Now, with the Pilgrimage for Peace in Colombia reduced, the spiritual Hierarchy will concentrate and amplify all of its inner tools more than expected so that, through the pilgrimage, many human needs may be attended to.

For this reason, the Hierarchy has decided to move the spaces, the sacred tool of the Holy Grail so that, through It, Mercy and pardon can be radiated to the planet and to all those situations that need it. As the hosts will be arriving, so will the awakening of the consciousness so that the human being may closely follow the wisdom that will descend during the days of the meeting with souls.

Colombia might be before stronger and more definite events, not only so that it may awaken its consciousness, but also so that this movement may bring to all the existence of the sacred and of reverence.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from the city of Burgos to Santiago de Compostela, La Coruña, Spain to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

May the light that St. James the Apostle left imprinted on these paths serve for souls that have long searched for the Path of the Lord. 

Walking the Path of St. James is to accept the path of redemption and apostleship that My Son offered all His followers. 

To experience the Path of St. James is to offer oneself, as an apostle of the Lord, so as to find the paths of purification, redemption and rehabilitation. 

St. James the Apostle walked this path to carry the word of the Good News to souls and to make that moment an opportunity for souls to, at some moment, find the Love of the Lord. 

To follow this path is to accept the experience of the personal cross and to learn, through the experiences, to carry it with courage and resolve. 

The Path of St. James opened doors for the evangelization of the West and for the redemption of this part of the planet. 

St. James the Apostle was spiritually accompanied by the Mother of the Apostles so that he could accomplish the mission that My Son had entrusted to each of His Own. 

The Path marked by St. James was later traveled by the feet of the simple Mother, the Mother of Jesus, carrying in Her hands the great symbol of the Grail, and thus awakening the life of ministry in all. 

The Path of St. James was later the path of the Most Holy Mary. 

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you, now and always in love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

The divine codes held within the Holy Grail or in the Sacred Chalice would help to revert many situations in humanity, however, what the moment of the last supper meant to the universe is not yet held within the consciousness of humanity. 

That event, which was sublime, gave the planet the opportunity of reconnecting with the Father and of remembering it as the moment of the redemption of humanity through His beloved Son. 

In these times, inner contact with the Holy Grail could lead irreversible situations into another state of consciousness and place human life in the moment of taking a leap in its evolution. 

The Holy Grail is now a divine instrument that God uses so that His children can reconnect their essences with the Source. 

For this, the practice of thinking and meditating upon the Last Supper will help those who pray to enter into another state of consciousness and generate in their own spirits the communion with the Creator and with His whole Creation. 

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who awakens you to divine life, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


An Anniversary of Graces for the Planet

Today, from the altars of Heaven, your Most Holy Mother offers at the Feet of the King and Creator all the works accomplished, all songs offered, each effort made in matter and in spirit for the divine realization for the elevation and healing of humanity.

In this way, My beloved children singers, the Universe celebrates and communes of today’s meeting, which will close a cycle of apprenticeship and challenges, to begin a new cycle in which music, instruments, and voices will become essential in the moment of the transition of the Earth.

The Mother of all choirs, in the bliss of Her Spirit, today celebrates all the fruits attained from the moment in which your consciousnesses said “yes” to My call for the elevation and healing of humanity.

On this sacred day, where the Holy Chalice of Christ spiritually shines at the very top of Mount Shasta, I ask you, dear children, to offer this meeting as the moment in which to make an inner synthesis, after all the steps you have taken in faith and in brotherhood.

Thus, on this day, My children, your Heavenly Mother makes this offering to God as the symbol of the union of souls with Him, as the Grace that has descended, month after month, and within which the planet and the consciousness of humanity have been freed from many evils and extremely serious events that would have been irreparable.

In this way, My beloved singers, the Universal Mother of elevated and eternal music joins with each one of your hearts so that, being renewed by My impulse of love, your lives may be offered for the rest of your days to sing to the Eternal Father as an act of reparation and absolute surrender to His Divine Heart.

The Source of all Graces, which comes from My Immaculate Heart, will be open so that through your song you may implore for the redemption of a sleeping humanity.

For this Christmas that approaches, dear children, the Sacred and Divine Family will be among you, in each heart as well as in each home, to renew you in love and mercy.

Lastly, I would like to tell all My dear prayerful ones of the whole world that, at this Christmas, just as Jesus offered Himself to be born and live among the most simple, I ask that you, My beloved ones, offer your immediate collaboration so that the Plans of the Divine Messengers come to their complete fulfillment within the United States, because afterward, there will not longer be an opportunity.

I will be grateful if each one of you, placing your hand on your hearts, may feel and believe that the arrival of the Divine Voices of Heaven to Oklahoma, Miami and Orlando will be imperative, as they are places that need the powerful Mercy of God.

United to each singer, united to each voice and to each server of the Plan of Love of Christ, I bless you, My beloved children, in the Glory of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I thank you for always corresponding to My Plan of Love.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Holy Grail: Instrument of Divinity and of a Legendary Brotherhood

From the moment in which Christ took the Holy Grail into His Hands, so that it could be the repository of all the Christic codes of redemption, from that moment, the Archangelic Consciousness of Michael established a spiritual union between souls and God in a definitive way,  capable of sustaining itself inwardly throughout the ages, unbreakable to any opposing force.

This spiritual alliance, this celestial communion, which was celebrated by the Archangel Michael Himself with all souls, through the Most Powerful Firstborn Son, closed a decaying and involutionary cycle of humanity.

It was in this way that, through the Holy Grail, seven new principles were established in the Last Supper that all souls in redemption, and mostly all those who would seek this communion with Christ, could live consciously.

The first principle that the Archangel Saint Michael established was the principle of Reparation, which is the grace of being able to restore the alliance of souls with God through communion.

Second, the principle of Redemption. The opportunity of sending out all sin through a sincere confession with Christ.

Third, the principle of Liberation. An opportunity for detaching forever from all the chains that bind souls to the abysses of the Earth, and to all hells.

Fourth, the principle of Healing. The culminating moment to spiritually restore oneself through love and unity with God.

Fifth, the principle of Ascension. The opportunity of elevating the consciousness in dimension and in vibration through the inner fusion with the Body and the Divine  Blood of Christ.

Sixth, the principle of Forgiveness. The possibility of closing past cycles and of remaining in the eternal present to live the reconciliation of one’s consciousness with the Celestial Universe.

Seventh, the principle of Rehabilitation. The ability for completely accepting the service to the Divine Plan and the fulfillment, throughout all phases of Higher Purpose.

Through these seven principles, through the Holy Grail that was transfigured with the Precious Blood of Christ, Blood that was shed in that moment, the Archangel Michael wanted to show humanity the incalculable value that the Passion of Jesus would have, and all the spiritual benefits that the same event would provide throughout time.

It is thus that the Holy Grail is a universal instrument, a cosmic and divine symbol, capable of awakening within us the Christic codes, those emanations of love-wisdom that arose from the Source, from which all creatures of the Universe originate.

It is to this powerful Source that the Holy Grail, this powerful instrument, leads us and essentially communicates to us that in this moment the holy angels and the elevated consciousnesses of the Spiritual Universe are reverently carrying it throughout each one of the nations of the Americas until it reaches the United States, to draw toward humanity the memory of returning to the principles of Christianity and peacemaking in the face of the planetary events that the human race is experiencing.

The Holy Grail, which is divine and spiritual, is lovingly transferred by an Angelic Brotherhood,  the same that in the culminating moment of the Last Supper of Jesus with His apostles, witnessed the hidden and positive task that the Archangel Saint Michael carried out within Jesus Himself.

From that moment onward, this has given the world  the opportunity of recovering communion with all the saints and angels so that a greater balance may be established in the consciousness of humanity.

The Holy Grail brings these types of celestial currents to a humanity that in these times will awaken in an intense way because of what they will have to experience.

The Holy Grail reminds us that we must be like Mirrors, able to reflect  the principles that the Divine Source provides for humanity upon the planet and throughout the whole human race.

For a few days the Holy Grail has been in movement, in a sacred spiritual pilgrimage throughout the Americas, so that some events may not be triggered, and all can be balanced.

This event, which is not only universal but also divine, will allow the doors to open so that the corrupted states of consciousness may be liberated, healed and redeemed, and, in this way the planetary consciousness may recover certain values that were lost.

In its totality, this purely spiritual and inner event is supported by the Archangel Saint Michael.

And now that the Celestial Messengers await the arrival of the Holy Grail in the United States, the hearts of this nation prepare to receive this last and great impulse of Light and Redemption.

Your Most Holy Mother thanks you for the communion that souls have had in these last days with this holy instrument of the Brotherhood.

In Unity and Love, who thanks you for responding to the final call,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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