Saturday, December 1 of 2018

Daily messages

Trees and life II

When the Lord created the planet and manifested it through His purest Thought of Love for life, He put, within each detail of Creation, a deep spiritual science in which everything that lives and inhabits the Earth contributes to the renovation of Love and  the return to the Heart of God.

Duality, chaos and evil created by men are the fruit of the deviation of the human conscience from the Heart of God. By their choices, beings choose to be in God and discover, in comunion with Creation, the path of return to His Heart, or they choose to stay in the illusion and entanglements of human limitations.

The Creator allows some things to exist in order to guide humanity towards improvement and the mastery of oneself and not towards the abysses of the world, through which souls enter every day.

Nature is still a mystery to be unveiled by human conscience, and that will not happen through their limited science, but yes, through their heart that is capable of entering the divine science and understand it through the simple presence of the Spirit of God.

Trees, children, are the bond that sustain the earth united to Heaven and do not allow the human conscience to totally separate from God. In spite of human actions, wars and indiference, trees silently deepen, with their physical roots, into the depths of the Earth and, with their spiritual roots, reach the center of the planet, maintaining the union between life on the surface and the essence of the Earth.

With their treetops, trunk, branches, leaves and physical flowers, trees maintain the path of elevation to the Heart of God. And with their spiritual treetop, they reach the Heavens and nourish themselves in the Sublime Founts so that by transforming the air that life breathes on Earth, they may also bring the graces and the spiritual food that allows consciousnesses not to loose peace and the possibility to love.

Trees were born to serve and to love their service thus, children, while being outraged so many times, they do not cease to grow, bloom and offer their fruits in this world.

Contemplate the donation of trees and, sending them your eternal gratitude, let your consciousnesses be guided to the essence of the Earth and to the highest of Heavens, remembering in this way the true reason for their existance.

Trees do not forget for what they were created for. Through them, you should also start to remember.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chase Saint Joseph