I am the Mother of all the children of the world and from Heaven I bring you the peace that is possible to live in these times. This is why I am here, dear children, so that you may believe in this; because in spite of what happens in humanity and in all hearts, My task continues to be completed. I open the Heavens so that your hearts are able to rise up toward Me and thus enter the Heart of God, Who with ardent love awaits you to give you shelter in His Spirit and in His Divinity

Dear children, I come to Madrid with the same mission as two years ago. The Guadalupana must now travel through each province of Spain and must reach the hearts that are unknown to you. Because if you go on this pilgrimage with Me, carrying the holy image, hearts will seek it because they have lost faith in God and they need to regain it. This is why I am here, dear children, to make this request of you, because from the heart of Spain it is possible that this task may begin.

And thus you will find souls that will need to live through prayer, will need to learn how to pray and know how to connect with God. You who already live within My School of Prayer will know how to do it and how to teach it, because I will inspire you in the Power of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. In this way, dear children, you will gradually come to know the Gifts of God that are waiting to descend upon humanity and upon the simple hearts that open to find the path of consecration to the Plan of the Most High.


 On the eve of My Sacred Anniversary of Daily Instructions I wish that the good and holy hearts, those that follow Me in spite of the tiredness, the emptiness and the pain, make Me known as Your Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus.

To whoever makes known My Face of Return, I promise the following:

· Whoever carries the image of the Glorified Heart of Jesus will not perish in life, but will get to know the power of My Mercy.

· Whoever adores the sacred image will enter into contact and inner union with Me as if I were eternally present at their side.

· To whoever carries it with them, close to their heart, or places the sacred image at the head of their bed and prays to Me every day a little prayer, I promise to be the Watcher and the Gatekeeper of their house so that nothing that is not My Light may disturb them.

· To whoever shares, in a sacred and fraternal way, the icon of the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus, with the sick, the elderly, the youth and the children, I promise that I will be visiting in the inner levels all of those who adore Me for only five minutes of their time because I wish profoundly to prevail in the heart and in the life of each being.

· To whoever makes Me known humbly as the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus I promise to help, protect and illuminate the path of all of those who call Me out of love, devotion and truth.  I promise to be present in the moments of emergency and rescue.

· Whoever recognizes the sacred icon as true but, at the same time, as merciful, I promise to protect until the last days of their life and to carry them with Me to the Universal Kingdom of Peace.

· Whoever sees Me reflected in the sacred image, I promise to make them feel profound trust, plenitude and celestial bliss so that they may live in the eternal joy of My Heart.

· The sacred icon of Christ shall represent the union between Heaven and Earth, between souls and the Glorified Christ who will return to the world in order to remove it again from the death in which it lives.  God wishes you to glorify the Sacred Heart of Jesus because He is offended by the unjust actions of the souls.  In this way I promise that whoever guards in their house this sacred image will receive My Special Graces to achieve redemption.


The Sacred Icon of Christ

The hearts who may venerate the Sacred icon of Christ, that is, the image of the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus, will receive the special blessing of My Divine Mercy.

For this I ask that in all of the Centers of Prayer, especially in the Marian Center of Aurora, there be placed the image of the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus, that which represents the Christic manifestation that occurred on the 5th of January of 2013 to the visionary Friar Elias.

The souls that during the 5th and 6th days of January of this year adore Me and venerate Me, will receive directly from My Heart the spiritual help that they may need.

For this one year ago I asked you to paint the image of the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus in the way that I indicated.  After a year of intensive work I ask for the presentation of this face in all of the Houses of Prayer.

The Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus complements the Merciful Christ.  These two images that were given to humanity will serve as spiritual and inner help for all who may contemplate them.

See, through this request of the Sacred Icon of Christ, that there is a real need for the awakening of the new Christs.  In this way the Plan of God will not be affected by any other human situation.

May this sacred icon be lovingly contemplated during the two important days of the Marathon of the Divine Mercy because this sacred icon will work on the inner and on the healing of the consciousnesses.

Seek through this icon the key for your redemption.  Also, those hearts that may feel so may dedicate to Me some prayers in front of this sacred icon.  I will receive them with joy and love.  Good work for the worshippers.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My Love in your hearts!

Christ Jesus, the Sacred and Glorified Heart  


I come to the world once again to remove from your eyes the darkness that does not permit you to see the path of the eternal light, that which is directed towards My Sacred Heart.

For this My Words can have two principal effects in your lives: they can sow light in your consciousness or they can be lost in the silence of times without giving any fruit.

Today I invite you to love the path of transcendence because it will drive you to be transformed as is predicted in My Divine Plans from the beginning. For this I ask you for great patience and love to be able to bear the great universal currents that My Heart will send to unmask and banish from the world the old humanity. These currents will arrive to each soul in its right time because as it is in Heaven it will also be upon the Earth.

To bear the fire that comes from My Solar Heart, from the center of your universe, I ask you that in your houses, families and among your dearest beings, that you offer special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Merciful Christ. Do this during fifteen minutes before the hour of the Divine Mercy with the aim that My Liberator Fire may touch you and transform you with absolute peace and harmony.

All of My Followers who may dedicate themselves to the adoration of My Sacred Heart will receive every day the impulse of light that they may need in order to resolve problems, doubts, uncertainties, lack of faith, of love, lack of meaning in the life of matter or of the spirit. You, as souls, will have the opportunity to choose which blessed image you will adore.

Know, My Companions, that I am present in every image or in every place whenever you may only call Me because I promise to come in your aid. The special adoration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus during the months of June and July of 2013 has the objective of elevating your consciousness to the infinite. If you do like this you will also repair My Sacred and Blessed Heart from the grave outrages and profane thoughts that humanity lives in the abysses of life.

If all unite themselves to Me before the hour of the Divine Mercy I will be for the souls and the consciousnesses the Liberator, to stop being the gate keeper of the Great Judge who is in the Heavens, because in these times I want to give you to know the science of My Divine Mercy.

For this I invite you to know the essence of My Sacred Heart through My daughter Saint Margarita Maria Alacoque.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: Today, after having prayed for a long time, I see open beside the praying altar a door of light that had the image of Heaven; from this door Our Lord appeared as on the day of yesterday, but today His Face was closer and more resplendent.

When Christ Jesus appeared I see that He placed His Left hand over His chest and I see arise from inside of His Being a Pinkish Heart of much light. When the Heart of Christ lit up itself, there appeared around the Heart twelve golden stars that brightened themselves in unison. In this moment Jesus says: “Look, this is My Glorified Heart”.

Then, He starts to transmit to us:

My dears:

I promise those who trust My Mercy that they will not perish, that they will see Me in Heaven in My Face of Glory and that they will stay with Me, serving for the sake of all human souls.

Allow that My rays enter your beings in order to let My Fount be visible for those who are blind and do not see Me, even when I have been so many times in their lives with love and redemption.

Be One with Me because I promise to save you in My second coming. However you must live the tests of life as an absolute confirmation to My pathway of redemption.

In silence I accompany you. In silence I listen to you. In silence I observe and guard the steps of each sheep towards Light.

Do not let the world involve you; pray for the world to be invaded by the Fountain of Mercy and Redemption.

I come back for all. I expect all. I wait for all.

Take the steps towards Me so that I will be able to sustain you in this world. Live the paradise of My Heart in your hearts. I Am your beloved shepherd of Love.

Under the Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for holding in your hearts My last redemptive call.

Christ Jesus

A bit later He tells us:

“I want you to paint the image of My Merciful face of the second coming as you saw it, for it to be venerated by those who getting to know Me once more may find Me as the true refuge and relief for the life.


The Image of the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph

The Image of My Chaste Heart must be contemplated by those who seek the humility, the simplicity, the maturity of spirit and the awakening of the spirit of service and charity.

This Image represents the moment in which My Chaste Heart pronounced Its “yes” to God and accepted, despite Its imperfections, to fulfill the Mission that God had entrusted to it.

This Image is the symbol that in order to serve God it is not necessary to be perfect, children, because Perfection, which comes from the Father, manifests in the soul and in the heart, as the being decides to walk.

Before this Image, you must ask the Father for the Grace of knowing to say “yes”, despite the apparent audacity of His Plans. Because today I tell you: it is not God Who asks you great things, but you who do not know your own potential, do not know yourselves and think you cannot give what God asks you.

Before this Image, pray the “Novena to begin the New Spiritual Cycles” and let My Heart inspire you so that you can say “yes” and know what is hidden until today and is unknown to you about yourselves.

The Reliquary of My Heart represents the Plan of God consummated in human imperfection. I will place in it all Graces that the Father granted Me to fulfill His Will and before it, children, you will pray not only for yourselves, but for all humanity, so that these Gifts of Surrender and Rendition, which made this Heart become a Divine Triumph, can reach each one of your brothers, in the four corners of the world.

Through the Image of My Chaste Heart and the Reliquary of My Heart, the Creator grants you two new and unique Graces so that you may know that all you need in order to become a celestial victory is within your reach.

Today I ask you a small replica of the Reliquary of My Chaste Heart to pilgrimage around the world and to be in all altars of My Apparitions. Because in this Reliquary I will place the Gifts that humanity needs to renew itself; standards of conduct for a new life, which will be irradiated in the nations and in the continents, as a teraphim of the New Humanity, so that those who contemplate it and pray before It may achieve the Grace of knowing and living who they really are.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.