Pray for those who are indifferent

Dear children,

The human indifference that many hearts, consciously or unconsciously, live is the result of the lack of true love.

That love which conquers all is not of personal interest to indifferent consciousnesses, those who throughout time affirmed their projects within the mental plane.

It is the absence of love that makes them indifferent and distances them from the Heart of God; it is thus that on the path of these souls, destinies become blurred and are lost because in them there is no peace either.

At this time, dear children, indifference is a spiritual and personal disease that many are living, until the time comes in the life of these consciousnesses when everything will break from the inside out. Indifference, as an energy, will leave them at the same place and from there nothing will move.

But when other souls encourage prayers for those who are indifferent, an undeserved Grace can descend and take action to the point of converting those consciousnesses into different people.

However, when those who are indifferent do not live love nor profess it, it will be more complicated to decrystallize a lower consciousness.

Only daring and peaceful love, in an open consciousness, can conquer life and thus transform it into a model of God.

In this cycle, indifference is one of the important after-effects generated by the lack of love and service to others; it is a great wound generated by possessiveness and spiritual arrogance.

Precious keys, such as sincere and spontaneous prayer, have been given to dispel this spiritual disease that brings irreversible consequences.

Through the work that at this time I carry out with you, I try to move My children away from the imminent danger of this spiritual disease, which some of Mine are already experiencing.

It is only with love and through love that this barrier can be crossed, that blindness imposed by My adversary on the hearts who only look at themselves all the time and who have forgotten the need of others.

May that indifference be eliminated by all the hearts who love Christ, to help to release from the path of permanent error those who have already entered it and do not know how to leave it.