Sunday, December 2 of 2018

Daily messages

A pilgrim is one who, knowing their miseries and imperfections, and above all, conscious of the needs of the world, knows that only in God will they find the cure for their ills and relief for this world.

A pilgrim is one who, even without knowing it, hears the voice of their soul and goes to meet the Father in the sacred places that He has blessed and consecrated as Sources of Life for all beings.

A pilgrim is one who, being simple of heart, knows that their dwelling place is not in this world, but is in the Heart of God, in their celestial origin, from where all life emerged.

A pilgrim is one who arrives surrendered to the House of the Father and allows their heart to not only drink of the Sources of Peace that the Creator opened for the world, but they also are willing to be a bearer of peace for those who need it.

A pilgrim is one who walks towards God, and at each step, empties their heart a little more so that, when facing God, they find a space within where the Father may deposit the talents and gifts that the pilgrim must take to the world.

Be pilgrims in this time, bearers and sowers of the new life. Within the Sources of the Marian Centers, seek the graces that the world needs and distribute these graces as you walk.

Today I bless the House of the Pilgrim and I consecrate it so that here you may learn to be pilgrims.

May those who arrive to this place receive from God His Mercy, His Peace, and His Graces, and that, leaving here, they feel in their hearts the aspiration and the need that many other souls receive what you received.

Be pilgrims, sowers, and multipliers of the Graces of God. Let the Graces of the Father transform you, and through you, transform the world.

By the Will of the Creator Father, Here I open an inexhaustible Fount, of His Peace and of His Grace, which will flows through this alter to all the hearts that, with faith, come here to drink from this Fount.

Always remember that the pilgrim is one who arrives at the sacred places not only to seek something for himself, but to take to the world what it truly needs.

Souls are dying in life, perishing for thirst  of God, because they do not know Him and do not search for Him; they do not perceive His presence. Therefore, children, be pilgrims of My Most Chaste Heart, and take the awakening, the Graces of God, His Mercy, and His presence to the world. That will happen through the examples of your hearts.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph