Dear children,

Now, from the Sanctuary of Fatima, the Celestial Father sends His faithful Servant to diffuse the renewal of devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary  throughout the world.

In this renewal of the commitment to the consecration of all Children of Mary, which will be a simple interior practice, you will allow your Celestial Mother to intercede for situations in Europe and the world to a greater extent.

Now, more than ever, your hearts, My children, must be united to Mine every day so that certain situations in humanity are avoided and other situations can be dissolved because My aspiration and desire as the Celestial Mother is that you no longer suffer.

Therefore, dear children, by reliving the renewal of your devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, you will grant the extraordinary Grace that your souls be partakers in the praying armies of the Light, of these times.

I want this devotion of your lives for Me to be able to placate any situation at this time, and that the doors of Divine Justice not open, but rather that the great door of the merciful Heart of My beloved Son be able to neutralize or transmute everything which is against the common good and peace.

In this school that the Kingdom of Fatima offers you, I call upon you, so that the mirror of the heart of each child of Mine may be that inner star that illuminates the world and attracts the sacred Spirit of Peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear children,

With joy in My Heart, I return to Fatima after so many moments lived with you in South America.

Once again, Europe will be helped, so that the gaze and the heart of My children may be upon the Purpose and within the Will that God has for this part of the planet.

At once, I would like to express to My children My best vows of fulfillment for all that we will experience while being in Europe, with the aim of relieving and exalting the Heart of God.

Dear children, this cycle in Europe will bring to all an opportunity to fulfill and carry forward that which the Father so much hopes for.

As of now, may My European children be quite open of heart so that the sacred Sanctuary of Fatima may indicate to them the next stage, the next path to tread in this school of forgiveness and redemption.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Today the whole world, but especially the Sanctuary of Fatima, remembers through all the pilgrims that humanity has a Mother. A Mother Who silently intercedes, without tiring or delaying, for humanity. A Mother Who, from the beginning, unconditionally accepted giving up Her Son to be the Mother of Humanity.

Today Fatima lights up like a sun through the Love of the Most Holy Mary. Souls remember the Mother of eternal tenderness, the Mother Who gives them Peace, the Mother Who deeply wishes the good for them and offers them Her Heart of a Mother, as a refuge and support in the face of any adversity.

Behold, before you, the Mother of God and the Advocate of all those spiritually condemned. Behold, your Mother, the Mother of the Universe and of humanity; the Mother Who gives you shelter, the Mother Who understands you, and through Her surrender, grants you the forgiveness and reconciliation of God.

Remember well this 13th of May, which up until today remains alive, as if it were the first time that the Mother of Jesus descended from Heaven to give you shelter and bring you Peace.

You need nothing else, creatures of God, because you have a Mother, and the Mother of Heaven is the most important thing in your lives.

Appreciate Her, respect Her, listen to Her, and love Her as She silently does.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


The Cathedral of Peace

Dear children,

Today I approach you to present, from the inner planes, the Cathedral of Peace, a divine space that was conceived by God Himself in honor to the Divine Lady of Heaven, in order to generate an enclosure for the elevation of souls and the continuity of Her service for humanity.

The Cathedral of Peace rises within the Consciousness of Fatima and as a spiritual counterpart it acts on the inner levels of the essences, bringing to them the essence of the Original Purity.

The Cathedral of Peace receive the great souls that were victims and witnesses of the Love of Jesus, through their holiness, dedication and unconditional service.

Inside of the Cathedral of Peace the angelic presence, in its different levels of hierarchy, sustain and raise the Consciousness of Light of the Cathedral of Peace.

This sacred space, which is present in the inner planes of Fatima, awakens in every human being who visits the Sanctuary of Fatima, an aspiration to find their inner truth and, above all, their state of purity.

The Cathedral of Peace is nourished by the Source of Creation and, consequently, the other levels of consciousness that are below it also receive spiritual and internal assistance.

The Cathedral of Peace itself attracts the Principles of Creation to the center of its celestial vault, which might be understood as Gifts that awaken virtues and foster the inner manifestation of talents in the souls.

In this sense, the Cathedral of Peace, which was elevated in honor to Our Lady, is the spiritual magnet that attracts to itself the divine attributes that humanity will need to go through the final stage of its transition.

From the Cathedral of Peace emanates the sacred impulses of the Mother of the World for all of humanity, and the angelic and human consciousnesses that accompany the mission of this Cathedral are intermediaries so that everything that the Celestial Mother radiates can reach the souls, regardless of their degree of awakening and commitment.

The Cathedral of Peace reminds humanity, from the inner planes, that it must return to the House of the Heavenly Father and find in it the spiritual values ​​that will make all consciousnesses worthy.

The Cathedral of Peace is a bridge that leads us to Ascension and to the encounter with our infinite inner universe, a place where God is present so that we may commune with His Divine and Paternal Presence.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Bless you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Cathedral of Peace


Return to the land where once your intimate and essential purity was born.

Return to the land that Heaven, all the angels and the Mother of the Sun blessed.

Return to the land where many witnessed that the gifts of love and innocence were the secure path for returning to God.

Return to the earth where the power of My Immaculate Heart reigns for all of Europe and the whole world.

You are before the Sanctuary of the world and the altar of offering of humanity.

You are almost at the doors of the Kingdom of Lys, a Kingdom that reminds you to return to your essential purity, to the essence of the Unity of God.

Return to the house that you once visited, the House of Mary, the Queen of the Rosary.

Be happy My child! you are in the arms of your Heavenly Mother, and from there nobody can take you away, because it is My intention that you accompany me in this sacred and victorious mission within Europe.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Great Miracle of the Sun

One hundred years ago at the Cova da Iria, in Fátima, Portugal, the last and definitive Apparition of the Mother of God happened, the one which brought to the world the end of a terrible war and a prolonged period of peace. At that time, humanity was on the brink of its own perdition.

Although the message of Fátima was clear and convincing through the revelation of the three secrets of Fátima, the Most Holy Mother warned Her children that a true penance was urgent and immediate, since the repentance of the hearts would grant the world a significant atonement.

The Miracle of the Sun, also called the stellar phenomenon, was the culminating event when, on October 13, 1917, this local Universe, of which this planet forms part, lived a cut in time and space.

The Miracle of the Sun, or stellar phenomenon, consisted in mobilizing great consciousnesses of the Material Universe and Cosmic Regents which allowed, at a planetary level, to put an end to the endless cycle of siege, destruction and of the conquest that humanity was immersed in by the First World War.

This phenomenon, understood by humanity as the constant and random twirl of the Sun, meant the reunion of certain cosmic currents of the Material Universe, that have their bases in the Central Sun of this galaxy.

I would like, dear children, that you comprehend that, if this evolutionary intervention of the Greater Universe had not have happened on October 13, 1917, humanity would have already destroyed itself.

It was necessary, at the universal and divine level, to carry forward this movement of the solar and stellar elements of the Universe.

This allowed to stop, upon the planet and within its humanity, the idea of a conquest and of an unmeasured power, that would lead to the development of other events.

The Miracle of the Sun, or the stellar phenomenon, cleaned and purified the psychic plane of the entire planet in less than fifteen minutes, a time in which the solar and stellar elements that were operated by the Regents of the Universe, dissipated from the ether of the Earth a great quantity of registers of suffering and death that had been generated.

The global Miracle of the Sun, with the meeting of the angels and the Hierarchies, despite having its epicenter in Fátima, embraced the whole planet, relieving it from its chain of great human and terrestrial errors.

October 13, 2017,  was the closing of the mission that your Celestial Mother came to accomplish during six continuous months, in which humanity was prepared to live the Miracle of the Sun.

Even though the Most Holy Mother had announced that if there were not a true repentance a second war could come, worse than the one that was already occurring, humanity was able to know, after the atomic bomb, that it was capable of self-destruction and irreversible damage to itself, even in these current times.

That is why, on October 13, 2017, after one hundred years of My Apparitions in Fatima, your Celestial Mother came to beg the world not to forget to live a deep and true repentance, because this lack of penance in the human beings of today is heading toward ideas and war projects, worse than the ones that have already occurred, it is headed toward wanting to destroy the life and the evolution of the Kingdoms of Nature, as has been happening in the last fifty years, and it is leading to the loss of logic and discernment of the human beings who lead and govern this planet.

I come to ask for the repentance of the heart, so that you remember that there exists only one God present in three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; I come to ask you not to forget to be considerate, merciful and fraternal to one another; I come to ask you to proclaim your faith in the infinite existence of the Celestial Church of Christ; I come to ask that you give the examples, among yourselves, of equality, compassion, love and respect, because, after all the help received, humanity continues to hurt itself in ways never seen before.

As the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, I remind you, dear children, to pray a Mystery of the Rosary, every day, and that you do not deceive yourselves anymore by exchanging this important prayer for the technologies and their constant problems.

Do so with the heart, and you will see the powerful results of this spiritual tool, that will provide you with peace and the spiritual healing of your lives.

If at least just a few fulfill all these requests, I will be able to continue interceding before the Celestial Father, although the scales are in great inequality. I will go tirelessly, to meet of all My children, and I will be able to help, one by one.

If humanity does not pray and does not stop to think before acting impulsively, a worse crisis will embrace the planet and, as in these days, innocent lives will unjustly pay for the others.

To avoid all this, I come again to ask for the consecration of your lives and homes of the world to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart, thus I will triumph, being able to live among you in a true and solemn way.

I thank you for responding to this important call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima, transmitted in Villa de Dornes, Ferreira do Zêzere, Santarém, Portugal to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

A great world event

At the doors of the Fatima Sanctuary, all the angels, saints and the blessed experience a great celestial celebration, since one hundred years ago, your Heavenly Mother came here to establish peace and the end of war.

The third secret of Fatima, revealed to the shepherds, represented the end of a cycle and the beginning of another with the call to prayer of the Holy Rosary and repentance through an act of penitence and reparation.

The call was not widely accepted, and only the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart taking place in the 1980's produced a break in the universal dominance of the adversary over the great world and human forces.

If that request of Mine had not been concretized, humanity would have experienced a third war even worse than the previous ones. That consecration benefited the whole world, and peace was able to expand for some time more in all the human race.

In the countdown to an end time, and after one hundred years of prayers, repentance and of penitence of devotees and good believers who embodied the message of Fatima, today, fully into the XXI century, a century full of innovations, modernities and intelligent destruction on the part of human beings, this cycle of peace began to decline, and the great planetary crisis among the peoples and the nations exploded, generating a great imbalance in the scales of the Law.

For the Eternal Father, this meant a new and possible divine intervention so that a worse world imbalance not occur in humanity. Thus, your Heavenly Mother returned to Medjugorje, and for more than thirty years, prepared Europe, Asia and Oceania for the moment they were to face.

On the other hand, given the grave psychic and material crisis the planet is experiencing in these times, which is reflected on all the life of the spirit, the Will of God went further, and He decided that the Mother and ever Virgin Mary would appear in the south of the Americas, in a remote place in the north of Uruguay, to deliver a prophetic and preparatory message, thus indicating what She symbolizes for humanity: the Aurora of the dawn in the life of each being.

So it was that, with all care and, at the same time, with all the difficulties, the Mother of God prepared to respond to the divine request of appearing regularly during a cycle in that distant place of Aurora so that, through strong and symbolic universal revelations, humanity would be able to find a path by which to return to God, and thus be redeemed through the reconciliation that the Heavenly Mother lovingly was offering the world.

After all this, the situation became worse in various regions of the planet, the objective of the adversary was concretized and a great wave of persecution of Christians began. Much innocent blood began to run through the world, and the crisis between religions and cultures became worse up to this time.

Once again, the Mother of the Most High Father came to the world and to humanity to intercede, in a cycle where the precarious situation of the human race is rapidly falling apart.

For this reason, your Heavenly Mother returned to Europe to be present among the multitudes and the Holy Father, on this 13th of May of 2017, which will mark a before and an after in hearts open to the call of Fatima.

Just like a hundred years ago, the Most Holy Lady of the Rosary returns to the world to give it Her motherly blessing, so as to avoid a serious situation for the whole human gender.

The Voice of Heaven is pronounced today through the words of the Holy Father in the Sanctuary of Fatima, as well as with the presence of thousands and thousands of pilgrims that once again show their doctrines of faith and of love for God in an ecumenical and fraternal sense.

It is for this reason that, on this 13th of May, at the doors of the Kingdom of Fatima, your Heavenly Mother will expand Her Divine Consciousness in order that a large part of the planet and of humanity will receive the spiritual, inner and human relief they need so much.

For everyone, this event will mean the expression and the descent of powerful celestial codes which the eternal Virgin Mary, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, will pour out over the psychic consciousness of the planet, thus generating an epicenter of love and of positive energy for all the world.

It is for this reason that, on this day, your Heavenly Mother asks that each prayerful and devoted heart remain united with Her, so that the greatest number of souls and of needy consciousnesses may experience this event.

For all My children, I leave the warmest vows of service and of union with the Divine Plan.

Let Fatima, as essence of peace, be reborn in all hearts!

Who blesses and loves you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Oporto, Portugal to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

This time, with My arrival in Fatima, I will bring the Humility of God to the world, an essence that could prevent many things within and outside of beings.

The Humility of God is that which the Celestial Mother will try to sow within the hearts that will open to experience this mystery, which makes all things simpler and truer. 

I wish, dear children, that your hearts, in this time and inside the Sanctuary of Fatima, could perceive the Humility of God; so that many, many souls may be touched by this Gift that will change each being into that which it really came to express. 

Without humility in daily life, it is not possible to build the bridges to God; humility is what grants the soul the possibility of resignation, which helps to bring more awareness and care when it comes to making decisions in life.  

Humility allows us to cultivate a fraternal spirit, capable of understanding and accepting peers just as their consciousness is, regardless of their conditions or miseries. 

The Humility of God will help you to know your inner world in a conscious and true way. 

Think about humility and live it before it is too late. 

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children:

I would like the Peace of God, so necessary for the world, to remain latent and alive in each human heart in order to realize the work of redemption led by My Son.

My children, it is in this way that I guide you towards My Son for you to be able to recognize His Love and His Mercy, important affluents for all the souls of the world.

I would like your lips not to get tired of professing the greatness of the Love of God and of all He realizes through His Infinite Grace. The greatest testimony of your lives is the conversion of the heart, there is registered the triumph of the Plan of God in each human consciousness.

I encourage you every day to rekindle the aspiration of living a fast conversion, because not only your consciousnesses will see themselves benefited, but also the whole of humanity in some proportion will receive this spiritual Grace.

Therefore, truly work every day for this conversion. Thus you will see this crystalline flame that leads all souls and guides them to meet again with the Celestial Father, be born in the horizon of your inner universe. Take courage and say, “Yes, Father, I accept redemption!”

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who loves you from the Heart of Fatima, Inner Sanctuary,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children:

Making My feet alight on the Kingdom of Fatima, I return to this place and on this day to reignite in the world its original purity.

I return to bring peace to the world and a greater time of mercy.

I return to awaken in My children the Love of God and the inner compassion that must exist among consciousnesses.

My children, from the Kingdom of Fatima I proclaim the greatness of the Mercy of God, since He is placing again on the path all those who had lost it from sight.

Dear children, it is an infinite joy to be able to return to the House of Lis, the Inner Sanctuary that brings new divine codes to the consciousnesses.

Therefore, My children, with your hearts wide open travel again though each space of this great planetary Sanctuary for the angels to deposit in your essences this sacred energy. And those who cannot be present here, place your hearts between My hands for Me, Your Heavenly Mother, to be able to lift them towards the House of the Celestial Father.

Dear children, may your hearts throb in Lis-Fatima so that at the end of all, the Project of My Beloved Son may be fulfilled.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Mother of all the children of the world and from Heaven I bring you the peace that is possible to live in these times. This is why I am here, dear children, so that you may believe in this; because in spite of what happens in humanity and in all hearts, My task continues to be completed. I open the Heavens so that your hearts are able to rise up toward Me and thus enter the Heart of God, Who with ardent love awaits you to give you shelter in His Spirit and in His Divinity

Dear children, I come to Madrid with the same mission as two years ago. The Guadalupana must now travel through each province of Spain and must reach the hearts that are unknown to you. Because if you go on this pilgrimage with Me, carrying the holy image, hearts will seek it because they have lost faith in God and they need to regain it. This is why I am here, dear children, to make this request of you, because from the heart of Spain it is possible that this task may begin.

And thus you will find souls that will need to live through prayer, will need to learn how to pray and know how to connect with God. You who already live within My School of Prayer will know how to do it and how to teach it, because I will inspire you in the Power of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. In this way, dear children, you will gradually come to know the Gifts of God that are waiting to descend upon humanity and upon the simple hearts that open to find the path of consecration to the Plan of the Most High.

Today I come here to unite what is separate between consciousnesses, just as the song says. I come to establish in your essences the new humanity, something that today you will not be able to understand, dear children, but which you will build little by little inside of yourselves, taking the steps in the Plan of the Lord and in the redemption that My Son offers you in this time. Thus, dear children, you will never be alone; no matter how much you feel you are losing your inner strength, My Heart will always support you. I am that sacred hand that reaches out to you so that you can take hold of it firmly and feel safe on this path of conversion, of complete transfiguration of your lives.

Spain must be the Reign of My Immaculate Heart, because united with Portugal, it will be able to radiate peace to the whole European continent and beyond. You know, dear children, that you can count on the Sanctuary of Lis and also on the Sanctuary of Medjugorje. But it is still not enough; there are still hearts that have not repented and that do not find the path to My Son.

I come to show you the pathway that takes you to the Heart of the Celestial Father and this will cease to be a theory or something that is so invisible for you. Dear children, I need you to form as My columns, as I have told you once before, and to keep strengthening your spiritual life so that I may be near you and guide you along this path of end of times amidst the darkness and obscurity that the world lives.

I want this image to be a portal of peace, because for this I have consecrated it for each one of you and for your brothers and sisters on the path. As Guadalupe, I fulfill an important task in the United States, and I also fulfill it here, because from here I left to manifest in the Americas and come to be known as the Mother of the Americas and Mother of all the peoples.

I inspired the apostles of Christ when they evangelized and preached throughout this region, so that they might make My Gospel known, which is the deepest story of the Mother of God with Jesus Christ, Your Lord; so that they might make My silent work known and so that it might be witnessed by each one that heard it. This story reached Guadalupe, in a corner of this great Spain, and from there I was known to the world when My sacred face of the Mother of all the races showed itself to the Americas; thus reminding the white man of the union with all the peoples through unity and love, which at that time in Guadalupe I came to institute by order of God so that the peoples of Europe might have an opportunity in this final time, in this time of purification, in this time of transition.

Your hearts have been self-summoned for this and have not ceased to fulfill what I have requested in this work of expanding the light of My Heart throughout the world and especially in Europe. My mission with you, dear children, must go beyond frontiers and nations. You must reach those closed hearts that do not want to know Jesus nor draw closer to God. There is no method for doing it, nor one rule; transmit the love of your hearts, the love you feel for Me, and thus I will work. And when you gather together to pray with your brothers and sisters, with those who are unknown to you, they will be able to be converted by My Love and will find the peace that they seek so much. Dear children, I expect this of you in this time. This is why I have come here to Madrid, so that you may effect a renewal of your vows with the Celestial Father and with the Plan of redemption of My Beloved Son and of My Immaculate Heart.

The next step for Europe is to disseminate the love of Saint Joseph and the transformation that this holy man lived while being human, being a simple and true man. Thus I want, dear children, to create in you and in these peoples of Europe a new human being, and leave behind the old human being who has closed themselves off from transformation and from renunciation. Saint Joseph will be the Mediator that will guide you along this path.

If you disseminate Our Lady of Guadalupe, you will know how to disseminate the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, because in truth I tell you, dear children, that here in Spain there are still simple souls that feel God in their hearts but do not know how to connect with Him. The souls that are closed are My preferred souls; they are the ones I aspire to find through your hands and your services in union with My Son, with His Sacred Heart.

There is still much to be done here and it is time for your hearts to grow in this task and not be afraid of taking the steps, just as your brothers and sisters have done so in other parts of the world, definitely surrendering to live the Plan of God and to cooperate in the salvation of this humanity and of all the Kingdoms of Nature, which are so assaulted.

Dear children, I am in communion with you all the sainted days of life. And in each moment that you pray to My Heart, I can strengthen you so that you can live this Project that is so unknown to the world, which is the Project of love and of redemption.

Today I hover over you, dear children, because I love you; I love you in the eternal joy of My Immaculate Heart that pours Its Graces over My children so that they can stand firm and sure on the path that I invite them to follow. I am Your Mother of Peace, I am Your Mother of Love, Mother of Confidence, Mother of Consecration and of Hope, I am the one who lifts you up when you fall, I am the one who cheers you up when your hearts are sad or when you are confused by My adversary.

Unite with Me through the Holy Rosary and contemplate, as you have done today, each divine mystery of My Son. Thus your hearts will be custodians of the codes of the Celestial Universe, which will be indispensible in these times and for all of humanity. As I know, dear children, that not all will receive these codes that will help transform the world, the very few that will received them will have the great responsibility of being consistent with them and of expanding them in love and in joy throughout the world.

Your guardian angels are confident that you will be able to do it; count on them in this work of co-redemption that you live with Me and in union with My Son. It is because of this that I come to prepare you for the end time and so that you never forget this moment in which Heaven touches your hearts and lives to renew them and provides the impulse to give a little more in honor to God, Who contemplates you in this hour with gentleness and full attention through My Immaculate Heart.

Feel, dear children, how alive My Peace is, and beyond being non-material, it is felt and pulses in the heart that opens to receive it. Seek the gifts of charity and of the good and you will be on the right path. Do not seek personal realization, but rather the completion of the works in humanity through the Sacred Hearts. Thus, dear children, as Your Patron of Guadalupe and of all of Spain, in the silence we will be able to achieve the redemption of millions of souls that are submerged in the chaos of this world and in the superficiality of material life. My adversary has undertaken closing these hearts, but today I am giving you the master key, which is the key of your hearts, the key of love and of trust in God, because the heart that is patient, dear children, gains everything.

Let us pray now, dear children, for humanity.

And here, dear children, before the Altars of God, today you offer Me the greatest testimony of Truth and of redemption for the hearts of the world, through the precious Blood and the divine Body of Your Lord, Who having poured out all the codes of rehabilitation for hearts and spirits, through this bread and this wine will today become present through transubstantiation. The angels of the Universe united to My Heart and in adoration, will convert these elements in glory to the Celestial Father. When you drink of the Blood of Christ, drink for those who do not drink the precious blood of Our Lord, and when you commune, dear children, commune for those who offend Him and deny Him in this time.

You will sing to Our Lady of Guadalupe just as you have done, so that My Face may unify all the races and all the peoples in the spirituality of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call and I love you!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Remember, in this time, the Portal towards Heaven that My Immaculate Heart once opened in Fatima; a Portal of Peace and Redemption for all humanity; a Portal of Faith and Hope for all My children.

This is why today, My children, in the face of so many chang- es in humanity, I ask you to return in consciousness and with the heart towards the Marian Sanctuary of Fatima, Portugal, and from there may you see My Peace arise again for all the world.

Each Marian Center consecrated to My Immaculate Heart is seen from Heaven as a little piece of My Maternal Dwelling upon the Earth, as the Presence of the Most High among His beloved children, the creatures.

Therefore, dear children, raise your eyes towards the Portal of Peace, which represents My Immaculate Heart, and see in yourselves, the Love of the Redeemer being born.

May each one of My children be a new and renewed portal towards peace and fraternity. May each little child affirm in their life the Merciful presence of Jesus.

Today celebrate, once more, the anniversary of the Apparitions in Fatima.

I ask you all, My children, that you elevate your hearts for all pilgrims and non-pilgrims, for all those who live in faith and for those who have lost it, for all those who commune with My Son and for all those who forget Him.

Dear children, may each one of you today carry Fatima, the Inner Marian Sanctuary, in each one of your hearts. May your lives be uplifted again before the Light of the Father so that the essences may find the way of forgiveness and love.

My children, on this day, carry the Peace that My Maternal Heart once poured in Fatima and may this encounter with your inner sanctuary, with the House of God, permit you to recognize what the true state is that My Love wants each one of you to live in this time.

My children, with reverence, I tell you: awaken to this last call that My voice pronounces to the world, a call that speaks to you of the opportunity of redemption that your hearts can live and a celestial call that promises you a truthful encounter with My Immaculate Peace.

As the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, I bless you all every day and I say to My little ones: Let us pray for the inner peace of each one of My children!

Celebrate with Me the presence of Fatima: the Marian Center of Love.

I thank you for responding to My call every day!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

In My sweet stars you will find the guideline that I come to announce to the world. They are as the loadstar of Bethlehem for each of My children, because the stars are as the dawn and the bright light for those who must revive to life in Christ.

Dear children, with immense delight I bring you to the Heart of My Son, who must be loved and venerated daily by this humanity.  In this way this preparation will allow you to receive the coming of the Redeemer for the second time to this humanity.

With all this dear children, today I want to invite you to contemplate the Merciful Face of the Living God through the presence of My Son and so that you may also witness the presence of the Most Beloved Heart of God through My Immaculate Heart.

Know dear children, that in My stars you may see the new dawn, the long years of peace, that promise written in the Heart of God the Father for all My children.

In the adorable and venerable Heart of Christ you will find the safe path that will lead you to the Kingdom of God.

Humanity may with prayer, remedy the past and the suffering that it has gestated for a long time.  Now My Marian soldiers must express hope and redemption for all those who still do not have them.

Also today I announce dear children, that My monthly presence for the days of May 12th and 13th, again in the re-emerging and beloved Portugal, will end on May 14th, with a pilgrimage of all those present in the apparitions to the Sanctuary of Fatima and Aljustrel.  In this exercise you will be as many other children relieving My Immaculate Heart and repairing the Justice promised to Europe.  The angel of the Lord will help you and He will consider this humble offer as on behalf of all.

Thank you children for replying My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


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