Each cycle brings a path to be trodden, and the paths may be long or short, depending on the rhythm of the steps of the one who walks.

The path toward the void can become long and painful if the walker remains slow upon it and does not accept the changes of the times, the tests that come and all that the Universe brings to them so that they may more rapidly reach the end of that cycle.

That path becomes short and fast when the walker makes their void become an opportunity to let new laws permeate their being, when they allow the void within them to be filled by God and become fully revealed through the Divine Presence.

The void, child, is a state of consciousness in transition, in which you already know what you are not, but you still do not know the truth about yourself and about life. So, you are no longer filled with yourself, nor with the world, but you still have not discovered what it is that dwells within you, what you are a part of, what your wholeness is.

The void is the moment of definition, between staying within the fall of the abyss and the leap into infinity. Thus, experience the void with faith, with your hands always raised up to the Heights. Live the void with faith, with your eyes turned inward. At some moment during this walk your void will show itself to be full, and you will discover yourself to be a part of everything, of the All, of God.

My words will then become few to explain what you experience and live, and everything will become clear as the sun and whole as the Wisdom that comes from God.

The cycle of revelation and of freedom from ignorance will soon come. Meanwhile, walk with faith upward and inward.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



When hearts pray for peoples and for cultures, for nations and for the religions of the world, with their intention, they rescue that which is purest within beings and attract toward Earth the Original Thought of God for the expression of the peoples.

When you pray for the different religions to be true paths that lead hearts to God, you are rescuing the original principles that inspired the existence of religions, as a way of being a guide for human beings and, in this way, children, you help those who are lost in their ignorance and make the paths, which should take them to God, the path to their own perdition.

To pray for peoples and for nations is very important in this time, it is to place the purpose of your prayers on something higher, and to include all of humanity in your prayers.

You are at the point of deepening your union with God and of beginning to feel His Love for each one of His children, to feel the importance of peoples, the importance of the existence of each creature of the Earth.

For this reason, children, I come today to tell you that you must not tire of praying for life, for human beings and for the lower Kingdoms. Do not tire of sincerely praying for nations, for religions and, in short, for this human project. Because the hour has come for the times to change and for life to be renewed. The time has come for the definitive cycle, which includes all existence.

Thus, pray so that there may be peace, pray that there may be love and, above all, pray so that the Truth may unite you on a single path, which is the narrow doorway to the Heart of God.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


See, child, the world starts to enter a new cycle, a new time, and the heart of the Earth will no longer beat to its own rhythm but rather to the rhythm of the Heart of God.

See that your heart also starts to beat in a different way. The impulses that come to your soul are no longer the same; the light intensifies, its rays illuminate or blind, according to what there is inside of the beings.

See, child, that the layers that separate the planet from the universal reality begin to dissolve. The seasons will not be the same any longer, the air will not be the same and everything inside and outside of humanity begins to transform.

This is not a time to fear but rather to awaken. A time to deepen into your inner life and recognize that which brought you here; a time to look inside and recognize oneself, and then recognize the infinite; a time not to think, but to be.

See, child, each step of yours today defines your history and part of the history of this world. You have in your hands a pen that writes in the book of the history of human evolution, through your acts, feelings and thoughts.

Allow your mind, always so childish, to understand the reality of these times as they are. No longer see the spiritual life as if you were watching a film that will end at some moment, and then you will return to your ordinary life, because the Laws will no longer allow you to see evolution in that way. 

It is time to discover. This is a cycle of revelations and, more than that, a cycle of internal and planetary definitions.

After traveling for so long through this path of mistakes and corrections, of deviations and renewals, the time has come to concretize the divine thought. This will happen with those who know how to say "yes" until the end, overcoming their retrograde conditions every day, sublimating with the light of the spirit that which is reluctant to change and wants to remain in the cycles that have already passed.

Meditate on what I tell you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When the hearts of the nations are oppressed and clamor for peace, unite, children, to this request and elevate your voices to God, asking for wisdom and light for humankind, so that through them peace is established.

I know that many people think that we repeat again and again: “Pray! Pray! Pray!”. And it is so because beings have not yet discovered the true potential of prayer. If you prayed every day with your hearts, you would notice that prayer transforms you, transforms life around you and transforms this world.

It is not the wars, the protests and the conflicts that will bring peace to the nations. It is prayer that unites the human heart to the Divine Wisdom, so it can deal with the specific imbalances of these times.

Prayer is what calms the human impetus of impulsivity and places beings into a state of peace to make the correct decisions, according to God’s Will and not their own. 

It is prayer that makes you see the events of the world with neutrality and with wisdom, in order to know how to help.

Prayer is what opens the doors of the world for new Laws, new standards of living, that give you the opportunity of participating of a new time.

It is prayer that dissolves, from the mental planes of the planet, the ideas of destruction, wars, malice, outrage, so that they do not manifest in the world; even if all this happens within silent levels of consciousness, where only the heart can reach.

Prayer is an exercise of humility and therefore allows beings to lose their human arrogance in order to allow God to guide and lead life within this world, because He created it and only He can lead it to His Purpose.

Prayer, children, is much more than everything I have said to you. But, to enter this mystery, you need to pray with your hearts and to deepen each day in the communication with God.

I bless you and inspire you to pray with your hearts.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


As cycles change and accelerate, the alternate and illusory time of Earth begins to fade away. 

As layers of vibrations permeate the planet, the Kingdoms and the different bodies of men, these layers gradually dissolve, giving space to the Time of God, called Real Time of the Universe.

When the Time of God enters the world, My children, it not only causes confusion in the minds and in the hearts of men. The confusion is caused by the disconnection between the human mind and heart and the divine Truth.

When a being is united to God in heart, mind and spirit, it receives the Time of God with gratitude and, with it, the revelation of the Truth, which, little by little, becomes visible to the consciousness so that it may understand where it came from, why and what is the meaning and purpose of human existence, what is its destiny.

Throughout human evolution, the Lord revealed His Truth to men in accordance with what their mind could understand, their heart was capable of receiving and what the very energetic and spiritual condition of the planet was capable of absorbing.

The Universe of God is complex and holds in itself a science that unfolds since the beginning of Creation and that today is inconceivable to the human mind.

For this reason, for it to be revealed to you, it is necessary that you receive it gradually, and that not only your minds, spirits and hearts be ready for this, but all of human and planetary consciousness; because everything you receive, as part of humanity, reaches as an impulse and vibration to all of human consciousness.

As the Truth of God is revealed and the times unite, the laws of the Earth transform and also unite to the universal Laws. Thus, My children, the commitment and the responsibility of beings grows and deepens, because they will no longer respond to the Universe as beings in an evolutionary experience, but rather as consciousnesses that participate in the Truth and in the Plan of God, in a conscious way.

Throughout the last years, prayer awakened and ignited the mirrors of your hearts so that, in this way, they might capture love and understand the history that is written in the Mirrors of the Cosmos, and this begins to mirror itself within you and within your consciousness.

Nothing is separate. Everything is part of a perfect and divine Plan that builds in your hearts a path of return to the Heart of God.

In order to know how to return, you must remember how you arrived here. No one returns home if they do not know the path to it.

I tell you all this, beloved children, so that you may receive the revelations of this time with gratitude and consciousness, knowing that My words are part of the Grace of God, that transforms and prepares you for the new time; in which you will finally know and live the Truth, and life will no longer be a sequence of theories, questionings, and assumptions. You will be able to participate in the revelation of God and live God, consciously and fully, in all of your being.

For this I prepare you, I bless you and thank you for receiving My words with the gratitude of the heart.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Grow up and be faithful to God in all ways.

Do not let yourself be carried away by the influences of this world or by that which is within yourself, which, not yet having found the path for redemption, permanently influences you to spiritually regress.

When there is confusion within you, stop your steps for an instant and think of God; contemplate the starry sky, the infinite above you, which you can find  wherever you are, and remember, child, that a Higher Plane awaits you and that it is no longer time to be entangled in human and petty things, but rather to consolidate your union with the Infinite.

Listen to the Voice of God, which is pronounced for you not only because of a grace, but because of an urgency that is not only planetary, it is universal.

For you, the days go by the same and you little perceive the change in the times, because your heart has gotten used to everything and even chaos has become normal.

Stop your heart for an instant and look within yourself; ask yourself how much you have progressed in love and in fraternity. Observe where you are and resume the purpose of your existence. You are not on Earth to be a triumph of the world, but rather to be a triumph of God. What you conquer in the world belongs to it, but what you conquer for God is eternal and is multiplied beyond the dimensions, as merits for the evolution of all of life.

Therefore, observe yourself, stop your steps and see if within you, you are building a bridge to the Heart of God. Listen to your soul. Is there fullness in it? Or is there the silence of a soul tired of not being heard by its own being?

Fullness, child, is spiritual; it is between you and God. Wherever you are, you can be filled, because it is enough to give attention to what lives in you, waiting to manifest in the life upon this world.

Your father and Friend,

The most Chaste Saint Joseph


The time for change and the change of times

Just like the sun rises on the horizon, so will be the sign of the change of times, and the change will come abruptly from overnight.

Inexplicable situations will happen with the planet, with the Kingdoms of Nature, and with humanity.

The planetary consciousness will experience a last apex of illumination and of wisdom, which will help before the last and great cycle of purification begins.

The change of times will be seen not only on the planet, but also in this local Universe, formed by this part of the solar system to which you belong.

It will be a change of the entire race, which by universal Laws will be swept into a great change in consciousness. This change will bring about unexpected effects, and only those who have lived through prayer will be able to understand it and nothing will torment them.

The change of times is something that has been foreseen by the Father from the beginning, from the moment in which Adam and Eve experienced original sin. From that point on humanity was led to experience free will, which has always placed it in intense experiences and in extreme situations.

This change of the times is also generated as from the place where current humanity is, and above all, by the indifference it has expressed through every feeling, thought, and action.

The hypnotism which I have spoken to you about, dear children, is the fundamental root of this state of indifference which places the world at a level of deep spiritual precariousness.

All warnings have already been issued, but the incessant deafness of the consciousnesses puts pressure on the time of the Universe to move forward with a great planetary shift.

The Universe has a principle of Hierarchy, as well as the Laws having this. When that principle is interfered with on any plane for any cause, the Laws come together to correct and cause to flow that which the Universe considers disordered.

The change of times will require an inner definition from everyone, but I see how the creatures of the Earth feel they must abandon their lives to experience a change, and although some consciousnesses need to take that step, the majority moves away from the Purpose so as to not confront their own definition when faced with the Plan.

This change of the times is not personal or human, it encompasses the arena of the cosmos and the purpose of the human races.

The change of times reaches the planet to correct the deviations and the evils of humanity, but those who pray, the devotees, and those faithful to the Plan will be able to help in this cycle through the support of what is about to fall upon humanity: a decisive change.

All beings who pray on the planet must learn to co-exist with the change of times, because as everything is purified within or outside consciousnesses, the need to remain in prayer and vigil will be greater.

There will be no continent, nation, structure, or religion free from the change of the times. Unbelievable things will be seen in different sectors of humanity, as well as in the consciousnesses that so far have kept their own actions secret.

Nobody will be able to escape the change of times because that change is universal and is part of the Apocalypse.

The change that will come will make clear what is good and also what is not good. Everything will be purified, corrected, and resettled in their proper place within the material Universe.

The whole planet and the race are still in time, before that great and profound change of the times, to correct their material life, their inner world, and their consciousness through the great flow of prayer.

This change of times will bring humanity into a new stage and vibration after everything has been purified.

Those who try to resist the change of times in their own life, environment, or existence will suffer, because they will be going against the flow of the universal Laws.

Those who are willing, striving to change, and become peaceful, will be able to follow the change of times.

Remember, My children, that this change originated at the moment humanity believed itself to be self-accomplished before the universe.

All of this is part of a lesson in humility.

Blessings to all My children of Argentina!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Universe

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