Message for the Apparition of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

To the soldiers of prayer: The Planetary Light-Network – Part II

Carrying on your chest the star of peace, today, may your origin be confirmed and thus the mystery of your origin may be revealed.

Discovering the occult meaning and the reason for your coming to the Earth, may your hearts pacify themselves in Christ so that the Divine Purpose may be fulfilled within you.

Children, now that you carry on your chest the sacred symbol of the Heart of the Redeemer, may your arms remain open to receive and welcome any need, and in this unconditional openness and in this immediate response, may you recognize the action of the Divine Providence.

This is the time when the new Light-Network, with all the knowledge received, will open the doors of its inner world to welcome the serious planetary situation and will live it as a part of itself in order to be able to relieve it, just as the Hierarchy relieves the planet, time and again.

To be part of the new Light-Network is not to be impelled by emotions, nor by one’s own goals. It is to say “yes” to the Hierarchy under any circumstance or situation, to be able to go beyond appearances in order to penetrate the sense of the Purpose with the consciousness.

For this reason, My children, to carry on your chest the symbol of your redemption is to open the doors of the heart in order to learn to welcome the Divine Grace and live in the Mercy of God, despite the precarious situation of humanity.

However, a Light-Network missionary has it clear and present in their consciousness that it is not their human persona that will act or serve, but it will rather give room for the soul and what is beyond it and comes from God, that which will conduct the personal purpose of each being.


Dear children,

To be deserving of all Graces, first you must take care of them; this will represent in the Universe the true care of the spiritual Gifts you receive.

The Graces I bring you are not the same as those from the past; everything renews itself, from the moment God grants an atonement to the soul and to the heart that needs it.

Graces must be protected from the adversary, because he will always try to deactivate them in the consciousnesses that once upon a time received them.

Graces are like delicate flowers in a garden, which must be sheltered and protected by your prayers.

They are the greatest treasure that descends from Heaven in these times, even though humanity is indifferent to how much it receives from Divine Providence.

I would like those of My children who are closest to Me to be guardians of all the Graces that I give to souls, because in truth I tell you that in the face of the time of purification that approaches, that source of Graces will stop over the entire planet so that souls may offer to God the Gifts they received directly from His Heart and thus the great moment of the redemption of humanity may arrive.

Be attentive to the times that are approaching, because in this way, you will be prepared.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you in Love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

As Mother, Help of Christians, I am in the Middle East helping souls that have no hope because they lost it from the moment in which their lives abandoned their beloved land.

Exile is the inner result of not managing to see God in all the situations that they experience, because the heart remains prisoner of terror and fear. It is for this reason that Your Mother is working there, amongst the refugees, for the recovery of a meaning to life and to existence of each being in the middle of the desolation of the end times and wars.

Dear children, this is why I invite you every day to place your Syrian brothers and sisters in your hearts, because they have abandoned their homes and what little they had in order to survive. All of them are going through one of the worst humanitarian crises, because not belonging to any nation and the rejection of part of the European nations has turned into a great lightless desert in the life of each exile.

May your prayers concentrate in invoking providence for each one of them, and especially for them to recover the dignity of life, because they are children of God. If all had the consciousness in such situations, the world would be relieved from its constant sinning, and doors of peace would open through its length and breadth.

Although humanity wants to excuse itself and not help as it should, My Immaculate Heart will finally triumph through the most simple and humble of heart, and they will come to know the New Earth.

I thank you for answering My call!

In the hope of a true change in the human consciousness, who prays for you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of refugees


Dear children,

As the Mother of Providence today I bring to all the principle of the spiritual wealth, that which is saved in Universe as divine knowledge and wisdom.

As Lady of Providence I pour over the world the Graces that will make possible to get know the true treasure that each soul keeps in their inner world.  For this, children, despite the time of your purification, remember that the Love of God is kept in the inner world of each of you, a Love that moves the whole universe and that permeates all existence in this and others universes.

As the Mother of Providence I try to make My children recognize that My presence in your lives has the reason of awakening you to the quest for the spiritual wealth in each one. Children, this wealth that God, your Father, granted to the spirit of each creature, is beyond all arrogance, all false power and all material property. It is this divine treasure that the Divine Messengers come to awaken, to mature and to reveal in the life of each being.

But children, for you to be worthy of receiving the Grace of discovering your divine and spiritual treasure, you will have to overcome tests, surrender, humble yourselves, and furthermore, to live at least the path of humility; then, My children, it will be this cosmic and spiritual treasure that you will live in your dwelling, in that space of the macrocosm that God has saved to each soul.

In this way, dear children, when at the end of your days you have discovered this spiritual treasure, you will know that everything will have had a meaning and a higher reason in the experience of this world. If the souls put their attention in the divine treasures that they keep, it would not be necessary to suffer, mature nor to grow through the power of a higher pressure.

Your Celestial Mother teaches you to value the simple and true that is the life of spirit and as each soul has the inner potential of expressing God in their life and in the whole planet. It is this sacred spiritual treasure that My adversary does not want that be awakened, but My plans will be fulfilled above the adversities and fears generated in the souls, as far as each heart permits Me.


Dear Children,

I carry all of humanity in My arms and today I direct My celestial words to all My children in the United States and in Venezuela, soliciting prayer so that the blessed Grace may descend over both nations.

At the request of My Son Jesus, today I give My maternal benediction to those called to follow the path of peace for your hearts and for the whole world. For this reason, today I send My Eternal Love to each one of the groups of prayer in the United States and in Venezuela, and send them My maternal condolences and announce to them that My promised arrival to both nations, according to the Higher planes, has been moved to the Marian Center of Figueira, in Brazil.

When I say that I bring humanity in My arms it is because it needs the guidance and the protection of My maternity. When I say that I will appear in glory and in Spirit during the months of October and November in the Marian Center of Figueira, this so that your hearts do not feel that you are abandoned, because I love them more than your thoughts and reasons.

But today I want to recount a parable that Christ has given to all of humanity.  It is a message that will permit us to comprehend for what God wants to ask that your consciousnesses create during this ultimate definitive time.

My children, it is recorded that Jesus one time said that in a past time there was a very poor woman who gave everything that she had to the temple so that the temple could continue with its task. Because it was so little that she had given, she was not considered by the others for her action. Jesus, My son, invites you to realize that most important is the action that each child of the Father offers, rather than what each one has.

What is the mystery of this parable?

Dear children, the mystery is that in the Kingdom of the Heavens we guard the truths and the sincere spiritual values that enrich the hearts of all the souls, more than the good that My children keep and accumulate on the Earth.

Today My children, I want that you learn to love that which you don’t have, I say, to love the true spirit of the Providence of God. Jesus said to his disciples “...leave everything that you have and follow me.” My Son wants to tell you that each one of you must donate themselves entirely to the Will of God and that you trust that He will give the greatest good that exists in the Heavens.

Special message given by the Virgin for the day of October 18 of 2012, at the hour of 5:10 PM during the trip of the group of the Divine Mother to Sao Paulo, Brazil :

My dear and Most Beloved children:

In the name of the All-Mighty God, in the name of the Holy Spirit, in the name of the Redeeming Love of My Son, and before the Celestial Choirs, under the power of God in the universe, under the Merciful Light of My Immaculate Heart, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, in this moment and during this hour, irradiating the maternal love of My Immaculate Heart, but with tears in My immaculate eyes, I announce to you with reverence and peace, the following  celestial call for the attention of all My blessed children on the Earth.

I tell you that the eternal Virgin Mary, Queen of the Heavens, has seen on the part of Her children an important fault before God.  For this in the name of Peace, I absolve you and say, dear children, that the Queen of Peace, the Mother of the World, will manifest Her Face of Love for all in the Community of Figueira on the days of October 25 and 26, celebrating also the mass of the Most Holy Rosary in a ceremony of prayer that will be extended to the days of the 25 and 26 of November in your time of 2012.

This divine decision is in response to the Will of God, the Highest, and is due to the fault that is evident to our lovely Celestial Father regarding the lack of spiritual and material consideration that My children have given to my task of contact with you (this refers to the task of the Divine Mother with the clairvoyants and clairaudients).

My children, this signifies that My Voice and My Echo will be pronounced for a longer time, through the intercession that My Son, Jesus Christ, has carried out before the Throne of God.  I want for you to understand with your hearts, that from your part, My little ones, the collaboration with My Divine Work has been scarce in this part of America.

I want to tell you, My children, from your hearts has been missing the donation and the providence so that My task can be embraced in every nook of the world.

Dear children,

Today I call you to live in the Eternal Grace of God, of His Providence and of His splendorous gifts, one of them being Peace; inner Peace that I, as Mother and Queen of Peace, want to awaken in your hearts.

But if your hearts have little trust in My Maternal Purpose, how will My Peace reach you? Your hearts must become new, pure and crystalline recipients so that My Son fills you with His Merciful Graces of Redemption and Forgiveness.

When you, My little ones, reach the inner state of emptiness of self I can say that your lives, in truth, are surrendered to the Will of God. While the world faces its own miseries, I come here to you to guide you to Eternity.

Dear children, for this time all it takes is to pray more, pray a lot. You, as representatives of this humanity, can intercede with Me for all the other children who must receive the Grace of Reparation and Redemption. I count on you to the last moments of your lives. My Maternal Heart, as the Holy Heart of Jesus, knows the origin of your little essences well.

Dear children, I tell you that it is time to act as a true soldier of prayer, consecrated to the light of My Immaculate Heart. Day by day I try to correct your lives in harmony, as a good Mother, so that you find the only celestial portal that will take you to the feet of God.

My children, today I call you to live each prayer with fervor because the Heart of My Son Jesus is listening closely to the supplications of this world. Trust in Jesus, trust His unfathomable Mercy!

My Immaculate Heart watches you so that all can be saved, in Jesus and for love of Jesus.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

My dear children:

Commemorating with joy together with you the apparitions in Medjugorge, today I invite you to be and to remain in God the Creator, through the Sacred Heart of My Son.

Dear children:  for this special reason of My presence in the world for all of this time, I also want to call you to reflect about a request that I want to make for all My children, that fervently in devotion answer to My call.

Today I want to invite you to collaborate consciously with My Marian Work in the world and especially in all this work that My Immaculate Heart is realizing here in Brazil, in Uruguay and in Argentina, it has been some time .  With this I want to ask you to place My words in your hearts, because today My little children, I invite you to be part of the Divine Providence.

Know well, My little ones, that God the Creator fulfills His plan for all the creatures of the world and one of His greatest and loving providences has been to send His Faithful Servant, to dialogue with all of you, from month to month.

For this dear children, so that My call and My Maternal Voice can light up more hearts that are in darkness, I need for each one of you to have a sincere and humble collaboration, so that My plans can continue in the different nations.

This time God the Father is giving permission so that each one of My children may awaken their consciousness towards fraternity and towards spontaneous donation, united to the infinite work of My Heart.


If you believe in everything that My Father has thought of manifesting on Earth, it will be fulfilled, because it is already foreseen.

If you pray for everything that must descend from the Heavens and manifest on the Earth as part of the Creator Project, it will be fulfilled, because it is already foreseen.

If you believe that for God there is nothing impossible, and that His Will will be realized, it will be fulfilled, because it is already foreseen.

There is nothing that you need to worry about because everything will be fulfilled, it is already foreseen.

Unite yourself to the powerful current of manifestation and let it work through you.

Never oppose, nor mentally judge the Plans of God, because you would be going against the movement of the Divine Providence.

Never want to control the gifts of God nor His Laws.

Unite unconditionally to the requests of God and you will be part of the manifestation and of an infinite abundance. This way, you will learn how the Universe moves and when the Universe will be expecting the realization of the Divine Will.

I thank you for keeping My Words in the heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Novena to the Sacred Thorned Heart of Jesus

Fifth day

Remove, My child, the painful thorn of the ingratitude of men.

After all the support  they received, through the Passion and the Death of the Lord, humanity, in this time, is very ungrateful toward Me.

Relieve Me, completely, from this sorrow, and through your fervent prayer, remove from My Heart this flagellating thorn.

Ask the Eternal Father, for the sake of the Birth and the Death of His Son, to have pity and mercy for all souls that, throughout time, have forgotten to thank and to recognize that the Divine Providence is perfect for everyone, both in abundance and in the lack of something.

Now, before this revelation, recognize your possible faults and those moments in which you were not grateful to Providence and how many times you thought, felt contempt or even rejection, for what the Universe was placing before you as a test or as an instrument.

The gratitude of souls must be present in everything. A soul that does not express or live gratitude is like a lost soul, disoriented in a vast desert, that, dying, feels a lot of thirst.

Gratitude for all that has been received has been completely lost from the consciousness of humanity. For this reason, the thorn of ingratitude hurts My Sacred Heart very much because I know that souls are not conscious of, nor do they have discernment about what they are expressing as ingratitude.

How many have benefitted from the Supreme Providence and today indulge in denying My Work and in living a superfluous life, as if they had never known Me! And they still think they are in Me!

Woe to these souls! What will become of them in a short while? Does anybody know?

For this reason, make My Heart glad with the gratitude of your heart, because this is worth more than much knowledge, than many abilities or skills.

Gratitude is the direct door towards the Love of My Heart.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus 


Watch out for those who say that they work in My name and for My name, because at the end of the times you will perceive that it has not been so.  I am present and omniscient in the hearts of My children, those who live Me and those that make an effort to love Me every day.

One day I said to you for you to give all that you had and that you follow Me; but today I say to you: share all that you possess and do not be afraid of that which occultly shines as a personal possession. 

The true brothers and sisters of the path and children of My Father share all that they have until they are left with nothing, because the true child of God is that one who trusts fully in the Providence of My Lord.

It happens in the same way with the union of the flocks, because for My Unfathomable Heart there are not two parts of a flock, but there is just one only and beloved flock.

For this I say to you, contemplate with the heart what it is that, which due to pride, separates you from the others; so that the ideas and the assumptions may not be intertwined as ropes that tie up the walking of each heart.  Be strong in love, because now it is being revealed to you that which for a long time you have not wanted to see in yourselves.

My dears, accept the new time, a time that will liberate you from the spiritual control of life and of things, because whoever lives for My Supreme God does not carry their own load on their shoulders nor do they place it on their brothers and sisters.  Whoever lives for My Beloved Lord carries on themselves the sacrifice for those who still do not sacrifice themselves nor love the law of the Lord.

Open your hands and leave behind all of that which produces in you, awakens and creates in you an image of personal possession, because otherwise you will believe that you are working for My God, and you will be working for yourselves.

Follow Me and do not look back, walk as one, forward, because from the abysses the love of My Heart will take charge, which will save you, and will give you the true life that you wait for so much. Read your actions through the signs of life, they will say to you which degree of love you are in.  Do not let the enemy reflect to you confused signs, because you will be before your illusion.

Trust in that which I ask you.

Under the Love of the Father and of the Holy Spirit, be fraternal and blessed.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.