Friday, December 4 of 2015

Daily messages

The school of Mary. The school of the humble hearts

The first step to find humility is not to lose faith, it opens paths for the souls to materialize their steps.

The school of humility that I offer you is of constant emptiness, and to be empty there cannot exist self-aspirations, only the path of renunciation. Renunciation is the principal key to find humility that in many hearts is hidden by the existence of other interests. Humility cannot be dominated nor conquered. The spirit of true humility is born from the banishment of one’s own self so that other Laws may act.

The Lord, in His original conception, is humble; if He had not been so, how could He have created all the worlds?

Humility is the shield against arrogance and pride, aspects that cloud over the purpose of the souls without allowing them to see the essence of the mission of each one. Who searches for humility must know that they will have to start divesting themselves of their own beliefs, appearances and aspirations.

Christ lived humility as a final proof when in the Garden of Gethsemane He accepted to drink the bitter chalice of redemption. If Christ had not been humble, He could not have performed such a task of liberation!

Humility has at its base the emptiness of oneself and faith, which are the attributes that offer the best foundations for the souls to purify themselves. A humble being is always the last one, even if the Universe puts them in first place. Therefore, the work of humility must be loved to be able to be known afterwards. If there is no love to search for the spirit of humility, the task will remain undefined.

Heaven knows that humility is not a school that everyone looks for very much, as are power and arrogance, that have a great spiritual mistake as a result.

The service to the Kingdoms of Nature, due to their own expression, has a direct door to humility because the smaller Kingdoms must be treated with much love for them to express to consciousness the beauty of their humility. Through those Kingdoms, the souls not only avoid fifty percent of their errors but they can also take more secure steps to find, through humility, the school of service to others and to Creation.

The smaller Kingdoms are the reflection of the creative humility that the human being does not have; they teach the humankind of the surface about the spirit of constant donation, which is also a faithful attribute to live in humility or at least to approach it. Therefore, I invite My children, in these times, to rethink about where the aspiration to continue searching for humility has gone.

Humility can save many souls.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who invites you to enter the school of humility and of goodness,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace