Friday, August 3 of 2018

Daily Messages

My child,

The more you search for God, the more you will enter into the Knowledge of God and the more you will love Him Who is in everything and encompasses all life.

Let your heart enter into the Knowledge of God when you pray; when you read the words that He sends you through His Messengers; when you enter into the mystery of the Sacred Books and allow the inspiration of God in the words and in the life of the prophets inspire you; when you enter into true communion with Nature, with the Kingdoms, with life.

Do not lament for not loving God as you would want to or how you felt was the correct way to love Him.

Do not lament for not having the circumstances you believe necessary to seek God, because the search for God is in your heart, and your heart is with you wherever you are.

As much as you are in a situation of chaos, God continues to be inside of you.

As much as you are in an inner desert, God continues to be inside of you.

As much as you are submerged in the distractions and the tasks of common human living, God continues to be inside of you.

And today I tell you that it is with very little that God makes Himself felt in your heart. You do not need to know about great sciences and transcendental philosophies, because the Truth of God is revealed in you in what you truly are.

What exist are paths that help you to arrive; hands that extend through the sacred words that God delivers to the world through the spiritual sciences, through His Messengers, through His prophets.

Seek God and accept the Hand that extends to your heart through His Words.

Seek God in a sincere prayer and let Him reveal to you the immensity of His Presence, of His Existence; that He may also show you the smallness of your life, of your problems, of your lamentations.

Raise your consciousness in prayer, so that God may reveal to you His simplicity.

Yield your mind to His Divine Heart and allow His greatness to dissolve your small-mindedness.

It is now time, My child, to truly raise yourself, rise yourself to the Heart of God.

You are called to love Him above all things and to express that love through your life, and for this, you must give room for God to express Himself in you.

Many paths were presented to you, many Hands came to help you. Synthesize all of that in you inner world and find in you the Presence of God.

Silence to feel Him, silence to listen to Him, silence to express God, who is alive in your heart.

You have My blessing for that.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph