I am the Lady of the Cross, and on this sacred day I remember all the important and blessed events that My Son left as a legacy for humanity.

I am the Lady of the Cross, and today I remain embracing it, because the Cross is the most important spiritual reliquary of redemption and of love for souls; because in the Cross is the salvation of the world and the liberation for the lost.

I am the Lady of the Cross, and I relive the great mystery of love and of compassion that My Son expressed since when He was in My womb until His glorious resurrection.

Which is the mystery of the Cross?

It is the immeasurable and infinite love surrendered by a human heart, the same as yours, that donated itself until the last moment, up until the last breath, to grant redemption to the world.

I am the Lady of the Cross, and today I contemplate all of the new legacies that My Son will give you during these days so that My children may learn to go through the end of the ends, the closing of a cycle, in order to begin a new one.

I am the Lady of the Cross, and today I invite you, dear children, to be a living part of the testimony of the Holy Cross.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


To My dear children of the Planetary Light-Network


Now that you carry the spiritual symbol of the Confraternity, of the Brotherhood and of love among beings, stamped upon your chests, may your souls definitely dare to take this last and great step toward the path of the apostolate of Christ.

May this star that confirms in you the existence of the Mission and of its fulfillment on any part of the Earth be the impulse of light that will place you selflessly at the service of others and for the Kingdoms of Nature.

May the Sacred Heart of My Son, His Flame of Fire and His Holy Cross, impel you in this cycle to always say “yes” and to abandon any sign of tepidness.

Now is the time of the presentation of the apostles and of the missionaries that will build the Plan of God, first within themselves, by means of prayer, of service, of instruction, and of healing; and then to build it and share it with the rest of humanity.

Now is the time that more stars of light ignite in the firmament and begin to be part of the new Planetary Light-Network which, despite the circumstances or the events, will defend from itself any act of disobedience so that unity with the Divine Plan and the Supreme Hierarchy may finally be lived.

My children, the path of redemption is open by means of the service and the testimony that your hearts can live, in perfect union with the Hierarchy.

May this new symbol that today you carry on your chest be revered, valued and loved, in the same way that you would receive the presence of the Hierarchy in your homes.

In truth, children, it will be the spiritual Hierarchy Who, in this new cycle, will want to govern and guide you so that more and more consciousnesses may be removed from the world system and from the planetary illusion.

The Hierarchy hopes that the majority of souls can learn to live in a brotherhood that is divine, humble, powerful and unconditional in its surrender, in its service and in its constant and infinite donation. 


Proclamation of Gratitude and Love

Dear children,

On this special day, in which My children of the world celebrate the day of the Lady of Mount Carmel with love and profound devotion, I would like to proclaim to your hearts, just as it was during My visitation to Elizabeth, all the gratitude and love that you can feel from My Heart today, for having accompanied Me, as serving souls, during the trajectory of the last Pilgrimage for Peace.

I would like to thank, from My Maternal Heart, for the effort and dedication of each son and daughter of Mine, during each stage of construction of this Pilgrimage.

I would like to thank for the sincere effort and the immediate help of each child of Mine, in their spirit of collaboration, so that the Pilgrimage could gradually be fulfilled according to the Will of God.

I would like to thank, children, for the souls that awoke and for the offerings made during the songs in different languages.

I would like to thank for the fundamental fulfilling of each one of the novenas that were requested, since that, through the prayers of My children, your Heavenly Mother could deepen into Her Mission for humanity, just as Christ and Saint Joseph.

I would like to thank for the effort of all for having learned to pray in other languages during the journey of the Pilgrimage.

I would like to thank for the honesty and the constant faithfulness of the Network-of-Light before the call of inner support, to this sacred mission.

Everyone, without exception, My children, in some way or another was present in heart and soul, knowing that for the Creator Universe it was, and it is, fundamental to relieve the millenary pain of the nations of the world through the Ray of Love-Wisdom.


My children,

Place your eyes and hearts on the Truth of God, because today and from this new cycle on, I come to awaken you from the dream of this world and I come to release you from the captivities of material life.

I will come to remove from inside of you what binds you to this world and I will speak to the heart and also to all the aspects of your consciousness that resist transformation. Because the time has come for you to become others and, in the face of all that you know and all that you have received, you must not continue your lives as if the times were the same as fifteen or twenty years ago.

Children, you should no longer base your surrender and donation on the lack of surrender and on the material crisis that the world lives in this time. This crisis is the annunciation of a time of trials, and the more difficult life is on Earth, the more it costs you to donate materially or spiritually something of yourself, the more you should know, my children, that it is time to do so, because the fact that the world is in crisis means that My Heart as well as the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph must reach the souls and the nations that need to awaken.

Do not measure the Plans of God according to human needs; do not think that if the nations are in crisis and the economy is scarce, the Sacred Hearts should no longer be in pilgrimage through the nations. Because these thoughts are seeds of harmful trees that are springing up in your consciousnesses to distract you and make you lose yourselves from the Plan of God.

Do not be afraid or have resistances when you listen to My Words, because I come to touch where humanity does not want to transform, I come to open your eyes to that which you do not want to see.

Yes, the world is in crisis. Yes, people in the nations are in economic difficulties, and they will be even more so, because the foundations of their lives should not be formed by material needs.

It is not to accumulate physical possessions or to take advantage of the planet that you came to the world, My children.


The Reappearance of Christ, what all ears of the world will be able to hear

My children,

One of the greatest difficulties that the Greater Plan will live is at the moment of the Reappearance of Christ, because this will mean for humanity, its great moment to adhere to this event or of being indifferent to the Return of Christ.

The Reappearance of Christ will be possible through the unconditional and true support of His most dear servers; because the Reappearance of Christ will depend on the material collaboration of all those that are attuned to that moment.

This collaboration on the part of all for the Plan of the Reappearance of Christ, if sincere and not mediocre, will mark a before and an after in the current humanity.

This so awaited Reappearance of Christ will be possible if in all human consciousnesses exists the proper interest and the most loving willingness to prepare that world moment. 

The donation of the servers will be one of the key factors for the Reappearance of Christ to take place, as well as the cooperation of all of those who are closer to Him in the spreading of the Word of Christ through the means of communication.

Christ has already spoken to the world many times, and He, in His Presence, has prepared the consciousnesses to be faithful collaborators and managers of the moment of the Reappearance of Christ.

In this sense, the second coming of Christ to humanity will have to be under a conjuncture similar to the Birth of Jesus.

For this reason, at the moment of the Reappearance of Christ, the human race and, above all, His followers must keep in mind that it will depend on them that this important event may take place.

Why do I tell you this, My children?

Because in this current time of humanity the consciousnesses themselves, through their adhesion and collaboration with the Plan of the Return of the Lord, will be giving the correct response to the Universe that the times and the events will have to be defined in the second coming of Christ.


The internal counterpart of the Pilgrimages, what not all eyes can see

Dear children:

When a Pilgrimage is materialized, and, through the resources and donations of everyone, this Pilgrimage is carried out, when the whole purpose of the Pilgrimage is fulfilled and there are no material debts pending, when the adhesion, the consideration and the support are true, such a Pilgrimage acquires an indescribable result little considered by the world.

Since materializing a Pilgrimage for Peace in humanity means, for these times, facing and overcoming many obstacles; and the first obstacles are those of its very manifestation and of the patient waiting that the Pilgrimage will be fulfilled as it was thought from Above.

The Pilgrimages do not mean nor represent only the prayer encounters that are realized in the different nations of the world; the Pilgrimage itself, in the spiritual and mental planes of the planet, mobilizes many events, which take place in the inner planes.

Among these, the closing of an innumerable hells, the reunion and the congregation of new souls to respond to the call, the awakening of the sleeping consciousness, as the Discovery of the Truth within the inner being of each being, as well as the liberation of negative bonds of the souls that had been spiritually imprisoned.

A Pilgrimage, which can be projected to develop at some moment, will never be equal or similar to the previous one, although the same prayer encounters are realized.

The Pilgrimage is under the command of your Heavenly Mother and this means many things for the planet and its humanity.

Each Pilgrimage is a great planetary rescue operation that embraces not only the planet as a whole, its humanity and the Kingdoms of Nature. But also each Pilgrimage for Peace, lovingly concretized with the help and the donation of humanity, not only represents an evolutionary response on the part of souls, but also the possibility that the Spiritual Universe has to be able to penetrate certain human projects that, permeated by a great ambition and ignorance, intend to conquer the world.


God is Justice in love and in mercy.

Gods knows the kindness of souls and the virtues of small hearts.

God knows of all the right choices in life, but also already knows about the possible mistakes.

God knows the greatness of love in the human heart, but also knows about the weakness of the oppressed.

But above all, God seeks good among His children and consideration among the disciples of Christ.

God knows of the aspirations of His children, but also knows about the temptations that His rival causes in creatures.

God accepts all the offerings, but also embraces all the sacrifices.

God always shows Himself just, but still more merciful and compassionate.

God is great in love, but small and simple in all things.

Imitate the greatness of the Father.

Imitate, in these time, the universe of His donation, because in this way you will always be with Him, in each moment, and He will strengthen you to take new steps.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The mission that has already changed

Dear children,

On the 13th of October, while your Heavenly Mother was visiting Her children of Argentina at the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit, My Voice of Mother reminded all the importance of the materialization of this mission; above all the second part of the mission which corresponds to the nation of Chile.

The efforts that, for example, My children of Argentina made until today, were seen; this is what has allowed this sacred mission, integrated by all those who pray, to be able to reach the city of Mendoza.

The importance of the materialization of the spiritual task of the Divine Messengers with the nations, and the conscious collaboration of those who directly or indirectly participate in this Work of love allows to generate the necessary bases so that the Plan foreseen for each nation, as for each part of humanity, may be fulfilled and, specially, certain catastrophic events be prevented.

Thus, the souls, with a little more material time, can meditate and reverse their errors, travelling, as of this cycle, the path of redemption that My Son offers.

The materialization of a divine mission as the one of Chile includes many factors, some of them in favor and most of them against, since the mentioned nation, in the last times, has not been receptive to the spiritual and inner changes that it needs to live.

This is the reason why Chile, as a country, has faced processes of purification through earthquakes, tsunamis, tremors and recently, through the very serious fires.

In 1981, your Heavenly Mother presented Herself as the White Lady of Peace, in Peñablanca, Chile, with the aim of stopping the serious errors of dictatorship and of the disappeared, which became a regional process of all the Southern Cone, promoted and planned by the mentioned nation.

In this sense, the spiritual debt acquired by Chile is, at this moment, unpayable.

It is thus that the Merciful and Compassionate God decided to risk this pilgrim mission through Chile to try by all means for this nation to have an opportunity.

As in the last months the support and the collaboration for this pilgrimage has come from very few donor hearts, the mission through Argentina, in this last phase, began to feel the lack of means and of resources to be able to continue.


I surrender My Heart for you to contemplate it.

I surrender My eyes for them to illuminate your paths.

I surrender My Life for the life of each one of you.

I surrender My Soul to intercede for the souls of each one of you, and I do not get tired doing it, because above all I love you as you really are and I do not love you neither for your appearance nor for your mistakes.

I have mercy for all those who ask for it to God and thus I can make each life a redeemed instrument in the Hands of God.

Therefore, I even surrender My Spirit and all My Divine Consciousness in a humble donation, to be able to teach My children that in love and for the divine Love all is possible.

Do not get tired until you live in the Fountain of this Love that restores everything, liberates everything, that forgives and transmutes everything.

I surrender My Divine Being for it to be the portal of the non-redeemed, for the seed of unity and of love among creatures to be born in you.

This is My mission in this world.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses and absolves you by the Holy Spirit,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

On this day I come to announce to you a special request from the Celestial Father.

With My Heart bloodstained, I come to tell you, My little ones, that the pilgrimage to Central America and Mexico will be postponed for two important reasons: first, children of Mine, for the lack of resources, which up to this date have not been completed.

It is not My intention as a Mother that My children in mission go on a pilgrimage through these nations without the manifestation being completed.

You know, dear children, that the Celestial Father expects all of His children in the world to deeply yearn to help in the plans of peace of your Heavenly Mother.

The second cause, dear children, is that it is not in the consciousness of everyone the feeling of what the Celestial Hierarchy is realizing with the purpose of avoiding harmful catastrophes in humanity and in the world.

The Plan of the Universal Father is to save all of His children, regardless of their mistakes and faults committed.

It is in this way that as a Kind and Merciful Mother I will wait during all the month of October until I will be able to see with My own celestial eyes that your help for the materialization of My work is sincere and real.

Therefore, your Heavenly Mother will carry out a new attempt, the third at this time, to be able to reach Central America and Mexico during all the month of November.

I would like to feel from your hearts not only your beautiful prayers, but also your donations to My work of salvation.

We are in an unusual and definitive time when awakening, redemption and salvation are at stake between chaos and the Kingdom of Light. The triumph of My Heart will occur through the awareness of everyone.

With this purpose, I invite all of My children to renew the Campaign for Peace through the diffusion of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, so that in the month of October all of My children may daily offer a mystery of the Holy Rosary, which must be prayed at the feet of My holy image.

I would like to be in every home shining as the Mother of all the people and all the nations.

It is in this way that, in October, Your Heavenly Mother will go on a pilgrimage through Brazil, ardently expecting the Marian mission to Central America and Mexico to be fulfilled during the month of November.


When the souls in the world get lost I make them find the path towards God through My Love. Redemption establishes itself in the hearts that ask for My help and also in the hearts that ask for their brothers and sisters so that My Plan of Peace can be established in humanity; thus I close the door to My adversary, who corrodes the souls spiritually, places obstacles in their lives, and leads them to perdition, mainly, to the absence of love.

I have come here, dear children, to meet you under the Unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Trinity has sent Me in this cycle and in these times to prepare you for what is going to come. I need that your hearts establish My reign in this world. I need you to fulfill with Me the Plan of peace that the Lord so much awaits.

The world is still deaf and blind, but your hearts are open for Me, and you, dear children, know that it is so and that I need your hearts to fulfill My designs without caring for how you are like and how imperfect you are before the eyes of the Universe.


My beloved children of Brazil and the world,

Today I gather you all in this sacred oratory of devout souls in the city of Joinville so that you may give testimony that My loving presence is still here among you and that the pilgrimages of the Divine Messengers are active.

Children, I came from Heaven to ask for your collaboration and cooperation so that the pilgrim mission in southern Brazil can end just as the Celestial Father has foreseen in His Heart.

Each pilgrimage that is fulfilled through your collaboration means a major step toward the salvation of souls, and above all, towards the establishment of a greater approaching time of peace.

My children, today I call on you again to be collaborators in this sacred work that encompasses not only your planet, but also the Universe. Whenever We, the Messengers of Heaven, descend, it is to bring peace and healing for humanity.

Each place where you must visit in pilgrimage in the future with effort, dedication, and transmutation cannot remain without the assistance of Heaven. You, My beloved children, are the ones who hold the keys and the tools to open the doors of Heaven so that the Hierarchy can draw closer.

Today you must not only be My children, but also My servants, instruments that help Your Heavenly Mother to materialize Her plans of Peace. The pilgrimage in southern Brazil is not yet ended, and the work that is being developed through the most recent meetings with the youth in the different cities, is awakening a fountain of Graces in the hearts that are not yet redeemed.

Dear children, Your Most Holy Mother will expand the pilgrimage in May, as well as in June, when the mission will deepen in the hearts of the self-called.

It is at this moment, children, that I prepare you to take new steps in the life of the fraternity, of charity with the Evolutionary Plan, and in the equitable donation of things. The planet is your home and all are invited to take the steps in the name of love and redemption of humanity.

Children, My spiritual pilgrimage through nations and continents will be expanding given the urgency of recent times, and for the awakening of those who are still sleeping.


The school of Mary. The school of the humble hearts

The first step to find humility is not to lose faith, it opens paths for the souls to materialize their steps.

The school of humility that I offer you is of constant emptiness, and to be empty there cannot exist self-aspirations, only the path of renunciation. Renunciation is the principal key to find humility that in many hearts is hidden by the existence of other interests. Humility cannot be dominated nor conquered. The spirit of true humility is born from the banishment of one’s own self so that other Laws may act.

The Lord, in His original conception, is humble; if He had not been so, how could He have created all the worlds?

Humility is the shield against arrogance and pride, aspects that cloud over the purpose of the souls without allowing them to see the essence of the mission of each one. Who searches for humility must know that they will have to start divesting themselves of their own beliefs, appearances and aspirations.

Christ lived humility as a final proof when in the Garden of Gethsemane He accepted to drink the bitter chalice of redemption. If Christ had not been humble, He could not have performed such a task of liberation!

Humility has at its base the emptiness of oneself and faith, which are the attributes that offer the best foundations for the souls to purify themselves. A humble being is always the last one, even if the Universe puts them in first place. Therefore, the work of humility must be loved to be able to be known afterwards. If there is no love to search for the spirit of humility, the task will remain undefined.

Heaven knows that humility is not a school that everyone looks for very much, as are power and arrogance, that have a great spiritual mistake as a result.

The service to the Kingdoms of Nature, due to their own expression, has a direct door to humility because the smaller Kingdoms must be treated with much love for them to express to consciousness the beauty of their humility. Through those Kingdoms, the souls not only avoid fifty percent of their errors but they can also take more secure steps to find, through humility, the school of service to others and to Creation.


ÓN​​Your consecrated essences, like roses in My garden, can express the honor of feeling loved by God in spite of the times of purification that you are going through.

For this, children, day by day I come to encourage you on the path of conversion, something that you must work every day by means of a sincere prayer and a true service for your fellow humans.

It is this way, children, that your steps will enlarge in order to reach the aim and thus you will not face the abysses of consciousness, because your heart will already be as donated as Mine to you.

Therefore, children, let us build in each interior a great fortress that will be supported by the love and by the unity of always seeking the perfect communion with the Creator.  As your Mother, I teach you how to donate yourselves a little more every day so that your consciousnesses, out love for all of humanity, may embrace the path of sacrifice and of redemption that My Son offers you, such as He once did for you. 

Dear children, today I invite you to find, through immediate donation, the bridges towards reconciliation and forgiveness, something of which all of humanity loses sight for arrogance and self-love.  Love simplicity, which is spiritually much greater than it seems to you.  Your prayers are heard when your consciousnesses embrace the path of sacrifice for the others, in this way a part of this world will not get lost or succumb.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who teaches you how to donate yourselves from the heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

As it is urgent that you live redemption and peace, it is also urgent that many places in the world, such as this one(1), live their cycle of purification so that, through the Grace of God, the souls may rediscover the path of the heart of My Son, the one they have lost because of superficial things.

Throughout time, I bring you from the universe, the consciousness of the Higher Life.  Thus, your Celestial Mother helps you to direct your little lives towards the Lord.

Time indicates a change, not only in consciousness, but also in the attitude of each child of God.  The world can no longer live the same life and be the same way as if nothing happened around.

For this, children, work all the time for your purification, thus you will confirm to the Celestial Father that this project created by the Most Pure Source of Love may live its time of transformation.

In prayer is found the impulse to transcend inner obstacles and deceits that the enemy spreads.  But now I am stepping on the head of the serpent to prevent it from injecting its harmful poison in the hearts that in this cycle decided to help Me to fulfill My plans of Peace.

Through your permanent donation, the doors of Grace will open for all and the most unprotected ones shall receive their fair share.

Live through the Light of My Son and dissipate from your inner beings any darkness or test that may want to make you succumb.  The victory that My Son reached through you is not finished yet.  The indicated hour is pointing to the moment of redemption of the souls and of the liberation of the hells that live upon your world.

The celestial universe opens the doors to guide you and indicates you the path of truth and constant inner transformation.  My Heart will always bless you and, even though the soldiers may fall by themselves, My hands will elevate them towards the Mercy of God.

Do not forget that you, My dears, participate in an infinite purpose that God leads through the Sacred Hearts.  For this greater reason, collaborate all the time with building between you, a spirit of peace and without rivalries.

Do not let enter through the small door, any influence of evil.  My rays protect your daily steps of consecration and service.  Some day you will comprehend all I have said to you.

Dear children:

May you words not judge the other hearts, may you lips only pray for peace and for love in the entire world.

My children, may your feeling be an emanation of the Love of My Son because through Jesus you will find the Font of all love and forgiveness.

May your lives at the end of this time be only love and forgiveness, may your actions be transmitted through good works. You are My children and all My children must be porters of peace in the heart and thus irradiate it through charity and through donation.

Charity and donation are what is lacking among brothers and sisters of this world, because of this My Maternal Heart comes to you to teach you about the true love born as a flower in the sunrise.

Dear children, for this, may your arms always be as open as your hands to receive those who are most dispossessed and those who most need God.

Little children, today I invite you to imitate Me, today I call you to be true representatives of My message for the world, because as Mother I know that your hearts may be loyal representatives of My words on the planet.

You are inside of My Grace when I lovingly visit you month by month, but the world, where is it right now? Is it living the mercy of God?

Dear children, you as servers and as souls in prayer, are called to be participants and transmitters of the Divine Mercy, because with so much love and with a crystalline and pure love we will transform lives and hearts.

In your hands is the future of the world and of all humanity. In prayer, in fast and in vigil is found the strength of the life for each heart.

My children, you are in My Maternal Heart because the Lady of Peace wants to make you humble before God, so that together with the angels, all souls will live their salvation and the conversion, and praise for centuries upon centuries to God.

Pray for the shepherds because in them My Son wants to be always.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


As the Lady of the Divine Defense, today I call you to pray for the protection of the Marian Centers, especially, for My National Marian Center of Luján, that in these days that has lived defining situations.

For this, My children, with the Banner of Peace in between My hands, I invite you to pilgrim for love to the places of most need in this region, through service and donation to that which My children of the region of Luján need.

Dear children, My Marian Centers are in your hands and God contemplates the honorable grace that all My children can offer and do through service to those who mostly need help and prayer. Today I not only invite you to prayer, but also to serve in the end of these times.

My Son calls you all to be merciful and the hour has already come to surrender everything to the Lord for the salvation of souls.

Children of My Son Jesus, sheep of His loving herd:

As Universal Mother and as Mother of Perpetual Help, I am calling you all to pray for the Centers of Peace, but also to serve in abnegated and truthful form to My children, that throughout these days, have suffered the consequences of the flood in their familiar homes, but above all in the interior of the heart. In reverence, I call you all to be conscious and collaborate in My universal task of salvation.

Dear children, My Protective Mantle of Mercy and Love is above you all. I pray for you all perpetually. I pray for you all asking God for your salvation and His Mercy. The time runs fast and humanity should pray more to impede irreparable happenings.

For this, My children, I am with you all walking as Mother step by step beside you and as Guardian of the Faith for your hearts.

Dear children, we are in time for the purification of the mind and of heart, for this I invite you to pray sincerely because this way you will be protected beneath My Maternal Light.

Dear children, opening My arms to save all the souls, but especially, of the Sanctuary of Luján, I ask you in this day, to pilgrim serving God and donate your love to your brothers and sisters, faithful devotees in My Immaculate Heart.

For this I ask you to go in these days to Luján, to bring the love of My Resurrected Son and also so that your hands donate charity and humility for the ones that have been affected by the storm that happened in the whole region of Luján.

Dear children, two tasks have to be accomplished before God:

Dear Children:

Opening the Fountain of Universal Mercy of My Son to the world, today I call you to unite yourselves with the principle of the Creator of Love, because humanity needs to awaken to come to the encounter with this Love in the heart.

You, My little ones, through daily prayer have the fundamental key so that this fountain of Love, which is born in God, may irradiate itself for this cycle of humanity.

My children, as the Mother of Forgiveness and of Peace, today I ask you that, opening your hearts you walk towards the loving encounter with My Son, and thus, it will be permitted that His Redeeming Grace will be present in the heart of all people.

Through the exercise of prayer, you will participate with Jesus in the salvation of the hearts and as was with the disciples of Christ, your hearts will pray two by two, to help the light of the essences to shine.

Dear children, today I am calling you to journey by means of prayer, because many of My children must recognize that without the prayer of the heart we are nothing in this time. I intend, as Mother, day by day to teach you to love the exercise of prayer of the heart, because in this way many of your brothers and sisters may see the powerful effects of inner prayer.

My children, for this reason you are called to participate with consciousness in the path of consecration that will begin through your internal commitment with prayer, and in consequence in a perfect union with the Sacred Heart of My Son.

Dear children, you must be in the vespers that are born of the new fruit that in the hands of the Creator may serve to assist and help for those most in need.

Your goal for this time is internal donation. Walk with this purpose of the heart.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Dear Children,

I carry all of humanity in My arms and today I direct My celestial words to all My children in the United States and in Venezuela, soliciting prayer so that the blessed Grace may descend over both nations.

At the request of My Son Jesus, today I give My maternal benediction to those called to follow the path of peace for your hearts and for the whole world. For this reason, today I send My Eternal Love to each one of the groups of prayer in the United States and in Venezuela, and send them My maternal condolences and announce to them that My promised arrival to both nations, according to the Higher planes, has been moved to the Marian Center of Figueira, in Brazil.

When I say that I bring humanity in My arms it is because it needs the guidance and the protection of My maternity. When I say that I will appear in glory and in Spirit during the months of October and November in the Marian Center of Figueira, this so that your hearts do not feel that you are abandoned, because I love them more than your thoughts and reasons.

But today I want to recount a parable that Christ has given to all of humanity.  It is a message that will permit us to comprehend for what God wants to ask that your consciousnesses create during this ultimate definitive time.

My children, it is recorded that Jesus one time said that in a past time there was a very poor woman who gave everything that she had to the temple so that the temple could continue with its task. Because it was so little that she had given, she was not considered by the others for her action. Jesus, My son, invites you to realize that most important is the action that each child of the Father offers, rather than what each one has.

What is the mystery of this parable?

Dear children, the mystery is that in the Kingdom of the Heavens we guard the truths and the sincere spiritual values that enrich the hearts of all the souls, more than the good that My children keep and accumulate on the Earth.

Today My children, I want that you learn to love that which you don’t have, I say, to love the true spirit of the Providence of God. Jesus said to his disciples “...leave everything that you have and follow me.” My Son wants to tell you that each one of you must donate themselves entirely to the Will of God and that you trust that He will give the greatest good that exists in the Heavens.

Special message given by the Virgin for the day of October 18 of 2012, at the hour of 5:10 PM during the trip of the group of the Divine Mother to Sao Paulo, Brazil :

My dear and Most Beloved children:

In the name of the All-Mighty God, in the name of the Holy Spirit, in the name of the Redeeming Love of My Son, and before the Celestial Choirs, under the power of God in the universe, under the Merciful Light of My Immaculate Heart, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, in this moment and during this hour, irradiating the maternal love of My Immaculate Heart, but with tears in My immaculate eyes, I announce to you with reverence and peace, the following  celestial call for the attention of all My blessed children on the Earth.

I tell you that the eternal Virgin Mary, Queen of the Heavens, has seen on the part of Her children an important fault before God.  For this in the name of Peace, I absolve you and say, dear children, that the Queen of Peace, the Mother of the World, will manifest Her Face of Love for all in the Community of Figueira on the days of October 25 and 26, celebrating also the mass of the Most Holy Rosary in a ceremony of prayer that will be extended to the days of the 25 and 26 of November in your time of 2012.

This divine decision is in response to the Will of God, the Highest, and is due to the fault that is evident to our lovely Celestial Father regarding the lack of spiritual and material consideration that My children have given to my task of contact with you (this refers to the task of the Divine Mother with the clairvoyants and clairaudients).

My children, this signifies that My Voice and My Echo will be pronounced for a longer time, through the intercession that My Son, Jesus Christ, has carried out before the Throne of God.  I want for you to understand with your hearts, that from your part, My little ones, the collaboration with My Divine Work has been scarce in this part of America.

I want to tell you, My children, from your hearts has been missing the donation and the providence so that My task can be embraced in every nook of the world.


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.