Saturday, November 25 of 2017

Daily messages

To the Argentinians that disappeared

Dear children,

Today your Celestial Mother, as Mother and Mediator of this world, appeals to all Her children to, on this day of blessing, offer this Meeting with Me for those that recently disappeared in the argentinian Atlantic Ocean.

I call all the groups of prayer of Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and Chile to unite fraternally by means of a luminous chain of prayer and of vigil, so that your Celestial Mother may guide and help the souls that disappeared on the high seas.

For this, I come to ask especially to My children from the Argentinian Republic to concentrate for a few days in the city of Mar del Plata, to pray the Mysteries of the Rosary for each one of the brothers and sisters that have disappeared, offering from the depth of their hearts this service of prayer as an immediate means to help the families of those who disappeared, as well as to bring relief to each one of their members.

On this night, your Universal Mother will be dedicating this Meeting of Prayer to each one of My children who have disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean.

Just as in other times I asked you, lovingly, to pray for the refugee families that still continue to cross the challenging Mediterranean Sea to escape wars, today I come to ask you for this Brothers and sisters who have disappeared so that God, Who is Infinite in Mercy, may grant, by means of My Intercession, the necessary help.

If you remember, children, in the last Meeting that took place in the month of October in the city of Mendoza, Argentina, My Beloved Son declared to you that Argentina, would undergo a great and unknown test, in a short time. This test and this moment are taking place in these days.

For this, I invite you, as never before, to place attention on and discernment in what the Divine Messengers announce from time to time, because through the Sacred Word there is an attempt to avoid situations in the souls and in all of humanity.

Those recently disappeared offered themselves, in this life, for the whole Argentina so that this people and consequently all the nations in the world, that now participate in the search operation, may learn that God alone has the power and that the hour has come to convert and to redeem themselves so that the Sacred Victory of Christ is established.

Some groups of souls at this time, without knowing it and without having known, having or not religion or creed, have offered themselves entirely to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, so that millions of people may perceive that we are crossing the portal of a definitive time that calls souls to be united in love and in solidarity, because that will rebuild the planet.

These groups of souls have offered to suffer for Jesus and for the immediate redemption of humanity, since it is urgent that the whole race change its state and action.

Lastly, I would like My children from Argentina to gather in the Naval Base of Mar del Plata to pray for all the brothers and sisters who, in these times, offer their lives and hearts for others to carry forward experiences and conquests on the planet that are unreal.

I will be, as never, close to those who out of love and consciousness respond to My call.

I will be with each Family of each one that disappeared, going through this test and takeing them tightly by the hand.

I would like, in truth, that the nations learn that humanity and the Kingdoms of Nature are no longer a laboratory, but that they are all essences in redemption.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace