Saturday, December 5 of 2015

Daily messages

The School of Humility of the Virgin Mary

Dear children,

Every day I offer you My simple humility for you to incarnate it in your spirits and to be able to find your own interior humility. I give you this impulse so that you may encourage yourselves to discover this attribute of salvation, which nowadays has been very forgotten.

Dear children, during this time of planetary crisis, God needs a greater amount of humble hearts so that the whole Earth may be repopulated with the attributes which must revert all the evils that have been generated by humanity.

Dear children, this is how God will ask the brave ones to become conscious and face all the aspects of the human live, those acting against the evolution of the attributes of the Universal Mother. For this, beloved children, you will have to invoke every day the holy spirit of humility so that it may protect you from yourselves and from all the tests.

My children, finally, it will be through the power of My holy humility, the Humility of God, that your hearts will be able to take such expected steps and thus evil will be removed from this arrogant planet.

Dear children, humanity has disfigured the true mission and conception of this planet. That is why you, as seekers of the holy humility, not only will help the world and yourselves, but also, this will reflect in all of those hearts that have already condemned themselves for lack of humility.

I lovingly encourage you to walk in faith and to persevere.

In My school of humility exist divine Purposes that conduct you towards the goal of inner divestment. Walk towards this task.

I thank you for answering to My call!

From the school of humility, Who blesses you,

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace