Wednesday, October 19 of 2022


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May peace be in this place, this nation and in the heart of all beings.

While ignorance permeates the hearts of humanity, I come to the world to continue to call it to an awakening.

While chaos becomes established within and outside of beings, I come to call you to live a state of peace.

While humanity closes its eyes not to see the reality of the planet, to not perceive the times it lives and the steps it should take, I come to call you, children, to be different, to begin to transform yourselves from the inside out.

I come to call you to open your eyes, your physical eyes, the eyes of consciousness, the eyes of the heart, so that you may see the reality of the world beyond appearances and superficiality.

Remember that you are in times of the Armageddon, times of purification, of transition between the old and the new human being.

Nothing will remain the way it is. Each aspect of the human consciousness will be purified and transformed so that a new reality may be established in the world, so that you may be worthy of being part of a new Confederation which walks toward the fulfillment of Divine Will, which lives that which is Sacred, Love, Christic Love, unknown to most beings, although it seems so ancient in this world.

Therefore, do not cling to the old human being, do not cling to that which you are, to that which you appear to be. Do not cling to this world either, because it will also pass. Each one, each space of this planet will be transformed.

For a moment it will seem that chaos will dominate all places, all hearts, but it will not be so, children, for those who decide to live peace within themselves. The Kingdom is within your hearts. In it, the King of the Universe rules, in it, His Will manifests itself, and nothing will happen in your lives that is not His Divine Will.

Despite the chaos, the confusion, the evil that permeates the world, I call upon you to live peace, I call upon you not to enter into conflicts with one another, I call upon you to respect each other so that you may understand the Laws that rule the universes, so that you may allow these very same Laws to manifest themselves in life upon Earth.

Ignorance takes over the hearts of humanity more and more, and if you do not learn to look within, to find God within yourselves, you will also go astray, children, in this confusion that the adversary tries to establish in humanity, so that parents quarrel with their children, so that nations rise against nation, so that there not be peace within anyone.

This spiritual battle can be won through prayer, through the transformation of lives and the retrograde patterns of humanity. This battle is won through silence in face of arrogance, humiliation, the lack of love and fraternity. This battle is won through examples.

Where there is lack of love, may your hearts go beyond and manifest love.

Where there is ignorance, arrogance, indifference, may your hearts manifest fraternity, wisdom and silence.

The planet will not escape its purification. While you walk in the calvary of these times, do not think that the Plan of God has failed just because it did not manifest itself the way you expected. Just as Christ was capable of seeing beyond, even on the Cross, be capable of seeing beyond the calvary of these times and, at each opportunity of sacrifice, renew the Love of God within your hearts. In each apparent defeat in life, decree within yourselves the establishment of the Will of God and make, of each lesson, opportunities to renew love, to strengthen the consciousness, to transform the human condition and be new.

Do not have greater wills than the Divine Will. Do not have better ideas than the Thought of God. Meditate, reflect, feel, within your hearts, each step that you must take and trust that, in the trajectory with the cross of these times, triumph is lived from inside out.

It is not the reality of the planet that dictates the triumph of God in your lives. It is not what you appear to live. It is not what the world sees, but rather what God sees, only He sees, within you.

Many times, children, not even yourselves will perceive that God is triumphing within you, and His Will manifests itself little by little in those who persevere, His Love grows little by little in those who are persistent, in those who look at the world and, in spite of what they see, do not give up, just as Christ did not give up in the face of the human condition.

There was nothing more retrograde or worst than the humanity of two-thousand years ago. Even so, the Redeemer placed His Eyes upon the world, upon the imperfect, and made of them His companions, just as today He hopes to renew all things. His Gaze continues to be upon the Earth, going beyond human imperfection and finding the essence of beings, hidden within them, the essence of each one of you, essences called to imitate Christ, to live Christic Love.

Raise your voice to pray. Just rise as if it is on the cross, the cross of these times, which does not mean suffering, but rather overcoming, overcoming of superficialities, overcoming of appearances, to live a new love, which transcends all things.

This is to be on the cross: being capable of looking at one’s neighbor and not paying attention to their appearance, but rather recognizing their heart, their soul, the divine perfection hidden within them, nourishing in the other the best they have, their virtues, their gifts, so that they may grow. May you look at the suffering of your neighbor and not place your own suffering on the scales but rather be able to overcome indifference to reach your hands out and serve. This is what the new human being is all about.

May you be capable of listening. May you be capable of welcoming. May you be capable of overcoming yourselves and not trying to prevail over everyone. This is what the new human being is all about.

I am here, children, to establish a Spiritual Government in this place, through the descent of Divine Will. And through the opening of the heart of each one of you, may this Government and this Will permeate each space of this nation so that, beyond appearances, the Will of God may triumph, from inside out, in the hearts of the consistent.

The manifestation of the Plan of God is not about numbers but rather about truth. The transformation of humanity two-thousand years ago took place with the ‘yes’ of twelve imperfect men that accepted to follow the steps of Christ, who accepted to live His Will and, although they did not perceive it, they accepted to transform their human condition, multiply the disciples, carry the Good News, establish peace, live sacrifice, renunciation, humiliation, emptiness.

Today you are called on to be apostles, disciples, companions, making of your lives the harbinger of a New Humanity. This is why I came here, to call you by your names and lead you to Christ, to open the path for the Lord, just as I did two-thousand years ago.

I just warn you: know how to see beyond appearances, know how to understand that the triumph happens within beings, and do not lose hope, regardless of what may happen in the four corners of this world.

So that the Celestial Government may descend here, I call you to prayer, I call you to pray for peace, to strengthen the channel of Light that We have opened in this city, in this state, in this country, through your prayers.

Here We have established a sacred place, dedicated to the Kingdoms of Nature, a point of Light amidst darkness. I call on you, children, to strengthen this place, so that it may be a representation of the entire Brazilian consciousness, of its Kingdoms, of its people, and, through prayer, you may allow the Higher Laws to be those which will lead the manifestation of the events.

Brazil has a special place in God’s Heart, just like every nation. From the Ray of Love-Wisdom, the Creator hopes to renew His Love in this sacred place for the entire planet. Each nation holds within itself a Divine Will, and it is in the Will of the Father that a New Humanity may be born from the heart of Brazil and of South America, and expand to the whole planet.

How will that happen? Through you.

The new human being will not manifest itself in others who will be born in the world. The new human being is born from the transformation of each being that lives on the planet today. This transformation into Christ must happen through you.

Who will be a postulant to live it, to believe that God triumphs beyond their imperfections?

Who will offer their smallness so that God may manifest His Greatness?

Who will give their own strength so that God may manifest His Power?

Who will be capable of believing in the Father more than in themselves, just as Christ did when He carried the Cross?

He did not believe in Himself, but rather in the One who sent Him. You are being called to live this today. Do not think of your own capacities, do not measure the manifestation of the Plan of God by your own forces, but rather by the Gift of Faith. Trust in Divine Will.

Meditate on My Words, keep them in your hearts, feel and perceive that to which God summons you today.

This is all that I have to tell you. And I give you My Peace, I give you the Gift of Healing, Rehabilitation, Restoration, so that those who came to seek may receive what they are asking of God.

Through prayer and peace, may your sick cells be healed, may your consciousness be healed of all fear, all pain, all superficiality, because God calls you to something greater.

Why do you seek healing?

Why do you aspire to continue on living?

What will you do with your lives if you are healed?

Make each second in this world count, allow God to triumph within yourselves. You have My blessing for this.

Commune with My Peace and with the Sacrament that I leave you so that the One who sends Me may enter you and manifest His Grace within your bodies.

I bless you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you.