Friday, November 24 of 2017

Daily messages

The Divine Manger within the world family reveals the Presence of the Most Holy Trinity through the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Saint Joseph.

The true, humble and prayerful veneration to the Divine Manger of the Sacred Family symbolizes the inner union of the soul that venerates, with the essential bases of the Gifts and of the Virtues of the Sacred Family.

In this sense, the Presence of the Sacred Family within the families of the world generates and creates the necessary condition so that each family member, each consciousness or human person that integrates the nucleus of earthly family can internally participate in the moral, spiritual and inner values that the very Family of Nazareth incarnated and lived in past times.

Thus, to be conscious of all the humble and inner attributes that were expressed by Jesus, Saint Joseph and Mary builds, in the consciousness that makes contact with it, the path of redemption.

Now, in these times of crisis in which the family, as the center of society and of modernity, is influenced, attacked and dissolved by human forms and tendencies, it must recover the meaning of its existence and the path of its purpose in these times.

The family of this age and of this cycle is one of the most daring and complex projects to manifest, conduct and guide to the goal of the spirit.

Primary union with the Project lived by the Sacred Family, more than two thousand years ago, again places, on the path of Light, compassion and forgiveness for all families that these days decide to regain the group purpose that they have come to fulfill.

Although each family member, in this time, is a mirror of their own inner reality, it is worth highlighting that healing and reconciliation among the members of the same family is one of the most urgent objectives in the end of these times, both for the families that still remain integrated and for those families that, for several reasons, have divided or separated, being the adversary the spiritual cause of this division.

With the aim of cutting this ancient chain of separation, division or mistreatment within the families of these times, your Heavenly Mother is emploring and requesting the elaboration and construction of the Manger of Bethlehem, as the families of the world, far from modernity and all human tendencies, will need to consciously perceive how is the inner family state of each member and also how is the inner state of the great spiritual families in communities and in religious groups.

In this cycle, if certain altered standards of conduct and communication are present and prevailing, it means, children, that the entire family, social and inner base of the family itself must be completely renewed.

In this time, the meaning of the family alliance is a fundamental path and purpose which will lead to gestate in each consciousness, as well as in each family member, the spirit of unity and of consideration toward their neighbor.

In the present time, if families disregard the divine model of the Sacred Family, at the end of this XXI century, humanity as a whole will have replaced within its own consciousness the essence of love in the family by the influences of the media, of stimuli and of the external realities that come from what humanity itself considers as innovative.

To preserve the culture of the family and its members from everything, it will be necessary to consecrate each one of them to the Sacred Family of Nazareth.

This consecration must lead the family to open itself to the path of prayer and of true Communion with Christ because, in truth, He is the main model in the integration of families by means of the Christic Essence.

The Celestial Father, in His Infinite Mercy and Pity, aspires that the principle and meaning of the purpose of the families of the world may be recovered and embraced by all human beings.

The family of today is the main objective of search and of conquest by the forces of chaos, which promote its division with astuteness and intelligence.

In the next Nativity of the Lord, the intention of your Lady and Celestial Mother is to be able to work, through the Manger, in the immediate recovery of the spiritual values that the different families need in this time, in order to survive and to go through the end of this cycle.

For this reason, each prayer made with love for the Sacred Family of Nazareth will constitute this unbreakable fortitude that the families of the world will need in order to learn to survive all the interferences and influences of these critical times.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses all the families of the world,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace