greater than any confrontation that you may experience in this world.

As Rose of Peace and as Mother of Jesus, I want to teach you to be peacemakers in the face of any situation in your lives.

Remember, My children, the example that I set for you when I saw My Son being flagellated and crucified, for even knowing that assaulting the Son of God was the greatest injustice that was being committed in this universe, My Heart never lost Its peace, for It never lost Its trust in the Creator of all things who called us by name to fulfill His Plan, and who will always guarantee that each event in our lives will bring us the exact learning experience that we must have.

For these times and for the times that will come, remember that My Peace must reign within each one of My children and that, through them, this Peace must be expanded throughout the world.

Today you are under My Mantle.  I will protect you and will welcome you always; I will safeguard you from evil and will heal your spirits and your hearts when you are weary of this battle in order to establish the Reign of the Lord throughout the world.

My beloveds, do not give up, but rather proceed with confidence.  Understand the Calvary, which many are experiencing, as the only path for the re-establishment of Mercy among beings.  But for this, you must travel this path without losing sight of the Will of God and of His great Plan of Love, which must be reflected in your essences as pure love.

I love you and I bless you.

I give you My Peace; take it to the whole world.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace, Queen of Peace and of the world


Once again I come to your encounter as Mother and Lady of Kibeho, Lady of the Divine Word, so that you may know that in this time I aspire ardently to concretize My Plans for Peace in the world.  Plans that humanity was not able to follow, but the time of spiritual maturity has already come in which you may be able to recognize truths that before you did not comprehend.

My dears, My presence in the world is not only a miracle that brings you peace and relief in the daily necessities.  I want to build in this world the mirror of the Kingdom of God and in your souls the perfect imitations of the Glorious Soul of Christ, of His Most Sacred Love and Unity.

My beloveds, My Heart comes to the world with a greater purpose than that which you can imagine with your very little minds.  There is a Purpose to be manifested, a divine inspiration that comes from the mind of God for this planet with the purpose of making it sacred. 

Already, many times and in different parts of world, My voice made itself heard and My Immaculate Heart showed Itself to different children of Mine that had a commitment with Me to surrender their lives to bring to the world My message and, more than words, bring the awakening of the Christic Spirit present in each one of them.

I was in Guadalupe, in Japan, in Egypt, in Portugal, in Rwanda, in Spain, in France, in Bosnia; in all forms I tried that the souls could awaken to My Call.

I was among the Incas, among the original peoples, among the Christians, among the atheists so that there would be no one who would not hear My Call.

Now My beloveds, I Am here trying once again so that the consciousnesses of the world may open their eyes and awaken definitively.

By means of this group of souls that I have summoned to spread My Call, I come to gather all of My manifestations in this world, in order to deposit, for the last time, all the codes that the Creator has allowed Me to bring to the world and to each one of your lives.

Because of a request of Mine, this group brings as a religion the Christic Essence present in all things, so that there is not a single soul that, because of creed or religion, is not able to hear My Call.

These are times of emergency and for this reason, great is the Grace that descends from the Heavens.

Today I summon you with love so that you can be united with this army of Peace that through prayer travels through the world alleviating the thirst of the souls and generating merits so that the Divine Justice may not descend over humanity as it would merit because of its actions.

My dears, what I offer you is surrender and sacrifice, but also Peace and Fraternity.

It will not be simple to bring My words to the world.  Not everyone will believe in what I can show you when you remove the veils that cover your eyes.  But the example of conversion and of life will be the most powerful tool that you will be able to take with you in this time.

No matter what happens to you in this world I promise you eternal life in the Paradise of God, where Love is the greatest treasure, the most powerful sword and the shield of greater protection with which to fight the celestial army.

My beloveds, that God may illuminate each one of your souls so that you may be able to finally live the redemption and the awakening.

I love you profoundly and thank you for, once again, replying to My Call and for treading this path of conversion.

Mary, Our Lady of Kibeho

So that the Divine Word may impregnate your souls and your lives eternally.


Blessed shall they be called in the Kingdom of the Heavens  who on Earth cause the seeds of life they received to blossom.

Blessed are those proclaimed in the Kingdom of the Heavens who in life suffered the difficulties of the world and with joy, knew how to surpass the obstacles so as to cross the threshold to a new race.

Blessed shall they be known in the Kingdom of the Heavens who strove until the end of days to overcome material codes and institute divine codes in their being.

Blessed shall be those who today are self-summoned to serve in an army of peace, and untiringly, trust in the Woman Clothed in Sun, Who holds them in Her arms and in Her Mantle of Light.

Blessed shall be in My Kingdom those who are already blessed on Earth, for they have known the Word of Life, loved It, expanded It and pronounced It, so that It echoed in all the hearts of the world.

Blessed shall be those who are before My eyes, who recognize My Presence and the Divine Presence of My Son, without fearing the judgments of this Earth.

Blessed before God the Father will become those who today mature in silence the fruits of salvation and with valor, grow in faith and in love for the Plan of God.

My children, those who are imperfect today, if persistent in the Divine Purpose, will be My blessed of tomorrow. For they will accomplish the Plan of God without perceiving it, and even though it may many times be in the secrecy of their own inner world, they will cause a new race to blossom in the image and likeness of God, of His Divine Love and Unity.

All efforts made today will culminate in the glorious victory of tomorrow. For this reason, do not look to the past nor dwell on what you are today, but rather place all your faith and trust in the promises of the One Who is perfect and Who promised that, in those who give of themselves from the heart, He will carry out miracles of transformation and of eternal conversion.

Allow yourselves to see through My eyes and feel through My Heart; in this way, you will find the perfection that sleeps within each being, and with Me you will be able to see the birth of new suns, which will shine beyond this Earth.

My little ones, I come to the world to cause you to awaken and to give you all the opportunity to change and redeem the past, transforming it into a present of Glory in service to the Most High. For this reason, simply open your hearts and your consciousnesses and, in this way, the Messengers that descend from Heaven at the request of the Great Lord, will work in all the spaces of matter and of life on Earth.

You may not trust in what you know about yourselves and may find it hard to believe in the transformation of matter that is so corrupted; but your trust should not reside in yourselves, but rather in God and Those that come before you and Who descend from the Throne of the Creator with a Purpose sent by Him for His creatures.

God knows each one of you perfectly and knows the hidden potential that you must develop. Thus, simply say 'yes' daily, and like good children, allow yourselves to be led by your beloved Celestial Mother.

May the Child King, born into your essences, now grow without stopping, and mature the divine life that is born on Earth.

I love you and I lead you, causing the Power of the Spirit of God to grow in your hearts.

I thank you.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

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