Dear children, 

May the suffering of the serving hearts of My Son be placated.

May the transitory experience of this planetary moment be offered beyond its repercussion so that the Eternal Father receives it as justification and atonement for all the mistakes made up to the present by this suffering humanity.

This is the time of the victim souls of My Son; it is the time to offer yourself to mend the injustice that embraces the hearts of all humanity.

I am by the side of every servant of Christ who lives, like the rest of the world, the experience of being in chaos.

This is the long-awaited hour of tribulation for all, but it is also the time to bring out the talents of holiness that My Son placed in you long ago.

I know that you have never been through something like this as humanity, but you must remember that, as essences, you were waiting for this moment to arrive in order to serve unconditionally so that My Son's Redemptive Plan may be fulfilled.

I ask you, My children, not to abandon the cross of this time, because at the end of the path of this world calvary, you will meet My Son and He will free you from this situation forever.

Only that for each child of Mine the time has come to go through their test of Christic love so that at last the consciousness is confirmed to the Plan and the Will of the Lord.

This is an unknown time, permeated with signs that, no matter what, will lead towards the change of consciousness through that which is unpredictable.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


An awake and serving soul, that sought to fulfill its mission and express the Will of God through many ways, asked the Lord a question, saying: "Lord, in spite of praying, seeking an evolutionary life, always making my heart available to You, aspiring to permanently serve, I still feel that I am not able to completely manifest my mission. So tell me how to do it."

And the Lord responded to it:  "Until now, little soul, each of your efforts have been valuable, each transformation experienced was like a gift at the foot of My Altar, but at this stage of your evolution, you must begin to understand and live the deepest meaning of surrender, of the giving of self and of evolutionary life.

The time has come to place in My Hands that which you most value: your love of self, your way of seeing evolution, everything that you believe you know, everything that you consider good and that makes you a good soul to the rest. The time has come to place in My Hands not only your miseries, but also your virtues, your need to show everyone how you live them, and even though you think that you are setting an example for your neighbor, this is no longer what I need of you. Your greater example will be hidden, but will resound in the whole planetary consciousness, in all Creation.

Give Me your way of living and of expressing, your way of serving and of loving, your way of praying and of knowing the universe, for I aspire to make all things new in you so that you may achieve a greater knowledge of existence and so that you may experience a greater degree of love. You must leave behind all that you have experienced until now, giving thanks for and revering everything learned and surrendered at My Feet, like a ladder that allowed you to reach Me, but that you must now set aside to climb other stairs, that lead to a deeper union with Me.

This begins, beloved soul, in being aware of the need to be new and leaving behind what has taken place. So then, when I feel that your heart is ready and divested of all that you previously experienced, I will show you a new path, I will have you come to know new sciences, I will reveal a greater Love to you, the result of your surrender and of your renunciations, the result of your void."

May this dialogue, children, teach you to perceive that this is the time to be renewed in God, of being thankful for what was learned and to surrender so that a new stage may emerge for you and for all humanity.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Seek the Source of the Purity of God through prayer and defeat the innermost assaults through silence and the constant offering of your struggles to God.

The mind will always fall into sin and human feelings will always be fragile but your soul, child, must gain space in your consciousness, to calm the human frailties of your more material bodies.

Do not let your heart grieve over the assaults that you experience; do not allow the enemy to defeat you through emphasizing your feelings of weakness. Find refuge in the Heart of God, let Him with His own Blood wash away your shame and your fears so that you may feel pure and clean in the Heart of your Lord.

Do not fear to contemplate His Body in the Eucharist; do not fear to place your heart on His Cross, for it is there that your most human miseries yield, it is there that your soul seizes the weakness of your bodies, to remind you that the surrender of the Lord for you is perpetual. and in the surrender of the Lord there will always be Mercy and purity to cleanse your heart.

Do not allow yourself to be defeated, except by Him Who has already conquered your life on a Cross.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Remember within yourself all the impulses received within the recent days, in recent times, and let them generate results within you. Mature these results, meditating upon all that you have lived, allowing your consciousness to move to a different place from where it was before, receiving all these Graces of God.

Reflect upon all that you are to experience from now on, the steps to be taken, the tests that await you, and how your heart is to prepare for new cycles and impulses that have never been received or experienced by humanity.

Let Divine Grace permeate all that you are so that even the smallest of your cells may be conscious of what it receives and what it is called upon to experience as from now on. In this way, child, without wasting anything of the divine impulses that descend to the world, your being will always be worthy of greater impulses.

Learn to reflect on, to meditate upon and to love the steps that you are to take as a human person, as a soul and as consciousness, as a creature and as a part of the Divine Consciousness.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


After so many impulses received and so much that you have had to sustain, so that this world could know a little peace and, even though there are few, may souls be awakened at this time. Now, children, you must retreat into your own heart and become peaceful.

The world has not stopped suffering. Humanity still has a long way to walk in order to be healed and liberated. Therefore, allow your bodies to recover, let your consciousness assimilate the impulses received and meditate upon the next steps to be taken.

After experiencing with Christ the steps of His Passion, now you must re-live the moment when the apostles faced the Ascension of Jesus into the Heavens and the solitude and silence that they went through to synthesize within themselves all that they experienced with Christ.

The impulses that you have received in recent days are much like those impulses received by the apostles in the last three years of the life of Jesus. Many were the Graces, the blessings, the Rays and the Laws that acted in your lives within a short time. Thus, now is the moment of silence, solitude and quietude. A moment for looking toward Heaven and emitting your response to the Father, having God hear your "yes" and, in this way, continue to walk with faith, which is renewed within each step, within the echo of the Graces that you have received.

May the fruits be prolific within your hearts because all the doors have been opened to you; now just go through them.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Through My Love and My Truth I can heal hearts, I can remove from souls that which should be transformed, purified and elevated.

Through My Love I carry you into the original and spiritual state of your beings.

Through My Love I can declare reality to you without there being any blame, fear or oppression. 

Through My Love, I lead you on the path of good, so that you may be generous soul, filled with My Mercy, and beings completely surrendered and given to others.

Through My Love I build within you that which I so much aspire for and desire, as long as you allow Me to work within you.

Through My Love I teach you to truly love, I teach you to alleviate, with simple words, the oppressed heart of a brother or sister.

Through My Love I cause you to strengthen your trust in the High, I teach you to be witnesses to My Word and defenders of My Message.

Through My Love I call you to the apostolate, to the living of a service that enriches the spirit.

Through My Love I give you My Peace.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


My children,

It gladdens Me to know, from the depths of My Heart, that I will be with you again in this month of March so that, from Mother to children, we may share the Graces of God again.

It gladdens Me to know that you will gather, once again today, to pray and cry out for peace, Mercy and Justice for the world.

It gladdens Me to know and see the efforts that you made everyday, and especially during these last months, for your humanity and for the planet through the Prayer for Peace in the Nations.

It gladdens Me to know that there are decided souls, willing and adhered to the Celestial Hierarchy in order to be able to carry forward the manifestation of the Divine Plan on Earth.

For this reason, dear children, today I give you thanks from the depth of My Heart and My Face does not cry for an indifferent world today, but it cries with joy for the reception and the response of My children to the call of the Mother of God.

I impel you to continue building the Plan for these coming months, because greater and more determining challenges and commitments will come to all, so that you may keep maturing in faith, in prayer and in the inner communion with the Sacred Heart of the Heavenly Father.

Know, My dear children, that I am with you in the joys as in the difficulties, in the triumphs as in the defeats.

But the Love of God must always reign in you, may the Love of the Eternal Father impel you to live the challenges and to transcend the crucial tests of these times.

I am with those who pray, with every heart and soul that opens day by day to discover the mystery of praying with the heart.

Let us keep walking firmly towards the goal because the planet and all of humanity need beings of love, souls that live love and spread it in order to be able to dissolve the pain and the suffering generated by the chaos and the wars in the nations.

But remember, My children, that at the end of everything, My Immaculate and Maternal Heart will triumph.

I thank you for responding and for living My call!

Who blesses you under the Love of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I promised you, as it was written by the Apostle Mathew, that I would be with you every day until the end of times. Now, and at this moment, that promise is fulfilled.

I am here with you every day of your life, and will be up until the end of times. Thus, see and believe in what is happening.

Many wait for Me to appear inside the Church but, in truth, they did not understand me.

I go to the spiritual Church that exists inside of each being; that is the Church that I seek, within the good souls that worship Me and listen to Me through these daily Messages.

Continue, then, making the promise of your Master and Lord real, every day, so that I may continue to be with you until the end of times. And, in this way, more hearts may have the happiness of knowing me and of participating in communion with Me.

Be witnesses of this important event of participating in the reappearance of Christ.

May this sacred meeting echo within the times which will come so that not only souls, but also the planet may be worthy of My Mercies.

I thank you for keeping My words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Series – Manifestation of Aurora – Part VII

Through the integration brought about by a meeting between the Light-Community of Aurora, the local community and the public institutions, a project must be proposed for the improvement of the entries and the roads to the Marian Center of Aurora, something that will also benefit the other inhabitants of the area, keeping in mind the important task of spiritual support that this Center currently fulfills.

For that reason, given the needs of this time, the improvements of the entries and in the roads of the area will help to better include the Marian Center of Aurora in the local and spiritual scope of the region.

This project of improvement of the roads will also require a better channeling of the water, as well as a reinforcement of the structures of the bridges and the rest of the elements to bring greater order to the region.

The improvements of the roads will also require that the collaborators in the Work be more present in Aurora, with the intention of being able to carry forward some periods of work in the cleaning of the roads and of the entries that lead to the Marian Center.

For this, it will be necessary to organize a schedule of meetings among all the collaborators of Uruguay, of Argentina, of Paraguay and of Brazil so that they may give the first impulse, demonstrating to the population of the area that it is possible to improve the conditions and quality of life by maintaining a balanced relationship with the ecosystem.

This basic organization will stimulate the population to give of themselves, in service, to maintain the spaces in harmony where they frequently live. For this, they may offer their own work tools to collaborate in the improvements to the roads.

It will be necessary to remain firm of purpose so that these goals may be achieved and do not remain unresolved. For this reason, it will be important that the coordinators of the areas of the Light-Community of Aurora bring a local and regional assembly together with the city organisms, with the intention that the region of San Mauricio be considered a space that needs a better territorial organization, and thus, it may be contemplated as a region with international activity, given the presence of the pilgrims.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Series – Manifestation of Aurora – Part II


The fundamental manifestation of Aurora on the surface is based on love among siblings, on an honest and true love that is built within the fraternity of Christ so that, following this, the Principles of the Celestial Father, those principles which inspire the Project of God, may be present within humanity.

In order to make all of this possible, in this new year, it is necessary to contemplate the needs of Aurora which are being carried out, stage by stage, with the collaboration of the stewards of the Work. This will allow the Center of Aurora itself to receive the celestial treasures on the inner planes; sacred tools that will make it possible to accelerate the process of the redemption of humanity.

For this very important reason, Aurora needs the collaboration of everyone to make the manifestation of its Sacred Center possible, as well as that of group life, which must have the necessary structures so that a New Humanity may be able to count on this Island of Salvation.

When I told you yesterday that Aurora has not yet completed its manifestation, it was to have you understand that the Spiritual Hierarchy still has plans and projects here, which must be materialized within the life on Earth so that the physical spaces which Aurora has may also be contemplated for the realization of the Purpose and the Plan of the Hierarchy.

The Kingdom of Aurora is not just a space for the inner knowledge of beings.

The Kingdom of Aurora must be a completely manifested space so that the task of Aurora may take place on the surface.

The time has come to be able to embrace the Project of the Hierarchy so that, on Earth and for these end times, universal life may be a reality experienced and felt by each serving heart.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Just love one another, as I loved you, as Father and Lord, from My Birth until My Ascension.

Love one another always, and may this love of the heart never be missing from you, however poor or imperfect, may it be true and healthy love, capable of understanding and of accepting everything.

Love one another, much more than I love you, and surpass Me in love and in surrender. I have told you that you would do greater things than I did and this continues to be real and current for Me.

Love one another until you can express compassion, honesty, and transparency.

Love one another without fearing to unmask your characters and to only live for love and in love.

Love one another because it will be the love between brothers and sisters, disciples and friends, that will liberate you from yourselves.

Love without fearing to always say “yes” and to donate yourselves much more than I donated myself.

Love one another so that love may abound on Earth and so that it may be love that will defeat evil, falsehood and all pride.

Love one another in truth and you will fulfill My great Commandment.

Love one another and peace will not be lacking.

I thank all of you who made it possible to fulfill My call this year and those who will fulfill it next year so that the graces may abound on Earth.

Who blesses you always,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Little soul of God, 

With love, embrace the sacrifices and the renouncements that the Creator sends to your life. They are equivalent to the immense grace that you live everyday, with the Presence of God, calling you by the name to respond to His call.

Set your heart to surrender every day, and no longer think about the limitations of your body, about the miseries of your mind or about the uneasiness of your heart. Think, child, about the sacrifice of Christ, everyday, so that more each day you may go deeper into the surrender of the Lord, in the price He paid for your redemption and, thus, you may know that everything you live, surrender or renounce, cannot be compared to the sacrifice of He Who lived and died for you.

Have the limitations of your body be an offering of humility for the arrogance of humanity.

Have the miseries of your mind be an offering and a crying out for Mercy to descend to the world and fill the destructive thoughts of men.

Have the uneasiness of your heart be an offering so that the peace and trust in God may fill the inner world of beings and give them back peace.

You were called to be part of the Heart of Christ in this world, in a living, conscious and unconditional way.

The Lord put His eyes on you, not because you are perfect, but because He knows that your soul thirsts for His Presence. Because He is an inexhaustible Fount, He came not only to satiate you but to make you a new fount, so that other souls may drink of the Mercy that breaks out from His Divine Heart.

Between your miseries and the Mercy of Christ, let the Mercy of the Lord win and focus your heart on His call, rather than on your difficulties in fulfilling it.

Just as you are, Christ called you. He only expects you to say "yes" every day.

While humanity sleeps the sleep of ignorance, give thanks to the Father Who healed your blindness. Open up your heart to be a living miracle of the Lord, in this world and in all others. Because today I tell you, My child, that your redemption in this world is only a symbol of a greater redemption, even though it is unknown to your heart.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


While souls pilgrimage within the Marian Centers, they comfort the Heart of God and relieve the wounds that human indifference causes in the depth of this Sacred Heart.

The souls that peregrinate at the Marian Centers are also restorative because they are not only healing and repairing their own being and spirit, but they are healing and repairing human consciousness, so often distant from the Heart of the Father.

To peregrinate to the Marian Centers is like walking to the House of the Lord, climbing the steps to His Celestial Church and being before His Divine Altar, to live redemption and thus open the doors for others to also be able to live it.

In these times of chaos and of indifference in the world, the Heart of God finds His encouragement and joy in the souls that peregrinate to the Marian Centers, because, in spite of their lives and responsibilities, they recognize the importance and urgency to create a real bond with God withinin their interior.

This world, children, needs restorative souls that peregrinate to the Marian Centers not only to find Peace, but also to open the Fountain of Peace to the world.

The souls that peregrinate to the Marian Centers are also seeding beings because, like birds of light, they seek the seeds of the new life in the Source and take them to their homes, cities, nations, fertilizing this principle of newness in the human consciousness.

The pilgrims who arrive in the Marian Centers receive from the Father His Grace and bring it to multiply in the world, wherever they are.

The importance of peregrinating to the Marian Center is still unknown to many, because the mysteries that are kept as spiritual treasures in the inner counterpart of the Marian Centers have not yet been revealed to the human beings.

Happy are those who pilgrimage to the Marian Centers because they become instruments of the Lord and bearers of the new life over the Earth, even though they do not know it.

Today, children, I thank you for being pilgrims and for having come to the Marian Centers in search of peace.

Joyous are those who receive with love and shelter in their hearts, the Love of the Hierarchy. Multiply what you have received. Be peace-makers in this world.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Gladden your hearts and glorify God, Who never forsakes His children and never ceases to pour out His graces over those who, with faith, serve Him, and in trust, respond to His call.

Today I come to the world for each one of you, servants of God, who every day, with effort, try to go deeper into your own surrender and transformation.

I come for those who feel alone, inwardly forsaken sometimes, because they feel they never reach the place where God needs them to be. I come to tell you that, indeed, you are on the correct path and must not fear not reciprocating with God, because what the Father needs from you is your perseverance and not perfection.

I come so that you never stop learning to love, because the simple effort of living love is already enough for you to cross the threshold between the old and the new man.

Remember, children, that you are in a time of transition, in which you are stepping out of what you were but have not yet achieved what you should be. You are the tip of the spear of a new life, which perhaps will be fully lived by others.

Today I simply ask you for your constant effort to love and to live these times in unity with your brothers and sisters, and each time you feel disunity knocking at your door, know how to say "no" so that you may remain in love and in unity.

I want to help you take a new step toward the Heart of God and for this reason, I am here.

Receive My presence as a response of the Heart of God Who, placing His Grace within your spirits, simply tells you: "Persevere! And try to love every day."

Love His Plan, love His Purpose and love His Will for each one of your brothers and sisters. Love the existence of each human being, of each Kingdom of Nature, because all beings that live on Earth are here because, being fully loved by the Father, they have received, from Him, an opportunity to imitate His Love.

With these words, I bless you and I thank you for trying every day to take a step toward the Heart of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


After the daily Message, Saint Joseph added:

I also come today to make a request: the Group Effort of Saint Joseph, at the Marian Center of Figueira.*

Just as this practice of unity with My Chaste Heart has brought results at the Marian Center of Aurora, it will also do so here, in which is My home.

So that hearts may be strengthened in unity with one another, and so that this very unity may make you strong in the face of the situation of chaos that the world is experiencing, I ask you to carry out this Group Effort, in which I will always be present.

As from now, on the days in which you pray to receive Me, you will experience a moment of service and of community among you, to then commune with God.

I ask you for this because the Communities of Light must become a bridge of salvation and of healing for the human consciousness and this only happens when beings learn to be united, and thus, learn to be fraternal and create a connection of love with one another, and thus, with God.

During this first period the Group Effort will be weekly, and when My channels  are not here, it must be done bi-monthly.

You will see, children, how in a short time, unity will dissolve the conflicts, and being closer to each other, you will be closer to God.

I bless you and I thank you for fulfilling this request of Mine for unity and fraternity among the servants of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


*The Marian Center of Figueira is located in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.


Dear warriors of Christ, lovers of prayer and of service:

Today I come from Heaven especially to make a request for you, so that Brazil does not lose peace nor justice, I deeply implore to you, that starting tomorrow, October 25, and during nine days, you may offer to My Maternal Heart one novena of the Holy Rosary, which will be transmitted by means of the channel of the prayers for Peace in the Nations, in order for the Brazilian people to make a decision, with discernment and wisdom, so that the patronage of Our Lady of Aparecida can be preserved throughout the times.

My anguish for what happens today in Brazil is great because, as Mother of Brazil and of all of its people, I see how the nation distances from the Grace of God in an unexpected way. 

For this reason, children, I need that all the Brazilians, who have love for Our Lady, may dedicate, within these coming nine days, a Mystery of the Rosary for the Mother of the Most High to have the joy of interceding for a people that is deeply loved by Me.

Even more, if in the Marian Centers, in the groups of prayer, in the cities and in the villages you gather to pray to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart during the coming nine days, I will be able to embrace a greater number of souls and hearts to remove them from a great spiritual and material deviation that Brazil is creating for its destiny.

I wish for My cry to be relieved and to not be a cry for a Brazil that will lose its spiritual and internal senses, but instead that My cry be of joy for the happiness that Brazil has generated to Me throughout the years, with your praise and love for the Lady of Aparecida. 

Brazil cannot lose its values nor the gifts that faith has always provided for it. 

I pray in these days for a Brazil that I love, which must learn to live justice, equality and good, because in this Brazilian land exists precious souls, lives that are capable of manifesting the New Eden in South America.

I wish, My children, that during these nine days of transmissions of the Holy Rosary for the good and justice in Brazil, My children dedicate themselves to this exercise of prayer as something that is a priority and not secondary, being aware that through prayer the angels of God will be able to intercede as much as is allowed, so that the destiny of your people may not be interfered with by any spiritual consciousness contrary to the Divine Will. 

With Venezuela and Chile, it is already enough for Me. My Heart must endure what Venezuela is living due the actions of humanity, and Chile, it is already more than enough, for the hidden perversion, now known, that the Church of My Son has lived, in which hundreds of lives were wounded and outraged by supposed representatives of Christ.

Oh, what agony and what shame does My Heart feel for the Church of Chile!

Who will relieve the Heart of the Mother of God?

I call you, children, to be responsible for your coming destiny, so that, placing your consciousness on the path of prayer, you may be protected from everything that will be seen and known in these difficult times.

With all the gratitude of My Soul, I will wait for all of your voices to be united in this current of prayer during these nine days, for Brazil not to lose the most beautiful destiny that it has.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


To the singers of the heart 

My dear children, 

In this new stage of Music for Healing and Upliftment of Humanity, may the gifts and talents of your beings awaken and be at the service of the Plan of God so that, through the powerful current of healing provided by music, it may reach more places in the world, places that need love, forgiveness, and redemption. 

In this new cycle that begins for each one of you, and after all the enriching experience built through each presentation, may today, your consciousnesses, be able to testify how grandiose the manifestation of elevated music is, when offered to the Creator for the concretion of His Plan of Love.

The meeting of Music for Healing, which gathers groups of souls that are quite different from one another, must now keep deepening its offer, approaching to the stage, new souls that feel the impulse of donating their talents and integrating themselves into this spiritual construction that, month by month, is carried out in each new meeting. 

For this reason, the meeting of music must undergo a scenographic, aesthetic and musical renovation so that, in this offering for the healing of humanity, the souls that live the gift of music may feel summoned to participate, in favor of the construction of peace and of the planetary healing. 

All the stages, lived previously, demonstrated that it is possible to manifest the different streams of music, through all the impulses that Creation offers, as a means of being able to represent it in material life. 

The music itself, the expression of the scenarios and each musical aspect worked, represents the possible means to be able to manifest the Universe of God in humanity. 

In this sense, My children, the new cycle of Music for Healing and Upliftment of humanity will be open to the expression of this love for music that exists in each interpreter, who generates the conditions for awakening forgiveness and healing in humanity. 

All those who have the gift of being able to express music, as a means of uplifting the consciousness, are invited to contact the organizing team of the meeting so that, monthly, Music for Healing may count on a new guest who will bring, with their musical experience, a stream of the universe of music. 
And those who love to sing and express their voices, as an offering to God and to life, will also be welcome so that, month by month, Music for Healing may count on new voices that will express their gratitude to God through singing. 

For this new cycle in which singers and musicians are invited to renew themselves, may all receive the spiritual impulse within their souls, knowing that through the new streams that will enter, to be presented in Music for Healing and Upliftment of Humanity, you will have the mission of rescuing souls that are  found in different groups of humanity, who must have the grace, someday, of being able to awaken and offer their lives to God, just as you have offered yours in an unconditional way. 

On this gala night, may the Gift of God shine in each singer. 

May each song uplift the planetary consciousness and may everything be transmuted. 

Who accompanies you for this new cycle, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


And someday, you will come to Heaven to be with Me, and you will tell Me how your experience of love and forgiveness on Earth went.

You will tell Me, step by step, what you have lived for My cause, and I will bless you again in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Thus, your wounds will be healed and you will no longer remember anything about suffering. You will enter through the main door of the Kingdom of the Heavens to unite with and join the blessed.

There, face to face, you will find those you have truly loved, and those you once loved will approach you to give you the warmth of their fraternal embrace.

You will feel unknown happiness within your spirit and you will no longer remember the struggles you once lived to be able to overcome yourselves. You will only have the memory of the true affection you once felt from those you loved wholeheartedly and with all your strength.

You will be placed in the Fount of Purification so that your head, hands and feet may be washed, and thus, right after, you will enter the House of the Heavenly Father alone, you will come to know His Seven great Golden Portals and, before you, the majestic humility of His Kingdom will be revealed.

Therefore, I tell you that it is worthwhile to continue sacrificing yourselves for Me because, after this whole story of life, which you are going through at this moment, you will find the powerful joy of having lived in God and for God.

You will help to recreate Creation with your example of renunciation and redemption, and in your spirit, you will build the result of a long trajectory of love and service for humanity.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


To live the Love of God publicly is simple and it is a part of the mission of the apostles of Christ at this time, and all times, because they must announce to the world the Gifts and Blessings from the Divine Presence. But today, child, I come to teach you to secretly be with God and to build the foundations of your transformation and the consolidation of your surrender because thus, your simple presence will be the announcement of the Divine Presence, it will be the testimony of the Gifts and the Blessings from the Creator.

Today, I come to teach you to love to be with God and to look for every possible space in your life to find Him, to speak with Him, to be in Him and He in the world, through you.

That being with God is not an obligation for you, but yes, a necessity.

The final test of this humanity and the last definition of the souls are approaching. Your Father and Lord aspires to build a fortress within you, to deposit within you His Wisdom and make of your heart a door through which He will arrive to the world.  

Therefore, the time has come to strengthen your ties with God, to learn to love the manifestation of His Plan within you, more than outside, because if God's Plan is not fulfilled in you, you will not be able to externalize it in the manifestation of His Work.

Grow with God so that His Work also grows through you and the redemption that He manifests in your life extends to the whole world.

Love to discover and to know God deeply in the secret and in the silence of your heart. Become a fundamental stone of this construction of the new time, the new world, the new man.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The eternal life is the greatest treasure that souls receive for having served God, on this planet and inside this humanity.

The eternal life is the triumph of the server of God, the one who has learned to transcend the limits of matter and their own inner limits, fully seeking, in each stage of their life, to accomplish the grandiose Will of God.

The eternal life is for all, therefore you must always aspire for it.

Each moment of service, of prayer and of unconditional surrender for the neighbor is an opportunity of deepening in the aspiration of finding, someday, this eternal life, in order to merge with God in His most mysterious Essence, in the depth of the Temple of His Heart. 

You must learn with this example, companions, to overcome the limits of matter and to find the meaning in what is infinite and eternal.

Material life does not end here, your spirits are the ones that will forge new schools and new learning experiences, which will reach new spheres and will embrace new pieces of knowledge to be able to keep recreating this Creation.

Each time a server reaches this self-transcendence, the confirmation of the Plan of God is fulfilled.

But if more souls in the world encourage themselves to do it, this will enrich the Work of God and the Graces that come from His Heart will not cease to descend to humanity, because their lives will be this Mirror that God needs in order to retract His Attributes in these critical times.

The origin of your existence, and everything you have lived throughout the times, is a precious inner legacy that will constitute the New Humanity when it begins to form itself spiritually.

Each effort that you make in your lives, however small it seems, will help God and the manifestation of His Divine Plan in the whole sphere of the Earth.

You must apply the Attributes of God in your lives, little by little.

It will be worthless, companions, that you risk to live all the Attributes at once, because in a parallel way will be your transformation and redemption; and you must rediscover in you, all the time, the reason and the purpose that has brought you here, to this awakening of the profound consciousness to be able to serve God, just as He thought for each one of you.

What I tell you today, companions, is nothing new. Eternal life pulses in the Universe, it is part of all the Universal Life, which recreates itself, time and again, in order to strengthen the degrees of love in all consciousnesses that are part of this Creation, within the different planes, within the different dimensions.

I want you to encourage yourselves to practice the legacy that has been delivered to you.

It is time for new servers to emerge in this humanity.

It is time to open the doors to knowledge even more so that the mysteries may cease to be mysteries and this humanity of the surface may be conscious of the true reality that goes beyond this planet and this local Universe.

If your lives aspire to this eternal life, living each test with gratitude, living each learning experience with joy, you will allow new principles to come to your lives and to be an example for many more that will need the inner Source of Love to be able to endure these times and these great definitions that are approaching humanity.

The last August 8th was already the beginning of a new cycle. September confirms this moment again.

It is time to pay attention to the events of humanity and to apply the superior Laws, not only in your consciousnesses, but also in external life so that more souls can be saved and live this inner joy of having been able to serve God, just as He thought from the beginning, from the beginning of your origins, since before you were an existence or a molecule of light.

The Work will continue with the trajectory ahead, there is still much to do, to rescue, to redeem and especially to forgive.

Your response on this day is the example of your understanding, that you are little by little opening yourselves to be able to understand the Hierarchy that is the one that guides all this from the beginning of Creation.

You know, companions, that your first Hierarchy is the Creator Father and then all those who are below Him, until the Instructors of the surface, who are sent to the world throughout the times so that humanity may not forget the essence of its origin, the main reason of its purpose, which the forces of chaos manage to distract and dispel from the consciousnesses.

But you, companions, who have more tools than the majority of humanity, will have greater responsibility than your neighbor.

Everything you do in this time will have repercussions in good.

Therefore, it is important that you have the principles clear within you in order to know how to proceed correctly, to open yourself correctly to what must continue being transformed.

The evolution of humanity must continue ahead.

Today a new school begins for the disciples that have opened to My call, for all those who knew how to welcome Me here, as well as in their hearts, knowing that the Hierarchy does not lose time before the events that are unleashed in humanity.

There is still time to be able to revert the errors of the world and this will first begin with your examples, living a worthy life, living a true commitment, far from illusion or any fantasy, being conscious of the importance of the change, of the transformation of times, and of the upliftment of the consciousness.

Today you have climbed another step inside of the Plan of the Hierarchy. Do not descend from it, keep elevating so that the Hierarchy may trust and work.

Each one has their part in all of this. What is firmed in the Universe is not erased, even if the consciousness is no longer present here.

Those who have commitments with the Hierarchy and have not understood them will not be able to think they have never had them, because it is a spiritual commitment, signed before the Lords of the Law. Even if the consciousness carries another life, it will never be able to separate from this commitment. Even if it does not fulfill it, this commitment will again present itself somehow to remind the consciousness of what it owes to God.

Therefore, those who are not here are suffering and those who remain can feel peace, beyond their purification, because the Plan is built with the consciousnesses and it is fulfilled with the “yes” of everyone.

The Hierarchy does not expect the suffering of anybody else nor the incomprehension of the fellow being.

The Hierarchy expects the ardent devotion of each heart that knows how to respond to the breath of the spirit, which will open to hear and to understand beyond the forms.

The Work is not a person, it is the manifestation of a Divine Will, it is one of the great branches of the Tree of the Purpose; if you take care of it, it will always sprout and give new fruits.

The fruits that you have received have been the Graces that we have delivered to you.

Now you will have to keep plowing the land to sow again in this new cycle and so that you can harvest in the future what God will give you by means of your trust and the fidelity of all.

You will build fidelity by being true of heart and word. This will make you free so that you can serve more and more and so that, in spite of any circumstance, you never feel tiredness of waiting for God, until He decides to come, as today. 

The memory of love is never erased. The experience of love that you can live with the God of the Universe Himself will enrich your lives and will give you the inner strength that you will need in order to face the last times.

But you must fulfill the attributes so that the inner hope never lacks in you, in spite of how the times the purifications may be unleashed.

Through this new step that you have climbed, a new school will open, which will deepen in the one that has existed and which will bring to all the greater consciousness of what God needs to reveal to you so that you may keep learning and thus, be renewed, as you are being renewed today.

Your Instructor went to a new school. He is opening the path for you to be able to arrive there; for your spirits, your true superior beings, be able to bring from these spheres what the world needs today, aligned with the Hierarchy and obedient to sacred knowledge.

It is time for you to be conscious with what you have come to live and of what you have come to accomplish in this cycle and in this time.

It is not about just listening to the Hierarchy, it is about working together with the Hierarchy, it is about assuming, with joy, each new summoning. This will allow the planet not to sink and humanity not to be crystallized with its own errors, with its own actions, with all deeds, which lead souls to lose the sense of their existence in this world.

The door of My Mercy has opened the space to this new school, in which your Instructor is to be found today with ancient brothers from other stars who on this day meet him again to keep living this trajectory towards Infinity, to keep emitting the impulses of light that all disciples who have remained here, on Earth, need, in order to keep transforming themselves until they achieve to be New Christs.

We will keep rebuilding the Plan by means of the servers, of those who have self-summoned.

We will restore this humanity by means of all the superior beings that, in spite of living the school of love and forgiveness, are offering themselves to follow the steps of the Hierarchy and help to elevate the consciousness of humanity, of dimension and plane.

May My Words be able to resonate beyond your ears.

May the Instruction of the Hierarchy and the word of those who instruct, and have offered themselves to God to live it in the name of many more, keep being sacred.

May there no longer exist resistance to changes.

The Glory of God has been given to you, now you must glorify your lives so that this Glory may return to God and the Universe may be recreated once again.

This will begin with the practice of your responsibility, of your adhesion and your union with the Plan, in spite of any circumstance.

Those who have left here, some time ago, are welcome today, because they have always had a place in My Heart, otherwise I would not be here, it would not make sense.

But it is time to correctly live what the Hierarchy asks for, divesting yourselves of your own will and even your own beliefs, otherwise you will not be able to live the new cycle. No one can be left behind.

Therefore, I am extending My Hand to you today, as a Master among the Masters, as an Instructor among the Instructors of the Universe.

I still have My Hand extended to humanity, because I know it needs help and that it will not be able to do it by itself.

Receive, then, the encouragement of the Instructor of the Universe, of the Humble Lord among the Humble Lords, of the Bearer of Peace among the Bearers of Peace, of the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

I will always come to give you everything I have, because I was born to be able to be the Word Incarnate and thus be able to be the Example for all My companions and friends who, throughout the times, must follow the footprints of the Lord.

Today your spirits finish an inner academy because your Instructor has left to new schools to be able to instruct new disciples who need the same grace that you have received.

Today I leave you the Instructors that are here today so that you may live the new school, which I need you to live, with your hearts open, in communion with your souls and in gratitude to the Universe.

Thus, there will be more time for the planetary rescue so that many more can enter My Boat before the deluge of Justice comes.

I give you an example, but I tell you truths.

Offer, then, your heart to God, so that your commitment may be reconfirmed and nothing be wasted. Thus you will please your Redeemer and I will come to bring you more Good News, as today.

Bring to Me the Communion here to bless it.

Incense and water to bless.

We stand up.

And at the request of the Master, in this consecration and in this inner confirmation of each one of us, we will live at the request of the Master a profound work of detachment, but also a profound work of gratitude to Trigueirinho and we will bless these elements together with the Universal King, the ashes of the Master Trigueirinho and through the song “Blow of the Spirit” we will raise our offering to God emitting all of our love and our gratitude for having met the Master Trigueirinho in our lives.

You can give hands to one another.

In homage to Trigueirinho, we will sing the song number twelve of the twelve songs that were composed by José Trigueirinho called “With your permission.”

We will sing now the song “Primordial Source.”

Let us inhale.

That the advent of the New Race
be fulfilled.
That humanity
be able to express its archetype.
That the word be alive
and build Your Temple.
That Your Mystery expand itself in us
and that the true existence be revealed to the world,
so that we may gather in Your Name
and glorify the Perfect Unity.

In the name of the Universe, I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Thank you, Lord, for all that You give us! 

In this meeting, we honor You, Lord.


The Fraternity of the Light - Part II

In the wind of the next Spring, will be thrown the seeds of Heaven that, holding gifts, talents and graces within, will sow the New Earth.

These seeds will germinate, and from them will sprout the first principles that will some day lead them to approach the Sun in order to feel from it the Fire of Love of the Universal Father. 

The moment has come, after the last storm, for the purifying rain to stop, which refreshed and cleansed the earth so that, afterwards, the great radiance of the Sun of God could come out again. 

Thus, the fertile soil of consciousnesses was prepared to receive the new codes.

The Son of God, Jesus Christ, announced the moment of the great spiritual intervention of the Brothers of the Stars.

The Space Gardeners gathered so that, on the plane of the spirit, souls received, for this new cycle, the necessary impulses that will liberate them from indifference and stinginess.

With the awakening of consciousness to the universal life, doors of inner communication were opened in order to remove humanity from spiritual drowsiness and thus lead it to recognize the Truth from which it had distanced itself.

After so many crises, the planet is about to give birth to the New Human, to the consciousness that is responsible and consistent with the designs of the Spiritual Universe.

And although the Earth continues to be purified and exorcized from the influences that oppress it, the servers of the light prepare themselves, finally, to assume and carry out that which, for eras, had been foreseen to happen.

In this sense, the first flashes of the Fraternity of Light begin to appear and the appearances cease to be on the first plane so that the true brotherhood among beings may be established in consciousnesses.

All this comes together with the time of the revelations, time in which each soul, open to divine impulses, recognizes its origin, its existence and, above all, its duty towards Creation.

The Fraternity of Light is forged with the maturity and the responsibility of those who are consistent, thus many more are lead to live the same experience.

In the Fraternity of Light there are no differences, privileges, nor irresponsibilities towards the development of the Plan upon the surface of the Earth.

The Fraternity of Light is formed from the integration of souls with Divine Purpose and is based on principles, which are rules that allow the awakening of the Virtues of God in the servers who gather, virtues that will lead them to understand and to concretize Divine Will by means of the Plan.

Those who form the Fraternity of Light work day and night to build within themselves this spirit of fidelity and transparency with Christ. They commit themselves to live and represent the Hierarchy in every sense. They do not try to take advantages in their tasks, nor in their works. They understand that every service is a way of achieving, even more, the absolute surrender for the neighbor, and of gestating within themselves the essence of humility.

To be in the Fraternity of Light is to learn to follow and to accompany the Law of the Hierarchy, which immediately helps in the awakening of the obedience that will counteract the planetary disobedience. 

Within the Fraternity of Light there exists equality that leads to solidarity, to good and to mutual respect.

The members and the postulants of the Fraternity of Light aspire to incarnate, within themselves, the principles that will allow them to form part of the Third Order of the Brotherhood.

As it is in the Universe, the Fraternity of Light lives each principle as an attribute and a guiding star, so that the life of the server may not be an illusion, but rather, be correctly aligned with the Purpose.

The new Light-Network, a postulant of the Fraternity of Light, assumes the 33 principles that will someday lead it to be fully in the Heart of the Hierarchy.

All the postulants of the Fraternity of Light assume to:

1. Follow one God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and eliminate from their lives the "spiritual" facets that deviate souls.

2. Have as the only and true Master, the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

3. Ardently aspire to be in inner communion with the stars, so as to consciously participate in Universal Life.

4. Not allow oneself to slander or destroy the Work of the Hierarchy.

5. Maintain neutrality as a constant goal for the end of times.

6. Build a spirit of solidarity and good among the brothers and sisters upon the path.

7. Demystify any idea of power, control or command, knowing that every spiritual impulse only comes from God.

8. Accept with gratitude the necessary corrections.

9. Stop justifying oneself for wanting to escape from the Truth.

10. Be a bearer of absolute and unrestricted fidelity.

11. Manifest equality and transparency in ones own life.

12. Not fear to tell the truth. Fear to be absorbed by lie and to not be able to come out of it.

13. Believe in the coming of the New and last Christs.

14. Fraternize with humanity without comming out of the rules that protect the task.

15. Be untiring in prayer, loving in service and peaceful before difficulties.

16. Dissolve from oneself any vestige of criticism or rejection.

17. Aspire to someday know the star of origin.

18. Live the present so as not to alllow oneself to be driven by the past and its decay.

19. Sustain the torch of Christ in an unchangeable way.

20. Not vacillate because of what others may say. Sustain faith through trust in God.

21. Become kindred with the Divine. To disconnect from that which is superfluous.

22. Learn to cut the chain of evil.

23. Assume the commitment and not give up because of the force of personal conveniences.

24. Remember the inner bond with Christ.

25. Divest oneself of errors, believing in the power of the Laws of Healing.

26. Help to build the planetary rescue.

27. Not waste the graces.

28. Not waste the instruction.

29. Be humble all the time. Seek in oneself the spirit of resignation.

30. Learn not to respond in order to learn how to listen.

31. Not place the responsibility on the fellow being. Assume the errors committed.

32. So as not to be imprudent, not allow oneself to be carried away by familiarity.

33. Be a light in the darkness, relief in suffering, permanent giving of self in service.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more