Thursday, December 13 of 2018

Monthly Messages

As cycles change and accelerate, the alternate and illusory time of Earth begins to fade away. 

As layers of vibrations permeate the planet, the Kingdoms and the different bodies of men, these layers gradually dissolve, giving space to the Time of God, called Real Time of the Universe.

When the Time of God enters the world, My children, it not only causes confusion in the minds and in the hearts of men. The confusion is caused by the disconnection between the human mind and heart and the divine Truth.

When a being is united to God in heart, mind and spirit, it receives the Time of God with gratitude and, with it, the revelation of the Truth, which, little by little, becomes visible to the consciousness so that it may understand where it came from, why and what is the meaning and purpose of human existence, what is its destiny.

Throughout human evolution, the Lord revealed His Truth to men in accordance with what their mind could understand, their heart was capable of receiving and what the very energetic and spiritual condition of the planet was capable of absorbing.

The Universe of God is complex and holds in itself a science that unfolds since the beginning of Creation and that today is inconceivable to the human mind.

For this reason, for it to be revealed to you, it is necessary that you receive it gradually, and that not only your minds, spirits and hearts be ready for this, but all of human and planetary consciousness; because everything you receive, as part of humanity, reaches as an impulse and vibration to all of human consciousness.

As the Truth of God is revealed and the times unite, the laws of the Earth transform and also unite to the universal Laws. Thus, My children, the commitment and the responsibility of beings grows and deepens, because they will no longer respond to the Universe as beings in an evolutionary experience, but rather as consciousnesses that participate in the Truth and in the Plan of God, in a conscious way.

Throughout the last years, prayer awakened and ignited the mirrors of your hearts so that, in this way, they might capture love and understand the history that is written in the Mirrors of the Cosmos, and this begins to mirror itself within you and within your consciousness.

Nothing is separate. Everything is part of a perfect and divine Plan that builds in your hearts a path of return to the Heart of God.

In order to know how to return, you must remember how you arrived here. No one returns home if they do not know the path to it.

I tell you all this, beloved children, so that you may receive the revelations of this time with gratitude and consciousness, knowing that My words are part of the Grace of God, that transforms and prepares you for the new time; in which you will finally know and live the Truth, and life will no longer be a sequence of theories, questionings, and assumptions. You will be able to participate in the revelation of God and live God, consciously and fully, in all of your being.

For this I prepare you, I bless you and thank you for receiving My words with the gratitude of the heart.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace