Weekly Message transmitted by the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Dear children,

Behold the Sacred Lady of the Portal, who opens the spaces of the consciousness so that Divine Science may descend into it.

Behold the Sacred Lady of the Portal, who in this time shows all Her children the pathway of return to the Heart of God.

Behold the Sacred Lady of the Portal, who guides and leads prayerful hearts towards a definitive meeting with their inner origin.

Behold the Sacred Lady of the Portal, who in this time shows the signs of the Return of Christ to all servers of the Redeemer.

Behold the Sacred Lady of the Portal, who intercedes between the Earth and Heaven for impossible causes and situations.

Behold the Sacred Lady of the Portal, who brings to everyone the blessed flow of Celestial Grace so that you may be cleansed of your faults and be reborn as redeemed instruments, placed in offering at the Feet of the Celestial Father.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



A soul was grieved, feeling old pain in the depths of its heart, records of experiences unknown to it, and of others that it thought had been overcome, yet they were re-emerging. It felt within that there was never a time in which the old experiences left and new experiences emerged in a harmonious way; rather, everything was mixed together and it became difficult to understand and to transform that which was within them.

So, in a sincere prayer, this soul asked God a question, saying: "Lord, time passes by, but within, time seems to not exist. How can I feel and suffer wounds that I am not even aware had existed within me? Today everything is so confused; what seemed to have been overcome emerges with greater force, and when it seems that I have stood up, I fall again into the abysses of my fears and uncertainties, into the pain of wounds newly opened, those both known and unknown. Explain to me, God: how can I heal and overcome that which takes place within me?"

And with love and wisdom, the Lord responded, saying:  "In truth I tell you that not only within you, but also in real life, time does not exist. Time is a form that I created so that creatures of this world would be able to grow in a sequence of divine laws and sciences, which keeps them in an evolutionary school up to the moment of their spiritual maturity. Time happens outside of you, for your human side. Time is perceived by your body, mind and feelings, but within you, little soul, in your deepest essence, there is no time. There you are in likeness with Me, with My Infinity; within you pulsates an eternal life.

The closer the transition of the planet comes, which is the awaited for human maturity, the closer one comes to the moment when that which hides within you will manifest, when truth will express, when time will no longer exist, but rather Eternity will be revealed. It is part of this process of transition that your little soul will see emerging the innermost registers of that which you experienced in other times, because everything emerges to be recognized, to become aware of and balanced, according to the awakening of your consciousness and the love of your heart.

For this reason, in the face of the most ancient pain, simply seek the Love that there is in Me and the Grace of My Spirit so that I may have a place to act in, through you, and, in this way, balance and heal all that which, through ignorance, you experienced, all the open wounds of lives distant from Me. Simply seek Me and give Me space within you, in your mind, body, soul and heart. Thus, I will be within you."

May this dialogue allow you to understand, children, that this is the moment for seeing emerge within you all the records of other times that still need to be healed. But, in the face of what you feel, do not despair, and simply seek God and yield space to Him, because only He has the Grace and the Love to definitely heal you.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


One of the important aspects of God, within His Trine Source, is the Holy Spirit, an aspect that acted within humanity during certain occurrences with the aim of giving an impulse, of guiding and of helping the consciousnesses that were invoking it.

Until recent days, the Holy Spirit has not been a revealed mystery of God, which after having fulfilled Its mission, more than two thousand years ago, in this time Its manifestation, presence and action happens through the Mother of God, as the Lady of the Holy Spirit.

It is in this time that the Holy Spirit of God will work through the souls that offer to receive Its divine impulses and Its Gifts.

It would be of great importance if the human being were filled by at least one of Its Gifts, and this will help for the real task of each being to manifest, according to the necessity of the Divine Will.

The Holy Spirit accompanied specific events of humanity and, at the same time, It helped with Its science and wisdom in the culminating moments when only the Holy Spirit of God could deviate or reverse a fact that would happen.

Without the action of the Holy Spirit throughout the history of the human race, the planet, as a consciousness, that evolves and experiences, would have lost its spiritual dignity and its rescuable character.

For this reason, God sent His Spirit, in certain moments of humanity, to help His creatures, similar to Him.

God sent His Spirit to the patriarchs so that, from the peoples, the Gifts of the Father and His Virtues might arise, so that they could awaken the prophets and announcers of the Divine Truth.

God sent His Spirit so that His creatures, through Christ, might be baptized by the most potent non-material Fount, which is the Holy Spirit itself.

God sent His Spirit so that, from the main cell of His Project: the family, might arise the knowers and seekers of the Truth, so that the gifts and virtues of the healers, the governors, the mirrors, the hermits, the guardians and of the servers might awaken.

God sent His Spirit to repopulate the Earth with His infinite Love so that His creatures might learn to feel that the only guidance comes from the Eternal Father and that all Sources of manifestation emerge from the Father.

After two thousand years, during which the Spirit of God worked and became flesh among His children, through Christ, today the Holy Spirit will come by means of the Sacred Word to fill the sleeping and darkened hearts with the same gifts that the apostles and martyrs received, with a confirmation and an absolute trust that, through the Holy Spirit of God, the Project will be fulfilled and nothing nor nobody will prevent It from acting through the children of God, and the Spirit of the Father Itself will allow that, for all participants in His work of Pity and of Mercy,  the Holy Virtues of the Spirit of God can awaken and incarnate in the essence of His children, so that all talents and lineages may be at the service for this current crucial time of humanity. Because the one who opens and welcomes the coming of the Holy Spirit will have the inner force to represent the redeeming Work of Christ upon the surface of the Earth; will have the strength to proclaim the coming of the Kingdom of Peace and of the end of the planetary captivity; will have the impulse of faith to keep transforming their life completely according to this same spiritual model that the Celestial Father realized in the patriarchs and in the prophets. 

God comes to give you His Spirit through the Divine Body and Blood of His Son and through the message that is announced by His Divine Messengers.

May the Holy Spirit help you face the end of times, within and outside of you; and may you be able to sustain yourselves, in this definitive cycle, through the action of the Holy Spirit of God.

May the Holy Spirit bring you the force of renewal and of changes.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Saint Joseph transmitted in the city of Frankfurt, Germany, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

To find God, children, it is enough to be sincere of heart, truthful and transparent.

Washed by the Mercy, which descends upon your souls, when you confess with God and you surrender to Him, this is when you will be ready to cross your own inner doors and enter into His Kingdom.

It is not enough to want to know, to understand or to acquire divine knowledge in order to enhance your human personalities because, in this way, children, your minds will be full of half-truths that mankind may achieve, but empty of Wisdom and of the Gift of Discernment and Divine Science.

To want to know is a step, but it is not the treaded path. To want to be is another step, which also does not complete your destiny. To surrender to God in humility is more than a step, it is a key which opens the door for the encounter with the Redeemer and with the Creator of all things.

Therefore, I teach you about humility, before revealing to you the divine sciences. Therefore, I speak to you about surrender, before speaking about knowledge; I speak to you about love, before understanding; I speak to you about faith, before the revelation of the Truth.

In order to go through the narrow door of union with the Father, you must first remove from yourselves the many layers that do not allow you cross it. And this, children, happens through the Sacrament of confession, transparency, humility and the surrender before God.

You have My blessing to tread this path.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message of Saint Joseph transmitted in the city of Frankfurt, Germany, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

Welcome the Science of God that is revealed and allow it to settle within you. Do not try to understand it immediately, but rather feel it and experience it, little by little, until it transforms you and reveals itself.

Learn to know, by living. Learn to welcome, by loving. Learn to transform yourselves, by being companions of God, each day a little more, and not just His children.

Aspire to be the new in this world.

Aspire to experience the unknown.

Aspire to be precursors of a new time, manifested truths, a new experience for the entire Creation.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


I pray so that souls may attain peace.

I pray so that the consciousnesses may awaken to the planetary reality, to the universal truth, and thus, they may transform their lives according to the Divine Purpose.

I pray so that hearts may aspire toward unity with their neighbor, with the Kingdoms of Nature, with life, with God.

I pray so that seekers may recognize the truth in all the teachings transmitted by God through His Messengers, so that those who seek may know how to see beyond words and find between the lines the divine science of Creation.

I pray so that sacred life may no longer be hidden by human superficialities and, in the same way, I pray so that the essence of beings not be hidden by the illusory beliefs they have about themselves.

I pray for a new life and a new race so that after human learning is consolidated, beings may have the courage and hope to make the new life emerge and allow the new being to blossom within themselves which, before Christ, will begin to appear.

I pray so that humanity may not lose the meaning of its existence and so that spiritual life may cease to be a habit and a practice in order to become a reality and an experience of life.

I pray, finally, so that the Graces of God may not remain in Heaven, but that they may be poured out upon the Earth.

Today I call you to pray with Me, and thus you intercede for this world while there is still time. Pray with Me for Peace.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Dear children:

I wish for the Face of Mary, Rose of Peace, to be finally painted and that She be on the altar for the anniversary of My daily Messages.

It has been a long time since this request was made, but in this year of 2019, I want Mary, Rose of Peace, to be known throughout the world according to the indications that were once given.

Therefore, the revelation of the Face of Mary, Rose of Peace, in this year of 2019, will indicate the beginning of a new cycle of your Heavenly Mother in the Work that the Sacred Hearts take forward.

Knowing the Face of the Rose of Peace, the world will be able to deepen into the mystery and into the divine science of the Mother of God, and thus the knowledge of the universal life will be revealed to all the souls.

For this reason, the painted face of Mary, Rose of Peace, will fulfill spiritual promises for all those who have the image. These promises will help the souls so that they know how to go through the end of these times. 

Among these promises, to those who keep with them, the Face of Mary, Rose of Peace, they will not lack peace, the momentum of praying with the heart, the joy and the happiness of being in Christ, the recognition of the Grace of God, feeling worthy of the Divine Mercy,  recognizing themselves as the worthy children of God, of living a strengthened faith and protection of the Holy Spirit.

On March 2, 2019, I hope to see, on the altars of Aurora, this holy Face of Mary, Rose of Peace, so that, like it was with the Face of the Glorified Jesus Christ, She may be presented to the world on this special day.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The art of being nothing

To be nothing is an inner state that transcends all the sciences and philosophies, all the teachings. 

All beings are always searching to be something, through their profession, education, spiritual lineage, their role within the life on Earth, within families and inserted in the systems of life that the world offers.

To be nothing is not to stop doing things. To be nothing is a greater knowledge of the universal life that gives the heart the certainty that nothing that it seems to be belongs to it. To be nothing is the knowledge of All that God is; the wisdom that all life comes from this All and outside of It, is a mere nothing.

Within the body nothing functions alone. An arm, no matter how important it is in the body, outside of it, it loses its meaning and becomes nothing. So, the being who recognizes the Mystical Body of the Lord, formed by Life, also knows that separated from Him is nothing and together with Him, is everything. 

To be nothing is an art of love and wisdom: it is a divine science, more than the consciousness of humility. A being can be humble and, even so, still be full of ignorance, believing that humility belongs to him, that he himself is the manifestation of humility.

To be nothing is a path of knowledge and of transcendence, it is the finality of everything. To be nothing is a path of love.

Aspire to this, children. To be completely in God and to recognize yourselves as nothing outside of Him.

You have my blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Today I bring to the world the Grace of God, which is poured out like the rain that touches and nourishes the Earth. By means of this divine grace, I dissolve evil and hearts are rid of their pains, anguishes and sufferings.

Today the Grace of God descends, that powerful divine science that is not deserved by humanity but which is clamored for by the voice of those who pray with the heart.

The Grace of God is like a sun that shines in the firmament: it is like the sun that is born in the dawn of the life of each being; it is like the sun that withdraws during the night and illuminates the inner worlds.

Today it is the Grace of God the one that, like a rain of light, touches the planet and penetrates the deepest layers of the land and of the consciousness in order to restore them.

Today it is the Grace of God that works the miracles in the life of those who believe in it; it is the grace that strengthens the faith of the believers in Christ; it is the grace that transforms all of the planetary life.

Although there may be chaos, persecutions and humanitarian crises, the Grace of God somehow comes to those who suffer the most; grace flows like a great river and pours out upon souls like little sparks of light.

It is by means of the constant prayer of those who invoke Universal Mercy that Grace descends through the simple instruments that offer themselves to it, day by day.

Today it is Grace that touches the door of the heart and thus a door opens towards new opportunities to love and to forgive all experiences lived.

In the Grace of God, you will find the hope yearned for and the infinite light so much sought for; it is the fount that feeds the spirit and transforms the soul that opens to receive its divine fire.

Today, Grace repairs all human consciousnesses and, in silence, God contemplates what His Love accomplishes in the essences created by Him.

Grace heals the deepest wounds and reveals to hearts unique joy and exaltation. Because within the Grace of God is the conversion of the hardened heart, is the healing of the sick soul; within grace is the redemption and the faith of the one who never believed in God.

It is Grace that is born today like the Dawn and unveils the mysteries of love expressed in the gifts of the Creation.

Grace touches the Earth today, just as the praying voice of My children touches and reaches the Heavens, establishing communion with the Creator Father.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


As cycles change and accelerate, the alternate and illusory time of Earth begins to fade away. 

As layers of vibrations permeate the planet, the Kingdoms and the different bodies of men, these layers gradually dissolve, giving space to the Time of God, called Real Time of the Universe.

When the Time of God enters the world, My children, it not only causes confusion in the minds and in the hearts of men. The confusion is caused by the disconnection between the human mind and heart and the divine Truth.

When a being is united to God in heart, mind and spirit, it receives the Time of God with gratitude and, with it, the revelation of the Truth, which, little by little, becomes visible to the consciousness so that it may understand where it came from, why and what is the meaning and purpose of human existence, what is its destiny.

Throughout human evolution, the Lord revealed His Truth to men in accordance with what their mind could understand, their heart was capable of receiving and what the very energetic and spiritual condition of the planet was capable of absorbing.

The Universe of God is complex and holds in itself a science that unfolds since the beginning of Creation and that today is inconceivable to the human mind.

For this reason, for it to be revealed to you, it is necessary that you receive it gradually, and that not only your minds, spirits and hearts be ready for this, but all of human and planetary consciousness; because everything you receive, as part of humanity, reaches as an impulse and vibration to all of human consciousness.

As the Truth of God is revealed and the times unite, the laws of the Earth transform and also unite to the universal Laws. Thus, My children, the commitment and the responsibility of beings grows and deepens, because they will no longer respond to the Universe as beings in an evolutionary experience, but rather as consciousnesses that participate in the Truth and in the Plan of God, in a conscious way.

Throughout the last years, prayer awakened and ignited the mirrors of your hearts so that, in this way, they might capture love and understand the history that is written in the Mirrors of the Cosmos, and this begins to mirror itself within you and within your consciousness.

Nothing is separate. Everything is part of a perfect and divine Plan that builds in your hearts a path of return to the Heart of God.

In order to know how to return, you must remember how you arrived here. No one returns home if they do not know the path to it.

I tell you all this, beloved children, so that you may receive the revelations of this time with gratitude and consciousness, knowing that My words are part of the Grace of God, that transforms and prepares you for the new time; in which you will finally know and live the Truth, and life will no longer be a sequence of theories, questionings, and assumptions. You will be able to participate in the revelation of God and live God, consciously and fully, in all of your being.

For this I prepare you, I bless you and thank you for receiving My words with the gratitude of the heart.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Let your heart enter the Source of Divine Mercy every day. Be knowledgeable of the Presence of God in your life.

Seek to know, child, how the Divine Science acts, and you will see that very simply, with very little, the Lord transforms all things and grants new opportunities of healing, forgiveness and redemption to those who did not deserve them.

Draw close to God in prayer every day, so that your union with the Father does not remain at the same point but rather deepens, consolidates and becomes ever more part of you.

To walk the path of union with the Heart of God is the meaning of your existence and this path becomes longer or shorter according to the yielding of your heart so that you cease to be a part and return to the All.

If you love God, you will know His Divine Mercy and thus, child, you will cry out day and night for souls to receive that Mercy and, together with you, may walk the path of return because you will understand that nothing is gained by returning alone to the Father. The Whole is formed by the Unity with all parts.

Thus, love God and love your siblings. Love life and always aspire that, through Divine Mercy, all beings may return to the Heart of the Creator.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Trees and life II

When the Lord created the planet and manifested it through His purest Thought of Love for life, He put into each detail of Creation a deep spiritual science in which everything that lives and inhabits the Earth contributes towards the renewal of Love and towards the return to the Heart of God.

The duality, chaos and evil created by humankind are fruits of the deviation of the human consciousness from the Heart of God. Through their choices, beings choose to be in God and discover, in communion with Creation, the path of return to His Heart, or they choose to remain in the illusion and entanglements of human limitations.

The Creator allows certain things to exist in order to guide humanity towards overcoming and the mastery of oneself and not towards the abysses of the world, through which souls enter every day.

Nature is still a mystery to be unveiled by the human consciousness, and that will not happen through their limited science, but rather, through their heart that is capable of entering the divine science and understanding it through the simple presence of the Spirit of God.

Trees, children, are the bond that keeps the Earth united to Heaven and do not allow the human consciousness to totally separate from God. In spite of human actions, wars and indifference, trees silently penetrate with their physical roots, into the depths of the Earth and, with their spiritual roots, reach the center of the planet, maintaining the union between life on the surface and the essence of the Earth.

With their treetops, trunks, branches, leaves and physical flowers, trees maintain the path of elevation to the Heart of God. And with their spiritual treetops, they reach the Heavens and nourish themselves in the Sublime Sources so that, by transforming the air that life breathes on Earth, they may also bring the graces and the spiritual food that allows consciousnesses not to lose peace and the possibility to love.

Trees were born to serve and they love their service thus, children, despite being outraged so many times, they do not cease to grow, bloom and offer their fruits in this world.

Contemplate the donation of trees and, sending them your eternal gratitude, let your consciousnesses be guided to the essence of the Earth and to the highest of Heavens, remembering in this way the true reason for their existence.

Trees do not forget what they were created for. Through them, you should also start to remember.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Novena to the Sacred Thorned Heart of Jesus

Eighth day

Today, although it may seem impossible to do, remove from My Heart the thorn of infidelity and of redress.

How many souls in the world are unfaithful to Me daily! And this is so rooted in the human consciousness that it is now considered something normal.

The infidelity of those who wound My Heart is so unbearable that the Fire of Love that I hold in My Heart is in agony, because souls lose their fidelity and trust in the Master.

Ask the Celestial Father for all those who have been and will be unfaithful to Me someday.

I offer to open My Heart so that souls may enter My Temple to commune of the Truth and free themselves from suffering.

You should know that one of the causes of infidelity is the distraction and the world illusion of these times.

Plead to the Supreme Father for all unfaithful souls so that someday they may receive the grace of being immersed in the spiritual ocean of My Mercy, in order to receive a new opportunity.

There is still time to avoid the mass destruction of many hearts.

Now, recognize your possible infidelity in word, in feelings and in action; but do not see it as a torment; look at it as a constant practice of correction and of persistence so that you may receive healing by means of the science of faith.

Affirm your consciousness as part of My Consciousness, and in this inviolable and infinite union, consecrate yourself to My Heart of Thorns so that the roses of love and of fidelity may be born from My wounded Chest.

I thank you for your efforts because in the small is built the large, and in the humble is built the unalterable and the eternal.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you and loves you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


My children,

Today, contemplate the Divine Creation under My Mantle, because, as the Mother of Life, I come to reveal to you the mysteries of the Sources that inhabit the Cosmos, as extensions of the Divine Consciousness; Sources in which, all that is manifested life, was generated.

Contemplate, under My Mantle ,the Infinite Consciousness of God, which expresses itself in the divine dimensions as an immense Light, a Light that holds in itself all colors and all sounds. This Light, which dazzles eyes and hearts, but fills them with Its magnitude, is the Divine Consciousness. As an infinite and eternal lake, whose silence vibrates in an unexplainable way for the human minds, and is only palpable for the heart, this is God.

Contemplate this Fountain of Light. Feel the vibrations that emanate from It, as invisible waves which cannot be seen but which are felt, because they contain the creative principles, particles of life.

From this Infinite Fountain, which is the Divine Consciousness, emanated other smaller Fountains in the Cosmos; they are called smaller due to their celestial hierarchy, but are so full and perfect, as God Himself, because He finds His Dwelling in these Fountains.

The Fountains of Life, which are the very own manifested Divine Consciousness, communicate through a network of Sublime Mirrors which carry Love, Grace and the Creative Power beyond the dimensions, recreating and renewing the Creation. These Sublime Mirrors receive, from the Eternal Father, His principles of manifestation and life, and thus create and feed the new Fountains with the celestial principles that come from the Heart of God.

The Sublime Mirrors are the arms that work and the Divine Word that is manifested in the vast Cosmos and, beyond it, in all life. The Sublime Mirrors are, within themselves, the Science of Creation for they hold inside the mystery of the Perfection of life.

The Perfection that derives from God is poured onto the Sublime Mirrors and through them, it reaches everything that exists. From a small flower to a galaxy, the Perfection of manifestation is conducted by the Sublime Mirrors, and through them it permeates life and allows beauty to exist, it allows the same Perfection of God to exist in the expression of life, in nature as well as in the universe.

The Sublime Mirrors, My children, have the oceans as their dwellings on Earth because the purity of waters and the sea beings allow Perfection to reach matter and to be renewed in order to radiate to all life on the planet. The oceans are thus the link between the Creation that manifests on the planet and the Perfection of the Divine Consciousness. Through them, beauty, grace and life can exist.

If the oceans die, life also ceases to express itself as a likeness of the Divine Consciousness because the Sublime Mirrors, which bring the vibrations, the Love and the Perfection of God, would no longer find their dwelling.

If the oceans become ill, the Kingdoms of Nature, the consciousness of the planet and the human beings will become ill because the Perfection of God will no longer manage to express itself with plenitude of life on the Earth. This causes illness, chaos and evil to permeate the Earth, within and outside of beings.

Today I come to make you aware of a higher life so that you may expand your knowledge and, above all, so that you may expand your hearts and understand that, in order for harmony to exist and for humanity to keep evolving and expressing itself as a Project of God, all kingdoms must be respected, loved and taken care for by men.

Understand the oceans as a Divine Dwelling, as a bridge to God within the Earth. And thus, love, respect and revere these great Mirrors of Light that grant you life.

Today I bring you and reveal to you the Sublime Mirrors of Creation and, just as I manifest them in My Heart, I also reveal to you this presence in the oceans.

Know how to love life, My children. Know how to revere the Divine Presence that expresses itself on Earth and be part of this Whole by living in harmony with all the Kingdoms of Nature.

Pray for the oceans and commune with them from the Perfection of God.

I bless you and thank you for awakening to divine knowledge, for opening to universal science and for loving the oceans as you love God.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Raise your consciousness through the silence of prayer and the aspiration of discovering the spiritual science of life. Let your nature of divine creature be revealed through the humble aspiration of expressing what you really are, what you were born to be.

Life on Earth, up until today, child, only expresses a synthesis of lived experiences by each being throughout its evolution. Even though this planet was created to generate the renewal of life, nothing which is lived on it is new.

You were not created to express skills but, yes, virtues; spiritual and inner virtues that renew the Gifts of God when they are lived by the expression of love in the human heart.

Everything in life on Earth keeps in itself a sacred purpose and a divine and spiritual science that, when lived, transforms and raises the planet so that it reaches the Heart of God.

The Kingdoms of Nature, the elements, the composition of beings on Earth, the groups of family life, some forms of expression of human life, everything keeps in itself a sacred purpose. And human beings bear within the synthesis of that purpose, the key for its manifestation, the mystery for its expression.

Nature fulfills its part, up to where it is possible. The consciousness of the planet fulfills its part, up to where it is possible. Even God Himself fulfills His part, up to where it is possible for Him. But, in order for everything to be renewed, the human heart must awaken, raise itself and collaborate for the elevation and renewal of all life.

Human existence is an incomprehensible mystery for whom does not know the Love of God.

Meditate on what I tell you and when you are before a manifestation of life, be it an element of Nature, the Kingdoms, be it a fellow human, emanate love and gratitude and aspire that they express the best.

This is how evolution is built: being for the other the motor that leads it to love.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Contemplate Creation and allow the divine science to reveal itself within you.

Life is made with the Breath of the Spirit of God and manifested through the vibration of His Word, but also a broad science developed from the Creator. Universal and divine Rays, Mirrors of light, Sources of energy, sound and color all helped in the creation of the Universes, the dimensions, and consciousnesses.

Everything in life manifests perfection and, just as the Creator sent His children out for evolution into the vast Cosmos, He also created the path of return to His Heart, to the Source of Unity, to the principle of Love.

The Mirrors of the Cosmos are this path of return to the Heart of God; through them, the Father manifested, animated, and nurtured Life. His Sources are eternal and are fed by the very existence of God. Sources that manifest sources, from which essences and souls emerge. These are the Mirrors of the Cosmos and, just as the Father carries within Himself the Mirrors that manifest life, HIs children, like Him in essence and in love, also carry in themselves the inner mirrors which create through love and build, within the invisible, the Plan of the Creator.

Be aware of the mirrors that pulse in your hearts and feel yourselves a part of a divine and universal science. Just as the Mirrors of the Cosmos create in light, and manifest life and perfection, you too, children, should create through prayer and loving actions. Manifest a new life and, with the mirrors of your hearts, attract the new patterns of behavior for humanity. Manifest love, peace, and grace. Be worthy children of God and, through the mirrors of your hearts, recreate and renew this life.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Revere the mysteries of God, recognizing your ignorance and love your entrance into the Divine Wisdom.

Revere the God Who hides in the Eucharist and who is revealed in a profound dialogue of love when the heart opens and is capable of hearing Him.

Revere the mysteries of God, because His Will is beyond all human comprehension and logic. The Mind and the Will of God do not move like the mind and will of humankind. For this reason, believe that the Creator Father hides in the bread and the wine and places His Divine Consciousness in the sacred elements, chosen to hold the memory of the Passion of His Son so that, thus, beings may learn to re-experience this Passion and find it reflected today in all situations of life.

God does not diminish His greatness to be in the bread and in the wine. He reveals His Omnipresence and, in this way, invites beings to deepen into the knowledge of His Spirit, of His Divine Science.

Today, child, simply revere the presence of God and let Him renew you and reveal to you the truth of your heart.

Today I come as the one who contemplates the Heart of God in the Eucharist, as in the Universe, to teach you that God is only one, present in the Cosmos as in the Eucharist, present in the Infinite as in the essence of each being.

Seek the path to find Him, create a communication with the Father, because only He will sustain you in the time that will come.

Your Father and Friend,

The most Chaste Saint Joseph


The Revelation of God to Humanity

The Revelation of God to humanity, My children, is eternal and begins when the human heart is maturing and awakening more than in wisdom but, in humility.

The Revelation of God to humanity happens when the heart is simple and recognizes its own smallness, not limiting the divine wisdom and existence to its comprehension and to everything that has already been revealed.

The Revelation of God to humanity does not stop, but from the patriarchs to the present day it deepens and only culminates in the full unity of the being with God, in their return to the origin.

Humankind itself is the Revelation of God.

It is the true self-knowledge, which is not a human science, but a spiritual and divine science, that leads you to the Revelation of God Himself.

At the same time, humans beings are the closest creatures to God, yet the most distant. 

The divine presence within you and the unity that you hold as a silent potential in your essence makes you close to God. However, My children, ignorance and indifference push humankind away from themselves, from what you truly are, and consequently move you away from God and from the Truth.

The Revelation of God to humanity happens with the awakening of thirst for superior life, with the discontent of the spirit with all that life in matter offers to it, with the discontent of the spirit with its own expression in life.

When the spirit is discontent with itself and with the world, it moves within the being so that this spiritual discontentment impels the consciousness to seek superior life, to deepen in the awakening and the self-knowledge that, in truth, is the knowledge of God within you.

The Revelation of God to humanity deepens as human consciousness evolves, and what for the patriarchs was an inexplicable and incomprehensible feeling of God, and only an experience of God, without explanations; at this time it can become a profound and scientific revelation of human existence and of the existence of God.

The Creator Father is simple, and in His simplicity He keeps His Mysteries. But the human mind places barrier over barrier to know God, and few are the ones who deepen in His Presence.

This, My children, is the time of the Revelation of God to humanity, because a new cycle is coming, which will be culminating for human consciousness. 

The time has come for history to be renewed.

The time has come for the new prophets, the new apostles, the renewal of holiness and faith in the human heart, because just as God awakened and raised the prophets and peoples of pure faith in the past, in order to prepare the birth and the coming of His Son to the world, also today, My children, peoples and nations, hearts and spirits will raise to prepare again the arrival of Christ into the world.

The return of your Lord will be definitive and will mark the end of a time, because the last words of the scriptures will be fulfilled, and the Gospel that He left in the world will be renewed by the new revelations that the Son of Man will bring to the Earth.

His Word will be life and will reveal to the world the superior Truth, to which many have been blind, though it has always been here.

Before the arrival of Christ, just as in the past, the Revelation of God will be given first to the prophets of the new time, and the universal Gospel of Christ will begin to be written with the truth that is already emerging in the hearts of humankind.

The New Testament is being fulfilled at the same time that the Revelation of God to humanity is deepening, so that you can write the New Scriptures; the Laws that will dictate the new life.

Open your hearts to the Revelation of God, because everything is being said to awaken and to prepare the hearts and spirits of humanity for this new and definitive cycle.

I love you and bless you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


To the singers of My Heart

Dear children,

Universal life, which is infinite and unknown, can reflect itself on Earth by means of its great Mirrors of Light, as well as through the mirror-souls.

In this day of a new celebration and offering, your singing souls will participate, together with the Heavenly Mother, in a planetary task that will radiate through music.

The music offered for the healing and upliftment of humanity has its own science, which allows it to contact higher universes of consciousness where powerful currents of healing and harmony flow and circulate, which are in this time, of great help and support to humanity.

By means of the offering that will be made today by the choirs of the Communities-of-Light, the Spiritual Hierarchy will attract, as a cosmic magnet, these necessary currents so that the planet and humanity may reach in some plane, a process of spiritual and inner healing.

Thus, singing children, each musical piece and each presentation that will be offered today, will contribute so that the Source of the Sacred Feminine Energy, in its greatest state of Original Purity, may intercede for the consciousness of humanity, so that new attributes may awaken in the souls. 

From the higher universes, a network of Greater Mirrors will start working, so that by means of them, and of the inner attunement of each singing soul, a spiritual communication may be established, which will open an internal door for these impulses to descend from the spiritual orbit of the planet, toward humanity.

In order for souls to be able to approach Universes of this level, the channel of music will build this condition, and thus, the spiritual impulses will reach those hearts, which with sincerity, are connected with the development of the whole task. 

Therefore, the meeting of music today will be different and even deeper in its spiritual counterpart, as from these levels, non-material Laws will activate to help humanity and in consequence, the planet.

Each meeting of music that has taken place, with effort and love on the part of My children, has demonstrated to the spiritual Universe a possibility to deepen in the scope of the Plan of Rescue of the Hierarchy, as well as in the healing of humanity.

In this gala night, in which your souls will be clothed in the best attributes of love and brotherhood, may all that is offered today resound again in the spiritual level of the planet, so that more positive effects of healing and redemption continue to manifest in this race.

As Mother, I wish you a gorgeous meeting of love and of upliftment.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Enter My Heart of Peace

Enter into My Heart of Peace to reveal to you at this time the Grace of My Presence and through the testimonies of your lives, speak to the world.

Take the Rosary in your hands to cry out for peace and you will see the peace established in the interior of your hearts and in all of those who approach you. This will be the living sign of those who respond to My Call.

Know how to love and understand despite human judgments, and thus peace of your hearts will speak louder than all the criticisms emitted by the world.

Live in My Heavenly Church and in My Heart of Peace; enter into My Kingdom and there learn from the divine mysteries that Creator reveals to pure hearts.

In this way, the wisdom of your spirits, acquired in the Celestial Kingdom, will be permeated by a Truth that does not come from this world, and neither the wisest of the wise nor the most learned of the doctors of Science and philosophies, of this world will know how to explain the Divine Science that dwells in the heart of My Children.

Answer my call without fear and let yourself be guided.

Do not be afraid to break within yourself the prejudices and resistances, because I am not leading you to the old. I come to renew your lives and human consciousness.

I come to teach you to be reborn in spirit and to deepen in the Presence of God that, since the beginning of your creation, tries to lead you to the Truth.

I come to help you, finding the way to the cure of original sin, so that you convert not only in your spirits but in your deepest human condition which prevents you from reaching God.

My children, leave aside for an instant, all the concepts of your mind and feel the Presence of God in My words.

Humanity is in its last time of awakening and repentance.

Now is the moment to surrender at the Feet of God and cry out for forgiveness, because His Comforting Spirit is still upon the world, attentive to the supplications of humanity, to cleanse you from every stain, and prepare you for a new time.

Because soon there will come a day when the heavens will be opened with all its power for a second time, so that the Son of Man returns to Earth and by looking into the eyes of His companions, He brings Justice to some and Grace to others who, being consequent with His Gospel and faithful to His promises, waited with love for His arrival.

The prophecies will be fulfilled, as they have been fulfilled throughout the history of humanity, and I am here brighter than the sun and as alive as your hearts, to teach you to elevate not only your  supplications but also your souls through a true prayer that transforms and leads you to the Kingdom of God, even if you are alive.

Every mystery that I reveal, every Divine Space that I made known to you, is for you to aspire for something beyond this world, it is for your souls to renew the hope of reaching God, it is for your hearts in eternal aspiration to know Heaven, and to reach it and attract it to Earth.

In your prayers, My children, contemplate with love what I show you and let your Divine Mother awaken within you the purity that makes you worthy of being in God, and participating in His Truth.

With these words I bless you and deeply thank you for responding to My Call.

Pray for peace and raise your hearts to God, because the world needs it.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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