Wednesday, June 6 of 2012

Daily messages

As a Mother that unties the knots in the hearts of all of the souls, the ones that My Son trusted Me with for love, today I invite you again dear children, to restorative prayer. This exercise may be realized through the prayer of the heart allowing the gift of Peace, which comes from Heaven, to approach your lives through the prayer in each heart.

My children, humanity must convert itself through restorative prayer and in this form of praying may you find the Transfiguring Spirit of Jesus.

So that your lives may reach the state of restorative prayer you must gather the sacred Blood that Christ poured over the world and thus meditate on how this offer of surrender and sacrifice allowed the redemption of the world. The Most Precious Blood of Jesus will bring you to meditate on the act of humility, to then achieve a meek heart and a life donated to the Creator Father.

Dear children, as Mother and Lady that unties the knots of humanity, today I invite you to free these knots through prayer so that God hears you in this offer and then His Divine Love aids your souls.

For this dear children, the knots that humanity carries are knots of suffering that little by little may be untied by the imperious power of the prayer of the heart. If in truth you knew how many knots the souls create because of pain and suffering, you could not count them.

But the power of the prayer of the Rosary may create between the Earth and Heaven the approximation of a higher Grace for the world. Each bead of the Rosary that is meditated on allows the power of the light of Christ to approach each time more and more the souls that need His Mercy.

And you, with love, may collaborate in prayer for this entire world.

May the Holy Spirit bring us to live the conversion of the heart.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.