Tuesday, November 24 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

As this planet as a whole lives the first steps of a violent purification, I need you to banish from your hearts not only arrogance, but also pride; this is what has condemned the evolution of humanity.

The times are accelerating; notwithstanding that the minds think that the daily rhythm is the same, the planetary consciousness itself demonstrates the first signs of its so expected birth labor of purification and cleaning.  

It is due to this great planetary labor that draws near that some of the customs and of the energies that have strongly reigned in the consciousness will begin to be removed from humanity.

Prayer is not only a complement that helps one to cross this transition, but rather, prayer will intensify all that is not well within the consciousness of the human beings, and which is called resistance to change.

Many of the Laws of the Material Universe will abstain from acting widely, since in the next month the consciousness of the planet will live a great spiritual change and humanity will enter the great vortex of transformation and of transcendence.

It is because of this that in advance Your Mother wants to ask all of Her children and all of those who serve, offering themselves, to neither waste time nor energy in each one of their resistances.

The hardest cycle that humanity will live through will be the purification of the energy of the self-power, which was the root of the degeneration of the civilization of this planet.   I lovingly ask all of those who consider themselves praying beings and consonant with the Universal Mother to not forget that this planet is collapsing due to so much wickedness, and all of this wickedness that has been generated along centuries, shall be purified.   In this way, each stage of the purification that you and the world will live will correspond to the amount of material, mental and spiritual transgressions that may have been generated in your lives.

Dear children, as Your High and Heavenly Instructor, I am notifying you that certain forms of thinking, of viewing life, and even certain ways of resisting or judging, will be banished and if this is not accompanied by your inner acquiescence for this to happen, many will suffer in the same way as millions of souls that live in ignorance and in illusion.

And this will not happen for the lack of divine intervention; the time has come, dear children, for each soul who serves the Kingdom of Heaven, each consciousness, each personality and each temperament that lives on the surface of the Earth to understand that they will not be able to enter in a new humanity if all these degenerate ways of life are not deeply purified and transmuted.

Your Heavenly Mother wants this cycle, which will begin for humanity and for the whole planet this next month of December, to be lived and worked in a very consistent and mature way.  The influence of certain ways of thinking, of judging and of acting as each one pleases shall not fit into the Work of the Celestial Hierarchy.

I want to confess to you, My children, that the times are pressing and that it will not suffice that you pretend that you have not heard these words, because in truth every living being of this planet shall confront their own transition.  One hundred years ago the actions and the tendencies of the human life were not of importance; humanity always wanted to do its own will and it has stopped truly listening to the Celestial Messengers.

Now, children of Mine, as the graveness of the times increases—such as the hands of the clock run, I come from the Universe as a Divine Instructor to awaken the little consciousness that remains in the world.  I pray so that nothing may be precipitated upon the world overnight.  The Father will not be able to listen to lamentations when His Divine Justice acts, because from this moment all are being admonished.

The scale is in great unbalance and it is time to wake up.  Shelter your transformation through the Angels of Heaven and remember that if in truth you do not change, it will not be enough that you sing either, because the purification will take place, the world and the race will have to become rescuable beings.

I thank you for listening to My clamor!

With respect and consciousness, who loves you and instructs you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace