While the world and the nations get involved in chaos, My children, I call you to enter into My Heart and find peace. I call you to cross the thresholds of human indifference that exists within you, as upon the whole planet. I call you to lose fear of what is true and unknown so that, in this way, you can look at your own inner world and find what you truly are.

May you contemplate the infinite and know that this very infinite dwells within you. And just as the stars hold in their shine a great mystery that seems to be distant from your lives, within you there is also a divine essence, whose shine, My children, holds not only the mysteries about yourselves, but about that of all life, about the Plan and the perfect Thought of God for humanity and for all creatures.

In spite of all conflicts and sufferings, in spite of all stimuli that you receive, day by day, causing one to suffer, to lose hope, to live indignation and to feel the pain of injustice, I call you today to go beyond all appearances and find that which is true, although it was nearly always hidden from human eyes.

In these times, My children, nothing else will be hidden from you, and in your hearts the divine mysteries and gifts can become unveiled, you can discover your true potentials, you can know what you were created for, what is the purpose of your lives; a purpose that is beyond the experience of forgiveness and redemption, and that is held in the expression and in the manifestation of love, in that which Christic Love awakens within you, and in everything.

These are times to be conscious of the urgency of the planet, to know and perceive that the chaos announces the Apocalypse and the Laws are being fulfilled, and they manifest that which was written. But it is also time to know the correct way to deal with the planetary situation, and this, beloved children, is not written in any Sacred Book, because it is part of the Revelation of these times; it is part of that which you must live and experience in this evolutionary stage of humanity, which you were not ready to live, and not even to know about in other times.

The Keys to cross the thresholds, that separate you from the Truth and divide the cycles of the old and new human being, are found in Our words; they are found in the state that the Divine Word places you within.


Dear children,

May My words remain in your hearts, so that the seeds of Light that I give you today may soon sprout and someday become fruitful trees; those which, in greater donation and surrender, shall be at the spiritual service of God.

Therefore, My children, in order to preserve and protect the seeds I give you, you only must keep the daily exercise of prayer. Because prayer will be like a rain that will fall on those seeds so that, in fertile lands, they can express and manifest themselves as sacred attributes which, in union to the Heavenly Father, will allow the surface of the Earth to maintain the Codes of Light which the world urgently needs to be able to cross the times of transition with love.

Every gesture of love towards the Heavenly Father will also allow His Celestial Kingdom to be more present in humanity and especially within His children.

In spite of the difficult times of trials, never stop praying from the heart so that prayer may always lead you to God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My Words will remain, but time will pass

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and the moment will come in which all the divine knowledge of the Sacred Hearts will be the guiding star, when we are no longer among you.

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and in that hour you must have been confirmed in unity and in faith so as to know what to do and where to be.

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and for the majority it will be too late to become aware that all that was said by the Voice of Our Sacred Hearts is essential for the transformation and the redemption of humanity.

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and everything will be happening, inside and outside of creatures. Inexplicable things will be shown and the majority will know who they really are.

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and some will remember the sacred keys of instruction that we have brought for the great change within the human consciousness.

My words will remain, but time will pass, and many will not be able to return to the previous moment because they will not have taken the step in trust and obedience to the Higher Law.

My Words will remain in the consciousness of the peoples and the nations, but time will pass; each impulse given is decisive and definite and will never again be repeated.

My simple Words will remain in humanity, but material time will pass and everything will be shown inside and outside of human beings.

Merciful and compassionate hearts that can withstand the fire of imperfections will be essential, because there will come a time in which souls will be able to be free themselves, for the last time, from their prisons and chains of yore.

This will be the moment in which your Heavenly Mother will come from Heaven to open the last Seal of the Armageddon, and everything will be unleashed in order to define the emergence of a new and purified humanity.

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and only those who dare to lose control of their lives, the power and pride of their actions, will experience overnight the great inner changes.


My time for being in this world and among you is ending. Therefore, children, be merciful and good, be loving and pacifiers, as My Beloved Son expects of you every day.

Learn quickly to take care of yourselves, the treasures of God; no longer offend the Father with your acts and indifference, with your lack of love between brothers and sisters. Children, do not allow omission or disrespect to swallow you.

My time among you is already ending and you will know it overnight, because just as I come from Heaven to help you, in the same way I will rise to Heaven and will not be able to come back anymore.

Children, live My messages, and no longer listen to them as if they were directed only to the world. Your transformation, your redemption, and your surrender are in first place.

My beloved children, My continuous time among you is already ending and if you do not live My words, if you do not seek My loving instruction every day, when I am no longer able to be among you, you will feel a great emptiness.

My little ones, My time among you and near to you is already ending and you must be witnesses of all that I have done in these last years, as much here as in other places of the world that I have already visited.

Woe, My children, of those who will shut themselves within themselves and will be more impenetrable than a great wall! Truly, I tell you, I will only pray for their salvation, so that these hearts hardened by pride and arrogance may break so that they may be able to convert in time.

Today more than ever a sadness  fills Me, not only because of what I see in the world, but for what I see in those who are near to Me, who in spite of so much love poured, have already decided not to change.

This anguishes Me as a Mother, as responsible for all your lives. My last request, while tears fall on My Face, is that you do not forget these words, that they at least serve as conversion for those who will say "yes" to Me with fervor and not with tepidness.

I thank you for listening to Me with an open heart!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

That on this day your consciences collect themselves in the Heart of God, so that they may then acquire strength of spirit, that which will help them to miraculously carry on the foreseen task.

Know, children, that I Am with you until the last days of life and that I do not forget any detail, since it is important that the souls reach their inner and divine growth.

This is why, I come every day from Heaven to guide you and indicate to you the new path which will be necessary to travel in the name of My Son and for the concretion of His inexplicable Work of mercy.

Thus you will confront and live unexpected situations, those which will allow you to strengthen your faith without ceasing to be protected by the Holy Spirit.

Each stage that you live will help you to grow and, every day reach to be nothing, so that through your hearts the imperious force of the Holy Spirit of God manifests, Spirit that will liberate you in each new step and thus you will be able to learn to love more and more.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Queen of prophets

Through the ages, My Son has sent Me to the world to warn it and correct it about the imminent danger.

Thus, through the ages and as at this moment, My Maternal Consciousness has chosen the new prophets amongst all souls, who determinedly have announced the words and the message of the Heavenly Mother.

At all the moments when humanity was in gravest danger, the Queen of prophets awakened consciousnesses so they would render this greater service, which comes directly from the Holy Spirit, the Divine Spirit that fosters all celestial revelations for this Universe.

Thus, the Queen of prophets appeared in different moments of the history of humanity to awaken the lineage of the prophets in simple and selfless consciousnesses, which means a service of surrender to the rule of higher Laws that guide the consciousness that is summoned to this end.

The Queen of prophets has the mission of demonstrating, through the prophets, that Her message is universal, divine, and timeless; that it is able to serve all souls in their instruction, transformation, and change.

 The message of the Queen of prophets in all ages always tries to guide, warn, correct, and raise awareness in all of humanity, in a nation, or in an individual.

 The prophets have the task of subordinating themselves to spiritual principles that are not under their control, and cannot be manipulated by any consciousness. The gift of the prophet is based on their spirit of humility, on inner work with detachment, and mainly, in each day loving more the mission that the Queen of prophets has chose them for to accomplish with this humanity.

For the Divine Universe, there are temporal prophets and timeless prophets. It is something that leads directly to the Holy Will of the Spiritual Universe through the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

 The temporal prophet is awakened for this mission by Deity itself; that is to say, by the Eternal Father through the Firstborn Son and the Mother of God, who have the highest authority to offer consciousness to a soul on this great and selfless service.

Dear children:

I hope that you, during this last year of daily messages, have accepted to live in the Grace of God. It is a merciful revelation that My maternal words have accompanied each one of you in all this time that has passed, when your hearts needed to grow and mature before the reality of the end of the time.

My children, for this today I am calling you to deepen in your hearts gratitude to God, gratitude because through My Son and his Loving intercession, God permits me to come to your encounter daily through the messages.

Dear children, you know that the world is suffering so much and that each new day innumerable souls are lost, condemning themselves to the path of purgatory,

For this I call you to live the prayer of the heart, because your prayer will be the only hope for the salvation of many hearts, above all those children that in the ignorance of their lives offend God.

Lovingly I ask you to pray beneath the Light of God and to commend to God all souls possible through the power of prayer. Those that still do not pray, because they lack maternal love and need to quench the thirst that their souls have felt for so long.

Dear children, it is a definitive time, it is a time of changes, for this I invite you to be conscious of your task of prayer, so that more Light from the Universe of God may help and save the souls from condemnation.

My children, hold between your hands the prayer of the Rosary and may each new prayer that you realize be an offering and a supplication to the Mercy of Jesus.

In My Son is the path. In My Son is found your redemption and your pardon.

Be awake to prayer!

Thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children:

In this time you must have a pure heart and, to live with a pure heart you must pray with a totally pure love, and to pray with a totally pure love you must be day by day in the Heart of My Son.

At the end of this time the souls are weakened from the influences that they receive on the part of the enemy and from the different states of humanity. This generates consequences at times irreparable in many hearts that, inside of the life of illusion, believe themselves to be in the correct path.

As the Protector Mother I invite you, day by day, to prayer so that in this definitive time your hearts may perceive and may feel what is the true, the healthy and the good for life. If you fall into the normality of this fast time do not be discouraged, but awake even more on your lips the power of prayer. And when you feel that you cannot walk, call for the Light of My Immaculate Heart.

If the souls will read My messages, My words will strengthen then and through prayer they may walk in love and in bravery. The souls of this time that live upon this world are not the same souls as yesterday, this time of changes and of transformation must be supported by your lovely and fervent prayer of the heart.

Dear children, in this way you will help your own selves and will help many hearts that are clamoring to be alleviated and pardoned. God awaits you to walk in this final time at His side, reaching in this way up to the heart of the abyss so that the souls in this world may return and be lifted and reconcile themselves with the Highest.

You, My dear children are in the time of definitions for the spiritual path of millions of consciousnesses. For this, prayer will be a perfect support for this time and My Maternal Heart may help you, always when you call me.

Dear children, today I am giving to you My Pardon and My Celestial Light because I love you and I know what is the best for each one of you.

I await you always in prayer.

I thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 


Dear children,

Opening My merciful arms again, and with perpetual prayer between My lips, today I invite you to live My message, today I invite you to consider each one of My words, those that have been pronounced during these last months.

My children, if you do this in this way, you will be able to be instruments of God, you will be able to be the living message for each heart in the world. This will allow that each one of My words be sown in your hearts.

Dear children, know that as Intercessor for all souls, the divine message that I lovingly give to you every day is a message of Light that comes from Heaven.

My children, today I want that you not only awaken to the maternal call, but also that you remember that each one of My words reaches your lives to bring you Forgiveness, Re- conciliation, Mercy, Divine Love and Redemption in these last times.

Being the Mother of Jesus, the Great Priest of Love, I want to teach you to read the messages, I want to teach you to meditate on My messages, and I want to teach you to interiorize My words in your hearts.

Dear children, My Immaculate Heart has already spoken much to this humanity throughout these centuries. It has spoken to make you remember that God is your only and true aspiration for all eternity.

But still, My little children, a great part of humanity is blind and closes its own heart to the gift of life that My Son represents and, more so, it little accepts Mercy.

For this reason, dear children, your prayer must help to restore all these events so that your hearts, as mediators, may receive a Greater Grace of Forgiveness.

My children, when you feel My messages, your souls will be in eternal prayer. As the world changes rapidly and without pausing for reflection, My Immaculate Heart is offering Itself to each one of you so that, united in prayer, we may change the course of humanity, in the Grace of God.

Dear children, remember to feel My words with the love of your hearts, allow the light of the Holy Spirit to descend from the Infinite Heart of God upon all humanity.

Let us pray in this time of emergency! Let us pray for the presence of peace!

I thank you!

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.