In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I Am the Lady of the Star of Carmel of Garabandal, and today, after such a long time, I Am here to give continuity to My Message after it was neither heard nor accepted.

But this Message that I once brought to Garabandal, to this blessed place of God, keeps resounding, keeps reverberating within the hearts that believe in Me.

Because you know, My children, that My intention is to guide and lead you toward God. My intention is not to cause you fear nor any disturbance. My intention is that you may be aware and responsible, that you may be capable of recognizing the Call of God and fulfilling it, just as I once tried to do here in Garabandal.

After these important events that the visionaries experienced here with Me in this village, your Heavenly Mother returns, at the request of Christ, as the Lady of the Star of Carmel of Garabandal, so that a divine and inner union may take place between souls and God, between Heaven and Earth, between what is known and what is unknown.

This was the main intention of your Heavenly Mother, not only to warn the Church of the imminent danger that it was going through at that time.

The Warning of God was so that it could awaken you and, when you became awakened, you could correct it, but many denied it because they did not have the heart nor the door open to hear Divine Truth, which stirred many hearts of the Church, to the point that they wanted to bury My Presence here in this place.

Now that, throughout the times, the Message of Garabandal has become known and must keep being known by many more hearts of the whole world, this is the reason why I Am here, because it is urgent for Me that this Message be fulfilled, a Message that calls you to repentance, to a true correction, not only of life, but also of the feeling of the heart, a call that brings you the impulse toward ascension, toward the discovery of the Immaterial Laws that, in this humble place of Garabandal, acted and avoided many things.

For this reason, the events in Garabandal were so impactful and, as I told one of My visionaries, this contrary movement that took place here, of denying the Presence of the Mother of God and of the Archangel Michael, and also of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, would bring to many consciousnesses the energy of denial, even after having seen all they had seen.

It was something similar to what My Son lived when, at the doors of Jerusalem, He was received, honored and recognized just for a moment; as many of those who recognized and glorified Him then denied Him afterward, hurt Him and even spat on Him.

Do you now understand, beloved children, the feeling of the Mother of God, what Her Immaculate Heart feels about Her children who, having lived the events of Garabandal, left them behind, forgotten and lost in time and space?

For this reason, I Am here to relive the Message, and, although the events in the world have changed since 1961, there are situations that still have not been solved within the Catholic Church.

The attempt of correction has been made many times through the intervention and help of the current Pope, who also had difficulties to revive this Church, as it has been marked and hit by the last events of these times, which were also announced here, in Garabandal, by the very Lady of the Star of Carmel, and which, at that time, were neither heard nor recognized.

Can you now understand how My Heart feels?

I Am the Mother of the priests, of all priests throughout the world, not only of the Catholic priests. Priesthood is something vaster, not only in Theology, it is something deeper within the spirit, in the true consciousness that knows how to reconnect with God.

A consciousness that prays, a heart that adores, a soul that communes with the Body and Blood of Christ lives an exercise of inner priesthood, and this is why this exercise is  persecuted so much, and hit by My enemy.

Through Garabandal, and above all through My last Message that I left here in Garabandal, that if true repentance were not to come to be within the Church, a division would take place. This is nothing new for God, and I believe that it is nothing new for any of you.

I do not come with a Message to create division, dissent or separation, I come to tell you what is truly happening so that someone may internally take charge of this, because My Son has asked me for this, and it is not sufficient for this situation of the Church to be transmuted or liberated with only the current Pope.

Those who claim to be more consecrated to the Heart of My Son, in the different degrees of consecration and union with God, are those who always need divine help the most. For this reason, I Am here, once again in Garabandal, so that My Voice may be heard, My Presence may be recognized, My Love may be felt by all.

And now that the times urge, and that the Message of Garabandal has been fulfilled by a lack of more repentance, I invite you, My beloved children, to place this situation in your prayers, because My enemy wants to continue hitting the priestly life throughout the world, to the point that he also wants to hit and interfere with the devoted hearts, faithful to My Son, who live their inner life through the priests, because then, in that case, they would lose faith in the priests, because what is lived in priestly life is disproportionate to what truly happens in the hearts of My priests.

For this reason, I invite you to pray with greater fervor so that, in spite of the sorrow of the Mother of the World for what Her own eyes see at this moment, may this situation be healed and relieved, may the souls of the priests and of the believers be strengthened so that they never lose true union with God.

For this reason, your shelter and refuge will always be in the Sacraments and especially in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, in which your hearts, souls and spirits will be able to empty themselves on communing with Christ through a true Confession that may purify your hearts, so that the planet may be purified and those forces of evil, which dominate the planet and the human consciousness of the Earth, may be liberated at this moment, and the doors of the Light may keep opening so that souls  may cross them and, thus, become a part of the Kingdom of God.

In Garabandal, since 1961, the Lady of the Star of Carmel of Garabandal has come with the aim of avoiding this situation that is taking place today because from the moment that My Word and My Presence were denied, an obstacle was put for the Mother of God, which was not an impediment for Me to carry out My task, but rather it was the great moment, beyond what happened in this humble place, so that each one of My children might hear My deep silence, so that, through the silence of My Heart, they might realize that they were far from God.

For this reason, what exists here in Garabandal, in its simplicity, but also in its beauty, remains alive through the light of the hearts that come here to pray with Me and that keep in their memory all that was lived in Garabandal, which is not limited to this place or this village, but rather the impulse brought by My Universal Heart have opened great inner, angelic and divine doors, so that assistance might come for humanity.

I aspire that someday Garabandal may keep flourishing as the Marian Center that it represents, and so that more souls can come to receive the Laws of Healing that your Heavenly Mother left deposited here with the loving and obedient assistance of the angels.

For this reason, when you come to Garabandal, or when you unite to Garabandal through the prayer of the heart, wherever you may be, know that you will be received by the angels so that your souls may live the healing that they so much need and the reconciliation that they so much expect.

Today, I come here in a modest way. Today, I come here in a simple, humble way, close to My children, because these are the times of emergency.

My arrival in the world, through the different Apparitions, has a greater cause, and Garabandal must not be just one more Apparition on this planet, because the Divine Hierarchy and all the universe do not waste the impulses of the universe, especially those that come directly from the Divine Source.

Do you now understand the vastness of the task of Garabandal, which has not finished being concretized nor being carried out?

It will always be through the pilgrim hearts, through the simple and humble souls, that the Message of Garabandal will remain alive in the inner worlds, and this will grant that the task of Garabandal may keep being fulfilled, that the Angels of the Mother of God and all Her Celestial Hosts may keep intervening and helping humanity, from what Garabandal represents for the whole world.

If anyone, at this moment or in this crucial time, needs to make a decision that might change their life, let them feel the Light of Garabandal.

If anyone is before an obstacle without a way out, with an unresolved disease, in a vast, arid and painful crisis, let them feel in their heart the Light of Garabandal.

If anyone has still not managed to recognize within themselves the simplicity of life, the necessary humility and unconditional service, let them feel in their heart the Light of Garabandal.

If anyone has not yet understood the Message of the Divine Hierarchy throughout the times and if their mind is an obstacle or a prison, let them feel within their heart the Light of Garabandal. Because Garabandal, just like other holy places that I have visited, will lead you not only to peace, but will also lead you to cross the portal of forgiveness and reconciliation that the world needs.

If your hearts position themselves before Garabandal in penance, I assure you, My children, that Garabandal will work through you and the Angels of God will help you.

May the Stars of the Virgin of Carmel illuminate your paths so that you may always find the truth within, and thus your lives may be the extension and the living expansion of the Message of Garabandal.

Be brave and follow the path of the Call, for all those children of Mine who do not do so nor live it, especially for those who deny the Mother of God.

I leave you My blessing, and invite you to be forerunners of the Message of Garabandal.

You do not know how much I thank you for this moment, for all those who unite to this moment in spite of the distance, because this allows My Immaculate Heart to triumph internally and keep as many souls as possible under My Mantle.

Let the Light of Garabandal always shine in those who believe in it, because by loving the unknown, you will someday be blessed to receive the revelation of Garabandal, which must still be fulfilled.

Go in Peace, in the Peace of My Son, so that the Message of Garabandal may be fulfilled within you, and the reconciliation of souls may be a reality on the surface, so that reconciliation, repentance and penitence may justify the grave errors of the world, especially those that take place through wars, through those who are displaced, who are oppressed, the elderly people, those forgotten, the miserable and those who are discarded throughout the whole world.

I thank you for responding to My call, you who are filled today with the blessing of Garabandal, of the Lady of the Star of Carmel.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Special Apparitions

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I am the Mother of the World, I am the Mother of the Mountains.

And today you are here, in this place, as a part of this humanity, representing the entire race, all souls and consciousnesses that are at some point of this climbing of the mountain; a moment when the climbing becomes harder and more difficult for all, because this is a moment of inflection, when a change, not only in the consciousness, but also in what is material, has to take place.

But while the world, that is, the human race, does not silence and go inwards, the Plan of Rescue will not be fulfilled.

At the end of this year, I not only come with all the Grace of God to again bless you  and be with you, but I also come with a warning Message, but also with a Message of awakening. This is the time to cross the great portal of salvation and rescue that the Hierarchy is presenting to you.

We know that not all listen to Our Words, that not all practice Our Messages, that very few are the example of a Christic and fraternal life upon the surface of the Earth. But today, I do not come to point out your mistakes, your faults or your traumas. Today, I come to ask you to keep climbing up this mountain, because at the top lies your liberation.

There you will find My Son, the Resurrected, the Resplendent, the True Christ that up until now no one has known. At the top of the mountain you will recognize His true Face, and you will deeply know where He comes from and what was the reason for Him to be created.

He used an image for everyone to be able to understand, but, in His Heart, and, above all, in His Spirit, in His Divinity, God was there. It was so that the world might understand His Message of salvation and the announcement that the Kingdom of God lives and dwells within each being.

Now, all religions must also be rescued and elevated again, because, in these times of tribulation, the consciousnesses lose the sense of their spirituality.

I call upon you to be attentive, I call upon you to be vigilant, I call upon you to be collaborators of peace and of the good within this humanity. Even if the acts carried out are small and insignificant, I invite you and call upon you to keep doing them.

All the good that can be generated in this human race will relieve the chaos of these times and will allow the Armageddon, the great door of the Apocalypse, to be more transitory for all, and not more painful, as it has been up until today.

In this way, those who take advantage of the marginalized, those who take advantage of the poorest, extracting the goods that God sends to them so that they may survive and remake their lives, cause them to live in global injustice. Therefore, the Hierarchy gathers, at this moment, to also work upon those very material situations, although it does not seem to be so.

But the state of consciousness, of the awakening and discernment of each being, will give them the wisdom they need to continue forward.

I come here, once again, as a Messenger of God, because, together with you, I am climbing this sorrowful mountain, which is the corrupt consciousness of humanity, it is this planetary calvary that all are going through, some with greater impact, and others with greater relief, but if you join My Marian Spirit, My Spirit of Love and Fraternity, many more souls will be touched so that they can awaken and realize that, up to today, they have been asleep.

I also come as the Servant of My Son, the Christ. I come in His Name and at His request, to tell you this Message: do not let yourselves be pushed, at this moment, by the adversities of the world, by all that which the governments do, by the conditioning that souls live in this cycle, although they are submerged and pressed by a global system, but rather, keep moving forward.

May your faith lead you to transcend all these situations.

May your love for the Plan of God lead you to overcome all these situations.

And may you be capable of, at this moment, loving as My Son loved you, up until the Cross, until each moment of His martyrdom, of His flagellation, of His sorrow and of His pain.

Who will offer themselves as a great server of the world, a great humble and peaceful server, to help My Son transmute and internally liberate this planetary situation?

This is why I ask you, My beloved children, not to remain in what is superficial, not to remain in what is material, to be free from yourselves, from the comments, from the judgments, from all that you see, observe and contemplate in this world. Do not be just another weight for the soul of this planet. Relieve the consciousness of nature and all the Lower Kingdoms; because, in this way, justice will be lighter for all.

In this way, the planetary birth is drawing near, the consciousness of the planet shakes and trembles, because it is the time of the awakening, but it is also the time for the purification of this world, of all its evils, adversities and errors that were committed by this race and by all previous civilizations.

For this reason, the Great Celestial Brotherhood is here, in the invisible and silent planes, where peace, sovereignty and truth reign, to guide as many consciousnesses as possible, especially the most asleep and most ignorant.

For this reason, opening up My arms and extending My Hands towards you, I beg you, beloved children, to follow the path of the inner truth. Do not let yourselves be confused and influenced by the spiritualities of these times, you already know and have heard that there is only one Truth, which is My Son. He is the Way, He is the Truth, He is the Life, for each one of you.

What do you most need at this moment?

Keep rowing at this planetary moment, because the boat of My Son must reach a good haven. This boat is formed by all the serving consciousnesses of the world, regardless of their religions or even of their belief.

I need you at another level of consciousness. I need you at the top of the mountain, to be able to glimpse and understand the reality of the world, because if you are at the foot of the mountain, you will be submerged by evil.

Open your eyes, and, above all, open your hearts, so you can feel what I am telling you, because this is a time of great transition, the end of a year that culminates with many defeats, in the consciousness of this world, in the consciousness of humanity, but Faith, Peace, Love, the Light and the Mercy of God have not ceased to descend upon this world.

If these attributes had ceased to descend to the world for the souls that truly pray and make a commitment with Me, day by day, what would have happened, My beloved children?

For a moment, think of all that I am telling you. May My Words not be carried by the wind, as they were many times before. May My Words remain in the heart of each one of you and in the hearts of your brothers and sisters, because in the Word of the Hierarchy, you will find the power for overcoming, the power for the transformation, for the transcendence of these times.

We do not come to ask you for something impossible or unattainable, we come to ask you for what is real and for what is possible, which is a thorough change in your lives.

You have received many gifts, you have received many spiritual treasures, you have received many Graces, and, I could even say, many amnesties and atonements. This is the time for the apostles of My Son, the companions of My Son, to be defined and to live and fulfill what they have come to do in this world.

These are no longer times of theories, these are times for the Teaching to be in the practice, in each detail, in each step taken, day by day.

Thus, you will acquire a mature consciousness, in a quick and surprising way, because My Son needs it to be so. My son needs the virtues and the talents that He left to us so that He can return.

In this way, you will allow, My beloved children, the Work of God to be strengthened in this world, and even in what is insignificant, in order for this humanity to be transformed.

I come with a goal, I come with a purpose, that, more each day, you may grow internally, that in the availability and self-giving of your lives, there may be healing for this world, because, as has happened to many servers throughout the times, someone will always have to give their life for others, give their life for the Plan of God.

At the end of this year, this is what each one is called to think about and meditate upon, to reflect and feel My Words within their heart, Words that only have the mission of elevating you, transcending you, making you ever-more aware and awakened before the reality of this cruel and difficult world.

I know that many times you have thought that your lives and your paths would be different. I am not saying that in your lives happiness or the joy of serving is lacking, even the sharing as a family or as brothers and sisters, I am talking about the inner attitude, the attitude that each one of My children must have at these times. While this is not happening, while this is not fulfilled, while this is not carried out, the Graces will remain kept in Heaven.

You must keep opening the doors of the universe because there are consciousnesses that have decided that they do not want to change, and this is something that only My Son will be able to solve when He returns.

I impel you to enter this coming year of 2022 under the spirit of Divine Wisdom, which leads, guides and concretizes the Aspirations of the Father in the three planes: spiritual, mental and material. May this important network of souls, this important network of light, of love and service, formed by you, expand and nourish as many hearts as possible, which wait for an opportunity.

I leave you My Light and My Peace at this moment, blessing, in this way, the whole world, on this day, on the last day of 2021, so that not only the spiritual principles may be respected by humanity, and also valued and recognized, but also so that the material principals, human dignity, the common good, fraternity and love for your neighbors, the help for the needy, may be the keynote that may motivate the consciousnesses so that the great debt of this world may be placated by the service, love and peace of those who truly give of themselves, and may this also help the religions to give more, and even the non-believers to give, so that they may realize they are children of the Source.

I thank you for having the bravery of listening to My Words, and of making your attention hang on each one of My Words, in each part of My Message.

I am the Mother of the World, the Mother of the New Humanity, the Queen of Aurora.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Take refuge in Me. 

I am a part of your breath and of all your senses, and, even more, of all your inner senses.

Do not fear, dare to cross the oceans of My Consciousness.

You have emerged from a space that is blessed and sacred to Me, which you must aspire to remember.

Do you know this? 

Have faith, because I will always sustain you. 

You are like a little harmless bird upon My Hands. 

I caress you and comfort you with the Light of My Eternal Heart.

Awaken, child! It is time for you to open yourself internally to come to know My deepest mysteries. Do not doubt what I say, be brave and you will manage to do so.

All that I have given you was for you to make Me happy. Each part of My Creation was perfectly thought of to please you and make you feel very close to Me.

In the silence, there I am. In each Lower Kingdom of Nature, there I am. And in the elements, there I am. I ask you: seek Me and you will find Me.

I am beyond what is concrete. I am very close to you, closer than you can imagine.

Draw near to My Creation. All that you see, on this planet and throughout the whole universe, has open arms to receive you.

Be strong, but also be patient. 

Like no other, your Celestial Father knows about the moment that you and His other children are going through.

But where My Love is, there lies My Creation. 

Open your mind and imagine Me. I am something more than what has been written about Me.

My Science is Wisdom and I give this Wisdom to My creatures so that they can imagine Me.

My Love is Compassion. I give My Mercy to My creatures so that they can forgive themselves and others.

You must know that I am not far from all that this humanity and this planet live. 

I also suffer the sorrow of My creatures, but many of My children have moved away from My Love, and, as they moved away from My Love, they moved away from My Truth.

I still have my arms open, and, in silence, I wait for each one of My children so that they may be by My side, together with a Father who has always loved them, with a Love that does not change, with a Love that leads them towards the Truth. 

Today, I am emitting this Message to the inner universe of all My children, because all are My children, without distinction.

This is the time to prepare the arrival of My Beloved Successor, the Christ. 

In Him, I gave you Life. I taught you the Path and I gave you the supreme Truth of the Heart.

Children, do not let yourselves be confused by the world, look within yourselves. 

I am there because that is where My Church is. 

I am in this sacred space to hear you, I am there to attend to you, I can see you, I can feel you, I know about each one of your thoughts.

Do not be afraid, empty yourselves a little more so that My Love and My Light can govern you.

Blessed are those who suffer injustice because they will be comforted.

Blessed are those who are enslaved, exploited and exiled, because, on the final day, they will be recognized and called “blessed saints of the Father."

Those who receive My Mercy, let them rejoice, because the chains and the prisons will break, and the Light of Emmanuel will win.

May your hands always be in prayer with Me so that, beyond everything, we may be in communication, in spirit.

Come to Me, those who feel hopeless, come to Me, the oppressed and those who are tired; because I will console you and bless you with My Spirit, just as My blessed Son Jesus was blessed in the River Jordan.

May your life aspire to be a new sacrament. I offer My reconciliation to you so that you may know that I am Peace.

Walk, with your feet, aware that you follow the path of return to the House of your Father, who art in Heaven, and, within you.

Quench your thirst in My Divine Fount. 

Here is My Name, praised and exalted, so as to raise from the ruins the consciousnesses of My children.

Stay in Me, because I listen to your words.

Your Celestial Father, 


Reserved Apparition of the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace, in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

While the universe opens up before your eyes, never lose peace. My Peace will always comfort you and give you an understanding about these times.

This universe opens up so that you may know it, so that you dare to deepen into it and thus you can find the meaning and the reason for existing within this Creation.

In these universes, there are various realities, and that is where I want to take you, because the world must raise its consciousness. Humanity must transcend its fears and, in this way, find confidence in what exists, in the unknown.

From the universe I bring My Message to all today, because humanity still has to listen to the Word of God, this Word that comes to strengthen you and give you new values so that your souls may be in communion with the universe and with Higher Life.

In order to arrive here, I have crossed many planes of consciousness; you must always keep this in mind. So that I can come to the world and speak to humanity, the universes have to open, the portals have to be expressed and the great path of Light must be built so that I can come to the Earth and present Myself.

It is because of all that happened during August that I, as Mother and Guardian of Faith, come to talk to humanity again. Because there are still children of Mine who do not listen to the Word of God, they only hear it, and this is not enough.

In these times of purification, your consciousnesses must be united with universal life. Thus, the currents of the universe will help you and give you the inner strength you need in order to overcome yourselves.

Everything that is material must be purified. Therefore, this is the time, My children, for you to experience this transcendence, day by day.

This is why I bring the universe to you, so that first you can recognize it within yourselves and then you can express it, even while being in material life, even while living on this planet and within this humanity.

Therefore, your consciousnesses must return to the origin. Not to the origin of errors, of blame, of the incomprehension that perhaps you have lived in the universe or within this school-planet.

You must return to the origin of your truth, to the origin of your essence. There, nothing can be corrupted, because if you are in God, God will be within you and His Word will be fulfilled.

These times are not only definitive times, times of tests, times of confirmation, they are times in which the universe gathers and unites, and so do the hierarchies, in order to help humanity.

The Commands in the universe are very broad, the challenges for humanity are very great. But there is only one reason and motive that keeps everyone here, which is the love for the Project of God. A Project that declined many times and has been distorted throughout the times.

Therefore, My children, now this is not important. What is important is your awakening, and in your awakening will be the evolution of your consciousnesses. And this evolution of your consciousnesses will only be attained through love and surrender.

My Son taught you how to do it. His Instruction is in force and timeless. Whether it wants it or not, humanity must walk towards the portal that will lead you to the Land of the New Christs. And this, My children, is not a theory, it is a reality, it is an aspiration of God, it is a goal.

The more who give up, the less possibilities you will have that all may reach this portal that the universe opens in the consciousness of humanity, and that someday will lead you to an encounter with the Land of the New Christs.

The Love of My Son will allow you to know this path, It will allow you to understand this goal and this aspiration of God.

After August 8, the Eternal Father has not given up, and He will not give up, although the majority of His children have their consciousnesses busy with an inferior and indifferent reality.

The tests come to teach all of you, My children, that it is time to change something, which cannot only stay within the mind as information or part of memory, but that you must practice and apply it within the life of these times.

This is why the universe mobilizes itself and works untiringly. Its cosmic currents, its mirrors of light, its Hierarchies, its universal, mental and divine doors, they all intertwine and interrelate, and through the Rays, they help humanity.

My children, there is a part that the Hierarchy cannot do for you, and it is up to you to do this part.

Your faith in these times must be strengthened just like your confidence in the Plan of God, these are times of incredible situations, never seen before.

But you must not stay in it, in that which is superficial, you must aspire toward that which is non-material, although you do not know it, although you do not understand it, although you do not experience it.

From there will come the help from the Source, just as the non-material Source helps the whole universe, the rest of Creation.

You are in a time that no other humanity has lived. Do you understand now the importance of this moment?

Your lives must be the very message fulfilled, the Word of My Son manifested through redemption and surrender to God.

This will justify, at this moment, all the errors that the world commits, and that humanity carries out, even within a pandemic.

Do not let the Law of Mercy move away, cry for the Mercy of God and trust.

I come to the world to deepen into the awakening, knowing that the universe is there, waiting for those who are self-summoned and for those who stepped back on the path of My Son.

The commitment of each being does not dissolve, as much as their lives change, as much as they move away from the path, because it is an essential commitment, it is something that you carry within yourselves, within your essence, brought by the Non-material Source.

Do you now understand the meaning of this responsibility?

To be with My Son is not a passing or emotional moment; Our Words must be fulfilled in you, because God gives them to you out of love and wisdom.

This will recreate the Creation, and your lives must always undergo a metamorphosis, a constant change, a permanent transformation, because this is where Christ works and carries forward His Plan.

We do not ask you for the impossible, but rather for what is possible, what comes from the heart and renews life.

On behalf of all Hierarchies of the Divine and Universal Plan, I sanctify you and I bless you at this moment so that, stepping out of yourselves, more each day, you may attain the supreme reality, while still living material life.

It is not impossible, it is just a matter of aspiring and wanting it. Higher Life will be there, calling at the doors of your consciousnesses, leading you to awaken and understand the Plan, beyond everything.

May your faith be renewed, may the commitment be remembered by everyone, may the Virtues and the Gifts of God be fulfilled on the surface of the Earth so that the New Humanity may be born.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


A changed heart, repentant of its deepest sins, asked the Lord a question, saying:  "Lord, here I am, trusting in the greatness of Your Love and discovering the Grace of Your forgiveness. Tell me, o Father, how I can be forgiven and loved, and more than that, how can I feel in my heart that I was touched by Your forgiveness?"

And the Lord responded to them, saying: "Beloved you are, little soul, since the first breath of your consciousness, since My Spirit rested upon you and gave you breath and life. Since then, you have been deeply loved.

Forgiven you are, when you embrace the forgiveness and understand that it is not I Who takes it from you, but rather it is you who passes it by and does not see it; it is you who does not reach out your hand to it, because you are occupied with ignorance and with sin.

When you awaken and open your eyes to My infinite Love, you can be touched by My Holy Hands. My Spirit again lifts you up into purity and peace, and it is there where you can find My forgiveness and understand that, in truth, I have always been here.

So, My soul, may your anguish and uncertainty give way to My Love for you, and see that My forgiveness is in front of you, knocking on the door of your heart. Let it enter and transform your inner dwelling."

May this dialogue, children, teach you that staying in sin or in ignorance, or being embraced by Love and Forgiveness, are simply a choice of each being. You are loved from the beginning, children awaited for by your Creator; just open your eyes now and see that before you dwells the Love of God, with patience and hope.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


A soul, sensitized to the urgency of the need for the awakening of humanity, to the urgency of the need to transform and serve, prayed to God, asking Him for more opportunities to serve, more responsibilities and possibilities for acting in His Plan of Love, saying to Him:  "Lord, here is my heart, my spirit, soul, mind, body and feelings; use me for the manifestation of Your Plan. Give me more possibilities for serving, more responsibilities for moving forward with the manifestation of Your Will on Earth. God, do not leave me simply observing the dormancy of humanity, but rather bring me to those places where I am able to serve Your Heart more and more."

And because the Lord knew the sincere momentum of this soul to serve and surrender, with love He said to it:  "Little soul, do not seek just to serve more; seek to serve better. Do not look for opportunities to manifest My Work in great things, because I do not want you to be a martyr in the history of humanity; I do not want you to be a revolutionary soul that will be remembered in the books of this world. I call on you to transform the human condition from the inside out.

I do not call upon you to serve more; rather, I call upon you to serve better, to polish what separates you from Me in each instant of your life. I do not call you to be memorable to humankind, but rather to all of Creation, because My Project is fulfilled when It triumphs within beings, in their consciousnesses, in their souls and in their spirits.

When you serve better in the small things, in the excellence of your surrender, in your love for others, in the sincerity of your prayer, in the transparency of your expression in life, in the living of the Gifts of My Spirit, it is then, little soul, that great work is accomplished.

When you serve better, you will naturally serve more; because the energy itself of life will lead you to greater responsibilities, which will not always be material, but many times, it will be inner, hidden and invisible to the eyes of humankind, because the attention of human beings is on the outer, but the gaze of the Universe is on what is done in the essence of humankind, for it is in this way that My Plan manifests.

For this reason, little soul, let your momentum to serve always be alive, leading you to serve better, more deeply, more sincerely, in a pure and transparent way, in service that occurs within your heart, between your heart and Mine; and My Will shall be fulfilled in you."

May this dialogue teach you, children, to fulfill the Will of God in a sincere and complete way, and to serve Him better each time, from the inner to the outer.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When God shows His Heart to humankind, a part of them dissolves into unity with the Divine. The essence wakes up and begins to remember; the soul expands and from within it, the most ancient records of love emerge and transmute what was dark in their consciousness.

When God shows His Heart to humankind, the inner world is shaken, the individuality seeks meaning and all that humanity always defended, as to the expression of each being separate from the All, begins to fall apart. The structures of deceit begin to crumble and the veils of illusion begin to tear. The Kingdom of God expands from the outside inward and, with the same power, it is revealed from the inside outward in all His creatures.

Nothing remains as it is.

Souls rejoice, minds can find no explanation, feelings lose their human foundation for they do not recognize the emotions that are caused by the whole and perfect Presence of God through His Son.

It is a moment of revelation and inner deconstruction.

It is a moment of being new clay in the Hands of the Potter.

It is a moment of being water transformed into wine.

It is a moment of being nothing in the Hands of your Lord.

Today, children, God shows His Heart to humankind. Allow this revelation to happen, the transformation to be carried out and unity to manifest.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear children,

On this day, we settle into prayer and introspection in the vicinity of the city of Jerusalem, in preparation for accompanying Our Lord during the important moment of His triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

Like stripped servants and apostles of Christ, we place ourselves at the Feet of the Master to express our love and unconditional support for Him upon facing the spiritual and divine task that will be done during Holy Week.

With a mature and adult attitude, we commit to following in the footsteps of the Shepherd so that we are able to closely follow the sorrowful Passion of the Lord, and spiritually united to Him, may we be moved into finding the spiritual and occult meaning of His entire experience in those times.

Through an act of devotion, let us recognize our filiation with the Eternal Father through the Presence of His Son and, in this way, we may affirm, within and outside of ourselves, the fulfillment of the Redemptive Work of Christ on Earth so that more souls and hearts may be withdrawn from the worldwide illusion and achieve the great awareness of an awakening.

Let us pray so that the beloved Lord may move forward with His Plan of Salvation and of Mercy.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


The light of the mysteries will emerge upon the surface of the Earth and the consciousnesses of humanity will come to know Truth.

A Truth that has always been there, latent but silent, waiting to emerge to the surface so that the race might perceive it has never been alone in this Universe.

But when this Truth emerges, with it will arrive the awareness of each being, and they will realize the wounds that many nations have brought upon the planet.

At that moment, everything will be put into evidence and the planet will show all that it has suffered throughout times, as well as all that it had to endure in silence.

Because when the Truth emerges, the prayer of the faithful devotees will make this Truth more impactful. It will take an almost physical form so that no being becomes confounded and they may understand what they will be experiencing without the need for anyone to interpret these events. 

The Truth that will emerge upon the Surface will bring many revelations with it. Humanity will realize all its faults upon becoming aware of the essence of its purpose as beings and as members of humanity.

This Truth will open the eyes of those who have always aspired to know what is beyond this world, but the impact of this Truth will have repercussions in the knowledge and the beliefs that each one has about reality.

While Truth emerges to the Surface, God will send a stronger impulse so that the whole Earth may have the Grace of being able to surrender and recognize its faults, and in this way all may be repaired.

At this moment, many inner worlds will be able to take back what they left pending in the Universe, and they will make themselves available to carry out that which the Plan of God so much expected.

The Earth will be restored from the abuses and the diseases that the human being has imposed upon it for decades.

Thus, nature will be healed and no longer lose the space that has corresponded to it since the beginning of Creation.

This moment will finally come after the planet itself has purged what causes adversity and pain to it.

This time and this moment are arriving, therefore we must pray so that more souls may have the Grace of not losing the emergence of Truth, a moment in which no one will be able to hide from it, there will be no earthly weapon that can destroy it, no nation that can impose itself upon it or terrestrial power that can dissolve it because Truth is one and above any material reality.

Be prepared for this moment.

It is time to know that the final awakening will come, and all religions will have to recognize that they have become stuck in their theories and become stagnant in their dogmas because the love that will come from the Truth will change everything forever.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Welcome the tests your Lord sends you with love and gratitude and, through each one of them, discover the perfect path for your healing, your awakening and your redemption.

Child, sometimes God allows you to experience an illness so that, through it, you may experience a profound spiritual healing. The illness shows you the fragility of your human being when it is only supported by human forces and the laws of this world.

When you surrender from the heart and place your life in the Hands of He Who created it, and Who is the only One capable of leading it perfectly, you will then understand that the illness comes to heal you of yourself, to defeat your deepest resistances, to place you before God, just like a fragile lamb in the Arms of its Shepherd.

Perceive the illness as a warning coming from Heaven, that is calling you to go deeper into your surrender and resignation to God, in your yielding in the face of His Will, so that you may understand that He is the only One capable of guiding your steps.

While you have strength, He has Power.

While you have knowledge, He has Wisdom.

While you seek truth, He is the Truth.

For this reason, child, remain standing before God within yourself, to give thanks while He seeks to open your eyes, revealing to you your fragility.

Go deeper into the sense of surrender, of yielding and of obedience. Go deeper into the sense of faith, of gratitude and of humility in the light of God. Because, in this way, your illness will be for you a healer and your spirit will be freed.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When the Knowledge that comes from God touches your consciousness, allow it to reach your heart and be transformed into wisdom.

When the Knowledge that comes from God touches your consciousness, allow it to awaken within you that which was half asleep and forgetful of Higher Truth, of its origin, not only celestial but also cosmic, forgetful of the purpose of your life and the true goal of your soul.

This is the cycle of the revelation of Divine Knowledge, because for the Time of God to come to the world and reveal His hidden Kingdom on Earth, at least a part of humanity must be aware of this spiritual and subtle, planetary and divine Kingdom.

And so, allow the Knowledge that comes from God to transform, awaken and prepare you for the cycles that will come, in which your inner fortitude must be founded upon faith, as well as upon wisdom.

And when everything is fulfilled, your consciousness will be ready to enter into greater realities, into the Kingdom that transcends this world and which unites you with God.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


May each Child of Mary today elevate their gaze and their hearts toward the Heavens, not to plead but to give thanks, to recognize how many Graces and Mercies the Creator has poured out upon their lives and how much there is still to be lived within this walk in God, toward the Infiniteness of His Love and of His Creation.

May each Child of Mary today elevate their gratitude toward the Father for the Love He constantly emanates from the Immaculate Heart, for the Peace that comes from Mary and floods the souls, transforming them and consecrating them to God.

May each Child of Mary raise their gratitude to the Father for the awakening, for the revelation of His mysteries, for the veils that were torn and will be torn, for the life that is consecrated and re-consecrated in each new prayer.

May gratitude be the eternal prayer of all the Children of Mary because it will be only in Heaven, children, after this trajectory of transformation and love, that you will understand how blessed your lives were.

Gratitude will open the doors for you toward Eternity.

Gratitude will make fruitful all the Graces received.

Gratitude will make you instruments in the hands of Mary for the re-consecration of the whole world to Her Immaculate Heart.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The beginning of a new cycle has come for each being of this Earth, and, above all, children, for this Work of Love that the Creator is building with His own Hands since the origin of your lives. 

This cycle that begins will be permeated not only by awakening or purification but also by the maturity and the inner growth of your beings.

The time has come to consolidate the link of your hearts with God, and, after all that you have received in the name of humanity, to take a new step in the surrender of your lives, a new step toward your own inner self, a new step toward the Infinite that is held in your own heart.

The cycle of knowing the Forgiveness of God, through His Love and His infinite Grace, has arrived, so that, in this way, you may be true bridges between the hearts of humankind and your Creator.

This is the cycle to begin building what characterizes you as a race and as children of God, which is the deep union with Him through knowledge, not only of His mysteries but, above all, of His Love.

For this, you must constantly seek Him, feel Him and allow His Presence, although silent, to speak to your heart, and may it be with silence, with His Grace or with His Peace.

This is the cycle to experience God within yourself and, in this way, children, you may finally begin to unite the dimensions and attract a new time for this world.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


I come from Heaven, bringing a profound interior jubilee within My Heart; a joy that comes not only from that which My Chaste Heart feels, but that comes from the Heart of God, the result of His Mercy, His Pity and, above all, children, the result of His great Love for Humanity.

I come to offer My Chaste Heart to the world, just as I offered it to God so that, in this way, the hearts of humankind may renew, awaken and have the strength and faith to continue onward in the calvary of these times.

Just as the Creator had once sent the Most Holy Mary to help His Son stand up at Calvary, and by means of the deep Love of the Immaculate Heart, your Lord renewed His strength. So, children, the Creator sends Us into the calvary of these times to look into the eyes of those who are tired, humiliated, those who are without hope, who have lost their faith; so that they may understand the essence of the Cross of these times; so that they may overcome the weight of their faults, weaknesses, miseries, and may overcome the weight of the human condition, which is transmuted in their consciousnesses as well as in their cells. In this way, know that, from all this, a greater love is born, greater mercy is born, the true human being is born.

I come to touch your faces, dry your tears and help you to discover the power of sacrifice.

It is not that My words over the last few years were insufficient; rather, I come in this way, children, to reveal to you the Love of God.

And so that you may know and experience that renewing the Love of God is not just carrying the cross and walking towards calvary, it is also to feel His Love and be loved by Those He sends to assist you, and thus, to see this new love become born within you.

Let us then walk for a renewal, for the Love of God and, above all, let us thank the Father for the revelation of His infinite and unfathomable Mercy.

I bless you today and always.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When the Creator thought of the human Project, He contemplated from the start upon the possibility of His making of Himself a creature among His creatures.

The human beings were created among so many other beings and civilizations of the Universe, to express something that none of them had expressed.

They were created to unite dimensions, to express the love that overcomes the limits of all existence, and this allows beings to unite with God. They were created to express the essential likeness with the Father of all life.

The human purpose is great, and for this reason, My children, it is not attained in a simple way, although everything can occur with the awakening of consciousness and the firm decision of loving without conditions and surrendering everything for this purpose of entering the divine mysteries within one’s own heart, like in the infinite Cosmos.

Living the human potential seems to be something impossible, because most beings have not opened to truly experience the Love of God, which they are capable of finding and feeling within themselves.

I have taught you to pray, so that in this way you might cross the doors of your own heart and, little by little, you might discover the possibility of uniting with God, to feel Him and experience Him.

When a being truly lives the Love of God, My children, even for an instant, this is enough to lead them to understand that any sacrifice, effort or renunciation, of things of the world and of human illusions, is small to attain the Eternity within this Divine Love.

God, knowing that His children were lost in their evolution and that they increasingly moved away from their purpose and truth, and in order not to allow humanity to again go astray, as had happened so many times, your Creator Father decided He would Himself come to the world and show them the way.

So immense and merciful was the impulse of God for humanity, an impulse never before given to any creature, neither in Heaven nor upon Earth, that the whole existence placed its eyes, heart and hope in this world.

Mystery upon mystery is the evolution of humanity, beloved children, where the errors of the past and the history of ancient universal consciousnesses stop, so that a story of redemption and the revelation of the Love of God for all life may begin.

No being of this Earth, while being alive, has yet been capable of understanding themselves and entering both into their origin and into the true potential of their essence. Only after this life were those, who received from God the possibility of living the experience of love in this world, capable of perceiving the opportunity they received.

But today, My children, you are called to live the greatest miracle of this time and of all times, the miracle of the awakening of consciousness; the miracle of the union of time; the miracle of understanding what you were before coming to this world and what is the essence and the purpose of your lives. You are called to live the miracle of Science and the Divine Wisdom, to communicate to the world His Truth, not only with the word but, above all, with your own lives.

More than two thousand years ago, at the request of your Creator, I gathered the disciples and companions of Christ so that the Consoling Spirit might pour out upon them. Its mission was to announce the Good News of the arrival of the Messiah and to manifest, in the consciousness and in the history of humanity, the presence and the example of God amidst humanity.

Today, I gather you so that the Consoling Spirit may give you strength, may awaken in you the Gift of Science, which becomes wisdom and discernment. Science to awaken, beloved children; science for you to know what to do and how to become responsible, not only for your own redemption, but also for sustaining this world in transition.

While My last words echo throughout the world, I pour upon you Graces amid Justice, I bring you Gifts among corrections, because it is necessary that you are corrected, but it is also necessary that you awaken and fulfill the Purpose of God.

Just as the Creator came to the world while humanity was straying from its purpose, and He showed them the Way, the Truth and the Life, He will come again, My children, to show you the revelation of Love within chaos, to show you the awakening of Truth during the apex of the illusion of human suffering; He will come so that you may know how to unite the times and the dimensions, and thus you may do it, not only in this world, but in all of Creation, because not only does the Earth need redemption, all life must learn to return to God, and this will happen through the fullness of your lives and the expression of what you truly are.

I love you, bless you and, with the deep humility of My Immaculate Heart, I thank you, so that you may learn that, through gratitude, Heaven opens and the Creator touches all hearts of the world.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


When I cry for the world, it is to clean with My tears the indifference and the lack of love that blinds My children and do not allow them to see the Truth and the Kingdom of God.

When I cry for the world, it is so that I can, through the pain that I feel in My Heart, alleviate the pain that the Heart of Christ feels for seeing the planet and the evil that overtakes the hearts that He loves so much, since the beginning of life.

My tears are shed upon the world, as a river of pity and compassion. The tears of a mother for her children heal, repair and generate merits for the salvation of souls, no matter how sinful and lost they may be.

Therefore, My children, today, with My hands in prayer, I wash My Rosary with tears; tears that seek the awakening of humanity; tears from eyes that see a reality that only the Heart of God can reach.

My children, through prayer, through the awakening of consciousness and the sacrifices experienced for love, you will be able to heal this world and dry the tears that My Immaculate Heart sheds today in reparation for the Earth.

Infinite life awaits you. The Thought and Essence of God still wait to manifest within humanity.

May the agony that so many nations experience today lead you to look within and upwards, to seek the Truth that hides within you and to know that only with Truth will you be able to overcome these times, having love triumph and not strengthening hatred and indifference.

Struggle, My children, struggle for Peace, with the rosary in your hands and with the love of your hearts. Struggle, overcoming your human condition and establishing peace, as the greatest service that you can render today for this wounded planet.

While the consciousness of nations live their passion in this time, be imitators of My Immaculate Heart.

Sustain this cross in silence with the truth of your hearts. Sustain this cross with prayer and win each test through faith and the certainty of the Divine Presence. Remember that behind every cross, there is the possibility of making a new love triumph, of seeing the spring of Divine Mercy emerge.

My Heart observes you, My Love supports you, and I constantly inspire you to live the Purpose of God.

O, how many truths and mysteries I aspire to reveal to you! But the greatest among them, beloved children, lies within yourselves, and the revelation of this mystery is born from the overcoming and the sanctity of your lives.

Believe that the love, which is born within you, can give a new opportunity to the world, just as it happened more than two thousand years ago.

Just do not be indifferent. May faith not lack within you, nor the willingness to overcome and to live the mysteries of prayer and love every day.

I love you and inspire you to be true imitators of Christ and of Mary, in these times.

My Immaculate Heart supports you and I bless you with love.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



To Those Who Awaken

In the Universe, there are three manifestations of God, through His three Persons: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

The divine aspect of the Holy Spirit is impelled by the Source of the Sacred Feminine Energy or Mother of the World.

This unknown manifestation of the Holy Spirit is what is carrying forward the plan of awakening to a great part of humanity. And this awakening, which is impelled by the Universe, has no religion, it only has essence, and its essence is Universal Love, the Love that moves the whole Universe and leads the consciousnesses to live learnings and experiences.

The Source of the Sacred Feminine Energy, or Mother of the World, is what within the cycle of awakening is spiritually working within an important part of humanity, which is the youth. Because in the youth of this time lies the potential and the inner fire for the realization and the concretion of the Divine Plan on Earth.

For this reason, the Source of the Sacred Feminine Energy is supporting the awakening of the youngest ones, because within them resistance does not prevail and, if it existed, they would have no difficulty transforming it.

In the youth of this time, the Project of peace and of consciousness must be expressed. A Project that impels the manifestation of the foundations of peace on the surface of the Earth in times of conflict, and the establishment of consciousness through the awakening to the life of the spirit and to awareness, through care and love for the planet and for the Kingdoms of Nature.

Therefore, this is the cycle in which the youth must be gathered so that, among the young ones, they may not only share and experience the culture of peace and fraternity, but also the inner talents may awaken in the younger ones, making them participants in the events of the end of times.

And on some plane of consciousness, to some spiritual degree, each youth has a commitment to the Source of the Sacred Feminine Energy and, being children and inheritors of this Source, they will count on its support and fortitude to carry forward the Will of God.

This Source of the Sacred Feminine Energy gathers the consciousnesses of the youth of the planet and it is this consciousness of the youth that, in this crucial time of humanity, will need to be protected so that the youth may find the meaning of elevation of consciousness through humanitarian service, the protection of the lower Kingdoms, the spiritual union with the Creation and expression of music, art and dance, as a message of awareness, harmony and peace to the world.

Today, the Youth Festival for Peace in Salvador is the preamble for all to perceive that within each youth there is an equality that is expressed in the unity and fraternity with the young brother or sister.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Where souls cry out for peace and unite only for the purpose of establishing peace in the world, there God will be.

The Creator hears the voice and the pleas of His children, He hears the depths of their souls that awaken. With a minimum effort of elevation, the Hands of God stretch out to the Earth and bring souls to His Heart.

The Youth Festival for Peace is that moment, children, in which souls find encouragement and breathing space, young people find meaning, hope and strength to continue their mission of transforming this world and have it return to the origin of the Divine Purpose.

Even though they do not know it and even though they do not understand the science of spiritual events, many young people are touched, freed and rescued by God. While they sing, their souls are freed; while they express with their voice, with their heart, with words spoken in poems, in testimonials, in reflections; when their feelings are manifested in paintings, in photographs, in what they call art; it is thus, in this simple way, that the Creator silently touches their souls. It is in this way that your Celestial Mother humbly transforms hearts and shows them the way that they must take.

The Youth Festival for Peace is a door to a new life, where souls recognize the path and receive a divine blessing to tread it.

Revere this moment, because those who awaken will be the precursors of the new life on Earth; they will be those who will testify to their redemption to the Infinite; they will be those who will return to the Origin with the full consciousness of their accomplished mission and will offer to God the renewal of His Love and of His Creation.

This is the Youth Festival for Peace; a doorway to a new path, a new time. The first impulse of an awakening that will culminate in the triumph of the Heart of God.

This is how you should see it and with this love, accompany their growth, their maturing and their expansion.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Just as in My spiritual Heart I keep each soul, in the same way I keep the nations of the world, especially those that in the end of times will have an important mission.

In this sense, Argentina will be the spiritual cradle of the new times, those which will arrive full of the Grace of God and will allow certain events to be presented in order  to give impulse to the awakening of souls.

Argentina is a people and a nation with many opportunities that its own inhabitants will recognize, if they live the path of redemption and of forgiveness.

Argentina is a country not only overflowing with natural beauty, but also a land that has its wounds, very difficult wounds that I Myself will heal through My Presence.

So that the healing may reach the hearts of Argentina and all its past, the Argentine people and humanity must truly invoke My Mercy so that from the heights of the Universe, the nonmaterial ray of liberation may descend and be that which transmutes and redeems the Argentine consciousness, and thus a new cycle will be able to begin.

I will be alert to the voice of the supplications of each one of My companions.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Monthly Messages

The light of the mystery is revealed in this time and is born from within the Sacred Centers so that the human consciousness may receive the impulse of awakening and of cosmic reality.

It is in this way that these Sacred Centers, fruits of Creation and present in various points of the planet, are the most potent powerhouses of light that attract, to the Earth and to humanity, the Grace of being able to have the Greater Knowledge radiated by the great constellations and stars.

It is in this way, My children, that the human being again remembers, and for the memory of the origin to arrive, of who they were and the reason for having emerged from a pure and supreme Fount, Founts present in various spaces of the Universe.

Each being of this planet is a star, which had once lived an experience in some place of the Universe, but for this experience to be more enriched and so that it could bear its fruits, most of My children had to arrive on this blue planet to deepen in love and in forgiveness.

But their history will not end in this life, there is something that exists beyond the sphere of the Earth which is called “macrocosm”. To there they must return, with learnings fulfilled and a mission accomplished.

The Sacred Centers are within the reach of human beings to allow them to remember all these things. For this reason, the light of the Center of Figueira is the first essence of love that, with power and fortitude, will be unveiled within the heart that opens to receive it.

Let the light of the Center of Figueira be a bridge of elevation and an impulse of transcendence for all human conditions.

From each Sacred Center will emerge, not only the light of their essences but there will also be the appearance of the Hierarchy as a member of a Higher and evolutionary Order of the entire Cosmic Universe.

It is time, children, to recognize, through these impulses, the last revealing impulses that will come to humanity to lead it toward the expansion of consciousness with the aim of someday taking on evolution, the care and the love for this planet, which is the receptacle of great and unknown Sacred Centers that God Himself created so that all of His children might be accompanied and could thus come to meet Him.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more