While on the one hand, the consciousness of the planet reflects a humanity divided by wars, hunger, inequality, and conflicts, on the other hand, the essences of this time are going through their great definition.

I ask you to take My Hand so that I may unite you all and thus lead you on the path of love and reconciliation.

My enemy is managing to infiltrate even the religious life. He projects fantasies, stimulates ideas, and generates disagreements, awakening great discouragement and disappointments in hearts.

By all means he tries to undo My projects, but he will not manage to do this. He already realizes that he lost, and thus places all his fury in human minds and generates many setbacks where they do not exist.

For that reason, I come to ask you to protect yourselves, to take one another into consideration, and to not, even for a second, leave My Heart, because in this way, I will protect you and I will hold you in My Arms.

Everything contrary to the light that may be happening at this time will be an appearance created by My adversary.

Immerse yourself in the prayer of the heart, fulfill the daily liturgies, and you will survive. Because more complex times will come and hearts must be more united than  before to endure the last and definitive clashes.

I am praying for you. The Woman clothed with the Sun is, at this moment, running to the desert.

The door of Armageddon has already been opened in this last August.

Be vigilant and do not allow yourselves to be confused.

I am at the rearguard of My children.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Divine Manger inside the womb of the world family reveals the Presence of the Most Holy Trinity through the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Saint Joseph.

The true, humble and prayerful veneration of the Divine Manger of the Sacred Family symbolizes the inner union of the soul that venerates with the essential bases of the Gifts and of the Virtues of the Sacred Family.

In this sense, the Presence of the Sacred Family inside the spiritual womb of the families of the world generates and creates the necessary condition so that each family member, each consciousness or human person that integrates the nucleus of earthly family may internally participate in the moral, spiritual and inner values that the very Family of Nazareth incarnated and lived in past times.

Thus, to be conscious of all the humble and inner attributes that were expressed by Jesus, Saint Joseph and Mary builds, in the consciousness that makes contact with it, the path of redemption.

Now, in these times of crises in which the family, as the center of society and of modernity, is influenced, attacked and dissolved by the human forms and tendencies, it must recover the meaning of its existence and the path of its purpose in these times.

The family of this age and of this cycle is one of the most daring and complex projects of manifesting, conducting and guiding to the goal of the spirit.

The primordial union with the Project lived by the Sacred Family more than two thousand years ago, places again on the path of Light, of compassion and of forgiveness all families of the these days that decide to regain the group purpose that they have come to fulfill.

Although each family member, in this time, is a mirror of their own inner reality, it is worthy highlighting that the healing and the reconciliation among the members of the same family is one of the most urgent objectives in the end of these times, both for the families that still remain integrated and for those families that for several reasons have been divided or separated, being the adversary the spiritual cause of this division.


So that there is always protection in certain spaces of the consciousness, and that this protection be maintained, not only in it but also around it, prayer and peace are needed.

When this protection is altered by situations of the external life, or for lack of a true life of prayer, situations begin to emerge that were not foreseen by the consciousness itself or by its surroundings.

It is essential, in these times, to assume an ardent life of prayer, so that, thus, protection can exist in everything.

In present times, to not truly assume the life of prayer, means to leave behind the possibility of receiving certain Gifts, that will help to neutralize or to keep in balance all the currents that are contrary to what is evolutionary and elevated.

By remaining on the path of prayer, realities and experiences will be others.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Each time you pray to My Heart, I protect you from all evil and from all adversity.

I bring you the Protection of God and I shelter you under My mantle so that nothing happens to you.

Each time you seek me, I meet you in the sacred oratory of God, where everything is done, just as God foresees.

I leave you all My Love of a Mother and I lead you on the path of peace; believe in this, because I am there.

Open your hearts and you will find the Heart of My Son, which awaits you in faith and love.

Be with Me in perpetual prayer; in this way I will also protect the souls that are most in need of redemption.

I leave you My devotion and prayer for all; have faith, everything will be all right.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses and loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Mother of the Perpetual Help and in My arms I carry My Son in universal representation of all the children I have.

I am the Mother of Perpetual Help and I aid the consciousnesses that mostly need a way out.

I am the Mother of the Perpetual Help and I protect in My chest each soul, I protect the heart that consecrates itself to My maternity and I dissipate from its life all the obstacles that My eternal enemy imposes.

I am the Mother of the Perpetual Help and with My crown of stars I illuminate the inner paths that the good souls must travel to meet with Jesus.

I am the Mother of the Perpetual Help and I offer the childhood of My Beloved Son to each devotee for them to find their purity and sobriety even in the smallest details.

I am the Mother of the Perpetual Help and I prevent many dangers in which My children in the world could be. I decree the infinite Love of God in all existence and thus I neutralize the opposite currents of evil that want to entrap My small ones.

I am the Mother of the Perpetual Help and I aid each awakened consciousness to transform itself with humility, to come to know its human condition so that with effort and love it may transcend it and thus close the doors to the past.

I am the Mother of the Perpetual Help and guide the hearts that ask Me to do so, I build the bases of love in all those who open themselves to live Christ.

I am the Mother of the Perpetual Help and in My silence I prevent many things with the divine thought, and thus I establish the Celestial Kingdom in each small heart.

I am the Mother of the Perpetual Help and I distance all perdition and deceit from the path of My soldiers.

I am the Mother of the Perpetual Help and amid the world chaos I build the bridges of peace among hearts, My Heart triumphs in each child who lives Me humbly.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who always protects you everywhere,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace 


Dear children:

The terrorist humanity does not know the power of the Justice of God at this time and it launches itself into the emptiness, overthrowing all the principles of a true humanity.

Panic and fear embrace many hearts because the time of Apocalypse has already begun. Unimaginable things can already be seen in the streets of the world and fear drowns the majority, who is indifferent and does not pray.

The hearts seem to lose the meaning of their existence and fear the death generated by terrorism.

It seems that the flame of faith fades little by little and the souls that do not accept Me are unprotected and without My shelter. The time of chaos has already arrived and many prefer to deny it for not wanting to face their own reality.

The miseries seem to multiply themselves more than the roses and the valley becomes the scenery of constant outrages.

Humanity feels the awakening, but soon deviates itself losing the meaning of the true path of redemption.

All offend God to some degree and when the majority moves away from God, this jeopardizes the life of all.

This difficult and cruel time precipitates upon those who are fallen spiritually and the bombs and attacks explode before their faces.

Nobody turns to God and everybody gets lost in darkness. While this separation of hearts happens for not thinking not even for a second about God, I fight day and night together with My hosts against the plans of My adversary.

Nobody knows the power of the Justice of God; while there is time, repent and ask for forgiveness for those who offend and outrage the Heart of God.

Pray with more consciousness and determination so that the world tests that are approaching do not surprise the majority again.

My Heart feels again the pain of the world and the causes of so much human indifference. I only pray for you and for all My children to be prepared and thus be able to face the final time.

I thank you for following Me!

For peace in times of attacks,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Parents of the Earth,

As Your Mother and Guide from Heaven, I take care of all the details in the same way that I take care of and protect each soul.

Give Me your children, and I will take care of them as I take care of you all the time when you are in prayer with Me.

Entrust your children of the Earth to Me so that someday they too come to an awakening and redemption.

My motherhood follows your children with a tender look, who for you are the living experience of love, compassion, and understanding.

Beloved parents, God has given you a learning, a livingness, and an experience through the birth of your children; an experience that in this life, and at this moment of the planet, oftentimes has caused you to endure, to love, to understand, and especially to forgive.

Each one of you, parents of the Earth, have had to learn how to relinquish, to accept the decisions of your children and of your families.

The prayer of the heart will lead you to understand the decisions of life, and those of your children, just as I understand yours, and accept them in deep motherhood.

Do not expect to fulfill dreams of this world through your children, aspire that they be in My arms of a Mother just as you and your families are, especially when they are far from their loved ones.

All are souls in redemption and transformation, but My sacred motherhood grants you all the Graces. For this reason, today I invite you to place your children in My arms just as you often are, both in the moments of inner happiness and in those of pain.

Know, My beloved parents of the Earth, that you and your children belong to God and that one day you will return to God in spite of what you experience in this world.

I prepare you so that you may deliver your children to the Will of God in the same way that I trustingly delivered Jesus to the Celestial Father.

I encourage you to grow inwardly.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who accompanies you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear Children,

The greatest sacrifice that a heart must make is to accept the Will of God above oneself because by loving and accepting this Divine Will one achieves the absolute trust of knowing that everything is on the right pathway.

Today I tell you, children of Mine, that your Heavenly Mother had to accept the Will of God of surrendering Her Son to death.   For this, My dears, be in peace and seek this peace of the heart.

In these times, the souls are living the cycle of separation of the wheat from chaff and do not forget, children, that each stage of life is a moment of learning.

Today I come to ask you to not lose the hope that everything is possible.  Know, children, that My maternal mantle protects you and protects all of those who cannot walk in the Love of God.

Children, not loving the Will is like separating oneself from God.  From the beginning you haven been free, but you have been called to live an experience of love which is represented in My Beloved Son.

Dear children, today I come to pray for all of you because today God is showing you that we must follow Him.

Dear Children, hold on to My mantle, unite to My Heart and everything will soon pass.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses you in maternity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Listen to My voice in the silence of your heart and recognize with Me how much you still have to chance.  This is not going to be a limitation to reach the goal; this is the first step to a consciousness that matures in the chosen path.

You are not going to sanctify yourself overnight, but you will find the barriers that leave the soul of each being trapped.  These barriers are the superficial and mental life that does no lead to any result.

If your aspiration to surrender to My Son is faithful and constant, I assure you that great will be the test, but there will be nothing that may dissolve the sincere union that you have built.  For this I indicate to you new paths for you to traverse in obedience and joy.

When you say no to My plans, I can do nothing, but only look at you and pray.  The Universe always search for the best option to help you, but when the proposed path is not accepted, it will be in the next round of the universal cycle that something will be able to be resolved.

When there is no correspondence with what is indicated, the instruction of the hierarchy is wasted.  Although it is time of your purification, certain own wills or personal decisions, can change the spiritual destiny of a consciousness.

What to do?

Just wait, God never fails to show the real meaning and reason of His Will, and His Infinite Mercy rearranges all the things and put them in the necessary balance so that His Holly Aspirations can be accomplished.

There is no longer time to rethink the things; the divine impulse descends to mobilize and liberate structures.  When someone stops this impulse, it is like trying to sustain with the hands a flood of light.

The Divine Will is not an imposition but it is the spirit of materialization of a Plan that must achieve the highest experience of love and forgiveness.  When a soul opposes this to happen, the same universal science repositions the consciousness on the step of learning it had before being elevated to the Mayor Kingdom.

No one loses their place in the Heart of God, God is Compassion and Justice; and this Justice at this time will be severe, not for being Justice, but because the Law of Divinity Itself will find resistance in many areas of the consciousness.


I am the Mother and the Lady who helps, together with Her Son, all the Christians and non-Christians.

I descend from Heaven to bring the Grace and the Mercy of God, because these are the Holy Gifts to which the souls must hold on.

I am the One who aids during the tests and the One who helps during difficult moments.  I am the Consoler and Co-redeemer in whom the essences find the path of redemption and of peace. 

I am present in the world through those who invoke Me.  I am the Great Mirror of Justice and of the intercession for the hearts.  Through My Grace, the most difficult situations are converted when there is the sincere aspiration to be willing to change.

My authority and kingdom embrace many consciousnesses, because in the spiritual level My actions are works of Peace and Love.

I Am Mary Help of Christians, the Lady who guides the Christians and helps in all the impossible causes, whenever there is faith and confidence in the Lord.  I Am the Mother who carries the Child King, the Divine and Prodigious Child Jesus so that He may establish the Will of God in the simple hearts.   

Who appeals to the Divine Child will receive the answer because His Purity and Innocence will transform the most difficult causes.  

I am your Helping Mother, so that you may remember My universal presence in these times.  

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses you in Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Stay in My arms today, child of Mine, because My mantle of light will make you invisible to the eyes of My adversary.  Stay between My hands, because My Maternal Love will make you stronger than the sorrow of the world.

Do not let the great door of purification be opened because God, Who is in the Heavens, has already counted the seconds and the minutes where each child of Mine will have to face the last battle.

Stay with Me and pray by My side.

Although the storm is greater than the very fortresses that I have constructed with My Love, the ground will not tremble because the foundations that I build are unmovable.  Stay today between My arms and do not fear anything; the cycle of surrender and of humiliation shall be lived by each child of Mine, because in order for the next time of peace to be born, all of My children will have to live their purification.

Let today, child of Mine, Your Heavenly Mother wash your body and your impurities with the divine water of My Grace; lie down and surrender yourself into My arms so that I may purify you and convert you in the model that God has asked of Me; in the model of the great redemption.

Rest today, child, between My arms and do not look that much the constant falls;  I come to raise you from the ground, and bring you to the eternal lap of the Heart of My Son.  His Mercy is as great as His Justice; for this come with confidence towards Me and do not give up before the great time.

For My children I fulfill the Works of God, for this I protect you like a lioness protects her cubs, nothing will be able to frighten you.

Open space, child of Mine, so that the impurities of the old will be banished.  In the same way that My Heart prays and implores for each one of you, My hands of a Mother undo in time the knots of egoism and of foolishness that live in each of you.  Prayer is the source of every solution, it will always rekindle the heart that is dim and without inner light.

The red dragon draws its armies closer before facing the Lady Dressed of the Sun.  In turn, the stars of My Crown are launched to the Earth in order to demarcate the spaces where the dragon will neither be able to step nor find anyone of you.

When the Lady Dressed of the Sun has thrown Her last star of salvation to the Earth, the great door will open, the great cycle will be untied and it will not have an end.


I Am the Holy Virgin, Untier of Knots that comes to your lives to free them from all evil.

I Am your Holy Universal Mother, the one who shelters you under Her universal mantle of Peace, so that the sieges of the enemy may not take you out of the path in which God has placed you.

Children of Mine, I look at the world and see that many are still asleep in the illusion of the material life; others think they are awake but they are still involved in the deceptions of the enemy and in the depths cultivate the desires of achievements of the life in matter.  Very few are those who are truly awake and who already have dissolved all expectations in relation to life in matter, to surrender themselves completely to the life of the spirit.

My beloveds, I ask you to pray because within prayer you will find all the keys that you need as humanity.  It is not only to prayer of itself that I want to lead you, but it is necessary that you comprehend that prayer is the master key that opens all the doors of the celestial universe.

Prayer will bring you the awakening; it will bring the protection that you will need, especially of your souls.  Prayer will bring you the comprehension of every doubt, will bring you the discernment for more definitive decisions.  Prayer will dissolve the influences of the enemy upon your minds and upon your hearts.  Prayer will bring you healing, will bring you Peace.

My beloveds, I have the sovereignty to move all the universes and, in spite of this, the only tool that I count on is the true and pure prayer, that which can transform any obstacle, dissolve any type of darkness and activate in the universe the Mirrors of Light that radiate to the world.

Discover in this time the power of prayer.  Take a risk to surpass the limits of matter and of the illusion of the material life in order to discover the power of the word issued from the heart.


As the Lady of the Divine Defense, today I call you to pray for the protection of the Marian Centers, especially, for My National Marian Center of Luján, that in these days that has lived defining situations.

For this, My children, with the Banner of Peace in between My hands, I invite you to pilgrim for love to the places of most need in this region, through service and donation to that which My children of the region of Luján need.

Dear children, My Marian Centers are in your hands and God contemplates the honorable grace that all My children can offer and do through service to those who mostly need help and prayer. Today I not only invite you to prayer, but also to serve in the end of these times.

My Son calls you all to be merciful and the hour has already come to surrender everything to the Lord for the salvation of souls.

Children of My Son Jesus, sheep of His loving herd:

As Universal Mother and as Mother of Perpetual Help, I am calling you all to pray for the Centers of Peace, but also to serve in abnegated and truthful form to My children, that throughout these days, have suffered the consequences of the flood in their familiar homes, but above all in the interior of the heart. In reverence, I call you all to be conscious and collaborate in My universal task of salvation.

Dear children, My Protective Mantle of Mercy and Love is above you all. I pray for you all perpetually. I pray for you all asking God for your salvation and His Mercy. The time runs fast and humanity should pray more to impede irreparable happenings.

For this, My children, I am with you all walking as Mother step by step beside you and as Guardian of the Faith for your hearts.

Dear children, we are in time for the purification of the mind and of heart, for this I invite you to pray sincerely because this way you will be protected beneath My Maternal Light.

Dear children, opening My arms to save all the souls, but especially, of the Sanctuary of Luján, I ask you in this day, to pilgrim serving God and donate your love to your brothers and sisters, faithful devotees in My Immaculate Heart.

For this I ask you to go in these days to Luján, to bring the love of My Resurrected Son and also so that your hands donate charity and humility for the ones that have been affected by the storm that happened in the whole region of Luján.

Dear children, two tasks have to be accomplished before God:

While humanity is still searching for satisfaction in life, My Maternal Heart calls all souls to the new and last flock of Christ.

As the Mediator before all souls that have found the spiritual path to God, I want that they may help the other souls that still deviate themselves quickly from the path of faith and of love of God.

For this, My children, I ask today to all prayer beings to not loose time so that they may pray with so much aspiration to the highest and wait for the Infinite Mercy of My Son.

I hope for My soldiers to awaken their consciousnesses and that they may offer to collaborate so that the majority of humanity may live one more time of peace.  But the clock of time is going so fast, for this, with your attentive hearts, I ask you to pray with the heart so that something may change in humanity.

Dear children, pray, pray, pray and pray with the voice of your hearts so that the Piety and Compassion of God may touch the hearts that have been separated from the law of the Lord.

Remembering the teachings of the Commandments of Moses, I ask you that you have them present in your lives as the first basic rules for a good child of God.

Dear children, for so long humanity has been called to change from the heart, for this may you open your eyes and see the Merciful Light that My Immaculate Heart is irradiating to all.

I remind you of the importance of living in fidelity to My Son, so that your hearts may be guided and protected in this final time.

I thank you for answering in these times to the Voice of My Call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

Dear Children:

While the world passes quickly to the end of this time, humanity must submerge itself in the ocean of prayer, so that the great angels of the Lord may aid all the hearts of humanity. Before the trumpets of the angels of Heaven can be sounded you must be prepared through the prayer of the heart formed in faith and trust in the fount of the Divine Mercy.

Today I invite you in an urgent way to enter into the most Chaste Heart of My Son because in this way your lives will be protected by the great Spirit of Mercy of the Redeemer.

Dear children, today I call you to have consciousness from your heart because the times call humanity to live the conversion of the spirit and of life.

As the Mother of Perpetual Help, the Lord sends me to awake the dream of each one of My children and to place all of them inside of the celestial task that the Lord is dictating for each heart through My maternal presence month by month.

Little children, you cannot pass even one day without living the prayer of the heart because in this way your lives will open the hearts so that the custodian angels may be close, those that are sent under the light of My Immaculate Heart to guide all of My little children.

The moment has arrived to open the consciousness for the unusual universal signs that will try to awake to those that are separated from the magnificent Will of God.

Dear children, all those who are consecrated to My Immaculate Heart must help so that other children may glimpse the light of the Throne of God, when the Only Son of the Father comes in Glory from the clouds.

Dear children, everything has been said, I call and I ask you to pray, prayer and more prayer from the heart.

I thank you for answering My requests.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

In my arms I take the world. In My Heart I keep humanity. In My Prayer I help humanity and so I aid all souls. With My eyes I contemplate the happiness of the hearts and the pain of the wounded hearts.

For this My Mission is to bring the Heaven to the Earth through prayers from My soldiers. My Graces are spilled hour by hour, second by second over this needed world. My hands pray perpetually for you. My Immaculate Heart elevates itself to the Celestial Throne of God to ask as the mediator for all humanity.

Meanwhile the time, the changes and the events pass so quickly in the life of all souls, My Heart wants to take you to a deeper state of peace. I want to reveal to My little ones the essence of the Divine Mercy of Jesus. I want that My little ones learn to be with My Son without fearing anything and then walk with happiness towards the encounter with His Compassionate Heart.

As a Mother I guard hearts, I awake the power and the faith for life. As the morning I bring the hope, the renovation in Jesus, the beginning of a new path to God.

Day by day I contemplate more the needs of humanity, for this the Heavens of God, the Highest sends Me to My children to help them to encounter the Love of Creator.

Dear souls of God Father,

Today as a Mother of the Divine Mercy I spill one more time the ray of forgiveness and of reparation for your hearts. But so that your lives feel unfathomable fountain of reconciliation, you must say Yes to God, the Father of Love and of Compassion.

Dear children, today I am calling you to convert your lives in forgiveness, in peace, in eternal mercy for all.

Today I am calling you to do something for humanity, because humanity for its own actions is separating itself from the peace of God.

Today I am calling you to reinforce the power of prayer in your lives.

Today I am calling you to fast, to meditate into the mysteries of the Saint Rosary.

Today I ask you to have a compassionate and humble hearts, so that Jesus manifest Himself in each one of His disciples.

Today I am calling you to be active servers of God for your neighbor, for your families, for your most dear friends,  for all humanity.

Because today My Heart calls you to be in Christ, the Savior so that the Grace of God aid the world.

Today I call you to open your eyes to reality in humanity and to put yourself in perpetual prayer for all causes that need Mercy from the Redeemer.

My dear children,

With My arms open to the world, pouring immense Mercy, today I call you to contemplate again the flagellated Heart of Jesus which is offended by many souls that deny the life of the Great Spirit of God.

My children, for this I ask you to pray as every day so that all My children can also receive the Grace of Salvation. You are already inside the Grace of God having Me every day by your side. But dear children, today you must know that many hearts lose their way because they are tried by the tricks and traps of the enemy.

My Immaculate Heart is willing to fight for the salvation of everyone before My Son descends from Heaven a second time.

Dear children, you can help Me in this mission of salvation, praying for those who need light and redemption the most. The time has come to help all the hearts that day by day get lost because of the world’s modern creations.

My children, you have Christ, the Redeemer as an ally and as a protection because in Him you can take the steps towards donation and charity for the others.

Today I teach you a reality in the world that, out of ignorance, many do not want to see.

I call you to collaborate for all humanity and for your home in this world.

Dear children, opening your eyes to the call you will be invaded by the Light of My Maternal Spirit so that you walk with firmness to the praying mission that My Heart asks you.

You, the ones who are more awake, can help consecrate the world back to the Creator.

Let us work in the name of Peace.

I thank you!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

In My Spiritual and Immaculate Heart you will find the protection and the help that My Maternal Love wants to pour on each of the sheep of Christ.

Dear children, with your hearts Above I invite you to be in peace and to search for this eternal peace deep in your souls. It is time to prepare the heart for the coming of the Good News that My Son will announce for each one of your lives.

My children, looking at this world with compassion I ask you: pray with the heart! Because if you do not pray with the heart, the precious instrument that God has given you will lose the spiritual strength that it has. The world lacks a deep and loving life of prayer; through this prayer all My children can be guided, as the Holy Spirit has guided My Immaculate Heart.

My Maternal Heart counts on all the open hearts to answer My call, a call that My Voice announces from Heaven to this entire humanity that is deaf to the divine call of the conversion of the heart.

For this dear children, I invite you to convert all that still needs to be converted by the merciful fire of My Son. I talk to you with love so that your consciences awaken and do not fall asleep when My Voice is lovingly manifested to you.

I ask that you follow the path of consecration to My Heart because in this way you will give Me permission to guide you to the state of peace that you must live now as a premise for your lives.

Dear children, never stop praying. Constantly elevate the prayer to Heaven; God, always mindful of the supplications of My children, will answer you. Trust Him so that in this way you love the Celestial Will.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

As a Mother who reconciles and protects all souls, My children, I remind you of the importance of being in the peace of the Lord, because He knows you well from birth, and My Maternal Heart has held each one of your souls so that they praise the Infinite Love of the Creator.

Dear children, for this today I tell you: rise from where you have fallen and walk bravely to the Fountain of My Son Jesus, because He will wash you and heal all your internal wounds. For this to happen, little children, your hearts must humbly say yes to God and, with this permission, Jesus will help you.

Remember the importance of the Divine Mercy because there is still time to unite yourselves to Jesus with trust. He, as a Priest and King of this world, calls you to contemplate with simplicity the Merciful Heart of God who, from the beginning, has created you in His image and likeness.

For this, dear children, do not waste any more time; as Mother of Eternal Love I invite you to reflect on the current, definitive, time you are living. Do not fear, I am here in the name of the Grace of God to lead you as a flock to the Great Shepherd of shepherds, the Divine Heart of Jesus.

Live the spiritual principles My Son left you: confession in Jesus, daily communion and constant prayer, to be in the Grace of the vigil. Each of these actions will bring you to be in God and live the reconciliation that My children must exercise in the essence of the pure heart.

Walk to My Maternal Heart; it is time to elevate yourselves as souls to the feet of the Creator. With complete trust in Jesus, Shepherd of all, walk, My dear children, and look at the new horizon.

I thank you.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

Dear children, if you have thrown yourselves into the prayer for all souls, it is a sign that you must continue on the path. May no one lose the hope of sharing the path of sacrifice so that each child may recognize that the salvation of the heart is in true surrender.

Each step that is taken must be in the hands of the Will of God, thus your lives may recognize the signs of Mercy that He, in His Glory will send you.

I am here among your hearts and the world, to heal you of all evil, disturbance or pain. For this believe in the power of forgiveness that God has given Me as a Grace to be poured over you, My little children.

Rejoice your lives before each trial that the Whole sends you. It is necessary to mature to be able to expand humility in the heart. Thus you will be protected from the world and, with the loving act of prayer, you may correct the indifference of life so it may be consecrated to the Creator Father.

The Highest has all of you in His Kingdom, but it is necessary to forgive and be forgiven among yourselves as a humanity, as a family, and as beloved beings. This will relieve the burden of betrayal that many hearts live, because of the predominance of competition.

If you are in constant prayer, Heaven will see it is all settled and if you trust what God tells your hearts you will be spreading My Kingdom of Peace.

All My children must live the conversion of the heart. If you convert that which still has not been converted, you will convert the entire world into light and thus My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I love you deeply. Do not fear, I am the Mother of Peace.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.