Dear children,

Now, from the Sanctuary of Fatima, the Celestial Father sends His faithful Servant to diffuse the renewal of devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary  throughout the world.

In this renewal of the commitment to the consecration of all Children of Mary, which will be a simple interior practice, you will allow your Celestial Mother to intercede for situations in Europe and the world to a greater extent.

Now, more than ever, your hearts, My children, must be united to Mine every day so that certain situations in humanity are avoided and other situations can be dissolved because My aspiration and desire as the Celestial Mother is that you no longer suffer.

Therefore, dear children, by reliving the renewal of your devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, you will grant the extraordinary Grace that your souls be partakers in the praying armies of the Light, of these times.

I want this devotion of your lives for Me to be able to placate any situation at this time, and that the doors of Divine Justice not open, but rather that the great door of the merciful Heart of My beloved Son be able to neutralize or transmute everything which is against the common good and peace.

In this school that the Kingdom of Fatima offers you, I call upon you, so that the mirror of the heart of each child of Mine may be that inner star that illuminates the world and attracts the sacred Spirit of Peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Listen within you to the Voice of God that speaks to you, the Voice that calls you to serve Him and to pronounce His Word of Life in the whole world.

This is the Voice that resounds in the Cosmos. This is the Voice that comes from Heaven to awaken souls to the Love of God, to compassion, to healing and to redemption.

Listen to the Voice of God within you and the essential purity will re-emerge from within you.

Unite yourself with the living God Who is in Heaven.

Comply with His Promises.

Live His Commandments and apply in your life the duties to God so that you may be a participant in His Celestial Kingdom, so that you may receive in your heart His impulses of Light, which will someday make you free, a participant of the Supper of Redemption, and thus you will receive the Sacrament from the Spirit.

Your soul will receive what it needs and will thus take a new step.

I come to this kingdom, to the Kingdom of Fatima, to rekindle it, as it once was rekindled by the presence of the Divine Mother and of all of Her angels.

The time has come to celebrate this meeting and to make you participants, in a conscious way, in the Mercy of God. Thus, the doors to light will remain open and the sacrifice of the Son of God will keep being recognized by the men and the women on Earth.

All will be part of this new Supper that the King will celebrate when He returns to the world for the second time. 

But now, I come in Divinity. I come under the impulse of the Breath of the Spirit so that the Gifts of God may be poured out upon you. Such Gifts that at some moment will convert into talents. Talents that I will need, in this hour and at this time, to be able to help souls, to be able to save and rescue them from the dark abysses of the Earth.

It is from here, from the Source of the Kingdom of Fatima, that the world will be able to recover its innocence, the innocence it lost by the manifestation of wars, by the inequality among peoples, by illnesses, by madness, by hunger and error.

My Mercy will lead you to the essential Purity and in the essential Purity you will find God again, you will become aware of the meaning of your existence and you will not regress because I will be by your side strengthening and tempering your spirits, transforming your miseries, redeeming your human aspects, transfiguring them into My eternal Light.

The Glory of God descends over the Kingdom of Fatima, because Its Celestial Church approaches and descends over this place to unite with the Shrine consecrated to God.

The inner worlds balance. A period of peace touches souls and makes them aware of the truth. Perdition is deterred. The apostles take their steps toward the Lord and fulfill His commandments, His designs and their duties.

Although appearances are confusing, no one will be forgotten, and the hearts will rekindle in the fire of My Love, will feel the impulses of My Soul, will receive the blessing of My Spirit and I will liberate you from the chains, prisons and errors. And thus, the nations will be liberated, the peoples will reconcile and there will no longer be conflict.

Hunger will not be the cause of so many evils. Corruption will not be the origin of so many defects. Omission will not be the path toward the indifference of human beings because the whole world, humanity, the planet, will become aware of the truth, some time before I return to the world as a beam of light amongst the clouds, like a Sun within a sun, as a greater Star amongst so many stars.

The Universe will mobilize, the higher stars will respond and the solar system, of which they are a part of, will receive the last grand impulse that will spring directly from the Heart of the King for all souls, for all self-summoned and especially for those who were not called.

The meaning of being here on Earth will be reborn, because from the Kingdom of Fatima the impulse will arise that will lead this part of humanity to its awakening and to definitively move away from ignorance, from spiritual blindness, from indifference.

Receive then My Message with joy. May the whole world hear the Word of God through His Son so that humanity is born again under the Wisdom of God and His understanding.

May this Marathon be celebrated as the perfect union with the Celestial Father, as the confirmation of all apostles before all Principles and Wills of the Father so that His Designs may descend to the Earth and incarnate in the human beings who must asume the Plan.

May the inner worlds hear this good news. Heaven descends again over the Kingdom of Fatima so that purity may awaken in the sleeping hearts, in the souls that made a mistake by ignorance and by error.

Bring everyone to Me. Place the whole world in My merciful Heart, and you will not lack peace.

I Am your Greater Priest, your Governor and your Master. I Am the Shepherd of all sheep and, at this time, I unite all the flocks under the First Law, the Law of Love.

And thus, the hells will close and the doors to Light will open so that everything may be illuminated and no one lose the hope to persist, just as I persisted for you until the end, and even more, until this time, and I will persist until I return to meet you physically, to give you My Peace, My embrace, and deliver to you the glorious Love of God that vivifies you, that transforms you, that elevates you in unity.

May Europe listen to this call, just as We listen to your prayers. The Lord of the Universe returns to meet you to make souls participants in the Redeeming Communion and in the great time of Mercy.

May this Marathon be an offering of love from each prayerful heart so that God may keep pouring His Grace upon the world, in spite of the errors and all evils. Because the triumph of the Plan of the Father is in the heart that loves Him profoundly and without conditions. There lies the freedom of humanity forever.

In jubilation and hope for this reunion, under the mantle of the Kingdom of Fatima, I bless Europe and the whole world, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May Peace be in all. Amen.


I am the Lord of the Seven Sacred Chalices and I pour in them the principles and attributes that Europe will need, in these times, to carry forward its great moment of redemption, forgiveness and renewal.

I am the Lord of the Seven Sacred Chalices and, through them, I represent the seven powerful Wills of the Creator Father, not only for Europe but also for the whole world.

I am the Lord of the Seven Sacred Chalices and, through them, I come to place in the consciousness of Europe the opportunity to truly love God and to find me in the fellow being.

I am the Lord of the Seven Sacred Chalices and, through them, I institute the Gifts of God, the seven creative principles that will descend to the planet in this coming cycle to reverse the critical situation of humanity.

I am the Lord of the Seven Chalices and today, from the Kingdom of Fatima, I bring you this revelation: the Lord of the Seven Chalices will be coming to announce to Europe that its time of redemption and forgiveness is approaching.

The Lord of the Seven Chalices will come once again to awaken His twelve apostles of the last times.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Dear children,

On this day, the first of June, a new period of light and redemption begins through the Pilgrimage for Peace in Europe, a moment in which your Heavenly Mother prepares, as you do, to travel through the places that have already been cited and where important spiritual works may take place, not only in the regions that the Divine Messengers visit, but also within the very needy souls that are to be found there.

Portugal has always been always chosen, not only because of its dogma of faith in My Maternal Heart, but also as the prelude, so that through the Kingdom of Fatima, the great rescue operation of that part of humanity, may move forward, and thus many situations may be avoided.

That is the reason why, by means of coming to Portugal, you will be to receive the inner impulse of Fatima so that, stage after stage, the Designs of the Creator may be concretized.

Today I am with you, by your side, accompanying you and protecting you.

I am internally preparing for this next mission of peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children, 

Moments after the expansion of consciousness, your Heavenly Mother is to be found in prayer and pleading, in the expectation that the spiritual task may have the necessary results in the human consciousness, which in this cycle, must open to receive what will transform it and make it worthy in the Lord.

It is in this way, dear children, that your Heavenly Mother will try to keep the continuity of these divine impulses moving through the times and in different degrees. This will help the evolutionary principles of the human consciousness to be permeated by laws that will reform the human condition of the race and thus make it worthy in truth and deep in its love for God.

Thus, these impulses, recently experienced on the planet and through the Kingdom of Fatima, will help to prepare the human consciousness for the cycle of tests it will experience and will allow it to face the definition of the path it must choose, so as to be able to reach the end.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you always,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

Message for the Apparition of April 13, 2013, in the city of Lavras, Minas Gerais, Brazil, transmitted by the Mother of God to the visionary Friar Elías

My dear children:

Today My maternal Heart returns to your lives to encourage you to go forward in the consecration of your hearts to My Immaculate Heart. Today the Sacred Heart of Jesus gathers you around His loyal Server, the Virgin Mary, so that many children confirm themselves as soldiers of the Light.

My children, today Heaven congregates souls and hearts that should be willing to walk in God for the souls that do not walk in God, to sacrifice themselves for the souls that do not give themselves to the Father and to love the souls that do not love God.

As the Angel of Peace once did, before My coming to Fatima during the last century, the Angels of the Lord prepare today, together with the Guardian Angels, the awaited return of the Lady of Heaven, every month.

My maternal voice announced itself for the first time in Fatima on May 13, 1917. Now My Message returns stronger and more precise in this time because My children must awaken to the call of conversion.

On this day, the angels of the Kingdom of Fatima will descend with the same resplendent consciousnesses of Light that, together with the Immaculate Heart, redeemed all humanity through purity and prayer.

Today I invite you to enter into the Kingdom of Fatima, the Angelical Kingdom that was manifested when My Heart announced itself in Fatima to the world, with the purpose of peace reaching the entire Earth.

Dear children, for this reason, I ask that in your hearts you protect with love all the Marian Centers that were founded by the Virgin Mary, the Queen of Heaven. As in each Marian Center, in the Marian Center of Fatima, the Angelical Kingdom of Fatima will fulfill an important task in the salvation of the essences of humanity.

The Marian Center of Fatima will spiritually rescue souls so that in the culminating moments they may be led towards the Light. The Marian Centers are not only Sanctuaries of devotion, but also celestial points where God, through the Mother of Heaven, sowed Light for the world.

See that through the Kingdom of Fatima you will be able to awaken the purity of the soul and of the heart. See that in the Kingdom of Fatima your paths will be able to be straightened and the wisdom of the angels will be able to lead your steps.

In the Kingdom of Fatima, My Immaculate Heart was able to reunite through prayer all the souls of the world and so that, once more, peace expanded through each corner of the Earth.

Dear children, remembering this day of April 13, My arrival at Fatima on May 13, 1917, I invite you to gestate within your hearts a profound love for the Kingdom of Fatima,  in this way allowing for the Guardian Angels to lead you through the safe roads of the spiritual path.

See the greatness of My Marian Work through the Marian Centers and be partakers, together with Me, of the Kingdom of Peace.

I want more of My children to be able to find the path towards God through each of the Marian Centers and you, the pilgrims, should be the guardians of the Portals of Light that My Heart opened in each Center of devotion through prayer.

May the Kingdom of Fatima awaken My Virginal Purity in your essences and may you discover the angelical presence by your side.

I thank all My children for responding to My call!

Who loves and blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Queen of Peace and Lady of the Holy Rosary

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