Sunday, December 4 of 2022

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In silence, I try to have you listen to God. The lack of silence in the world causes absence of peace and, due to the lack of peace in the world, there is no harmony.

For this reason, this is the great moment for souls to turn to their inner silence, because God has been waiting up until now to speak to His Children, to His Creatures, so that they may listen to His Call and to His Voice, so that souls may be led to the Purpose and, as a part of this Spiritual and Divine Purpose, hearts may learn to express His Divine Will, day by day.

The lack of silence in the world is what causes chaos and war. This is what causes faulty listening, and the difficulty to feel and recognize all that happens to one’s neighbor.

This is why the world and humanity are confused, lost and disturbed, because the lack of peace disorients the consciousnesses of the surface and slowly distances them from the Purpose of God.

But on this day, once again, through the doors to My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy, through the Wound of My Side, I come to grant souls the opportunity to reintegrate themselves into the evolutionary path. Thus, they may not only learn to listen to God in the silence of the heart, but they may also be impelled to carry forward the preparation of My Return to the world. And although this is about to happen in humanity, very difficult things will still happen on the surface.

Through the Divine expression of My Word, through My New Gospel, which springs from the innermost depths of My Heart, I come to prepare souls for that moment.

In the meantime, I ask you to sustain yourselves in Me, because in Me you will be able to continue on despite the times of tribulation and darkness, although you may see these nations oppose one another, although people may rise against people, although indifference, for many, may be the theme of this age.

Companions, I invite you to get up and begin every day as if it were the first time, knowing that in your hearts there must emerge the ardent inspiration to fulfill My Purpose no matter what, regardless of what may happen, regardless of what is carried out in this world.

Do not seek the solution in that which is material and concrete. Seek the answer in your inner worlds and in that which is spiritual, because the one who seeks an answer on the material plane will never find it, as all of this surface needs to be redeemed and rehabilitated, from the human beings to the Kingdoms of Nature.

All of Creation waits for the great moment of redemption of the planet. All evolutionary consciousnesses of the universe are waiting for the awakening of the human being so that it may become aware, once and for all, of everything it has done to this world, of every harm it has caused to this Creation.

But from the brave and anonymous hearts will emerge this spiritual power through the love, adherence and unity of souls, which will allow the conversion of the most adamant sinners, those who have condemned themselves to the fire of hell.

There would be no other reason for My Divine Mercy to be present in this Creation but for the souls that are lost and condemned.

My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy comes to bring atonement to all. It comes to replace Justice through the presence of Grace and Compassion.

Therefore, when you see all that will happen in this world, as is happening now, strengthen within yourselves the aspiration of being in Me and of serving Me, so that I may have instruments on the surface of the Earth, of which I may avail Myself and with which I may work in these very definitive times of the planet, in which unknown and incredible situations will be lived in which your faith, the faith of each one of my disciples, must be first in the lives of all, no matter what happens, as I have said to you.

Because it will be this science of faith that will help you to love the planetary cross, and it will also help you carry your own cross and, through faith, you will learn to transcend yourselves a little more every day.

Imagine, even for one moment, what would have happened to Me if I had not had faith so as to surrender in sacrifice through the Last Supper, to be condemned, humiliated, flagellated and then crucified, as if I were less than a lamb.

What would have happened without the presence of faith!

The Living God became small and humble in an abandoned place in Bethlehem. The Living God waits, at this moment and in this time, at the eve of the Nativity of the Lord, to be born again in the hearts that wait for Him, and thus change this planetary situation, through all those who profess their faith and trust in Christ, through all those who love the science of the Sacraments.

It is in this way that, once again, that the Lord of the Night, the Lord of the Mountains, the Firstborn Child, Christ the Redeemer, comes to anoint you through His Spirit. Thus, you will dare to cross the threshold of the end of times and you will never lose sight of the Divine Purpose, the blazing flame of Peace and the Will of the Father for all His Creatures in this Creation.

This is why neither your Master and Lord nor any other Hierarchy will raise their sword although the battle is hard and difficult. On the spiritual planes of consciousness, I call all Hierarchies, just as I call you, My companions, to express Christic Love, which overcomes the errors, dissolves indifference, transcends sin, liberates suffering and opens the doors to hope and peace.

Evil does not know these attributes, or these spaces of the consciousness. And the more people live these attributes and are a source of these Christic experiences, the less long time will evil be able to sustain itself, because it will dissolve itself, as Light, Love and Unity reign.

I invite you to abandon wrath. I invite you to leave behind the planetary disconformity. It is time for you to live what I taught you with so much Love, because the Father only expects that His Children may be the Christs of the New Times.

On this second day of meeting with Me, I come to make you think about all these things because, as I told you, there is no longer time, and My Instructions must not go unnoticed.

My Instructions must be lived in plenitude and awareness so that someday you, as awakened, adhered and available beings, may be part of My Celestial Kingdom on Earth, may be the preamble to the emergence of the New Humanity, free from sin, suffering, pain, as bearers of peace.


You who look at this world with anguished Eyes,
trust those who follow My Steps in faith,
just as you trusted Your Son.

Empty the hearts so that You may enter them
and all Your Children may commune with You,
just as Your Son communed with You
at the culminating moment of the Garden of Gethsemane.

Help Your Creatures go through the end of these times,
to love the unknown more and more every day,
so that all may find the sacred promise
of belonging to Your Kingdom.


Let us keep praying for the descent of the Divine and Unfathomable Mercy upon the whole world.

May these impulses that I give you be a reason to fulfill the Sacred Plan, through the surrender of your lives and essences, through your adherence to the Divine Purpose.

May My Peace be in you and in this place.

May My Peace be infused in this world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.