Thursday, May 24 of 2018

Vigils of Prayer
Apparition of the Virgin Mary during the Vigil of Prayer for Peace in the Nations, in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil; to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

I come in the name of My Son to give you thanks for your pleas through the novena you are doing to the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph.

I have come from the Cosmos to tell you this so that you know that your Heavenly Mother is with you, as She is with the world, in so much need of Love and of Light.

I come to make your lives shine through prayer, so that you may become pillars of Light for this world and carry that Light to the world where It is most needed, where they cry out the most.

I thank you for this novena, because the doors are opening and hearts are managing to be sincere.

Even though you do not understand in depth the Purpose of God, your Heavenly Mother, through Her Love, will make you understand all things with simplicity and humility.

For that reason, continue praying until the end of the Novena of Saint Joseph so that the Most Chaste Heart may also bestow His Graces on Europe and Africa.

The planetary needs are great, and the emergencies in these times are many.

I ask you, My children, to continue praying for Peace in the nations, as you have been doing: week after week, bead by bead, and heart with heart, igniting that Light of My Love in the world through the powerful Rosary.

With all of this, I ask you to continue forward, so that you may continue renewing yourselves through the times, in spite of the very serious things that occurr in the world.

My trust, children, is in you, in each moment of prayer that you offer to My Immaculate Heart, so that deep and inner wounds may be dispelled from the Heart of you Mother, and thus, from the heart of Her children who seek peace.

I come to meet you with all the stars of the Cosmos. I come to visit you with great angelic consciousnesses to untie the knots of these times, so that souls may find peace, live the spirit of solidarity and of cooperation with their peers, knowing that everything may be overcome through Love. There is no other path.

While the world does not learn to love, there will be no peace. The more you dare to practice the exercise of the love of the heart, the greater the possibilities that will exist for millions of souls to learn to live the path of Love.

Through this school of prayer that you live with Me every day, especially in the prayer for Peace in the nations, all the beads that are counted and offered grant inexplicable Graces to the whole world; things that perhaps you will not see in this time, but you will see occur in the near future, when your Heavenly Mother is no longer at your side to visit you and is only in Heaven, ardently desiring that you live My instruction, the instruction of My Son and that of Saint Joseph, so that this Work may continue forward, as it is written in the Heart of God.

Meanwhile, My children, I invite you to continue to truly love, to put love into practice in each detail, as with each sibling that approaches your lives, seeking a little of the restoring love, seeking a little of the healing and consoling love, that only emerges from the Source of the Holy Spirit and from the souls that unite with Him.

The Work that will be carried out by your Heavenly Mother in Europe is important. For that reason, each collaboration is essential, no matter how small it may seem. But I know that there are souls that can help Me more and you know that what I say to you is true.

The Mother of God does not flaunt riches, but rather the good for all of Her children, irrespective of their nation, religion or belief.

I want you to learn, My children, together with Me, that all can be one for, by achieving that spiritual unity, God will be in you and you will be in God, living His Kingdom; in spite of the events of these times, of the purifications or of the tests.

I invite you every day to be part of the Great Brotherhood, the Great Brotherhood that is in Heaven and also those who are in the interior of the planet and that with their silence, carry forward great Works in the world for the liberation of the planet and of humanity, for the redemption of souls, for Peace in all the peoples.

I invite you every day to link up with that great Brotherhood and to continue igniting the Confederated Star in your breasts, which will lead you on the path of Light, of ascension and of the good.

Very deep and unknown Laws of the Universe may be able to transform your lives and the lives of your siblings, and it will no longer be necessary to suffer, My children. I want the pain and the suffering to stop in the world. I want souls to know the true joy of serving God. What I call spiritual happiness, that is not in this world but in the Universe, in the Universal Life and in Knowledge; in faith, in service and mainly, in gratitude.

I want to lead you, dear children, to the Kingdom of God every day, so that you may dare to bring the Kingdom of God to the Earth and many, many more things in the world may continue to be transformed.

This is the ardent desire of your Celestial Mother, of your humble and serving Mother, untiring and eternal, Who comes to call Her children throughout time so that more lives may awaken to their true spiritual life.

While this does not happen, I will continue coming to the world. I will continue giving impulse to the awakening of consciousnesses, responding to the request of Christ and of the Celestial Father; with you and in you. As a Mother, I will be able to do many more things.

There is still much to do, My children. There is much to materialize and express within this Work of planetary Love and of Redemption that is traveling through the world and the nations, simply to sow Peace and hope.

Today I bring the Ray of hope to the world so that souls may recognize it and live it. Knowing that each one of My children has so many virtues and gifts to serve God, so as to be able to awaken and recognize in themselves what not even souls fully know.

Thus, I come to give you an impulse and to motivate you, to awaken your talents, virtues and gifts. Because Christ will come to call you and He will ask you for your virtues and talents, as well as for all of your gifts, so that you may be at His service at the time of His great Return to the world.

You, My children, are being called like your Celestial Mother, to be mediators of the heart and of the word; to seek in all things and in all of your siblings the spirit of the good; to see the good in your siblings, rather than evil; that which is positive, radiant and elevated in each consciousness that holds the inner Christ within.

Promote the awakening of the inner Christ in this time and the planet will be repopulated with sublime divine energies, which will be attracted by the children of God, not only as pillars of Light, but also as mirrors of His Divine Consciousness.

I invite you, My children, to recreate this planet and this humanity together. To teach the path of Love and of Service again through the humanitarian missions, the pilgrimages, the choirs, through everything that may be able to express the Love of God in the world.

Thus, this Work is for everyone and is broader than it seems and is. You, My children, have the key of My trust in order to do it, following the steps of the Spiritual Hierarchy in obedience and in the good, so that all may remain on its path, just as I ardently hope it to be fulfilled.

I come to thank you this evening for your loving collaboration, all those that are generating the next mission of peace in Europe and Africa through prayer and collaboration.

You do not even know, My children, what will happen on that continent and all that the Divine Messengers will do in each nation They will visit, just as in each place where They will go in order to sow the Peace and the Mercy that you have had the Grace of knowing during these last times.

Through the collaboration and the building of this next mission, I invite you to continue to ardently be those who pray and are merciful with those more ignorant, that are distracted and full of illusions with everything the world offers them.

Everything you do on Earth you will also be building it in Heaven. On the last day of your lives, you will know and become aware of all that you did for the love of God.

Everything you weave on Earth you will also be weaving it in Heaven, and the Universe will keep a memory of your actions and of your works of good for humanity.

Today I will rise up to Heaven in profound serenity, knowing that My children have understood, beyond words, the call of Heaven.

Be propagators of the good that I bring you today, so that the planet may be filled with Light and with Mercy until the Divine Messengers finish completing Their Mission in humanity.

On this evening, My Children, I want your hearts to be covered in hope so that healing may be established in humanity, the good may reach many more lives in the world and be touched by the Grace of God, by His Infinite Mercy.

I come to bring Peace not only to Brazil, but also to the world. This meeting has helped this to happen.

In Love and in the Good, I bless you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I thank you for responding to My call.

May this place be always covered in hope, so that hope may transform the world and all the consciousnesses may be touched by the Ray of the Hope of God.

I thank you.