Wednesday, May 25 of 2022


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I Am the Lady of the Star of Carmel of Garabandal, and today, after such a long time, I Am here to give continuity to My Message after it was neither heard nor accepted.

But this Message that I once brought to Garabandal, to this blessed place of God, keeps resounding, keeps reverberating within the hearts that believe in Me.

Because you know, My children, that My intention is to guide and lead you toward God. My intention is not to cause you fear nor any disturbance. My intention is that you may be aware and responsible, that you may be capable of recognizing the Call of God and fulfilling it, just as I once tried to do here in Garabandal.

After these important events that the visionaries experienced here with Me in this village, your Heavenly Mother returns, at the request of Christ, as the Lady of the Star of Carmel of Garabandal, so that a divine and inner union may take place between souls and God, between Heaven and Earth, between what is known and what is unknown.

This was the main intention of your Heavenly Mother, not only to warn the Church of the imminent danger that it was going through at that time.

The Warning of God was so that it could awaken you and, when you became awakened, you could correct it, but many denied it because they did not have the heart nor the door open to hear Divine Truth, which stirred many hearts of the Church, to the point that they wanted to bury My Presence here in this place.

Now that, throughout the times, the Message of Garabandal has become known and must keep being known by many more hearts of the whole world, this is the reason why I Am here, because it is urgent for Me that this Message be fulfilled, a Message that calls you to repentance, to a true correction, not only of life, but also of the feeling of the heart, a call that brings you the impulse toward ascension, toward the discovery of the Immaterial Laws that, in this humble place of Garabandal, acted and avoided many things.

For this reason, the events in Garabandal were so impactful and, as I told one of My visionaries, this contrary movement that took place here, of denying the Presence of the Mother of God and of the Archangel Michael, and also of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, would bring to many consciousnesses the energy of denial, even after having seen all they had seen.

It was something similar to what My Son lived when, at the doors of Jerusalem, He was received, honored and recognized just for a moment; as many of those who recognized and glorified Him then denied Him afterward, hurt Him and even spat on Him.

Do you now understand, beloved children, the feeling of the Mother of God, what Her Immaculate Heart feels about Her children who, having lived the events of Garabandal, left them behind, forgotten and lost in time and space?

For this reason, I Am here to relive the Message, and, although the events in the world have changed since 1961, there are situations that still have not been solved within the Catholic Church.

The attempt of correction has been made many times through the intervention and help of the current Pope, who also had difficulties to revive this Church, as it has been marked and hit by the last events of these times, which were also announced here, in Garabandal, by the very Lady of the Star of Carmel, and which, at that time, were neither heard nor recognized.

Can you now understand how My Heart feels?

I Am the Mother of the priests, of all priests throughout the world, not only of the Catholic priests. Priesthood is something vaster, not only in Theology, it is something deeper within the spirit, in the true consciousness that knows how to reconnect with God.

A consciousness that prays, a heart that adores, a soul that communes with the Body and Blood of Christ lives an exercise of inner priesthood, and this is why this exercise is  persecuted so much, and hit by My enemy.

Through Garabandal, and above all through My last Message that I left here in Garabandal, that if true repentance were not to come to be within the Church, a division would take place. This is nothing new for God, and I believe that it is nothing new for any of you.

I do not come with a Message to create division, dissent or separation, I come to tell you what is truly happening so that someone may internally take charge of this, because My Son has asked me for this, and it is not sufficient for this situation of the Church to be transmuted or liberated with only the current Pope.

Those who claim to be more consecrated to the Heart of My Son, in the different degrees of consecration and union with God, are those who always need divine help the most. For this reason, I Am here, once again in Garabandal, so that My Voice may be heard, My Presence may be recognized, My Love may be felt by all.

And now that the times urge, and that the Message of Garabandal has been fulfilled by a lack of more repentance, I invite you, My beloved children, to place this situation in your prayers, because My enemy wants to continue hitting the priestly life throughout the world, to the point that he also wants to hit and interfere with the devoted hearts, faithful to My Son, who live their inner life through the priests, because then, in that case, they would lose faith in the priests, because what is lived in priestly life is disproportionate to what truly happens in the hearts of My priests.

For this reason, I invite you to pray with greater fervor so that, in spite of the sorrow of the Mother of the World for what Her own eyes see at this moment, may this situation be healed and relieved, may the souls of the priests and of the believers be strengthened so that they never lose true union with God.

For this reason, your shelter and refuge will always be in the Sacraments and especially in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, in which your hearts, souls and spirits will be able to empty themselves on communing with Christ through a true Confession that may purify your hearts, so that the planet may be purified and those forces of evil, which dominate the planet and the human consciousness of the Earth, may be liberated at this moment, and the doors of the Light may keep opening so that souls  may cross them and, thus, become a part of the Kingdom of God.

In Garabandal, since 1961, the Lady of the Star of Carmel of Garabandal has come with the aim of avoiding this situation that is taking place today because from the moment that My Word and My Presence were denied, an obstacle was put for the Mother of God, which was not an impediment for Me to carry out My task, but rather it was the great moment, beyond what happened in this humble place, so that each one of My children might hear My deep silence, so that, through the silence of My Heart, they might realize that they were far from God.

For this reason, what exists here in Garabandal, in its simplicity, but also in its beauty, remains alive through the light of the hearts that come here to pray with Me and that keep in their memory all that was lived in Garabandal, which is not limited to this place or this village, but rather the impulse brought by My Universal Heart have opened great inner, angelic and divine doors, so that assistance might come for humanity.

I aspire that someday Garabandal may keep flourishing as the Marian Center that it represents, and so that more souls can come to receive the Laws of Healing that your Heavenly Mother left deposited here with the loving and obedient assistance of the angels.

For this reason, when you come to Garabandal, or when you unite to Garabandal through the prayer of the heart, wherever you may be, know that you will be received by the angels so that your souls may live the healing that they so much need and the reconciliation that they so much expect.

Today, I come here in a modest way. Today, I come here in a simple, humble way, close to My children, because these are the times of emergency.

My arrival in the world, through the different Apparitions, has a greater cause, and Garabandal must not be just one more Apparition on this planet, because the Divine Hierarchy and all the universe do not waste the impulses of the universe, especially those that come directly from the Divine Source.

Do you now understand the vastness of the task of Garabandal, which has not finished being concretized nor being carried out?

It will always be through the pilgrim hearts, through the simple and humble souls, that the Message of Garabandal will remain alive in the inner worlds, and this will grant that the task of Garabandal may keep being fulfilled, that the Angels of the Mother of God and all Her Celestial Hosts may keep intervening and helping humanity, from what Garabandal represents for the whole world.

If anyone, at this moment or in this crucial time, needs to make a decision that might change their life, let them feel the Light of Garabandal.

If anyone is before an obstacle without a way out, with an unresolved disease, in a vast, arid and painful crisis, let them feel in their heart the Light of Garabandal.

If anyone has still not managed to recognize within themselves the simplicity of life, the necessary humility and unconditional service, let them feel in their heart the Light of Garabandal.

If anyone has not yet understood the Message of the Divine Hierarchy throughout the times and if their mind is an obstacle or a prison, let them feel within their heart the Light of Garabandal. Because Garabandal, just like other holy places that I have visited, will lead you not only to peace, but will also lead you to cross the portal of forgiveness and reconciliation that the world needs.

If your hearts position themselves before Garabandal in penance, I assure you, My children, that Garabandal will work through you and the Angels of God will help you.

May the Stars of the Virgin of Carmel illuminate your paths so that you may always find the truth within, and thus your lives may be the extension and the living expansion of the Message of Garabandal.

Be brave and follow the path of the Call, for all those children of Mine who do not do so nor live it, especially for those who deny the Mother of God.

I leave you My blessing, and invite you to be forerunners of the Message of Garabandal.

You do not know how much I thank you for this moment, for all those who unite to this moment in spite of the distance, because this allows My Immaculate Heart to triumph internally and keep as many souls as possible under My Mantle.

Let the Light of Garabandal always shine in those who believe in it, because by loving the unknown, you will someday be blessed to receive the revelation of Garabandal, which must still be fulfilled.

Go in Peace, in the Peace of My Son, so that the Message of Garabandal may be fulfilled within you, and the reconciliation of souls may be a reality on the surface, so that reconciliation, repentance and penitence may justify the grave errors of the world, especially those that take place through wars, through those who are displaced, who are oppressed, the elderly people, those forgotten, the miserable and those who are discarded throughout the whole world.

I thank you for responding to My call, you who are filled today with the blessing of Garabandal, of the Lady of the Star of Carmel.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.