Sunday, September 13 of 2020

Reserved Apparition of the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace, in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

While the universe opens up before your eyes, never lose peace. My Peace will always comfort you and give you an understanding about these times.

This universe opens up so that you may know it, so that you dare to deepen into it and thus you can find the meaning and the reason for existing within this Creation.

In these universes, there are various realities, and that is where I want to take you, because the world must raise its consciousness. Humanity must transcend its fears and, in this way, find confidence in what exists, in the unknown.

From the universe I bring My Message to all today, because humanity still has to listen to the Word of God, this Word that comes to strengthen you and give you new values so that your souls may be in communion with the universe and with Higher Life.

In order to arrive here, I have crossed many planes of consciousness; you must always keep this in mind. So that I can come to the world and speak to humanity, the universes have to open, the portals have to be expressed and the great path of Light must be built so that I can come to the Earth and present Myself.

It is because of all that happened during August that I, as Mother and Guardian of Faith, come to talk to humanity again. Because there are still children of Mine who do not listen to the Word of God, they only hear it, and this is not enough.

In these times of purification, your consciousnesses must be united with universal life. Thus, the currents of the universe will help you and give you the inner strength you need in order to overcome yourselves.

Everything that is material must be purified. Therefore, this is the time, My children, for you to experience this transcendence, day by day.

This is why I bring the universe to you, so that first you can recognize it within yourselves and then you can express it, even while being in material life, even while living on this planet and within this humanity.

Therefore, your consciousnesses must return to the origin. Not to the origin of errors, of blame, of the incomprehension that perhaps you have lived in the universe or within this school-planet.

You must return to the origin of your truth, to the origin of your essence. There, nothing can be corrupted, because if you are in God, God will be within you and His Word will be fulfilled.

These times are not only definitive times, times of tests, times of confirmation, they are times in which the universe gathers and unites, and so do the hierarchies, in order to help humanity.

The Commands in the universe are very broad, the challenges for humanity are very great. But there is only one reason and motive that keeps everyone here, which is the love for the Project of God. A Project that declined many times and has been distorted throughout the times.

Therefore, My children, now this is not important. What is important is your awakening, and in your awakening will be the evolution of your consciousnesses. And this evolution of your consciousnesses will only be attained through love and surrender.

My Son taught you how to do it. His Instruction is in force and timeless. Whether it wants it or not, humanity must walk towards the portal that will lead you to the Land of the New Christs. And this, My children, is not a theory, it is a reality, it is an aspiration of God, it is a goal.

The more who give up, the less possibilities you will have that all may reach this portal that the universe opens in the consciousness of humanity, and that someday will lead you to an encounter with the Land of the New Christs.

The Love of My Son will allow you to know this path, It will allow you to understand this goal and this aspiration of God.

After August 8, the Eternal Father has not given up, and He will not give up, although the majority of His children have their consciousnesses busy with an inferior and indifferent reality.

The tests come to teach all of you, My children, that it is time to change something, which cannot only stay within the mind as information or part of memory, but that you must practice and apply it within the life of these times.

This is why the universe mobilizes itself and works untiringly. Its cosmic currents, its mirrors of light, its Hierarchies, its universal, mental and divine doors, they all intertwine and interrelate, and through the Rays, they help humanity.

My children, there is a part that the Hierarchy cannot do for you, and it is up to you to do this part.

Your faith in these times must be strengthened just like your confidence in the Plan of God, these are times of incredible situations, never seen before.

But you must not stay in it, in that which is superficial, you must aspire toward that which is non-material, although you do not know it, although you do not understand it, although you do not experience it.

From there will come the help from the Source, just as the non-material Source helps the whole universe, the rest of Creation.

You are in a time that no other humanity has lived. Do you understand now the importance of this moment?

Your lives must be the very message fulfilled, the Word of My Son manifested through redemption and surrender to God.

This will justify, at this moment, all the errors that the world commits, and that humanity carries out, even within a pandemic.

Do not let the Law of Mercy move away, cry for the Mercy of God and trust.

I come to the world to deepen into the awakening, knowing that the universe is there, waiting for those who are self-summoned and for those who stepped back on the path of My Son.

The commitment of each being does not dissolve, as much as their lives change, as much as they move away from the path, because it is an essential commitment, it is something that you carry within yourselves, within your essence, brought by the Non-material Source.

Do you now understand the meaning of this responsibility?

To be with My Son is not a passing or emotional moment; Our Words must be fulfilled in you, because God gives them to you out of love and wisdom.

This will recreate the Creation, and your lives must always undergo a metamorphosis, a constant change, a permanent transformation, because this is where Christ works and carries forward His Plan.

We do not ask you for the impossible, but rather for what is possible, what comes from the heart and renews life.

On behalf of all Hierarchies of the Divine and Universal Plan, I sanctify you and I bless you at this moment so that, stepping out of yourselves, more each day, you may attain the supreme reality, while still living material life.

It is not impossible, it is just a matter of aspiring and wanting it. Higher Life will be there, calling at the doors of your consciousnesses, leading you to awaken and understand the Plan, beyond everything.

May your faith be renewed, may the commitment be remembered by everyone, may the Virtues and the Gifts of God be fulfilled on the surface of the Earth so that the New Humanity may be born.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.