To reach the Heart of God, you do not need great science and deep philosophies, you do not need formulas or even eternal practices. What you need, child, is a sincere heart, pure and redeemed in front of the Father.

All spiritual practices and exercises will forge a transformation for your consciousness within you, and they will allow you to remain in union with the Creator, and may this not be for just an instant, but rather become a permanent state of consciousness.

But to touch the Heart of God, to feel It and know It, you only need a sincere heart that is willing to come to the Father in confession, in adoration, in communion and in surrender. To feel Him, experience within yourself what He really is, and in coming to know God, also come to know yourself.

For this reason, before anything else, and even though you may not have the strength or inspiration, simply be with a sincere heart before the Creator, simply be with a surrendered heart at His Altar. Place yourself as an offering at His Feet and let Him make Himself felt. In the Divine Presence, everything in your life will regain its meaning, your efforts will be of value and their weight will be less, because the Love of God within you will speak louder; your battles will be light, not because they will be easier, but because your heart is no longer loose within the winds of darkness, but anchored in the Presence of God, from where no wind will be able to remove you.

Everything begins, child, with confession, yielding, surrender, adoration, and thus a perfect communion with God. And this can happen in silence, in spiritual joy, in the profound mourning of the soul, in prayer or in adoration, in your own life. You only need a sincere heart.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The Universe of God is sublime, and its mysteries are incalculable. But, before reaching the celestial heights, children, you should learn to deal with your human condition and live the transcendence of illusions, available to humans by the time of Earth and its mysteries, until you can cross the layers and veils that separate you from the Truth and the Time of God, so you may discover not only the celestial mysteries but, above all, yourselves. 

If I spoke to you only of sublime things, you would make from the Truth an illusion in your minds, you would have it as a story, but not as an experience, as a philosophy, but not as life manifested in everything that you are. This is why, sometimes, I speak to you of the Universe and sometimes I go back to your human condition, to create a bridge between what you think you are and what you must find out about yourselves.

The Truth already is. It manifested in the Origin of life and has hidden in the essence and microcosmos of each being. To find it, you should search for it as you search for the things of the world today. Just as you make an effort for the victories on Earth, make an effort for the triumphs of Heaven.

Search for the example of those who have already walked this path. Drink from the experience of those who were tested and transcended human life, to find Christ hidden and alive within themselves. Those you call saints, children, are not God, and it is not their miracles that will make them reach God, but rather their example which can inspire you and bring you light for the darkness of consciousness.

To reach what is High, you should elevate yourselves. To reach that which is within, you should deepen. And this is an eternal and tireless mission, until you return to the Origin of life.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph 


Search for the science of illumination within you, and know that it is nothing more than the living of the Purpose of human creation.

Illumination is the act of finding the Creator again within yourself and to discover the path and the doorway to Divine Consciousness within your own self.

By living union with God, you will understand His Presence in all things; you will know what the essence of life is, of learning on Earth, and the reason why each being inhabits it.

To illuminate the consciousness is to find the Creator and know yourself to be a part of Him and this, children, is achieved through experience, with the constant search to find God.

Sacred books will guide you; philosophies and true religions will help you find the path for this; but nothing has any meaning if each one of you does not search within yourself for the experience of unity with your Creator.

To pray is to seek the path of communication with God. To communicate with the Father is to create the link of your souls with Him so that you may be able to gradually enter into His Truth and receive the revelation of His Presence.

Seek for the Light of God so that He, in you, may illuminate the abysses of this world. The time has now come in which the little lamps must be on the table, and this is done, children, not with the light of humankind, but with the Light of God in human beings.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Within the infinite universe of the Truth of God are kept all true religions, philosophies and sciences.

Religions, philosophies and sciences are forms that humankind has found for expressing, in the different ages and under different influences, the impulses that the Creator sent to them to build a communication with God and thus, a path of return to the Heart of the Father.

After humanity got lost from the Divine Purpose, spiritual life began to be given impulse as a way of reconnecting human beings with the Father, creatures with the Creator. But God, children, is only one and His Truth is also one.

In order to understand religions and find a point in which they come together, it is not in their teachings that you must seek. The essence of religions is found in the depths of the human consciousness and its purity is revealed in the manifestation of its consequences in the life of beings.

When a religion is true, it leads the consciousness into experiencing the Love that comes from God and which calls you to love every kind of life, without distinction. Love is the meeting point that must exist among the different expressions of the paths that lead to God.

When there is love, there is understanding. When there is understanding, there is respect. When there is respect, there is fraternity. When there is fraternity, there is love. And where love is, there is God. Everything begins and ends in the same principle.

I tell you this because this is the time to manifest respect, fraternity, understanding, and above all, love. Thus, you will know how to find the Father in diversity, differences and you will close the doors to the evil that divides and separates human beings, not only amongst themselves, but also from God.

Pray for unity and pray for Love, because this is the only thing necessary in this time, and in all times.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


My child,

The more you search for God, the more you will enter into the Knowledge of God and the more you will love Him Who is in everything and encompasses all life.

Let your heart enter into the Knowledge of God when you pray; when you read the words that He sends you through His Messengers; when you enter into the mystery of the Sacred Books and allow the inspiration of God in the words and in the life of the prophets inspire you; when you enter into true communion with Nature, with the Kingdoms, with life.

Do not lament for not loving God as you would want to or how you felt was the correct way to love Him.

Do not lament for not having the circumstances you believe necessary to seek God, because the search for God is in your heart, and your heart is with you wherever you are.

As much as you are in a situation of chaos, God continues to be inside of you.

As much as you are in an inner desert, God continues to be inside of you.

As much as you are submerged in the distractions and the tasks of common human living, God continues to be inside of you.

And today I tell you that it is with very little that God makes Himself felt in your heart. You do not need to know about great sciences and transcendental philosophies, because the Truth of God is revealed in you in what you truly are.

What exist are paths that help you to arrive; hands that extend through the sacred words that God delivers to the world through the spiritual sciences, through His Messengers, through His prophets.

Seek God and accept the Hand that extends to your heart through His Words.

Seek God in a sincere prayer and let Him reveal to you the immensity of His Presence, of His Existence; that He may also show you the smallness of your life, of your problems, of your lamentations.

Raise your consciousness in prayer, so that God may reveal to you His simplicity.

Yield your mind to His Divine Heart and allow His greatness to dissolve your small-mindedness.

It is now time, My child, to truly raise yourself, rise yourself to the Heart of God.

You are called to love Him above all things and to express that love through your life, and for this, you must give room for God to express Himself in you.

Many paths were presented to you, many Hands came to help you. Synthesize all of that in you inner world and find in you the Presence of God.

Silence to feel Him, silence to listen to Him, silence to express God, who is alive in your heart.

You have My blessing for that.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monthly Messages

How to receive Mercy

My Children,

I come to the world at this time to teach you not only how to cry out for Mercy, but how to generate merits so that you are worthy of the celestial atonement that Divine Mercy brings to your lives and to the world.

I come to warn you of the reality of the planet, which agonizes before the indifferent eyes of most human beings on Earth.

I come to remove you from ignorance because human ignorance and indifference have no nation, no religion and no culture.

Ignorance and indifference are in the human consciousness as deep roots, which have been growing and gaining space throughout your development as humanity.

And today, these roots are fed by the modernities, commodities and facilities that this world offers you, through things that are created at the expense of humanity and the Kingdoms, and by the outrage of the Earth.

Therefore, My children, I arrive at this time to cut these roots, to lead you to a new life, to show you an option that the world does not show you because darkness has taken over the daily life of many human beings.

In order to awaken within your hearts the love that leads you to Truth, I call you to service and to charity, I call you to prayer.

Only the heart that begins to serve can understand what I tell you, and if you do not try for yourselves, you will never drink from the Source of Wisdom, which is born from experience and not from words.

My Words are divine impulses, they are like the Light that brightens a dark room so that you may find the door out of the prison of these times. Therefore, My children, listen today to My call, My Voice that is pronounced by a Divine Will, superior to all things and that transcends human understanding.

Listen to My Voice and follow it.

This world is blind, and your Heavenly Mother comes at the request of God, to bring the Light so that you can again see and bring life to those who died and did not realize it because, day by day, they fall into the abysses of ignorance and indifference.

I come to a Nation that is full of knowledge, filled with sciences and philosophies, with an aspiration to transform, but today I tell you, My children, that not only your own lives should be cared for. This world as a whole is your home, and every being that dwells within it, all the Kingdoms of Nature, are your brothers and sisters and sacred creatures of your Celestial Father.

Today I call you to leave aside the sciences and philosophies, and all the knowledge that fills your minds in these times so that you receive from God the Divine Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom.

And I tell you that there is no other way to receive what the Father offers you if you do not cross the door of humility and, on your knees and in prayer, cry out for Mercy.

It is not the riches of the world that will fill your souls, but the fullness of knowing that you have done everything so that all your brothers and sisters can have an opportunity to feel and experience love and true joy, and the fullness of knowing that you have fulfilled your part to reach the Father, before His Celestial Altar, with a clean and peaceful heart.

Listen, My children, the warnings of your Celestial Mother. Serve, pray and cry out for Mercy.

Go to those who need the most, and let charity work in your hearts, transforming your human condition, cutting the deepest roots of ignorance and indifference. Thus, you will know and understand what I tell you.

I thank you for listening to My words, and for opening yourselves from the heart to the divine impulses that I bring you today.

Who blesses you and loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Virgin of Schoenstat


Favorite children, it is time for the great transformation.

It is time to change the states of consciousness.

It is time for renouncing.

It is time for transcending oneself to be able to love.

My children, this will soon make you free from the prison that life in matter represents. In a short time, you will come to know the new consciousness, which will be free of human errors and purified by the fire of My Compassion.

Favorite children, God expects to accomplish a part of His project through you; because of that, let yourselves be transformed within this school, which I call purification.

Your Mother sees the urgency of healing and of consolation in the world, but in order for your Most Holy Mother consent to pouring Her last Graces, someone from this humanity must change. The time for theories and for philosophies is over; your change and transformation must be still more obvious for the Plan.

Thus, My dear children, planetary emergencies that are far from your capacity for understanding will be taken care of and alleviated by the columns of light that My Son has formed in you.

Seek at all times for that sacred union with the Divine Plan, and I assure you that soon your lives will reflect the true mirror that they are since the beginning. But the search for upliftment is the goal of very few, and complaints and conflicts characterize the many.

The Most Holy Trinity, which is the most important Gift for the evolution of souls, descends in assistance and in mercy through your Holy Mother Mary, to rescue the last flocks that will tread the path to be a part of the New Earth.

For this to happen, the time of your purification will be accompanied by the definition of your paths and especially by absolute surrender to the Will of God.

It is for this sacred reason that your Heavenly Mother prepares you in this time of purification, so that your lives will finally be consummated in Christ. It will be thus that the changes will take place in the life of souls, and nobody will lose the space or the time for the purpose to be fulfilled.

It is in these times that the Divinity of the Son and that of the Holy Spirit will work unswervingly on those hearts that connect themselves to the objective of the task. It will be in this way, favorite children, that the world will sustain itself for one more cycle, through the changes that many of you should already be living.

The main obstacles for souls are resistance, power, arrogance, and pride, infernal doors of condemnation and of domination; doors that My adversary opens and uses to condition spiritual evolution by means of the aspects that have not been resolved in souls.

Because of that, your Heavenly Mother works untiringly to remove these veils of the unconscious and thus open a little window in your inner world so that Divine Light may transfigure your lives and you can abandon this unending captivity.

The mere fact of wanting to change and of allowing yourself be guided builds in the consciousness, above all these aspects, the possibility of balancing the debts and of starting to recognize the attributes of humility, meekness, and especially the attribute that supersedes all: the attribute of love.

Accepting to be humble, living the meekness, and building within oneself the capacity to love more each day, beyond what one can give, will position the Plan on another scale and the aspirations of Adonai will be able to be fulfilled just as they were thought of and meditated upon by the One Mind.

The receptivity of these states of consciousness, of these attributes, articulates new experiences, and it is in this way that souls liberate themselves from having to start over again in the same not yet finished experience.

Your Heavenly Mother reveals these profound aspects of your consciousnesses to you so that some day, the whole of humanity perceives that it is very far from understanding and living Divine Will.

Now, your Mother indicates one of the last paths to you so that, open, awake, and united to the new humanity, these attributes start arising in the depths of each being.

In order for this to happen, many changes must take place. Because of this just cause, as from now Your Heavenly Mother helps you walk in faith, so as to then live the trust and the definitive consecration to this Omnipotent Will.

Mediten en lo que hoy les digo, así vuestros espíritus aprovecharán el sagrado conocimiento divino.

Meditate on what I tell you today, so that your spirits can benefit from the sacred divine knowledge.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unifies you in the Highest Will of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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