Thursday, January 25 of 2018

Monthly messages

When the wind of the Spirit of God blows on the world, it removes the covers that hide the abysses, the miseries, the lies and the selfishness of humankind. Everything seems chaos and restlessness, but the Divine Presence comes to renew and clean the Earth.

When the Spirit of God blows inside beings, it expels from within them what does not respond to the Divine Will. Everything moves, everything seems unquiet and restlessness, but I tell you, children, that it is the Spirit of God removing from your inner worlds the impurities and miseries that were hidden even to your own eyes.

When the Spirit of God blows over the world and within the beings, do not look only at the wind and do not regret what it removes from place; let it blow, move and transform, open the doors and the windows of the house of this world and let the Spirit of God clean you inside and outside.

This is the time for the Spirit of God to come to the world, with fire, with wind, with rains of Graces and purifications. Do not look at the sludge, but the pearl which reveals itself when it is cleaned from human consciousness.

Look at the Purpose, have it always above the events of this world and you will not confuse with punishment what God sends to transform you and remove you from stagnation and from human inertia.

The Spirit of God will come with fire, with wind to clean and renew, to burn and remove from darkness, from ignorance the lukewarm who only pointed out the mistakes of others and the mistakes of the world but did not perceive their own drowsiness.

My children, all of you are living parts of the Heart of God, principles of perfection born from the most sublime Source of the Universe. But as pearls lost in the swamps of the Earth, the perfection hid within you and in these times, the purification of the planet is nothing but the coming of the Spirit of God to rescue these lost pearls of the Celestial Necklace.

For this reason, do not look at the sludge and do not be afraid of wind, fire or the rain that washes the world.

Look at the fortitude which arises from the overcoming of difficulties. Look at the humility that arises in the heart that sees its defeated pride and its illusions placed on the ground by the Grace of awakening.

Look at the faith that arises in the heart of those who trust without understanding and walk without seeing where they will go. Place your eyes in the Triumph of God which is designed in the unknown and in the unpredictable of your hearts.

The Spirit of God comes to return the sacred of your spirits, in order that in the Return of My Son, your essences can be the greatest offer of love that you can make to the Redeemer of your souls.

And defeated, surrendered and humiliated by the Divine Presence, see emerge from your chests what elevates you, makes you to be born again and resurrects your small spirits from death to life.

Let yourselves be blown, burned and washed. Let the Spirit of God that comes to the world transform your lives and let yourselves be renewed in it for a new and pure stage of evolution, of true return to the Heart of God, when, disillusioned from the joys of the world, you will know the celestial rejoicing of being united with the Father.

I bless you and renew you, under the Presence of the Spirit of God, which comes to transform you.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace