May peace reign in your hearts today, My children, so that you may approach God and thus your inquietudes and fears, your abysses and anguishes may dissolve.

May faith reign in your souls and love reign in your spirits today, so that you may know that when you respond to the celestial call, in spite of all battles, all miseries, doubts and fears, the Love of God will always triumph.

Today, I come, with the rosary in My hands, to ask you to keep praying for this world. My eyes see things that you cannot imagine, that you would not accept nor believe that they exist in humanity. But your hearts and your prayers can actually reach, My children, not only the lost souls, but the deep and unknown situations that have their spiritual roots in the innermost core of the consciousnesses of the nations.

Now that you have learned to be in My Heart, to love Me and to recognize Me as your Mother and Protector, as the One who accompanies, not only the cross of Christ but the cross of each child of God, now, My beloveds, be more aware of your mission with Me.

May each day lead you to deepen, not only into the transformation and the surrender of your lives, but also in your service to this wounded planet and to its sick humanity that lacks love. This takes place by means of increasingly deeper prayer, of increasingly more sincere singing, of more selfless service, of a more complete surrender of yourselves, each day.

Pick up your rosaries, every day, and pray with Me. Pray, pleading to the Father for this world, for that which your eyes cannot see.

The Time of God now draws near toward the Earth, and the promises of a new world now approach their manifestation, in which the Kingdom of your Father is expressed. The promises now approach their manifestation and will soon become alive, the promises that together unite all true religions and allow them to become fulfilled, in one truth.

But before that, beloved children, the Book of the Apocalypse and everything that was taken out of it, by the hands of humanity, will also be fulfilled.

Many hard and deep trials will touch the consciousness of nations, like that of humanity, and in order to make of each one of these moments true triumphs of God, and not of chaos, you must be in permanent prayer.

It is possible, children, to experience the cross and allow a new Love and Divine Mercy to triumph within it, just as it is possible to live the Apocalypse and the Armageddon and make of this a confirmation of your souls before God, of the potential that is in your hearts, as His children.

You were created to love and to renew Love, and this happens beyond all circumstances of the world. It is just necessary, children, to pray from the heart, to serve with love, to surrender, to be in God, to seek the Father, each day, in each instant.

My Heart inspires you in silence, guides you to this purpose and accompanies your steps. My Love sustains your cross, My Grace helps you in your falls, My Peace renews you and makes you discover who you truly are.

Therefore, on this path, pray, My children. Pray for the world, pray for peace.

I bless you and thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


To begin searching for the illumination of the consciousness, you must love God, His Plan and His Will above all things; you must develop the perception of His Presence in all kinds of life and know that all beings need to express their potential as creatures that come from God, so that they may then find peace and express peace in the world.

Without knowing the truth about themselves, beings walk in the darkness of ignorance, confused among miseries, desires and skills, and do not express what they came to the world to express.

That is why sometimes it becomes so difficult to love and to accept a neighbor as they are. I say "as they are" because they still are not what they were really created to be, because it still hides within them. But before you can see the truth expressed in your brothers and sisters, you must first know that it exists and you must love it, feel the need for it to become alive in yourselves and in your neighbor. In this way, your search will be real and your pure aspiration will lead you to the correct path, to the path of the Will of God.

Why do I tell you this?

Because many times, your attention is on the things of the world and in human endeavors when, in reality, the human being only becomes realized when they are capable of expressing Divine Will and participating in His Celestial Truth. Then, you will be able to discern, take action and even make use of human skills in order to turn them into instruments of the manifestation of the Divine Work.

While assuming your responsibilities, deepen into the way in which you carry them out.

Look to your neighbor, seeking to feel the love and the aspiration that they find. Live life with the aspiration that its meaning may be found.

Find inspiration in the manifestation of nature, in the accomplishment of the flowers and the beauty of that percentage of life that, yes, fulfills Divine Will and has found its realization, its wholeness.

You have My blessing for that.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear children,

Today I leave to the souls and to the whole world the promises of the Rose of Peace, for those who have this holy image with them.

These promises will serve as help and protection for the hearts that have faith and hope, and they will also be a bridge of salvation for those who are in most need of light and redemption.

I give you the Twelve Promises of Mary, Rose of Peace, so that they may be the means by which the Divinity may work and intercede for the world.

The Twelve Promises of Mary, Rose of Peace

1. To protect the homes and families from any attack or war.

2. To awaken solidarity, mutual fraternity and the good amongst the peoples.

3. To sow the values of faith and of the communion with Christ based upon the principles of the Gospel and the Word of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

4. To gather the souls to be in prayer and in union with the nations, those in need and all those who suffer adversities.

5. To unify the hearts with the principle of an elevated brotherhood and peace without borders.

6. To place within the families the attributes of love and of peace based on everything taught by Christ.

7. To dispel from the human consciousness any form of danger, temptation, oppression or chastisement. 

8. To learn to live together in harmony with Nature and motivate and encourage the care and protection of the Younger Kingdoms.

9. To reflect in the human consciousness the Wisdom and the Discernment of God in order to make correct decisions rather than hasty or impulsive decisions. 

10. Solidarity with the poor, the dying, the orphan, the sick and all beings in moral, psychological or material suffering in order to alleviate them and bring them closer to the Mercy of God.

11. To confirm within oneself the victory of the Love of Christ and the expression of Love in its different phases of life through service, family, prayer, healing and instruction.

12. To assume the commitment and the mission that one came to fulfill on Earth, strengthening ones faith in the Mother of God, as the Guide and Advocate of all souls.

I will help you so that these promises be fulfilled in you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


While there is still enough time, your Master and Lord will try to help the entire planetary situation, will try to encompass the greatest number of consciousnesses and of nations possible, to free them from error.

In order for this to be possible, My apostles must be clear about the path they have chosen to follow and not hesitate, otherwise, they will give the Hierarchy a lot of work, mainly in the moment of carrying forward the divine operations on Earth.

Before this mission can succeed, you must ask yourselves what it is you will do in this time when faced with the undeniable commitment to Me.

By all means possible, I am trying to have you understand and live the extent of this rescue mission during the end of these times.

From now on, I need there to be sufficient clarity in you so that you are able to discern and make decisions.

I do not need you to retreat, as in other times. I need you to advance together with Me on this mission, for Mercy and for peace in humanity, because in a short time I must entrust My Treasures to the Earth so that My apostles may work with them, so as to prepare for the definite return of your Lord to humanity.

With Greater Love in My Heart, I hope you understand what I am telling you.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Dear children:

The Three Sacred Hearts are working, more than ever before, in humanity and in its deep consciousness so that some spiritual principles may be maintained intact and protected.

For this reason, more than ever, the Spiritual Hierarchy makes all the necessary efforts to prevent human ignorance itself and the inordinate use of power on Earth from creating those degenerative conditions that will open the door to decadence and the risks that humanity, with no consciousness, will choose as its destiny.

Thus, silently, just like more than two thousand years ago, when this race was at the doorway of its great self-destruction, it was there that the Sacred Hearts gathered together to carry forward this complex mission of again placing the consciousness of humanity in the place it is supposed to be.

In this time, a spiritual mission similar to the previous one is being carried out, except that this time it is not only complex, but also difficult, since the human consciousness learned to destroy itself, as well as learned how to shed its own life, and transgress its society, its culture, and its faith.

At the doorway of the Apocalypse, the Sacred Hearts articulate broad strategies, so that the majority may wake up from the dream and the illusion in which they have placed themselves.

We are facing the challenge of the end times.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


When God calls you to serve, listen to His Voice and follow it.

Every day, the need for service in this world will increase, and as time goes by and your hearts open, you will be more apt and prepared to serve because, in truth, you will be ready to love and give from yourselves those things that are the true treasure of the human heart, that you so often do not know.

You will not be known in this world for your service, but for the love that is in it; love that arises from the Heart of God and flows, indistinctly, into the heart of all those who open themselves to respond with sincerity to His call.

Through this Work, God wants to teach you and to teach all humanity that when one responds to a divine call, there is no merit on a single soul, there is no Grace on a single being, but upon all those who open themselves to stop being what they are and become instruments of God.

A mission requested by the Divine Messengers is the announcement of the Love of God to humanity; Love that flows through the human heart and permeates entire nations in its silence; embraces souls and hearts with Its Grace, even if all of this is invisible to the human eyes.

A mission asked by the Divine Messengers is a sign of God that His Mercy is still acting in the world, both in the heart that is called to serve and that receives the Grace to redeem itself through service, and for those who are served and seemed to be forgotten by God and by the world, but are not.

Your Father and Creator would like to have many arms, many feet and, above all, many hearts to send to those places in most need in the world, as a sign of His Love and His Mercy for the hearts that have lost hope. But while not many hearts open to give themselves, those who already do it must multiply themselves in an extreme giving that, in the silence of their actions, generates merits for the redemption of those who do nothing for this planet.

Today, children, We call you to service and to multiply not only efforts but, above all, surrender and love. Today we call you to not want to be protagonists of a service before the world, but to go beyond childishness in the life of service, and as mature spirits in Christ, to convert yourselves into instruments and vehicles of Love and Mercy for those who are in most need.

And, thus, the world will know you and will exalt God. Souls will find you and will know God. Hearts will receive your service and will thank God. And you will serve a child and, in it, a culture, a nation. You will serve a people and, in it, a whole humanity. You will serve the Kingdoms of Nature and, in them, a planet that needs healing.

Allow that, in this new cycle of service, your hearts grow and be more than yourselves in service; be parts of God, bringing renewal, redemption, and peace to this world.

You have My blessings for this.

Your Father and Companion in each mission,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


"Humanitarian Colombia" is a mission that promotes peace and humanitarian service for those who are most in need. In this instance, for all who are exiled from their nation and take refuge in other countries, in search of a new life, far from the horror and conflicts that these certain nations live.

"Humanitarian Colombia" is one more hand that extends towards the humanity of the Earth, so that, as a bridge of service and fraternity, souls may reencounter the meaning and hope of being part of a new race.

This mission constitutes the synthesis of all the humanitarian missions that were done in the last times.

Given the important service intervention and social aid that Fraternidade performs through its body of original missionaries and of missionaries in training, this new mission will attend to the other part of one of the many social and humanitarian imbalances that exist.

Fraternidade, as a missionary essence of service of unconditional love for the one who suffers, is called by the Consciousness of the Spiritual and Instructing Hierarchy to reunite its humanitarian and spiritual efforts with the aim of relieving human and inner suffering.

The fraternal foundations that Fraternidade has already manifested, attending to the migratory crisis in Roraima, Brazil, opened the doors of consciousness so that the true missionary and selfless spirit could come, this time, to Colombia, so that this network of light, of service and, especially, of love among brothers and sisters, may reach those who wait and cry out for it.

For the new mission "Humanitarian Colombia" the Hierarchy will broaden the action of its planetary work and Fraternidade, which will be united to the UN through UNHCR and UNICEF, will try to rebuild the human and voluntary spirit through works of service and social assistance.

With the presence of the monastic Grace Mercy Order, the missionary life will count on the arm of spiritual assistance of union and contact with the Hierarchy, so that everything that will be removed and worked from the psyche, and the inner world of consciousnesses, may find a path where it can be led and released.

Fraternidade, by assuming the two fronts of planetary work through the mission "Humanitarian Roraima" and now through "Humanitarian Colombia", from the next cycle and in the course of the year 2019, will begin to embrace, with the missionary life and together with the Hierarchy, other humanitarian works in Africa, Asia and Oceania.

The formation, actualization and training for emergency cases of the new volunteer missionaries will help in the future of a new consciousness, based on the protection and safety of the fellow being and of the one that suffers the most.

For this initial mission of "Humanitarian Colombia" the Youth Campaign for Peace and some of its members will be summoned to participate and establish the first foundations so as to relieve pain through love.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus

Monthly Messages

Second Message

I would like that the world could comprehend what I live and what I feel, but I know that it is too unknown for most of My companions to be able to comprehend what I truly need for this cycle, in which humanity agonizes hour after hour, time after time.

I have come here to share what I Am and all that I have.

I do not come to ask what the world can not give Me, but rather I come to ask what the world can give Me.

When you are emptied, I can do everything and My Mercy can pour even more on those that listen to My Voice and to My Word, and make it part of them in each moment of life, as in each opportunity to serve expanding the consciousness in the grades of love and forgiveness.

What God has sent us to do here, in Portugal and in Europe, is too big, something that will not be tangible to the sight of many, but it will be known by those who open their heart to be able to comprehend the Work of the Hierarchy, and how the Spiritual Hierarchy builds it, from cycle to cycle and through the servers.

May the desire to know My Mysteries not be lacking in you.

May the motivation to fulfill My designs not be lacking in you.

May the encouragement to carry forward My Will not be lacking in you.

Because everything I have thought, Thought which comes from the Divine Mind of the Father, should be fulfilled, so that, through the love for the cross, which so many live, humanity can truly redeem itself and without prejudices.

Thus, My Mercy is the Source that grants and realizes everything. 

Remember that you can not come to the Father except through Me.

And to come to the Father through Me, you shall pass through the Source of My Divine Mercy, to what you realize and perceive that you shall forgive yourselves and shall forgive others.

You must forgive the past and the present.

You must forgive everything that is internal and also external.

You must forgive that which you do not accept and you must forgive that which hurts you.

Thus the world will be able to change and it will not be necessary to suffer anymore, it will not be necessary that some souls offer themselves to suffering and to this state so unknown by the world.

To cross the door of suffering for the world is to cross the Door to My Heart, to a space where many, in these times, do not want to see the reality for fear of knowing it deeply.

But if I offered Myselt to the cross for you, there will be nothing to fear.

I offer you tirelessly to help me carry that cross, which is the cross of the World, the cross of Redemption and Mercy, the cross of awakening and the uplift of consciousness.

But that cross which I offer to each one of your lives is a cross that must be released; and this begins in yourselves, so that after it can be given to the world and especially to humanity.

To release humanity of their suffering is something very big and unknown.

Because of this, very few are the summoned to this task, to this special mission, where you do not have conscience of what it means and what it represents; but you have conscience by feeling and realizing what you live, step by step.

Through My Mercy I need to repair the world and replace the negative streams that imprison humanity more and more.

With your "yes" I will be able to do many more things.

With your surrender, I will be able to grant much more Graces.

With your unconditionality, I will be able to help and assist the world and those who give Me their backs, those who deny Me, those who offend God through their examples and ways of life.

Until humanity does not learn to truly love, it should pass through the Law of Suffering. I came to the world to be able to teach you how to release yourselves of it and to enter into the Law of My Grace and of My Mercy.

Still from My Side, continues sprouting the Precious Blood of your Master and Lord. That Blood spills over the world and over the consciousness of humanity, in order to justify, by means of all the prayers that invoke My Divine Mercy, the serious mistakes and outrages that the world commits today,  in these critical times.

Through the Blood that sprouts from My Side, I come to justify the mistakes of the nations, the peoples and of all humanity, and of each one of the beings that live on the surface of this planet.

Through My Blood, I come to justify and to repair the things before God; the facts that submit and condemn the heart of men and the lives of all creatures.

Because from the Garden of Gethsemane, at that moment so acute for the Life of your Lord, I already knew that this moment would come and that I should be present to testify what My Father once showed Me there.

But I also come to testify the Work of My Mercy that transcends the times and forms, the ways of life and the customs.

I come to testify to those who in these times follow Me and congregate around your Lord, to confirm His Presence in the world and especially in the hearts, in the divine essence of each being; In spite of the corruption of these times and the injuries of many, of many children of God.

I come, through the Blood that sprouts from My Side in this moment, to repair My Church, which as you see is crumbling.

That is why, you are called to be joined to this moment with your Master and Lord; to do something for the others, something more real and deep, that can bring healing to the wounded souls and hearts which once believed in My Church and have rejected it because of its actions and experiences.

I come to renew, on this day, the sacrifice of the Lamb of God so that there are no longer immolated lambs in this final time.

Because the Blood that your Lord poured from His Side has been enough, in order that this testimony of love will remain through the times and until the moment of His Return for the second time to humanity.

Renew the sacrifice of the Lamb of God every day.

Do not forget that the bread and wine should always be on the table of your Redeemer, so that day after day, moment after moment, you commune of My Body and my Blood; and so the life will be renewed in spite of the events and the cruelties of this final time.

I would like that you understand, My companions, in a universal way and in a deeper and more open manner, that the legacy that testified your Master and Lord together with His apostles at the Last Supper cannot be lost; it will not be able to disappear nor fade itself from the heart of men.

Until now I did not reveal what truly happened in the Last Supper on the level of Consciousness of the Spirit and the Celestial Universe, but that moment is approaching, that hour is coming; it is the last Gift I will give to the world for the true expression of priestly and Christic life in souls.

You know that this legacy should always be your treasure, your inspiration and your life. May the communion with Christ not be forgotten, not a single day, even if your bodies can no longer endure.

Refuge yourselves in My Heart and everything will pass.

The Flame of My Love is stronger than all the evils of the world and all grievances.

I can transform what you can not, if you permit Me. But, while you do not permit Me, as the world, in its most part, does not permit Me, my thirst will still be very big and bitter.

I will feel the bitterness, in this time, greater than when they gave Me gall to drink on the cross. That is the symbol of the indifference of humanity that should be extirpated from the consciousness of the men and women of the Earth; so that exists an extraordinary Grace of awakening and of having consciousness of what it is to really live the Plan of God on Earth. So your bravery will be indispensable for these times. 

That your inner fire never extinguishes and your inner flame illuminates the darkness that permeates the Earth by its insecurity and its offense.

That is why I said that this will be the Marathon of sacrifice, the moment of surrendering the heart into My Hands, so that I can offer it as a justifiable testimony to My Father and His Kingdom for the grievances of the world and indifference.

That nobody misses the opportunity to understand what I am saying and expressing.

That nobody misses the opportunity to remember My Words and to make them part of you, because they are the last words that I Am saying to the world before everything happens.

That is the reason why I come with My Divine Mercy, trying to expand it and extend it in time, despite if there is no time; so that the souls enter into the Ocean of My Love and reparation, so that the cure be granted in all spirits.

Do not stop helping me on this Pilgrimage for Peace, because it will not only be the peace that We will give you, but also the conscience of knowing that it is time to change and live the Commandments of God, as it were written in the beginning. 

That will renew My Church, that will grant souls the Grace of living me fully again.

May the Blood of My Side wash your inner worlds.

May the Blood of My Side wash your souls.

May the Blood of My Side pour completely over you, so that the Sacrifice of the Lamb be even more justifiable in front of Creation.

In the name of the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Dear children,

On this day, the first of June, a new period of light and redemption begins through the Pilgrimage for Peace in Europe, a moment in which your Heavenly Mother prepares, as you do, to travel through the places that have already been cited and where important spiritual works may take place, not only in the regions that the Divine Messengers visit, but also within the very needy souls that are to be found there.

Portugal has always been always chosen, not only because of its dogma of faith in My Maternal Heart, but also as the prelude, so that through the Kingdom of Fatima, the great rescue operation of that part of humanity, may move forward, and thus many situations may be avoided.

That is the reason why, by means of coming to Portugal, you will be to receive the inner impulse of Fatima so that, stage after stage, the Designs of the Creator may be concretized.

Today I am with you, by your side, accompanying you and protecting you.

I am internally preparing for this next mission of peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


By means of the Novena of Saint Joseph that ends today, a cycle has been closed in all the consciousnesses that responded to My call for prayer and for the concretion of the very important mission of peace in Europe.

Day by day, in which you prayed, deep aspects of consciousness were gradually dissolved and, by the Grace of God, a door has been closed in which a great part of humanity of these times were immersed.

By the intercession of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, your consciousnesses, in the name of humanity, have given the yes to eradicate from your cores and, above all, from the world, the human condition of mediocrity and negligence.

Starting today, and having finished the Novena of Saint Joseph, the Spiritual and Divine Hierarchy considers that your souls took the step to begin in yourselves, every day, to eradicate any kind of mediocrity and negligence concerning the Work of love of the Divine Messengers, and concerning your own lives.

This means, children, that you, as part of humanity, have taken the first step for this lower condition of human life to be extirpated, by means of your daily effort and your love for the redemption of the planet and of humanity.

It was this important step and that important commitment that you assumed with God, through the Novena made to Saint Joseph, that has granted, by Grace, Mercy and consciousness, that the Pilgrimage for Peace can be carried forward.

From the 1st of June, your Heavenly Mother appeals to each prayerful being to accompany the Mother of God in this spiritual pilgrimage that will begin through the Novena to the Mother of Perpetual Help, because by means of it I will be able to work other aspects of your consciousnesses.

From now on, I am thankful for all material and spiritual efforts that have been made so that this mission, which is the mission of everybody, can be fulfilled until the end.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


As an Eternal Pilgrim, I seek souls who selflessly want to follow me, not only to know the life of the spirit, but also to live and fulfill My Divine Will.

That is why I Am the Eternal Pilgrim; I Am the One who waits, day after day, for souls that must define their lives in order to follow My steps for all of eternity; so that the Holy Work of the Father, the Divine Purpose of Creation, may finally manifest in the consciousnesses of this world.

Thus, I will continue in pilgrimage and knocking at the door of hearts so that, within this long journey, you may accompany your Master and Lord in this daring mission of the end times, to turn this planet into a true Tabernacle of Light, full of good and noble souls who love much more than I loved in the past, who can surpass Me in love, as well as in service to others.

Behold the Eternal Pilgrim, who calls the sheep by name so that they may follow their Shepherd to the lands of spiritual abundance and the richness of the soul, so that one day they may find the way to true freedom, freeing themselves forever from the prisons of these times.

Just as the Eternal Pilgrim calls the sheep by name, He also calls hearts so that, repentant, they may reach the inner conception of the Redeeming Spirit, of the Spirit of Christ, which will always give them new Life.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Your Celestial Mother, together with Her children on mission, enters another nation already consecrated to My Son, to be blessed by God for a second time.

The first blessing was received from the Holy Father, who opened the inner doors for the arrival of the Sacred Hearts.

The second blessing will be given by My Beloved Son in the capital of this country, and also your Celestial Mother, in service and love for the souls, will expand that divine blessing to the rest of Ecuador.

It is thus, children, that the Sacred Hearts prepare themselves, just like you, to enter into a town also very hurt and discriminated against by the inhabitants of the first world nations.

But Ecuador holds one of the most important spiritual treasures for the Plan of God. It was the land spiritually chosen to shelter the Essence of the Love of the Source, inner Essence that pulsates within the Sacred Enclosures that are protected in the ranges of the Andes.

That is why, children, this second stage of the Pilgrimage for Peace will start in the city of Cuenca, where My missionaries will go into retreat for some days to meditate and contemplate inwardly on the reason for arriving in Ecuador at this end of the cycle and the importance of the manifestation of new Light-Communities that are to be guardians of the Treasures of the Father that will emerge for the new humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

When unity is established among hearts, the Purpose can then be manifested and, even more, when true love is present, this purpose or this mission can be fulfilled effectively.

It is so, My children, that I call upon you, so that every day, and beyond, the unity of the purpose prevails because this will allow the human race to continue being worked on and helped so that, above all, the Plan of the Creator is established.

In these times, this unity and this unbreakable love among the beings of the nations of the world will be that which will allow for generating within humanity a source of new and important possibilities of redemption and forgiveness.

For some reason, when the sight of the Purpose and of its unity is lost, remember what I tell you today because this way you will know that you must always be renewed, through each new invitation.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The mission that has already changed

Dear children,

On the 13th of October, while your Heavenly Mother was visiting Her children of Argentina at the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit, My Voice of Mother reminded all the importance of the materialization of this mission; above all the second part of the mission which corresponds to the nation of Chile.

The efforts that, for example, My children of Argentina made until today, were seen; this is what has allowed this sacred mission, integrated by all those who pray, to be able to reach the city of Mendoza.

The importance of the materialization of the spiritual task of the Divine Messengers with the nations, and the conscious collaboration of those who directly or indirectly participate in this Work of love allows to generate the necessary bases so that the Plan foreseen for each nation, as for each part of humanity, may be fulfilled and, specially, certain catastrophic events be prevented.

Thus, the souls, with a little more material time, can meditate and reverse their errors, travelling, as of this cycle, the path of redemption that My Son offers.

The materialization of a divine mission as the one of Chile includes many factors, some of them in favor and most of them against, since the mentioned nation, in the last times, has not been receptive to the spiritual and inner changes that it needs to live.

This is the reason why Chile, as a country, has faced processes of purification through earthquakes, tsunamis, tremors and recently, through the very serious fires.

In 1981, your Heavenly Mother presented Herself as the White Lady of Peace, in Peñablanca, Chile, with the aim of stopping the serious errors of dictatorship and of the disappeared, which became a regional process of all the Southern Cone, promoted and planned by the mentioned nation.

In this sense, the spiritual debt acquired by Chile is, at this moment, unpayable.

It is thus that the Merciful and Compassionate God decided to risk this pilgrim mission through Chile to try by all means for this nation to have an opportunity.

As in the last months the support and the collaboration for this pilgrimage has come from very few donor hearts, the mission through Argentina, in this last phase, began to feel the lack of means and of resources to be able to continue.

When the Divinity presents the program for a pilgrimage it means, in the first instance, an aspiration that the most awaken humanity is called to help to concretize, as is the case of Santiago, of Valdivia and of Punta Arenas.

But as this aspiration, until the moment, has not been totally manifested, today, as Mother and Intercessor of the just causes of Heaven, I see Myself in the duty and in the commitment of announcing that the pilgrimage will fulfill half of the foreseen program.

However, with the few resources received, we must reach Santiago de Chile, so that, one way or another, Chile may receive at least one part of all the Grace, of the Redemption and of the foreseen Mercy.

For this to be possible, today I come to ask the world to at least help your Heavenly Mother to carry forward this mission in three places that I have chosen for this purpose. They are: Santiago, on 24th and 25th of October, Viña del Mar, on the 28th of October, and Valparaíso, on 5th and 6th of November with the Marathon of Prayer.

These places chosen by My Heart are relatively close and are within the possibility of the resources received.

However, dear children, the help for all of this happens will be essential.

The next visit to Valdivia and to Punta Arenas will remain an inspiration of your Heavenly Mother, in the hope that, in another cycle, your consciousnesses may already be in another point of awakening.

I thank the company of all My children and again I thank the loving efforts.

Who blesses you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

That on this day your consciences collect themselves in the Heart of God, so that they may then acquire strength of spirit, that which will help them to miraculously carry on the foreseen task.

Know, children, that I Am with you until the last days of life and that I do not forget any detail, since it is important that the souls reach their inner and divine growth.

This is why, I come every day from Heaven to guide you and indicate to you the new path which will be necessary to travel in the name of My Son and for the concretion of His inexplicable Work of mercy.

Thus you will confront and live unexpected situations, those which will allow you to strengthen your faith without ceasing to be protected by the Holy Spirit.

Each stage that you live will help you to grow and, every day reach to be nothing, so that through your hearts the imperious force of the Holy Spirit of God manifests, Spirit that will liberate you in each new step and thus you will be able to learn to love more and more.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

These times will demand a sufficiently large openness from souls and all surface beings in order to be able to follow the changes that are necessary.

These changes will take place with a true receptivity that will build the bases to be able to experience that which is new and yet still very unknown.

In this sense, dear children, these times, which are part of a transition, must be experienced with a lot of courage, neutrality and peace. This will at all times allow the building of a positive consciousness within yourselves that is alert to living necessary changes, without the need of going through suffering.

Therefore, it is important for this humanity of the surface to maintain a constant gesture of gratitude and love in order to understand and accept changes and situations in life that would seem impossible.

It is time to open your inner worlds much more than they are usually open in order to be able to see, feel and understand that any change or new cycle is an opportunity for getting out of that which is static in this world, to be able to move beyond your own obstacles that hinder humanity from expressing itself spiritually as consciousness within this school planet.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Santiago de Compostela, La Coruña, Spain, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

From the just and the meek peace will be born.

From the good and the peacemakers will emerge fraternity.

From the humble and the deprived, divine Providence will awaken.

From the empty of self and from the persevering will be built the inner Temple of the Church of My Son.

From the simple and loving, Divine Purity will arise.

From those who give of themselves and the selfless, the Work of God will be carried out.

From the silent and the still, all mysteries will be shown.

From those who pray and the consistent will appear the energy of Healing.

And those who always flaunted everything will have nothing more; because God will take away the kingdom from those who call themselves powerful; with His Justice, He will destroy the idolatrous and will give all the treasures to the most unprotected. 

What was misused for decades will be corrected, all assets will reach the hands of the poorest, and God will take away the satisfaction of the rich.

He will show Himself in the simplest and will preach His Sacred Words through humble hearts, for He has recognized the plea of His beloved Servant for all Her sinful children of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from the city of Burgos to Santiago de Compostela, La Coruña, Spain to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

May the light that St. James the Apostle left imprinted on these paths serve for souls that have long searched for the Path of the Lord. 

Walking the Path of St. James is to accept the path of redemption and apostleship that My Son offered all His followers. 

To experience the Path of St. James is to offer oneself, as an apostle of the Lord, so as to find the paths of purification, redemption and rehabilitation. 

St. James the Apostle walked this path to carry the word of the Good News to souls and to make that moment an opportunity for souls to, at some moment, find the Love of the Lord. 

To follow this path is to accept the experience of the personal cross and to learn, through the experiences, to carry it with courage and resolve. 

The Path of St. James opened doors for the evangelization of the West and for the redemption of this part of the planet. 

St. James the Apostle was spiritually accompanied by the Mother of the Apostles so that he could accomplish the mission that My Son had entrusted to each of His Own. 

The Path marked by St. James was later traveled by the feet of the simple Mother, the Mother of Jesus, carrying in Her hands the great symbol of the Grail, and thus awakening the life of ministry in all. 

The Path of St. James was later the path of the Most Holy Mary. 

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you, now and always in love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Assisi, Perugia, Italy, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

With the love of My children, I will always be able to carry forward the Works of the Creator.

With the love of My children, I will finally be able to bring peace to the world.

With the love of My children, although imperfect and immature, I will be able to carry forward all that God asks of me.

With the love of My children, I can gestate the New Humanity within Me, and thus see it born in a near future.

With the love of My children, I can redeem the world and pour out My Graces over those hearts and lives that need it the most.

With the love of My children, I can help the divine essence of the Kingdoms of Nature so that the restoration and the healing may be carried forward of all the repercussions caused to them since the beginning of Creation.

With the love of My children, I have permission to enter the hells of this wounded world subjected to war, indifference and omission.

With the love of My children, I can welcome into My maternal Heart the souls of the nations and everything that dwells in them. In this way, your Heavenly Mother can carry forward the Rescue Operation.

With the love of My children, in simple hearts, I can experience the existence of the Project of God, and in humble hearts, I can every day re-experience the merciful Presence of My Son.

It no longer matters how many times you fall or make mistakes; what matters, My children, is that you learn every day to be persevering and good. This will help Me to continue availing Myself of the love of My children because what must be redeemed in you will be transformed by the love you have for Me.

In the love of My children, I see the Promised Land.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses and consecrates you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

I return as a radiant sun to South America, after all My children have accompanied the pilgrimage of the Divine Messengers throughout Central America and North America.

In this way, dear children, an important cycle closes, and new seeds will flourish in order to be at service to God.

On this day, dear children, your Heavenly Mother thanks each prayerful heart for having made of this pilgrimage a moment of redemption and mercy for many consciousnesses.

Thus, today your Heavenly Mother reaches out Her arms to South America, to call it to the celebration and to rejoice after all the triumphs achieved.

Your Mother blesses everyone and invites all of Her children to keep accompanying Her on this sacred mission of peace.

For all the efforts, I thank you for responding to My call.

Who loves you and protects you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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