My dear children,

Like the breeze from the sea and from all the oceans, I come to this blessed place to bless you and give you My Peace.

On this day, I come to repeat the final call of My Son: may hearts awaken in His Redemptive Love.

For this, My children, you must seek the Inner Christ within yourselves. It is very urgent and fundamental that this be present within you so that the planet can be sustained, not only in its spiritual balance, but also in its material harmony.

Through recent events of the current pandemic, souls have become confused, many are disoriented and most do not know, at this moment, which path to follow.

Tell everyone they are My children, that I am here as the Servant and Lady of the world so that, through the Light of My Heart, many more may reach God, may return to the Celestial Father.

Beloved children, this is My main Message to all: let the love that trusts be reborn in the center of your being so that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit may have a favorite dwelling in the heart of My children.

For this reason, all those who pray to the Mother of God should continue doing so, because the Return of the Lord is near, and most of My children must be awake.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you and accompanies you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


The Guardians and Stewards of the Divine Plan

1. Are those who obey promptly, before even thinking of obeying.

2. Are those who adhere to the Divine Will, and, from their plane, work to live it and manifest it.

3. Are those who protect, from themselves, the Sacred Mystery.

4. Are those who love the unknown spontaneously, even if they do not know it. 

5. Are those who profess and live humility through the permanent giving of self. 

6. Are those who work every day to be able to live transparency within their degree of consecration in order to one day live Truth.

7. Are those who ardently aspire towards the best spiritual results in their fellow beings.

8. Are those who learn to love through mistakes in order to one day be able to love unconditionally. 

9. Are those who do not break the rules and inner codes that they set for themselves.

10. Are those who assume to live the pain of humanity, but work every day to transcend the human condition. 

11. Are those who are not afraid of being mistaken; however, they are afraid of not being able to repair the error, but they trust in the infinite Mercy.

12. Are those who aspire to lose control of their decisions in order to one day live the divine decisions.

13. Are those who revere the Instruction and make it a part of themselves, even though they think they do not need it.

14. Are those who recognize the Power and the Glory in one God, present in three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

15. Are those who do not forget others. 

16. Are those who learn to be compassionate with themselves in order to learn to be compassionate with others.

17. Are those who no longer justify themselves but always make themselves available. 

18. Are those who understand, beyond themselves, the Plan of God. 

19. Are those who live Justice, but, first, live Love.

20. Are those who stand in solidarity with everyone. 

21. Are those who, above all else, fulfill their duty without complaints. 

22. Are those who do not step back, but always advance.

23. Are those who promote and gestate brotherhood. 

24. Are those who eradicate, within themselves, indifference and lack of collaboration.


I thank you for responding to My call! 

Who blesses you, 

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Thirty-third Poem

Morning Star,
that brings the Light of Love and Truth,
guide us along the path of redemption.

May our eyes be fixed upon Christ
so that we may be reborn
and inwardly healed of all that may be necessary.

Lady and Mother of Consolation,
embrace us and place us under Your protective Mantle.

May Your maternity awaken within us
the unity with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Celestial Mother,
we aspire to be the redeemed stars
of Your Crown of Light.

Help us to live the attributes of Your Heart.

Teach us to practice
the Instructions of Your Son in daily life
because, in this way, we will be the apostles of the Lord,
servers and collaborators
of His redeeming Work.

give us strength and courage
during the moments when we most need them,
so that we may live perseverance and faith
at each instant.

Make us true Christians,
disciples of Your Son’s Love
because we hope to serve Him and find Him
in each step of life,
so that in Christ we may fulfill
the Will of God.


I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Just like various species of flowers exist upon the planet, in the same way, there are different Aspects of God that are revealed within the Most Holy Trinity.

The same thing happens with His beloved Son. His different faces, in Heaven as on Earth, fulfill a divine and essential purpose.

This mission of your Master and Lord, through the various faces, has expanded since the moment in which Jesus ascended to the Heavens.

The various faces of Christ respond to an unknown and broad spiritual and cosmic Will, with the only difference being that, in this cycle, the various faces of Christ will approach the Earth and humanity so as to prepare, in the inner planes, for the expected Return of Christ.

These aspects will bring souls extremely important revelations that will expand the consciousness of believers and non-believers so that, with such revelations, humanity may enter its great process of rehabilitation and healing.

These revelations will come directly from Heaven.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Message for the Apparition of Mary, Rose of Pace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Your Queen, Mother and Advocate

In the high Celestial Spheres, very close to the Fount of the Celestial Father, a state of Divine Consciousness exists, where Your Queen, Mother and Advocate, intercedes for causes that are impossible.

At this state of consciousness, which is a Spiritual and Divine Plane, where different Angelic Hierarchies are to be found, who accompany their Heavenly Mother in the spiritual process of intercession, the Guardian Angels of all souls in the world arrive also. They can present to the Eternal Father the merits attained by the good souls by means of service, the giving of self, prayer, the transformation and redemption of consciousness. But they can also silently present all that has not been attained by the souls that are lost and have not yet awakened to the powerful Light of God.

Before this scenario, your Queen, Mother and Advocate, appeals to the Eternal Father for a undeserved Grace, for a situation or a cause that is out of the Law. In this moment, the Celestial Father grants to your Queen, Mother and Advocate, to expose the reasons for Her requests and intention. So then the Celestial Universe receives from the Divine Mother the intention that was manifested, and proceeds to deliver a undeserved state of Grace, through the action of Divine Mercy.

In this hour, the angels receive the order of the One to liberate a consciousness or situation from the inferior state of consciousness and, in this way, through the merits attained by the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the soul or situation receives the help it urgently needs.

This powerful and unknown state of Divine Grace remains latent in the center of the light of the essence, of the soul that was crying out for help, and thus the action of the Law of Mercy, Forgiveness and Redemption is established.

This state of Grace will remain in the consciousness for the time that it values this state and recognizes it within itself, through a correct, transparent, pure and simple life, according to what is taught in the Gospel of Christ.

Meanwhile, in the Celestial Universe, the Most Holy Mother gathers all the prayers, offerings and intentions, that are elevated by the angels themselves to Heaven. And gathering all petitions, the same Holy Virgin places them, in an action of pure humility, at the Feet of the Creator.

At this moment, the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity, intercedes, so that the soul, for which the intervention occurs, or the cause for which the appeal is made, may receive the spiritual anointment of the Third and Divine Person.

Thus, in this blessing that is granted, the soul or situation for which the intervention is made receives the impulse for renewal and forgiveness; and the Sacrament of Reconciliation takes place between the soul and the Divine Universe.

Your Queen, Mother and Advocate, upon seeing that the alliance with the Eternal Father is re-established, proceeds to attend other necessities and urgencies, seeking that, beyond everything, Her children of the Earth may recover and live in the Love of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


One of the important aspects of God, within His Trine Source, is the Holy Spirit, an aspect that acted within humanity during certain occurrences with the aim of giving an impulse, of guiding and of helping the consciousnesses that were invoking it.

Until recent days, the Holy Spirit has not been a revealed mystery of God, which after having fulfilled Its mission, more than two thousand years ago, in this time Its manifestation, presence and action happens through the Mother of God, as the Lady of the Holy Spirit.

It is in this time that the Holy Spirit of God will work through the souls that offer to receive Its divine impulses and Its Gifts.

It would be of great importance if the human being were filled by at least one of Its Gifts, and this will help for the real task of each being to manifest, according to the necessity of the Divine Will.

The Holy Spirit accompanied specific events of humanity and, at the same time, It helped with Its science and wisdom in the culminating moments when only the Holy Spirit of God could deviate or reverse a fact that would happen.

Without the action of the Holy Spirit throughout the history of the human race, the planet, as a consciousness, that evolves and experiences, would have lost its spiritual dignity and its rescuable character.

For this reason, God sent His Spirit, in certain moments of humanity, to help His creatures, similar to Him.

God sent His Spirit to the patriarchs so that, from the peoples, the Gifts of the Father and His Virtues might arise, so that they could awaken the prophets and announcers of the Divine Truth.

God sent His Spirit so that His creatures, through Christ, might be baptized by the most potent non-material Fount, which is the Holy Spirit itself.

God sent His Spirit so that, from the main cell of His Project: the family, might arise the knowers and seekers of the Truth, so that the gifts and virtues of the healers, the governors, the mirrors, the hermits, the guardians and of the servers might awaken.

God sent His Spirit to repopulate the Earth with His infinite Love so that His creatures might learn to feel that the only guidance comes from the Eternal Father and that all Sources of manifestation emerge from the Father.

After two thousand years, during which the Spirit of God worked and became flesh among His children, through Christ, today the Holy Spirit will come by means of the Sacred Word to fill the sleeping and darkened hearts with the same gifts that the apostles and martyrs received, with a confirmation and an absolute trust that, through the Holy Spirit of God, the Project will be fulfilled and nothing nor nobody will prevent It from acting through the children of God, and the Spirit of the Father Itself will allow that, for all participants in His work of Pity and of Mercy,  the Holy Virtues of the Spirit of God can awaken and incarnate in the essence of His children, so that all talents and lineages may be at the service for this current crucial time of humanity. Because the one who opens and welcomes the coming of the Holy Spirit will have the inner force to represent the redeeming Work of Christ upon the surface of the Earth; will have the strength to proclaim the coming of the Kingdom of Peace and of the end of the planetary captivity; will have the impulse of faith to keep transforming their life completely according to this same spiritual model that the Celestial Father realized in the patriarchs and in the prophets. 

God comes to give you His Spirit through the Divine Body and Blood of His Son and through the message that is announced by His Divine Messengers.

May the Holy Spirit help you face the end of times, within and outside of you; and may you be able to sustain yourselves, in this definitive cycle, through the action of the Holy Spirit of God.

May the Holy Spirit bring you the force of renewal and of changes.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


By means of the Holy Eucharistic you will find the inner portal that will unite you to God and, from that place of consciousness, there will descend all the attributes that you need to reach transformation.

By means of the Eucharist you will find the living God present in the perfect form of His Son. In the Father you will feel His powerful Presence and you will be able to accompany, as servants, the manifestation of His Will.

By means of the Eucharist you will find the path that will always lead you to the Light and you will feel within you an inner uplifting force, which will impel you towards transcendence. 

By means of the Eucharist you will find every answer you seek and you will feel within yourself the confidence in God that is necessary in order to take the steps on the Christic path.

By means of the Eucharist you will find the food that will nourish your faith for the times that will come. And, despite the cycle of tribulation, your faith will not falter because you would have built within yourself the full union with the Most Holy Trinity.

I thank you for keeping My words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Series – Divine Revelations of these times

My Divine Conception in union with the Most Holy Trinity

In the elevated spheres of the Spiritual Universe, a place in which the Living God is present, there are great spiritual matrixes, which encompass great spaces of the Trine Consciousness; because these matrixes are the faithful reflection of a Principle and of a Purpose of the Divine Will.

With forms of great crystal cities of light, these matrixes, which are spiritual and divine, formed by the contribution of the Gift of each Creator Father, that is, by the intervention of each archangel, guard elevated principles and attributes of the Divine Mind with the goal of being able to project and manifest the Plan and its different manifestations within the Universes.

From one of these ancient matrixes of the Spiritual Universe, arrives the Immaculate and Pure Essence which comes from the Divine Conception of the Mother of God.

These immaterial spaces, within the sublime spheres, can only be visited and contemplated by the archangels since it is from these spiritual matrixes that the principles of the Creator Source also emanates because these great crystal cities of light are united, in vibration and in a spiritual way, to the twelve main Sources of the Creator Father-Mother.

This entire evolutionary system of life is a great current of elevated spiritual energy that nourishes the spaces of Creation and, at the same time, moves towards the other constituted Universes: the Spiritual Universe, the Soul Universe, the Higher Mental and the Cosmic Material Universe.

It is in this way that all existing life is benefitted by these impulses which eternally emanate from the Creator Sources of the Spiritual Universe.

In this sense, just as the Creation and the Universe feeds and nourish themselves on divine principles that the Only Mind constantly emanates, the creatures, created in the image and likeness of God, have the inner potential to establish a contact with the meaning for their existence, that is, to resume union with their purpose of life.

The Essence of the Mother of God emerged, manifested itself and sprang from one of these most potent matrixes so that we could live, by the Will of God, an experience of love on Earth.

This Divine Conception of the Mother of God was formed without any stain, as it did not have any experience of suffering, duality or errors.

The Divine Origin of the Essence of the Greater Mother was constituted based on an extremely high degree of purity, of love, and of humility; which led her to incarnate on Earth as a purely immaculate and humble Being.

This characteristic, unusual within the Creation of the Project of God, had an unknown meaning and purpose to the human being, up until the present time.

Within the revelations delivered to the Most Holy Mary, through Archangel Saint Gabriel, it is expressed that the spiritual constitution of the Mother of God is a faithful mirror of the ardent desire of God for the creatures of Earth to know the Love of the Father in a maternal and cosmic aspect.

All of the simplicity and poverty that the Mother of Jesus could manifest during Her passage on Earth were reflections of the fulfilling of this project thought of by God, to defeat evil and duality, by means of the arrival of the Messiah, the Savior.

For God, first it was important for the spiritual, universal and divine contribution of the Creator Fathers, of the Archangels, so that this experience of divine maternity and of unconditional love might have a lasting result throughout the times and the ages.

The recognition that each being of the Earth can make of maternity, and of the affiliation with the Mother of God, spiritually allows God to grant His Divine Presence in the heart of humanity.

Thus, evil is once again overcome by the power of maternal love, by that unconditional motherly love that is capable of giving life to each one of her children.

In synthesis, the desire of God for humanity to have a material and spiritual Mother, like Mary, the Mother of Jesus, was to break the chain that was formed at the beginning with Adam and Eve so that, with humanity being able to recognize the Mother of God, the Mother of all, the maternal love might dissolve the roots of evil, and the causes of all errors, time and again.

In this way, the project, thought of within the Source of Creation, through the matrixes and with the spiritual contribution of the archangels, by indication of the Eternal Father, constituted the Essence of Mary as a possible and evident result by applying the same experience of love in all creatures, permitting the actulaization of the Plan and the transcendence of duality.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My Heart's feeling of Love during the Birth of Jesus

Since My first years of life and before them, I was prepared by God to fulfill His Will and to manifest His promises, those that were kept in the words of the Prophets in the sacred books of our people.

My Heart loved the Lord with fervor and this same Love allowed that, in My prayers, My Consciousness could cross dimensions in order to be before God.

Thus, I contemplated this eternal Source of life and silence; I observed how all of life was renewed through the rays, sounds, and colors that came from the Heart of God and were led by the angels and archangels to the different Universes.

My Heart only aspired to be in silence with God, to be there, in that dimension of consciousness, where all was stillness and peace.

It was like this that, contemplating the Divine Consciousness, the Creator revealed to Me the mysteries of His Creation, He showed Me the moment in which His Love expanded and gave origin to life, manifested through dimensions, He showed Me the moment in which the first Mirrors of the Cosmos were created and how they served to take Love and Divine Will to all that was created.

In His silence, the Lord revealed to Me the grace of the expression of the Divine Trinity and how, from His Heart, His Divine Spirit and His Son were born and, finally, through Archangel Gabriel, the Creator revealed to Me that His Love would manifest in life as a human body, soul and spirit, hiding all of this mystery which had been revealed before.

Before Archangel Gabriel, My Heart expanded and all the Cosmos and the sublime realities that I had been contemplating before, with my eyes, through the portals of light that opened in Heaven, I was now beginning to enter within Myself, into My womb, which kept all of this divine mystery.

First, the Creator dwelled in My Heart, then in My Consciousness and also in My body, making all the levels of My Being experience His divine presence.

The more I lived God, the more silent I became, because His Love flooded My Being in a way that there was no place for My expressions, but only for God's.

Each day that passed and the Little Child God was growing in My womb, it was like contemplating, once more, the creation of the Universes, the manifestation of the Aspects of God, the birth of the angels and archangels through the purest feeling of the Father. But now, My children, this was happening inside My womb.

An inner Cosmos was awakening in My physical body and all that I was, as part of human life, transformed into a Mirror of the Divine Consciousness. The Spirit of God mirrored in Me and, as He gave life to all that inhabited the Universe, now He was gestating a new life in My maternal womb.

Today I express with words what was lived in silence so that your hearts may participate in the mysteries of life and love them in order to seek the truth about yourselves.

Each day of My gestation was accompanied by a Divine Revelation and My Spirit rejoiced in God, in the eternal presence of the angels, as if My feet did not touch the Earth anymore but constantly lived in the renewal of life, in the divine dimensions.

My Chaste Spouse Joseph accompanied My silence and, also silenced, this allowed Him to commune with the mysteries, although He did not understand them, He lived them with the same depth.

On the Road to Bethlehem I accompanied with love every test that He lived and, in My silence, I allowed humanity to be transformed and converted through His Chaste Heart. Now the moment would come for the Spirit of God to flood His Heart and, knowing that everything has its time, I only remained silent and let the Love of God, which pulsated in My Womb, expand to His humble and faithful Heart.

The Birth of Christ was felt by Me as a new creation, a new divine expansion. My Consciousness was transferred to the Cosmos and, seeing the Unique God multiply Himself, I felt His Son being born and expressing Himself in matter.

The angels sang glory and hallelujah and emanated sounds never heard before on Earth; the Silence of God expanded as waves of Love and I felt all of this in My Heart.

Having My Son in My arms made Me share the Love of God while He multiplied Himself; the first feeling of motherhood of all life came from His Heart. And, like something sublime and indescribable, a renewed feeling of Love, a Love that did not live on Earth, My Heart lived a new expansion of light.

Feel, My children, this Love that is kept in the memory of My words and, on this day of glory, allow this expansion of Love to be lived, in some degree, within you. 

Today I revealed to you the most profound feelings of My Heart and, with simple words, I let you know that which cannot be explained, but only lived.

To truly understand what I am telling you, you must allow My words to enter into your hearts and give origin to a new state within each one of you.

I thank you for trusting in the impulses that come from Heaven and for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


First Message

The Sacred Gardener of Space comes today, showing His Aspect of Transfiguration, to announce to the world the time of the great changes.

The hour is approaching, this moment is drawing near. For this reason, I come today to the Earth through the portal of the great Sun that rules this Local Universe and this system of life.

I come to bring you the Laws of Transfiguration, those Laws that were applied during the Transfiguration of the Divine Son on Mount Tabor.

You will need these principles in order to be able to live the changes and everything that the new time will announce.

As you are in a moment of transition, these principles come to your aid because they will make of your consciousnesses beings in greater contact with the Divinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

This is part of a divine intervention, of a possibility and an opportunity that the flow of My Mercy brings to the souls of this world.

And although everything is precipitating in all spaces of the Earth, you must still trust in Me, because I will give you the sustenance that you need to be able to go through these times of tribulation and of great definitions.

I bring you the opportunity of uplifting your consciousness, and, in this upliftment, attaining the purpose that each one of you has come to fulfill in this humanity and within this planet.

The time is approaching to announce My true Aspect, that Aspect that I once showed to some of My Apostles and that, in truth, until the current days, is only a mystery. But the door to the great revelation is opening little by little. Time is forging this moment and also the planetary need.

The awakening of consciousnesses will be fundamental, through this impulse that I Myself will give from the Universe to the Earth.

The transfiguration of your consciousnesses will allow you to simplify your lives, order your movements and be in attunement with on High, which is the most important thing for these times.

Perhaps you will feel that what I tell you today is something abstract, but it will be something close to your lives and consciousnesses, because, by My being closer to humanity, souls will be able to capture My impulses and manifest them on Earth through experiences of love and service to humanity.

The change of consciousness will not be a formula nor a practice; it will take place through the degrees of love and the constancy in their experience.

Thus, I will be able to reflect onto the surface of the Earth the New Christs, those who will have to govern with Me in love and in humility, based on the simplicity of life.

Many, little by little, are approaching this path, but still more efforts will be necessary  to be able to balance the maladjustments of humanity and of the planet, of everything that is violent which is carried out by the human being of these times and of all the transgressions that are committed, day by day, to life and to the Kingdoms of Nature.

The awakening of these Christs of the new time will begin within you, by means of the intervention of the Law of Transfiguration and of all its principles that will try to transform the human consciousness, leading it to a state of a new consciousness, which will begin with the living of the message of the Hierarchy and of all of its attributes.

The portal towards this opportunity is opening to all, but someone will have to cross it. Or at least some will have to cross it.

When this moment draws close, it will be a definitive moment, not only for these consciousnesses that will take this step for many more, but also for the planet, that will be on its greatest apex of definition and transition.

In truth, it does not matter who takes this step, but rather that this step be taken for all, just as I once took it for each one of you.

You must keep in mind that this is the moment that was so expected by all the inner beings; the moment of being able, in truth, to do what they have come to do and what they have come to fulfill, beyond the circumstances and the tests, the confrontations or the challenges.

The Lord of the Universe comes with His Law of Transfiguration so as to be able to change it all and so that, definitely, the Plan may be fulfilled, at least in some beings.

For this reason the Universe articulates itself for a great movement and unites for a great task, to carry out  a mission on the planet and in humanity, which will go beyond any human situation or any event.

This event will not be announced, it will just take place, and many will be able to benefit from it, because it will be a help that will come from the Divine and from the Source, in order to reinforce the commitments of the apostles of Christ and of the last apostles of the last days.

Today, the Gardener of the Universal Space again waters the Sacred Tree with His Water of Life so that its roots may penetrate the earth even more and its tree crown of light may be strengthened with the fruits of knowledge and Instruction.

Because, once more, the Sacred Tree will bear its fruits so that all may be able to avail themselves and, spiritually, be nourished by its impulses and gifts.

Those who have eaten from the Tree and its fruits and did not know how to benefit from it, will feel pity in their hearts for not having been humble, for not having humiliated themselves, for not having recognized their ignorance and for not truly having asked for help.

But those who were left behind, I will route them, just as I route the sheep that are not ready to take the steps that I demand in this time.

Because everything has a meaning, beyond the material and the spiritual. Everything is part of a Purpose and of a plan of manifestation for this humanity.

May this Ray of Transfiguration give you the impulse to the change of daily life so that the spirit of each one of you can enter into your consciousnesses and carry out its task and its mission for these times, leaving behind the instability and the disharmony, living the eternal present and the operative mission with the Hierarchy of Light.

Thus, the portals of the Universe will remain open and, in spite of the confrontations, the universal help will not lack. Because everything that happens has a meaning, is part of a school and a learning experience; this causes the New Christs to awaken to the path of love and service, to the unconditional experience for others.

May this Marathon represent this opportunity of transfiguring your consciousnesses and lives, and of doing it in truth, committing yourselves at each moment of prayer and offering that you will make to the Universe; knowing that all of this will also have a repercussion in Brazil, which needs it so much for the next months. 

And all this moment of prayer will stop unnecessary events and difficult tests for this dear people that is alive in the center of My Heart.

I will thank as from now for the offering of each Brazilian and also of each praying being of the Earth, because this is not only restricted to a country or a people.

Each situation that is lived in each part of the Earth is part of all of humanity, because humanity is only one, it is the same family that has become sick and distanced itself from God for different reasons, and for all of this and for all consciousnesses, will need to come the Ray of Transfiguration and Healing, so promising for these critical times.

Celebrate this Marathon with Me, in joy and bliss.

May the faces of those who live upon this Inner Sanctuary be of joy and not of sadness, because the one who accepts the invitation will be helped and will be transformed.

Embrace, then, My great call and the assistance of the Universe, which will come to Earth and will be within your reach.

I offer you My Experience as a demonstration that it is possible to live the Transfiguration, and that this Transfiguration begins in the small and also in the invisible; from there is built the true inner temple that is offered to God as an act of great surrender.

I wish you a most beautiful Marathon and a joyful day, because the apostles, untiringly, will have to announce the triumph of Christ in each human heart. 

From the great Sun that rules this Milky Way, in union to the center of the Universe and the great Star of the Brotherhood that governs all the worlds, and in union with the Spiritual, Mental and Material Universe, where God is, and is invincible, I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Songs of Figueira - "Devotion"

"Devotion" is a song of Figueira that implores for and invokes the cosmic Mercy and a universal grace, permeated by the one and absolute Divine Creator Spirit.

"Devotion" is a call, a request of the innermost and deepest worlds of the soul of one who, in surrender and resignation, offers themselves to the Creator to be transformed, redeemed, and blessed by the Higher Law of Love.

The song "Devotion" presents itself to us as the key to access the Gifts that Christ offers, as is the spiritual Water, one of the millenary nourishments of Creation that sanctifies and quenches the thirst of humankind.

Through the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, we find Christ as the principal saving model for humanity and the planet; we find Him in the inner world of each being, as the universal Redeemer and Intercessor between humanity and God.

For this reason, Christ is presented in the song "Devotion" in His true Aspect, something yet not recognized by His Church on Earth, but testified to in the different Gospels, and just like the Transfiguration of Jesus, a mystery yet to be revealed.

In this sense, the song makes an appeal for the life of the surface to be corrected from the deviation that it has lived, time and again, due to ignorance, pride, and human power.

In this way, the song invites the devotee of Christ to drink of the true and pure Fount that the Master offers to all beings, so that each soul may be completely satiated by the Redeeming Love that the Divine Person of Christ, in fusion with His Divinity, offers in this song.

The Water He offers not only purifies and cleanses, but also redeems and uplifts the consciousness in state and in plane in order to find the spiritual meaning of its existence.

Thus, the Master appeals to everyone to love one another as brothers and sisters so that there are no confrontations and struggles between beings and peoples.

In the song "Devotion," it is prophesied, in simple words, the importance that love prevails, in order to dissolve conflicts and, later on, wars.

After thirty years of the creation of these songs and poems of devotion to the Hierarchy, a warning is revealed, especially in this song "Devotion,"  to prevent human catastrophes.

And, in truth, the opposite took place because the human being allowed themselves to be defeated by the power and the arrogance to conquer the world, forgetting the rules of love and allowing themselves to be submerged in error.

Renewing the appeal of this sacred prophecy, expressed in this song, the last Christs will be those who will place human life again on the right pathway, a life that has been perverted, separating itself from the true reason of its existence.

The last Christs will be those who will give their lives for the rest.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


To All Prayer Beings on Earth

Today marks the third year since your Heavenly Mother announced to all the importance of praying the Rosary for the Peace of the Children in War. And after three years of continuous prayers, the weight of the situation worsened due to social, humanitarian and racial crises.

The Rosary for the Peace of the Children in War prevented many events and, up until now, other situations continue to be avoided by the presence of those who pray on Earth.

For this new cycle of challenges and transitions that are beginning, today the Mother of God offers you this Rosary to pray for an undetermined time so that during these upcoming times, and with the arrival of the new generations of humanity, the sacred attributes of peace, love, healing, light and Mercy may be sown in all those who will have to learn to go through these next times.

The Rosary for the Peace of the Children in the War is not only an invocation to the great archangels and their hosts of light so that they may intervene in the physical-spiritual situation of today's humanity, but this Rosary is also a spiritual impulse to awaken solidarity, cooperation and charity in each creature on Earth, regardless of their religion or creed.

This Rosary conceives the future unity among constituted religions in the presence of one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

This Rosary brings us the consciousness of the need to awaken in the human heart the service of love for humanity and for the planet.

If this Rosary is prayed together with the Rosary for the Salvation of the Kingdoms of Nature, the work of deepening in the life of service will become more expansive.

In order to have more tools of intercession for the planet and for humanity in these times, today I give you the third part of this Spiritual Trilogy of Prayer for the End of Times, which is the Rosary to know and learn to go through the End of Cycles.

Union bead
Sacred Heart of Jesus,
principle of renewal and healing,
descend Your Mercy upon the coming times.

First decade
For the Angel of Unity,
we implore to God,
may all souls
learn to overcome the end of times.

Second decade
For the Angel of Fraternity,
we implore to God,
may the Christs of the New Time
awaken and emerge.

Third decade
For the Angel of Pity,
we implore to God,
may all barriers and borders that
divide nations and peoples be dissolved.

Fourth decade
For the Angel of Compassion,
we implore to God,
may all creatures of the Earth
know the inner Christ.

Fifth decade
For the Angel of Faith,
we implore to God,
may Divine Justice be placated
through the love and service of all followers of Christ.

The Trilogy of Prayer for the End of Times will be able to help consolidate faith in the servers and a definite trust in the actualization of the Plan of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


First Message

My Voice is heard again in the deserts of this world and My Word echoes in the hearts that recognize the Glorified Face of the Lord.

I Am the last Prophet of these times.

Just as I Am the Beginning, I Am also the End, and everything will pass through Me until the last living cell of this planet.

Because I come from an infinite mystery, from an infinite Creation, from an immaterial Source that the world cannot touch, because it only vibrates in spirit.

I come from this Great Spirit, whence comes My Voice, which is the Word of Life, which brings to the world renewal and peace; which builds in souls a reconnection with God and with His Divine Kingdom.

In this immaterial Source I was conceived in order to come to this Creation, in order to show Myself to you and to be among you, sharing the Path of God, which is the only way that will unite all religions.

Today I Am here as the Lord of Religions, to synthesize the best, the most evolutionary, the good from each one of them.

Today I come to weave with My own Hands, through religions, the last necklace of Light which will unite each one of them in a single path where someday you will be, to realize, at last, that the only religion is the Love of God, the Love of the Source, which brings infinite wisdom, understanding and comprehension.

Just as I was in the past, so long ago, announcing the Word of Life and the Gospel in deserts, today the last Prophet of God returns to deserts to proclaim His Return, which will unite all that is separated in the consciousness of the humankind of this world.

Just as the religions will unite, also will the cultures, which will proclaim the Kingdom of God and worship Its Magnificence, Its Splendor and Infinity.

This moment is drawing near, when all will become clear, when all will be revealed and there will no longer be differences, because the end of a time is approaching, and the most difficult transition is near. And those who do not seek the Religion of Love, which comes from God, will perish.

For this reason, before all happens, love without borders and without resistances.

Allow the Ray of My Heart, the Ray of Love-Wisdom, to permeate you and transform you into the model I so much await.

May religions open, spiritually and in essence, to receive the Lord of the Universe; to receive the One Who once proclaimed the Gospel in the Temples of Jerusalem and Who will now proclaim His Redeeming Word in all Temples of the Earth and in all religions of the world.

And thus, humanity will understand that the spirituality of religions was not thoroughly told and that missing to all was the link of Love, to unite with the great chain of Love-Wisdom.

I was born in the Middle-East more than two thousand years ago to unite the Far East and the West, so that all religions to be born and those which were already born, could meet at the end of the path, the only Path of God which is the path of Love, the one that unifies the essences, the Love that brings the truth and understanding above all things.

I Am not only the Lord of the East, but also the Lord of the West, the Lord of Religions; because the religions of the world must be healed, be healed of their deepest wounds in order to be able to reconcile with God and thus enter in communion with Infinity.

The Father is only One.

But He is present in Three Persons: The Creator, the Firstborn Son and the Holy Spirit.

Three branches of Light that bring this Universe to the elevation of consciousness and unity with the inner universe of each being.

I come with this message because it is a message of preparation for what will come next, when the Lord of Religions visits the Far East and unites this part of humanity, as He unites this part of the planet, this place, with the Source.

May everyone be able to drink from this sacred knowledge. May everyone be able to receive these sacred impulses that are part of the revelation of the Book of God, in which is written the last part of the history of this humanity, which transits to a new time and a new dawn; which will be born to a new consciousness, leaving behind the consciousness of the past, indifference and error.

Accompany the Lord of Religions in His Predication around the world, being ambassadors of peace and good workers of God in order that you never lack the Graces, which the Lord makes sprout from His Infinite Source, in a tireless and inexhaustible way.

Today My Words are mysterious. Today My message is symbolic because all is still to be revealed and it only corresponds to you to understand a part; because you must know that you are within My Project, which you must protect from yourselves in order to not set apart from it, nor to set apart distant from the guidance of My Hand, of the Light of My Heart, of My silent Gaze.

The religions of the world will live their final stage, their definition, and the times that are coming will call you in order that all be united in love and unity; otherwise, it will not be possible to persist.

What is written will be fulfilled.

All is part of a new time and of a new experience, you only must have your faith strengthened in order for nothing to surprise you.

Because unimaginable things will happen, and your voices must be united to the Heights through prayer, so that spiritual guidance never lacks to you; because in truth I tell you that the sheep still do not know how to walk amidst the darkness so as not to lose the path of Light.

That is why I Am the End just as I Am the Beginning.

And until what My Father has asked Me is fulfilled, I will not rest, I will not cease to come to the world to prepare it for its awakening and its great moment of redemption.

Meanwhile, follow My steps for those who no longer follow them.

Accompany Your Master, taking My Hand so that I can guide you, even though you may not understand anything and may not accept anything.

Humanity has decided to stray from its final destiny, that is why I come to put you back on the path, so that you may find the only Path of God, which will take you to Love and to the Truth.

May this Marathon be the union between all the Christic essences of religions, which, whether or not they have Me present in their traditions and ceremonies, they must be able to, through My Intercession and their prayers, reach the union to the Source and the Infinite so that everyone can be redeemed someday.

Smile in this Marathon to relieve the suffering of the world.

There are many hearts which are desperate because they can neither listen to the Word of God, nor live it in these difficult times. But the door to My Divine Mercy is still open; the Ocean of My Mercy is still being offered so that souls may be submerged in it and be washed by the healing Light of My Heart.

May the advent of the new be fulfilled and may the majority of the flocks of God, in the different religions of the world, manage to participate in the great moment of the coming of their Redeemer.

And when this moment comes, I will no longer say another word, because the very facts will be the message, the very physical events on the planet will announce My Return.


The Divine Manger within the world family reveals the Presence of the Most Holy Trinity through the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Saint Joseph.

The true, humble and prayerful veneration to the Divine Manger of the Sacred Family symbolizes the inner union of the soul that venerates, with the essential bases of the Gifts and of the Virtues of the Sacred Family.

In this sense, the Presence of the Sacred Family within the families of the world generates and creates the necessary condition so that each family member, each consciousness or human person that integrates the nucleus of earthly family can internally participate in the moral, spiritual and inner values that the very Family of Nazareth incarnated and lived in past times.

Thus, to be conscious of all the humble and inner attributes that were expressed by Jesus, Saint Joseph and Mary builds, in the consciousness that makes contact with it, the path of redemption.

Now, in these times of crisis in which the family, as the center of society and of modernity, is influenced, attacked and dissolved by human forms and tendencies, it must recover the meaning of its existence and the path of its purpose in these times.

The family of this age and of this cycle is one of the most daring and complex projects to manifest, conduct and guide to the goal of the spirit.

Primary union with the Project lived by the Sacred Family, more than two thousand years ago, again places, on the path of Light, compassion and forgiveness for all families that these days decide to regain the group purpose that they have come to fulfill.

Although each family member, in this time, is a mirror of their own inner reality, it is worth highlighting that healing and reconciliation among the members of the same family is one of the most urgent objectives in the end of these times, both for the families that still remain integrated and for those families that, for several reasons, have divided or separated, being the adversary the spiritual cause of this division.

With the aim of cutting this ancient chain of separation, division or mistreatment within the families of these times, your Heavenly Mother is emploring and requesting the elaboration and construction of the Manger of Bethlehem, as the families of the world, far from modernity and all human tendencies, will need to consciously perceive how is the inner family state of each member and also how is the inner state of the great spiritual families in communities and in religious groups.

In this cycle, if certain altered standards of conduct and communication are present and prevailing, it means, children, that the entire family, social and inner base of the family itself must be completely renewed.

In this time, the meaning of the family alliance is a fundamental path and purpose which will lead to gestate in each consciousness, as well as in each family member, the spirit of unity and of consideration toward their neighbor.

In the present time, if families disregard the divine model of the Sacred Family, at the end of this XXI century, humanity as a whole will have replaced within its own consciousness the essence of love in the family by the influences of the media, of stimuli and of the external realities that come from what humanity itself considers as innovative.

To preserve the culture of the family and its members from everything, it will be necessary to consecrate each one of them to the Sacred Family of Nazareth.

This consecration must lead the family to open itself to the path of prayer and of true Communion with Christ because, in truth, He is the main model in the integration of families by means of the Christic Essence.

The Celestial Father, in His Infinite Mercy and Pity, aspires that the principle and meaning of the purpose of the families of the world may be recovered and embraced by all human beings.

The family of today is the main objective of search and of conquest by the forces of chaos, which promote its division with astuteness and intelligence.

In the next Nativity of the Lord, the intention of your Lady and Celestial Mother is to be able to work, through the Manger, in the immediate recovery of the spiritual values that the different families need in this time, in order to survive and to go through the end of this cycle.

For this reason, each prayer made with love for the Sacred Family of Nazareth will constitute this unbreakable fortitude that the families of the world will need in order to learn to survive all the interferences and influences of these critical times.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses all the families of the world,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Behold, She will come brighter than the sun, the Servant of God, to prepare the return of Her Son, as She one day prepared His sacred Birth on the Earth.

Behold, the Silent and Humble Servant became Queen and Celestial Mother, because Her silence revealed Her Majesty and Unity with God the Father and His Beloved Son.

Just as the Heavens opened to receive Her in Body, Soul and Divinity, in the Mystery of Her Assumption, the Heavens are open again for the descent of Her Divinity and the announcement of Her Sacred Word; because the Blessed Mother of the Lord can no longer remain in silence, in the face of all that happens in the world. Her silence of other times sustained the echo of the Voice of Her Son in the valleys and in the peoples of the East, and now Her Word comes to prepare the Universal Triumph of Christ, because He will no longer come to preach and teach among humankind: the power of His Presence will be conversion itself; the power of His Feet placed on the Earth will be redemption itself for the planet. From His Mouth will only come out prayers and decrees that will unite Heaven and Earth, will close the hells and the abysses, will calm the despairs and will establish Peace.

For this reason, before the Son, again His Heavenly Mother and His adoptive Father, Humble and Faithful, approach, in order for Them to be the ones to prepare the human heart.

Children, today I tell you to listen with attention to the purposes of God, brought by His Messengers. They are like the truths said by the prophets in the past, to prepare the arrival of the Messiah in the world.

Our Word not only instructs you, but it also transforms and unites to the Universal Teaching, which will come with the Son of God, as a living expression of the Reality that dwells in the Universes.

With simplicity, We open to you the doors of the heart and the eyes of the spirit, so that you recognize the Laws that dictate universal evolution and you may enter them, in obedience and love, while there is time.

All Mysteries reveal themselves in the Law of Love and of Obedience, principles that rule all Evolutionary Life, in Heaven as on Earth. Spiritual Life reveals itself to those who know how to love and every Mystery revealed becomes simple and understandable to those who know Love, because their minds become pure and their hearts are simple.

With this, beloved children, I want to tell you that the Faithful and Tireless Servant of God comes to the world with simple words, to reveal Sublime Truths. I come to awaken Love in your hearts, so that you may comprehend Me, and without difficulties, live what I tell you.

What impedes you to live My Instructions is not the human condition, is not material karma and is not ignorance; it is the lack of true Love and of true Humility.

In a world of mysticism full of vanity and false bases of true knowledge, I come to conduct you to the Truth. But before this, I must oust from your hearts, pride and ambition for power and for knowledge.

For this reason, I teach you to love and to obey, above all things, the simple purposes of God. And it is in this way that I prepare you, transform and reveal the New Life, which will emerge in the hearts without their realizing it.

It is in this way that I unite you to the true Celestial and Cosmic Brotherhood, and I make your hearts able to be true companions of your King and Universal and Divine Master, Christ.

Behold, I am here, as Queen and Celestial Mother, and in the simplicity of My words is hidden the Power of God and the Truth that I Am. In My presence is hidden the Unity with the Infinity. And in this way I tell you that, if you unite yourselves to Me, you will unite yourselves to the Whole, to the Cosmos, to Life, to the Creation of God.

Prepare along with Me the Return of My Son, and announce, children, that it is time to repent of being in vain paths, which lead to nothing but to being lost, not only from God, but also from oneself.

Behold, I come to find you and to conduct you to the encounter with yourselves, so that you may know who you are and what you have come to do in this world. Do not be lost any longer. Follow My steps and I will guide you always.

I bless you and love you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Great Miracle of the Sun

One hundred years ago at the Cova da Iria, in Fátima, Portugal, the last and definitive Apparition of the Mother of God happened, the one which brought to the world the end of a terrible war and a prolonged period of peace. At that time, humanity was on the brink of its own perdition.

Although the message of Fátima was clear and convincing through the revelation of the three secrets of Fátima, the Most Holy Mother warned Her children that a true penance was urgent and immediate, since the repentance of the hearts would grant the world a significant atonement.

The Miracle of the Sun, also called the stellar phenomenon, was the culminating event when, on October 13, 1917, this local Universe, of which this planet forms part, lived a cut in time and space.

The Miracle of the Sun, or stellar phenomenon, consisted in mobilizing great consciousnesses of the Material Universe and Cosmic Regents which allowed, at a planetary level, to put an end to the endless cycle of siege, destruction and of the conquest that humanity was immersed in by the First World War.

This phenomenon, understood by humanity as the constant and random twirl of the Sun, meant the reunion of certain cosmic currents of the Material Universe, that have their bases in the Central Sun of this galaxy.

I would like, dear children, that you comprehend that, if this evolutionary intervention of the Greater Universe had not have happened on October 13, 1917, humanity would have already destroyed itself.

It was necessary, at the universal and divine level, to carry forward this movement of the solar and stellar elements of the Universe.

This allowed to stop, upon the planet and within its humanity, the idea of a conquest and of an unmeasured power, that would lead to the development of other events.

The Miracle of the Sun, or the stellar phenomenon, cleaned and purified the psychic plane of the entire planet in less than fifteen minutes, a time in which the solar and stellar elements that were operated by the Regents of the Universe, dissipated from the ether of the Earth a great quantity of registers of suffering and death that had been generated.

The global Miracle of the Sun, with the meeting of the angels and the Hierarchies, despite having its epicenter in Fátima, embraced the whole planet, relieving it from its chain of great human and terrestrial errors.

October 13, 2017,  was the closing of the mission that your Celestial Mother came to accomplish during six continuous months, in which humanity was prepared to live the Miracle of the Sun.

Even though the Most Holy Mother had announced that if there were not a true repentance a second war could come, worse than the one that was already occurring, humanity was able to know, after the atomic bomb, that it was capable of self-destruction and irreversible damage to itself, even in these current times.

That is why, on October 13, 2017, after one hundred years of My Apparitions in Fatima, your Celestial Mother came to beg the world not to forget to live a deep and true repentance, because this lack of penance in the human beings of today is heading toward ideas and war projects, worse than the ones that have already occurred, it is headed toward wanting to destroy the life and the evolution of the Kingdoms of Nature, as has been happening in the last fifty years, and it is leading to the loss of logic and discernment of the human beings who lead and govern this planet.

I come to ask for the repentance of the heart, so that you remember that there exists only one God present in three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; I come to ask you not to forget to be considerate, merciful and fraternal to one another; I come to ask you to proclaim your faith in the infinite existence of the Celestial Church of Christ; I come to ask that you give the examples, among yourselves, of equality, compassion, love and respect, because, after all the help received, humanity continues to hurt itself in ways never seen before.

As the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, I remind you, dear children, to pray a Mystery of the Rosary, every day, and that you do not deceive yourselves anymore by exchanging this important prayer for the technologies and their constant problems.

Do so with the heart, and you will see the powerful results of this spiritual tool, that will provide you with peace and the spiritual healing of your lives.

If at least just a few fulfill all these requests, I will be able to continue interceding before the Celestial Father, although the scales are in great inequality. I will go tirelessly, to meet of all My children, and I will be able to help, one by one.

If humanity does not pray and does not stop to think before acting impulsively, a worse crisis will embrace the planet and, as in these days, innocent lives will unjustly pay for the others.

To avoid all this, I come again to ask for the consecration of your lives and homes of the world to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart, thus I will triumph, being able to live among you in a true and solemn way.

I thank you for responding to this important call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I am the Mother of the Sphere, and in it I keep all the divine and universal Knowledge that is still waiting to be revealed to the world.

I am the Mother of the Sphere, and in it I keep the principle of divine Thought and the spirit of unconditional obedience, which has caused Creation to be concretized and manifested.

I am the Mother of the Sphere, and in it I keep the sacred and sublime Temples of God, yet to be revealed to humanity.

I am the Mother of the Sphere, and in it I keep the Triune Conception, which is to say, the creator Essence of the Father, the creator Essence of the Son, and the creator Essence of the Holy Spirit.

I am the Mother of the Sphere, and in it I keep the fruitful principle of Life, the origin of Original Purity, the primary state of existence.

I am the Mother of the Sphere, and in it I keep the integration and the union among universes, those which allowed the expression of the consciousness of wisdom, that the non-material Source expressed to all which is created.

I am the Mother of the Sphere, and in it I keep the spirit of the purpose for each creature in this universe. It is in this way that, as Mother of the Sphere, I clearly know what the purpose of each being is and the conclusion of their destiny.

I thank you responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Seventh day of the novena

"For the existence of the Holy Spirit, who has guided and inspired all the groups of service, prayer, instruction, and healing; showing in each one its spiritual talent."


Dear children,

The Holy Spirit is everything in humanity. If It had not been within the apostles, the Work of Redemption of Christ would never have been known in the world.

Therefore, the Holy Spirit inspires souls to follow the Path of the Lord and to be open to serve Creation, serving humanity, in some way.

The Holy Spirit has been the main Source which, throughout times, has given impulse and created groups of service, in all its diversity.

In this planetary cycle, the groups of prayer and service, which exist throughout the planet, are impelling the awakening of new virtues and new gifts that were not active before.

The existence of all groups of congregated souls comes from the work that the Holy Spirit promotes in this time, in humanity.

We know that the Holy Spirit is one of the Persons of God, in the Holy Trinity. In this sense, the Holy Spirit is the executor in the Plan of the Eternal Father that promotes the realization of the Work of Love, Mercy, and Redemption of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Assisi, Perugia, Italy, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Light will always defeat evil, because evil is dazzled by the Light of God, which is invincible, strong and powerful.

Light is based in love, and it is love that provides the strength so that the Light is able to act with determination.

The Light of God is incomparable, neutral and precise. It acts on all the levels of the Creator Consciousness and can manifest in three ways: through the Love of the Father, through the Knowledge of the Son, and through the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

Light is capable, as essence, of penetrating the deepest layers of planetary life, because it acts through equilibrium, equality and justice, principles that are born of the Primordial Source.

The Light of God can solve the impossible, bring clarity to what is confused, and dissolve what interferes in the life or the inner essence. This Light, with its principle and with the movement of its energy, dissolves and makes transitory that which is opposed to it. 

Because it is of God, it is an intimate, inner and non-material Light that fosters harmony and order in the spaces.

The Light of God is equitable and just, because it elevates and ignites what is apparently dark. It is a Gift of God that brings a revelation of the new to humanity and dispels what is static or resistant.

The Light conquers because it is neutral, and at the same time, peaceful.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Lady who unties all knots

Today, before you and the world, I again present Myself as the Lady Untier of Knots, so that souls may liberate themselves in these times from errors committed and thus, achieve peace.

I am the Lady who unties all knots

I have the celestial authority to untie even the impossible cases, so that in this way, the souls that are imprisoned within themselves know that the humility of My hands, along with the Angels of Liberation, may resolve these cases.

I am the Lady who unties all knots

With the Power of the Father, the Love of the Son, and the spiritual strength of the Holy Spirit, I untie the impossible causes and I make of each one of them a luminous present for God.

I am the Lady who unties all knots

Those who trust in My Grace are whole in Spirit and in the Divine Verb, and thus the paths open for them to experience their redemption.

With the help of Heaven and of the entire Universe, the most tightly tied knots are liberated by the swords of light of the holy angels, which give the Mother of God the already liberated ribbons.

I am the Lady who unties all knots

Through the faith of believers and devotees, the work of redemption is materialized, and many more knots are liberated in the planetary consciousness.

Come with Me and let us untie all knots, so that the doors to hope may be opened and thus, hearts may find again the Light of My Son.

I am the Lady who unties all knots

And your Mother and Lady Untier of Knots undoes the knots of consciousness; there is no being on this Earth that will remain without liberation.

I am the Lady who unties and dissolves the most difficult and impossible evils, so that Her children may be reborn in the faith and in the Love of God.

I am the Lady who unties all knots

Do not fear your prisons or the resistant knots in your paths; I send you the Angels of Liberation so that, with their swords, they may cut all which causes pain and incomprehension.

But only one door must be opened so that all knots may be liberated, and it is the door of the heart, where no impossible knot exists, because in there is God.

Live in the Lord and all knots will be liberated.

I am the Lady who unties all knots

Through Universal Mercy, your souls will be liberated from any spiritual captivity; implore for the power of your Lady Untier of Knots and instantly you will see your paths open up.

I am the Lady who unties all knots so that souls may achieve redemption and may victoriously live the forgiveness of the heart.

I am the Lady Untier of Knots and I invite you to invoke that divine power of liberation through this decree:

Lady Untier of Knots,

Who liberates the ties of human inertia,

untie all the knots of our consciousnesses

so that Christ may reign now and always,

and for all eternity.



A good vigil of liberation for all!

I thank you for accompanying Me.

Who blesses you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more