Wednesday, May 24 of 2017

Daily Messages
Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Lisbon, Portugal to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Unity, a stronghold against evil

Unity first emerges from the higher universes of consciousness, directly from the Source of Creation, known spiritually by the name Abba.

That powerful energy of higher Unity is what has allowed, as a gift and as a principle, the manifestation of the universes and, from there, all the planes, from the spiritual to the material.

Unity is born of the non-material Source of God, for it is nurtured by the essence of Love.

If Love, which is unique and invincible, did not exist, it would be impossible to generate a unity of purpose.

This stream of Unity, which is born from the Primordial Source, is similar to a cosmic electricity, a positive fire that helps to unite the molecules or particles of Creation through a unique vibration based on Love and on Truth.

As Unity descends as a principle, on the different planes of consciousness, all that is created can contact it.

But Unity is part of a spiritual and non-intellectual science that give impulse to a spirit of cooperation and adherence among those that seek their Source.

In the Material Universe, specifically on this planet and in this humanity, Unity as an energy is in the background.

For this reason, Christ came to the world two thousand years ago so that humanity could disconnect from indifference and become connected with Unity; a principle that, during the Passion of Jesus, was one of the factors that defeated the adversary.

Unity is capable of concretizing the Plan in matter through a spirit of fellowship that souls can conceive of within themselves.

When spiritual Unity is absent in some way, for example, from a group of souls that have and are accomplishing the same purpose and mission, the vibration of Unity moves into the background, because there is a prevalence of personal rather than collective decision in the consciousnesses. Then the spirit of the Purpose is lost and becomes unachievable.

In this acute stage of the planet, in which personal realization, the accomplishing of individual goals, and a concern with the self are highly stimulated, the spirit of Unity weakens when interfered with by states of arrogance, pride and power.

This has repercussions in consciousnesses at the moment of their making delicate decisions in their lives, within a work or a spiritual purpose, because of not being connected with the Source, with the true essence that created them. The sense of Unity begins to withdraw from everybody, to the point of becoming almost unachievable.

It is thus that, from that moment, other situations begin to emerge; and what before was flexible, becomes rigid, tense and difficult.

The adversary has taken care of astutely instilling a state of ownership, of control in this humanity, and that souls only care about their lives and nothing else.

This corrupt mechanism of indifference, generated in the whole human consciousness, will be one of the great beasts of the Apocalypse that must be defeated by the Woman clothed in the Sun.

We are on the path for this to take place; for this reason, the planet will be stirred up in all senses and in every possible way, in order to remove this state of superficiality from the human consciousness.

There is still time, in the planetary clock, for souls to manage to set aside the world indifference and let themselves be permeated by the powerful principle of Unity, which will allow them to strive all the time against the traps and the plays that their own consciousnesses present them with.

Unity is a very important stronghold, for when it is truly present, nothing bad can happen.

So as to not leave the sacred spirit of Unity, you must watch yourselves, as well as your intentions and motives in the forefront; this will protect you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace