Saturday, June 13 of 2015

Daily messages

Favorite children, it is time for the great transformation.

It is time to change the states of consciousness.

It is time for renouncing.

It is time for transcending oneself to be able to love.

My children, this will soon make you free from the prison that life in matter represents. In a short time, you will come to know the new consciousness, which will be free of human errors and purified by the fire of My Compassion.

Favorite children, God expects to accomplish a part of His project through you; because of that, let yourselves be transformed within this school, which I call purification.

Your Mother sees the urgency of healing and of consolation in the world, but in order for your Most Holy Mother consent to pouring Her last Graces, someone from this humanity must change. The time for theories and for philosophies is over; your change and transformation must be still more obvious for the Plan.

Thus, My dear children, planetary emergencies that are far from your capacity for understanding will be taken care of and alleviated by the columns of light that My Son has formed in you.

Seek at all times for that sacred union with the Divine Plan, and I assure you that soon your lives will reflect the true mirror that they are since the beginning. But the search for upliftment is the goal of very few, and complaints and conflicts characterize the many.

The Most Holy Trinity, which is the most important Gift for the evolution of souls, descends in assistance and in mercy through your Holy Mother Mary, to rescue the last flocks that will tread the path to be a part of the New Earth.

For this to happen, the time of your purification will be accompanied by the definition of your paths and especially by absolute surrender to the Will of God.

It is for this sacred reason that your Heavenly Mother prepares you in this time of purification, so that your lives will finally be consummated in Christ. It will be thus that the changes will take place in the life of souls, and nobody will lose the space or the time for the purpose to be fulfilled.

It is in these times that the Divinity of the Son and that of the Holy Spirit will work unswervingly on those hearts that connect themselves to the objective of the task. It will be in this way, favorite children, that the world will sustain itself for one more cycle, through the changes that many of you should already be living.

The main obstacles for souls are resistance, power, arrogance, and pride, infernal doors of condemnation and of domination; doors that My adversary opens and uses to condition spiritual evolution by means of the aspects that have not been resolved in souls.

Because of that, your Heavenly Mother works untiringly to remove these veils of the unconscious and thus open a little window in your inner world so that Divine Light may transfigure your lives and you can abandon this unending captivity.

The mere fact of wanting to change and of allowing yourself be guided builds in the consciousness, above all these aspects, the possibility of balancing the debts and of starting to recognize the attributes of humility, meekness, and especially the attribute that supersedes all: the attribute of love.

Accepting to be humble, living the meekness, and building within oneself the capacity to love more each day, beyond what one can give, will position the Plan on another scale and the aspirations of Adonai will be able to be fulfilled just as they were thought of and meditated upon by the One Mind.

The receptivity of these states of consciousness, of these attributes, articulates new experiences, and it is in this way that souls liberate themselves from having to start over again in the same not yet finished experience.

Your Heavenly Mother reveals these profound aspects of your consciousnesses to you so that some day, the whole of humanity perceives that it is very far from understanding and living Divine Will.

Now, your Mother indicates one of the last paths to you so that, open, awake, and united to the new humanity, these attributes start arising in the depths of each being.

In order for this to happen, many changes must take place. Because of this just cause, as from now Your Heavenly Mother helps you walk in faith, so as to then live the trust and the definitive consecration to this Omnipotent Will.

Mediten en lo que hoy les digo, así vuestros espíritus aprovecharán el sagrado conocimiento divino.

Meditate on what I tell you today, so that your spirits can benefit from the sacred divine knowledge.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unifies you in the Highest Will of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace