The school of Mary. The school of the humble hearts

The first step to find humility is not to lose faith, it opens paths for the souls to materialize their steps.

The school of humility that I offer you is of constant emptiness, and to be empty there cannot exist self-aspirations, only the path of renunciation. Renunciation is the principal key to find humility that in many hearts is hidden by the existence of other interests. Humility cannot be dominated nor conquered. The spirit of true humility is born from the banishment of one’s own self so that other Laws may act.

The Lord, in His original conception, is humble; if He had not been so, how could He have created all the worlds?

Humility is the shield against arrogance and pride, aspects that cloud over the purpose of the souls without allowing them to see the essence of the mission of each one. Who searches for humility must know that they will have to start divesting themselves of their own beliefs, appearances and aspirations.

Christ lived humility as a final proof when in the Garden of Gethsemane He accepted to drink the bitter chalice of redemption. If Christ had not been humble, He could not have performed such a task of liberation!

Humility has at its base the emptiness of oneself and faith, which are the attributes that offer the best foundations for the souls to purify themselves. A humble being is always the last one, even if the Universe puts them in first place. Therefore, the work of humility must be loved to be able to be known afterwards. If there is no love to search for the spirit of humility, the task will remain undefined.

Heaven knows that humility is not a school that everyone looks for very much, as are power and arrogance, that have a great spiritual mistake as a result.

The service to the Kingdoms of Nature, due to their own expression, has a direct door to humility because the smaller Kingdoms must be treated with much love for them to express to consciousness the beauty of their humility. Through those Kingdoms, the souls not only avoid fifty percent of their errors but they can also take more secure steps to find, through humility, the school of service to others and to Creation.


Dear children,

As this planet as a whole lives the first steps of a violent purification, I need you to banish from your hearts not only arrogance, but also pride; this is what has condemned the evolution of humanity.

The times are accelerating; notwithstanding that the minds think that the daily rhythm is the same, the planetary consciousness itself demonstrates the first signs of its so expected birth labor of purification and cleaning.  

It is due to this great planetary labor that draws near that some of the customs and of the energies that have strongly reigned in the consciousness will begin to be removed from humanity.

Prayer is not only a complement that helps one to cross this transition, but rather, prayer will intensify all that is not well within the consciousness of the human beings, and which is called resistance to change.

Many of the Laws of the Material Universe will abstain from acting widely, since in the next month the consciousness of the planet will live a great spiritual change and humanity will enter the great vortex of transformation and of transcendence.

It is because of this that in advance Your Mother wants to ask all of Her children and all of those who serve, offering themselves, to neither waste time nor energy in each one of their resistances.

The hardest cycle that humanity will live through will be the purification of the energy of the self-power, which was the root of the degeneration of the civilization of this planet.   I lovingly ask all of those who consider themselves praying beings and consonant with the Universal Mother to not forget that this planet is collapsing due to so much wickedness, and all of this wickedness that has been generated along centuries, shall be purified.   In this way, each stage of the purification that you and the world will live will correspond to the amount of material, mental and spiritual transgressions that may have been generated in your lives.

Dear children, as Your High and Heavenly Instructor, I am notifying you that certain forms of thinking, of viewing life, and even certain ways of resisting or judging, will be banished and if this is not accompanied by your inner acquiescence for this to happen, many will suffer in the same way as millions of souls that live in ignorance and in illusion.


I want to make use of the merciful heart of My children, to mitigate the Justice that rains down over the world.  I ask you to pray with fervor, so that the ray of My Redemption penetrates the world and passes through the heart of those of My little ones who, out of ignorance and vanity, have been taken by the shrewdness of My adversary.

I want to dissipate evil with the emergence of the Absolute Light of God.  I want to dissipate sorrow through the living of the Sovereign Peace of My Immaculate Heart.  I want to expel hatred from the hearts, through the reigning of love in those who, brave in spirit, allow themselves to be transformed, in order to fulfill the Perfect Project of God for this world.

If you want to see the establishment of Peace in the world, be peaceful in your lives.  If you do not want faith to be lost from the heart of humanity, do not lose yourselves the opportunity of praying and strengthening your own faith, in order to take it in essence to the ones in most need.

My children, the world agonizes and humanity, by its actions, harms the Sacred Body of God, which expresses itself in all the Creation.  To repair this suffering that you cause to the Father, I come to deliver to you the sublime knowledge about the cosmos and the infinite, and thus, ennoble the human consciousness and take it out of the darkness in which it lives.  But the majority of humanity encloses itself in the conveniences of the life in this world and refuses to recognize life in other universes.  They prefer to disbelieve My presence rather than to transform themselves in order to enter, in essence and spirit, into the balm of the celestial truth.

Do not become comfortable in the ignorance, because I do not come to deliver to you this universal knowledge only to transform your way of thinking, nor to spread an esoteric thought throughout the world.  Do not confuse the celestial words with human concepts, My beloved ones, because when chaos grows throughout the world and the Divine Justice descends to stop it, only the certainty of the existence of the realities beyond this life and the certainty that everything you live has a superior purpose will strengthen your hearts and will allow you to walk in faith and help those who are letting the flame of the heart be extinguished.


Dear children,

I come to ask the world to convert itself into a true mirror of prayer that reflects peace for itself and for the lost souls.

Who will accept My offer?

Who will understand the urgency of My message?

May your lives be a mirror of Prayer, of Mercy, of Piety.  Permit that, in these times and through prayer, the celestial spheres of the mirrors of My Heart radiate those all the time.

The definitive hour approaches and I must train My praying mirrors so that they may reflect the true principle of humility, of purity, and of simplicity.

My Heart congregates you through the sacred vigils of prayer, so that after almost three years of continuous prayer you, My children, may learn to work at the planetary level.  For this, every month I ask you to gather in order to pray with the heart, more than with words; the true ability of praying is found in the art of knowing to love it, beyond knowing or not the language in which it is being prayed.

Children, a true mirror can be the soul itself, which is the first to receive the impulse of the spirit, and the spirit is filled by the celestial spheres of prayer.

Every month, as your Mother and Universal Governess, I have attempted to make you learn correctly about this school of the mirrors of prayer; a school that is based on unity, on the non-competition, and mainly, that is free from arrogance and from human pride, because these are the aspects of the superficial human life that poison the life of a praying-mirror-soul.

This school in which many participate is constituted by the most simple and surrendered in order to search all the time for the path of the prayer of the heart that is the first school for the Christic discipleship.  To be a mirror does not mean to have ability or self-impetus; to be a mirror is to be in a permanent inner emptiness, because the being’s inner strength to reflect good things is given by the Love of the Celestial Father that lives in you, since He is the Greatest Mirror of the Creator Mercy.

Dear children, why do I tell you these things?


Favorite children, it is time for the great transformation.

It is time to change the states of consciousness.

It is time for renouncing.

It is time for transcending oneself to be able to love.

My children, this will soon make you free from the prison that life in matter represents. In a short time, you will come to know the new consciousness, which will be free of human errors and purified by the fire of My Compassion.

Favorite children, God expects to accomplish a part of His project through you; because of that, let yourselves be transformed within this school, which I call purification.

Your Mother sees the urgency of healing and of consolation in the world, but in order for your Most Holy Mother consent to pouring Her last Graces, someone from this humanity must change. The time for theories and for philosophies is over; your change and transformation must be still more obvious for the Plan.

Thus, My dear children, planetary emergencies that are far from your capacity for understanding will be taken care of and alleviated by the columns of light that My Son has formed in you.

Seek at all times for that sacred union with the Divine Plan, and I assure you that soon your lives will reflect the true mirror that they are since the beginning. But the search for upliftment is the goal of very few, and complaints and conflicts characterize the many.

The Most Holy Trinity, which is the most important Gift for the evolution of souls, descends in assistance and in mercy through your Holy Mother Mary, to rescue the last flocks that will tread the path to be a part of the New Earth.

For this to happen, the time of your purification will be accompanied by the definition of your paths and especially by absolute surrender to the Will of God.

It is for this sacred reason that your Heavenly Mother prepares you in this time of purification, so that your lives will finally be consummated in Christ. It will be thus that the changes will take place in the life of souls, and nobody will lose the space or the time for the purpose to be fulfilled.

It is in these times that the Divinity of the Son and that of the Holy Spirit will work unswervingly on those hearts that connect themselves to the objective of the task. It will be in this way, favorite children, that the world will sustain itself for one more cycle, through the changes that many of you should already be living.


Dear children,

Between swords and prayers, fight every day for a new world, fight so that the Mercy of My Son may reach the hearts that live in adversity.

Dear children, fight so that the hands of those who donated themselves to God in faith may continue working without tiring, and fight so that the souls that today are confused and live in illusion may be able to perceive the difference of being near and far from God.  Fight so that the hearts who have committed themselves to live fraternity may carry on living it, without fearing great changes.

I Am with you day and night, from Heaven I observe you and I accompany you so that you may make the decision to live the Will of the Lord in this time.

Beloved children, once again I extend My hands towards you to help you and to encourage you to build a better world.  In the face of great mistakes that are committed day by day, I call you to seek inner truth by means of prayer.  The truth that reigns and lives in the Heavens, the truth of Paradise and of the Christic love that will always fill you so that your souls may be filled by the Spirit of God, the Spirit of the Truth and of the Supreme Life.

Beloved children, as the Mother of the good hearts I observe and guide the sufferings that the Lord sends to you.  There will be no sanctification of the life, of the cells, of the consciousness and of the spirit without before living suffering as a surrender and as a sacrifice to God.  My Son has already lived it for all of you and you now must live the desert to get to know the great loneliness that many souls cause the Heart of Your Eternal Father.

Do not fear surrendering all that which seems to be bad to you.  First your pride and vanity must die through suffering, this will be the way to help to liberate the ego of humanity.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Sacred Scriptures announce the coming of your Redeemer to the world for the second time, and all are called to participate in this event. Therefore, I am here today with you and in this place blessed by God, which was touched by His Holy Hand, to call souls to the conversion of their faults and to the reparation of His offended Heart.

These Scriptures, which I bring today between My Hands, reveal that the moment is coming. Not only you, but the whole world is also called to experience this. The moment is approaching, each day more, and the signs will show before the believing or unbelieving world. Therefore, be humble and meek, obedient and receptive, and you will be able to be on My path and within My Heart.

But so that this very important moment may come to humanity, many other things will happen, within and outside of you. Inexplicable inner battles will present themselves. Tests and challenges will show. But you must not lose meekness and peace because, if I have chosen you, it is because there is a project to fulfill and accomplish that you still do not know.

Therefore, liberate yourselves from conceit, from arrogance and from pride, from division, from the lack of unity, from the absence of love, from the absence of charity and of fraternity.

I silently accompany you, as at this moment I accompany the world and each one of My servers, regardless of their religion or of their belief, regardless of their form of filiation with God, the Celestial Father.

This is the time for the essences to unite within one purpose. Therefore, I will have you meet people similar to you who, although they live their own schools, seek the Path of Christ. Therefore, you must be attentive not to let My signs and My inner announcements pass.

In this time and during these days, not all the Sacred Hearts could be present here in Medjugorje, but your King is here, in the name of all of them, of the Messengers of God, of those who will give the impulse to humanity for the change and the transformation of consciousness.


Third Series of Poems

First poem of a soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus

what shall I do with so many
graces in my consciousness?
I ask you, Beloved Lord,
make me worthy of receiving them,
one by one.

Make my heart small and humble
for me to have the joy
of knowing Your prodigies.

You know, dear Jesus,
that I am not worthy
of so many mercies,

Help me to deepen love,
as You deepened it
in each step of Calvary.

How can one love, Lord,
what would be unforgivable?

Pull out, from my being,
all pride and all arrogance.

At each moment,
Dear Master,
may I be able to sustain myself in You
to have sufficiently great
bravery, to be able to surpass
my own feelings,
my hardest resistances
and all the obstacles
that separate me from You,
and from Your Truth.

May I be able to humble myself,
as many times as needed,
so that in the resignation
of my personality,
Beloved Lord,
I can transform
the human condition
that has always condemned
and chastised me.

Sacred Liberator of life,
Blessed Jesus!
Make me become nothing at every moment
and submit me to Your unchanging Will
so that any trace
of personal power may disappear
from my consciousness and thus, I can live
in Your grand Will.


I thank you for keeping the words of this soul in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Jesus Christ


Poem of a soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus

Beloved and kind Heart of Jesus,
Lord of Mercy and of Peace,
draw my heart towards Yours.

May I be one in You,
to be one with my siblings.

Meek Heart of Jesus,
make Yourself part of me, without conditions or forms.

Break down, within me, the walls that separate me from the light of Truth.
Heal my blindness, which has led me into pride.
Heal my heart, that has been driven into constant suffering.

Most Beloved and Most Pure Heart of Jesus,
may Your Flame of Love dissolve all doubts.

May the Flame of Love that blossoms from the center of Your humble Heart
be the light that dissipates the darkness from my fragile heart.

O Most Beloved Shepherd and Guide of hearts!
may the Rays that emerge from the Wounds of your Hands
illumine the pathway that will lead me to Redemption.

May I always find refuge in Your Heart
and may I also find this refuge, with trust, in my siblings,
because I only aspire and yearn for the good,
in me and in all beings.

Peaceful Heart of Jesus,
You who gestates new things within human beings,
You who renews and vivifies everything that you touch with Your holy Hands,
may the Ray of Your strict Obedience and of Your Divine Purity invade me.

Teach me, Jesus, to love, as You love us and have loved us.

Help me, my Jesus, to only be an instrument in Your Hands,
so that at least a small spark of my consciousness
serves Your great Work of Love and of Forgiveness.

Teach me, my Jesus, to be just and to not be indifferent.

Teach me to imitate you and represent you,
just as You, humble Master,
have represented the Celestial Father on Earth.

Meek Heart of Jesus, calm me.
Sweet Heart of Jesus, tame me.
Eternal Heart of Jesus, console me
and give me the strength of Your Divine Spirit
in the hours of greatest trial,
because all should return to You, Lord.
All belongs to You forever.



I thank you for keeping these words of a sweet soul in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


My dear brothers and sisters:

May I in this time be able to awake in you the sublime humility of the heart so that your lives may liberate themselves from the identification with the things of the world and, in this way, you may walk in consecration to My Eternal and Sacred Heart.

Dears, may the path of competition and of the recognitions amongst men and women of this world be distant from My servers. May prayer be the only path that takes them towards the encounter with Me, with My Kingdom of Love. Because the love of My Heart and the love amongst My companions will allow them to defeat the great atavisms of consciousness, as are pride and vanity. May your hearts, before these attitudes of the world, strengthen themselves by the living the spirit of fraternity and redemption.

My Blessed Heart is open so that you may adore it as a temple of prayer and devotion, a temple of the Beloved God that will protect you from the attitudes of your own selves. For this go through the path of peace and may peace be the reason to gather in the Light all of My sheep.

I wait for the awakening of new flocks. So that it may happen and all may be partakers of My Mercy My servers will be as the living bridge of love and charity. In this way the greater number of souls will cross the threshold towards My Heart.

I wait for you always in patience and in love. Love each other compassionately, in this way the world will be a little more relieved.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you, children, for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.

Daily Message of Saint Joseph transmitted in the city of Augsburg, Germany, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

Perceive the Heart of God within your heart and let yourself be transformed by His Presence. Allow, child, only Him to grow and to expand within you.

Allow the Love of God to take the place of your ignorance and to make of you an instrument of His in this world. Concede to the Father the possibility of acting, thinking and feeling through you. Allow the Father to shape your human condition and release the roots He is tearing out of your consciousness.

Realize you are nothing without God.

There is no life except in the Father; there is no truth outside of Him. When you are not in God, you only walk around in your ignorance and illusion, without finding the correct path of your evolution.

Thank the corrections of life, which make you more humble. Thank your mistakes, which show you your imperfection and how much you have to learn, to grow and to transform, in order to become what God expects from you.

Cross the doors of the trial that He sends to you and, in each fall, let it be His Divine Hand to raise you up, and let it not be your pride that rises even more before your eyes, preventing you from knowing the truth and from experiencing it.

Embrace with gratitude this cycle of inner maturation and be able to recognize, child, that all the best you express comes from God, and that in order to fulfill His Plan you must seek in Him the Love and the Grace you need in order to manifest His Will.

Go and do what I tell you. You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In order to fulfill the Plan of God every day, you only need to be sincere of heart, always seek the path of humility, and the overcoming of self.

It is in these times, child, when the purification becomes more intense within many beings and, above all, within the consciousness of the planet, that you need to elevate your heart more and seek within it the strength and the courage to persist on your path, every day.

Place your heart and your mind always on what God needs of you.

When what you want intermingles and becomes confused with the desires of the world, turn your heart toward God and offer Him your being so that He may make it clear and pure, transparent and true, before His Will.

God will call on you to surpass yourself every day, but not to surpass through pride, competitiveness or vanity; He will call on you to surpass through love, He will call on you to overcome obstacles in your inner world, experiences that will occur between your heart and the Heart of God.

Surpassing, in these times, is not just physical but, above all, it is interior. And it is not the obstacles of the planet or the external difficulties that you are going to overcome.

Within you will be your greatest challenge, where nobody sees, where nobody reaches, just you and your Father. And it is there, child, that you will fight your greatest battle, and it is through that triumph that you will overcome yourself and surpass the Love of God.

For this reason, do not place your attention so much on external things, on the defects of others, but rather on the truth and on the transparency that there should be within you, so that you may fulfill the Will of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Only through love can you overcome yourself.

Only by fasting of what makes you remember the desires and superficialities of the world are temptations defeated so that in prayer you can balance the inner world.

Only with peace can you overcome the eagerness for power.

Only with the wisdom of silence is the ignorance of pride and vanity overcome.

Only by beginning within yourself is the world transformed.

Only when you make room for the New Human and New Life to born within yourself will you see it emerge on Earth.

Only through the union with God can true peace be reached.

Only through surrender and self-donation can true love be known.

Evolution is only completed when you are able to love all types of life, with all of its Kingdoms, and thus collaborate in its evolution, in its steps towards the Infinite.

Fast of distractions and you will reach peace; fast of superficialities and you will find silence; fast of yourselves, serving others, and you will discover the sense of surrender and the principle of love.

Search within yourself for unity with God.

Everything has already been said to you. What is necessary now is not knowledge, but the experience of it, in wisdom; the internalization of it, in silence.

Only when you live what you already know will you be worthy of the revelation of greater mysteries.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


May the Purity that springs from the Fount of the Heart of God inundate souls and renew them. 

May the Purity that springs from the Heart of God permeate beings and awaken them.

May the Purity that springs from the Heart of God fill hearts and reveal Peace to them, reveal Love to them, and reveal Grace to them.

May the Purity that springs from the Heart of God reach all souls and conduct them to the Truth, hidden until today, of the perfect union between their Celestial Mother and God.

May Purity, children, dissolve ignorance from the human consciousness, and above all, the pride that prevents it from reaching the Divine Mysteries for believing that in its smallness all knowledge, all wisdom, and all truth can be kept.

May Purity open your eyes and wash them so that they may see the world and life  always for the first time, as someone who is facing something that is completely unknown to them.

May Purity allow you to see everything as if for the first time and may the interest for the new open to you the doors to the Mysteries of God.

Blessed is the heart that contemplating its Divine and Celestial Mother, discovers Divine Motherhood in Her.

Contemplate the Son of God, but also contemplate the First Tabernacle that held Him, and discover that as it is on Earth, so it is in Heaven.

Know and recognize the Greatness of your Divine Mother every day, with the simple gratitude of being before Her Immaculate Heart, for Her silence talks greatly to the heart that knows how to listen beyond words.

Contemplate the first and eternal Tabernacle of Creation, which is the Womb and the Heart of Mary, that held in Herself not only the Son of God, but also everything that was created by the Father.

May the Purity that springs from the Heart of God reveal to you this and many other mysteries that are in Heaven as on Earth.

Be eternally grateful, and in simple gratitude, you will see the Heavens open before your hearts for revelations that humanity must know and that are not to be found in the Sacred Books.

This is the time of the new revelations.


Before all that happens in the world, the Messengers of God are trying to teach humanity how to intervene in aid of the souls.

Dear companions, throughout the centuries of your existence, humankind has almost always answered to the wars generating bigger wars and has tried to confront the false power with the same false power, without realizing that only the Power that comes from God can balance all things.

It is a divine aspiration that the planet do not be indifferent to what is happening in the Middle East, but not so that humankind may react with wars and respond to the hatred that permeates the hearts of the people present there sending an even heavier burden of hatred.

Do you realize that this has always been the strategy of the enemy? To generate such atrocity in the cities and such lack of love among humans, so that this hatred would expand itself to all beings and all would respond with the same level of terrorism.

In the beginning of all this chaos, many were impressed with the degree of wickedness of the human heart, when they saw the ways some people tortured and murdered the neighbor; but now, such is the hatred that is expanding itself through the hearts, that those who were impressed before with these actions would be capable of doing the same with the said murderers. That is why, children, God calls you to the awakening. Do not let yourselves be influenced by the evil of the world. Keep your consciousnesses fixed on the goodness and your hearts united to the One who was crowned with thorns in silence.

We call you to react to what happens in the whole world – and, mostly, in the Middle East – not with hatred and with resentment, but with absolute love. Dissolve resentment from your hearts, learn to forgive, in the small things, those who are closer to you. Learn to be brothers and sisters of each other, under the spirit of unity and of fraternity, and watch yourselves more precisely each time, so that neither in the small nor in the great things you are unfaithful to the principles of love that you have elected to live.

United to the Divine Messengers in a great chain of love for humanity. Serve, forgive, reconcile, love, send to the world messages of peace, and live this peace. Be examples of a true effort for living the goodness, and no longer allow yourselves to surrender to hatred and to lack of love only for your inability of being humble.


I know that the forces that emerge from your interior, in purification and transformation, sometimes are so strong that blind your eyes for love and for forgiveness.

I know that after eons of existence feeding prides and vanities, power and property, it is very difficult for the consciousness in evolution to say “yes” for a learning of humility, when it precipitates in your lives.

Many are those who say they want to be humble as the Lord in His manger in Bethlehem, but – before the tests that God sends them – they react and not only do not accept them with humility, but also feel deeply offended and seek a way to attack those who have unconsciously served as instruments for God to test them such as they always ask for.

Understand, dear companions in Christ, that the Lord cannot allow everything to be given to you without bringing to your lives the tests that consolidate the Christic purpose in your interior.

After receiving so many impulses from Heaven, when you are disregarded, humiliated, calumniated or mistreated – according to the understanding of each one -, simply receive the opportunity as a celestial gift and, without fear, let the structures of pride fall to the ground, at your feet.

I know that many realize that they have not passed the tests that God has sent them and that the resistant structures of pride were greater than their aspiration to humility, but it does not matter because we do not ask you for perfection, but for persistence. Now, get up from the abyss of ignorance and recognize your own learning; place yourselves before the Father, available to new lessons and move forward.

I want you to understand something at once and forever: humanity needs your examples of humility, which are codes that are becoming extinct from the human consciousness, because the reactions and protests are already well known by all.

When someone put you before a situation of humiliation, accept it with humility, because – no matter who is right or if this situation is fair or unfair – the Lord expects His soldiers to bend their heads and win the battle, overthrowing pride and living humility.


Dear companions in Christ,

I want to bring to you, each day, more than words, because I have the possibility of leading you to live what you truly are, not only as individuals, but also as humanity.

For this, I insist, time and again, so that, in each moment of your lives, you will offer everything that you do for the human consciousness, especially for those who do not know God and that, independently of their social class and of their physical situation, live in ignorance and in full illusion.

My beloved ones, when I was in this world as Joseph of Nazareth, in everything that I used to do in My work, in the rest or in the daily liturgies, prayer was always what would move My Chaste Heart and thus, praying, I would offer everything for the other siblings of the world.

I would work for those who did not do it; I would rest for those who could not rest; I was true and simple for those who could not be so.  And like this I was with everything.  So, I began to discover how to love the imperfections of humanity.  In this way, while I was working for someone who did not do it, I started to understand why those who did not work were in that situation and, in My intentions, I would always offer to God the difficulties of My siblings.

Seeing the purity of His servant, that did not use to pray for himself, but rather so that the Reign of God would expand itself throughout the world, the Lord started to show, to the eyes of My Heart, different situations of the planet in places that, in life, I had not gotten to know, but I knew the reality of all that I would see.

God gave Me the grace of serving more profoundly and of being certain that, in every instant of My life, He could intercede for some soul.  It was in this way that I began to gradually learn the art of interceding before God for souls and for the beings of nature, these that would never be forgotten by My Most Chaste Heart.

Today I tell you that the secret to be an intercessor before God is never losing the purity of intention and not believing yourself to be anything but only a servant of God.  Wherever there is pride for some work offered to God, that work will no longer reach Heaven.

Many believe that they intercede for souls when, in fact, they are losing a precious time of praying with the heart to, instead of that, feed their own pride and vanity.



Union Bead:

For the sake of the Power that God granted to You,

Most Chaste Saint Joseph,

teach us to live in the Divine Spirit of Unity.



First decade:

By the intercession of Saint Joseph,

that all atavisms, selfishness and the vanity

that separate us from the Heart of God be dissolved.



Second decade:

       For the sake of the Power granted to the Most Pure Saint Joseph,

that all the stains and sins

that separate the souls from all the kingdoms of nature be erased.



Third decade:

       By the intercession of the Humble Heart of Saint Joseph,

that all the evil aspects that prevent the unity

among the human beings be expelled and transcended.



Fourth decade:

   For the sake of the Power of charity and love present in the Chaste Heart,

that all the misunderstandings

that separate us from the Sublime Universe of God be dissolved.


Fifth decade:

       For the sake of all the attributes achieved through the paternity of Saint Joseph,

may the virtues and the gifts of the Most Chaste Heart

manifest in humanity,


 Where to seek the essence of humility? In the midst of human degeneration, where to find the purity and the simplicity that God expects from His creatures?

When we say: “Be humble”, the hearts ask themselves: How?

Humility is born from the love for others and for God; from the reverence that emerges from this love, because the heart that loves recognizes the sacred and the divine essence present in each thing.

The human beings have lost the reference of the sacred and trivialize the greatness of the Creation for the arrogance and the ignorance that have impregnated the heart of humans.

To return to the sacred is like entering into a universe almost completely unknown to you and, by trying to seek it and live it, many feel that they are fantasizing or living something that does not correspond to their reality in this world.

But today I tell you, dear companions, that you feel all that because your cells are so impregnated with the obscurity of the world and humanity is so separated from God that, as I already told you, this path of transformation is for the brave of spirit.

It will be necessary to overcome the world and, above all, to overcome yourselves.  Ask to your souls and your spirits to teach you to live in the sacred and to help you to find the path to live the attribute of reverence.

Humility can only be found when the consciousness is capable of recognizing the presence of God in every being, and feeling like this, you will act offering to others always the best.  What will not God deserve inside the other?

As an exercise of humility, seek to find the Creator in all things and in everything seek the best: the best attribute that expresses a brother or a sister, a kingdom of nature or any expression of the Creation.

Do not seek in the fellow human, the miseries, in order to rejoice to be better than the others.  Seek in the others that attribute that you still have not achieved.  Find the Creator in His Creatures and love them just as if you had God Himself before your eyes.  Serve this God, deliver the best to Him and, by doing like this, in the essence of simplicity, you will find open doors to humility, to reverence and to love, and little by little, you will banish from the interior, the old human, that only seeks to establish their own kingdom, the achievement of vantages and the security of being better than the others.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.