Friday, August 17 of 2018

Weekly messages

When God calls you to serve, listen to His Voice and follow it.

Each day more, the need of service in this world will increase, and as time goes by and your hearts open, more apt and prepared you will be to serve because, in truth, you will be ready to love and give from yourselves those things that are the true treasure of the human heart, that you so often do not know.

You will not be known in this world for your service, but for the love that there is in it; love that arises from the Heart of God and flows, indistinctively, to the heart of all those who open themselves to respond with sincerity to His call.

Through this Work, God wants to teach you and to teach all humanity that when one responds to a divine call, there is no merit on a single soul, there is no Grace on a single being, but upon all those who open themselves to stop being what they are and become instruments of God.

A mission requested by the Divine Messengers is the announcement of the Love of God to humanity; Love that flows through the human heart and permeates entire nations in its silence; embraces souls and hearts with Its Grace, even if all of this is invisible to the human eyes.

A mission asked by the Divine Messengers is a sign of God that His Mercy is still acting in the world, both in the heart that is called to serve and that receives the Grace to redeem itself through service, and for those who are served and seemed to be forgotten by God and by the world, but are not.

Your Father and Creator would like to have many arms, many feet and, above all, many hearts to send to those places in most need in the world, as a sign of His Love and His Mercy for the hearts that have lost hope. But while not many hearts open to give themselves, those who already do it must multiply themselves in an extreme giving that, in the silence of their actions, generate merits for the redemption of those who do nothing for this planet.

Today, children, We call you to service and to multiply not only efforts but, above all, surrender and love. Today we call you to not want to be protagonists of a service before the world, but to go beyond childishness in the life of service, and as mature spirits in Christ, to convert yourselves into instruments and vehicles of Love and Mercy for those who are in most need.

And, thus, the world will know you and will exalt God. Souls will find you and will know God. Hearts will receive your service and will thank God. And you will serve a child and, in it, a culture, a nation. You will serve a people and, in it, a whole humanity. You will serve the Kingdoms of Nature and, in them, a planet that needs healing.

Allow that, in this new cycle of service, your hearts grow and be more than yourselves providing a service; be parts of God, taking renewal, redemption, and peace to this world.

You have My blessings for this.

Your Father and Companion in each mission,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph